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Newly landscaped backyard features native plants

By Nina Wu
It all started when a 25-pound rock landed on the lanai. Roberta and Arthur Sprague had lived in their Manoa home since the mid-1960s, perched high on a hill with a sweeping view of the valley. Their backyard was an overgrown hillside of tangled vines that hid a series of crumbling rock walls.

‘Ti guy’ builds oasis of Zen

By Nina Wu
As he walks along neat rows of ti plants, David Yearian prunes brown leaves and checks on the "keiki," or newest creations, in his garden.

Jeani Koshi takes pride in how little cash went into her Aiea oasis

By Nancy Arcayna
Jeani Koshi prides herself on repurposing old furniture and other discards to create beauty in her Aiea garden.

Manoa Heritage Center preserves island culture and history

By Nina Wu
Whether it’s the century-old monkeypod trees that shade the driveway leading to the porte-cochere or the quietness of the valley, there’s a timeless quality to the grounds at the Manoa Heritage Center. The trees were planted by Charles Montague Cooke Jr., a descendant of wealthy missionaries, when he built the gracious, Tudor-style home on the property in 1911.

Kuliouou couple cultivate yard to mitigate rockfall

By Mindy Pennybacker
On a grassy ledge carved into their steep Kuliouou hillside, Kevin and Susan Mulkern stood in the shade of a spreading kiawe tree. A swing hung from an outstretched limb, which was reinforced by a crutch planted in the ground.

On a lanai in Kailua, vegetables and relationships flourish

By Nancy Arcayna
Gerry Aluli smiled broadly as her two daughters helped her harvest the vegetables on the 10-by-40-foot lanai of her Kailua apartment, where kale, chard, turnips, chilies, celery, mint, green onion, aloe, taro and pikake grow in various pots and containers.

Garden Club transforms museum into a Persian oasis

By Mindy Pennybacker
A pop-up Persian garden and floral fantasies — the Garden Club of Honolulu's Major Flower & Horticulture Show — materialized as if by magic in the Hono­lulu Museum of Art over the weekend, after which it vanished, leaving only traces of fragrance and dreams.

Garden club presents paradise at a major flower, horticulture show

By Nina Wu
Priscilla Growney has always had a way with plants, indoors and outdoors. This week she'll test her gardening mettle as a first-time participant in the Garden Club of America's Major Flower & Horticulture Show over Mother's Day weekend.

Cancer survivor honors those dear to her with lovely garden

By Nina Wu
When kumu hula ‘Iwalani Walsh Tseu walks around her garden on a sprawling property in Ewa Beach, she feels blessed. The garden, which she named Pu‘u­ho­nua o Hono­uli­uli, was envisioned as a gathering place for cancer survivors as well as a gift for her daughters and grandchildren.

Diane Moses turns broken pots into artful planters

By Nancy Arcayna
When life hands you shards, make a decorative multilevel planter. Diane Moses, community relations specialist at the Board of Water Supply, likes to save pieces from broken terracotta pots and ceramic plates as the materials for building eye-catching planters.

Angel Ramos tends a collection of 4,000 plants

By Nancy Arcayna
Angel Ramos, 86, has never not been growing plants, whether as a hobby or for survival. Raised in Ilocos Norte in the Philippines, he and his six siblings helped tend his impoverished family's crops. He learned to grow things from seed. "We had to farm because there were no jobs," said Ramos.

'Rooms' with a view

By Nina Wu
Bob Eddinger and Dr. Rodney Powell love spending just as much time in their garden as they do indoors, so they've created dozens of outdoor "rooms," as they call them, to enjoy the views from the hillside behind their home atop Tantalus.

All aglow for the holidays

By Jackie M. Young Posted 1:30 a.m. HST, Dec 15, 2014
If you're visiting Manoa Valley Theatre, just look across the street and you'll see Mike Suehiro's Christmas display for his grandchildren. "It's not the holidays without kids," Suehiro explained. "Grandkids can really change your life."

Fairies' playground

By Nancy Arcayna
"It's fun to live in a fantasy land, which is sometimes better than the real world," said Karen Prentiss, who has filled a section of her Wai­kele garden with fairies, wizards, unicorns and other mythical figures.

Oasis of serenity

By Nina Wu
Tom and Rosamond Miller enjoy spending most of their time at home in their enclosed lanai, a veritable greenhouse filled with potted plants and an eclectic collection of knickknacks. It's a place full of memories.

Pachyderm pride

By Valerie Monson Posted 1:30 a.m. HST, Nov 3, 2014
As it turns out, politics had nothing to do with it. Every couple of years as Election Day draws near, the hedges of elephants that appear to lumber up the driveway of the Upcountry home of Katie and Emiliano Achaval become political topiary.

Pots of love

By Nancy Arcayna
Ruth Edgar's fascination withteapots began when she purchased a tea set for her daughter nearly two decades ago. "I've always loved teacups. They are one of the most beautiful things," she said.

Gathering place

By Nina Wu
Pretty much everything Happy and Katsugi "Kats" Tama­naha grow in their lush garden in Nuu­anu Valley is used for lei making.

Self-watered, self-contained

By Nancy Arcayna
Diana Rice spends countless hours tending to her self-watering container gardens at her Niu Valley home — not because she has to, but because she loves it.

Stairways to heaven

By Nina Wu
You could say that Errol and Nancy Rubin aren't afraid of heights, given that their garden is basically a straight climb up more than 125 steps. Their multilevel home in Enchanted Lake, Kailua, is right up against a large hillside.

'The Opala picker'

By Nina Wu
When Mitchel and Laverne Apo take a walk in their Pauoa neighborhood, it's not only to get exercise, but to see what treasures they might find.

Re-purposed lifestyle

By Nancy Arcayna
As the son of a family that worked the land, Sam Kakazu Jr. learned the art of repurposing long before it was trendy. "As farmers it's difficult to make money, so one man's trash is another man's treasure," he said.

Native beauty abounds

By Nina Wu
Kenneth and Patty Kupchak of Kai­lua are lifelong hikers, so it was only natural that their garden reflect the flora they appreciate along the trails.

Fresh surprises

By Nancy Arcayna
Meg Lin is not afraid to pick up power tools and get her hands dirty. She's built raised-bed garden plots at her Manoa Valley home, created a three-step composting system, made a rain catchment system to save water, set up a worm composting bin for food scraps, and more.

Garden in the clouds

By Nina Wu
From the moment you step into the garden in front of the Slater home in Pacific Heights, you're drawn in. Perhaps it's the colorful orchids growing on top of the rock wall on the left, or the broad staghorn fern slung from a tree, or the way the concrete pavers skip along a green lawn leading up to a white gate.

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