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Ocean swimmer credits smart training with improving his race performance

By Mindy Pennybacker
As rough-water swimmer Quinn Riordan trained in the wind-riffled, clear blue ocean off Kaimana Beach, he sliced through the water with barely a splash. Swift and efficient, leaving a clean ripple in his wake, he could have been mistaken for a blue-capped Hawaiian monk seal gliding across the channel.

808 Cleanups’ co-founder combines exercise and a love of the outdoors

By Nina Wu
For Michael D. Loftin, the outdoors is an endless gym to explore. He would rather run up Diamond Head Road, swim in the ocean or hike than be inside a crowded, sweaty fitness center. Koko Crater is a giant Stairmaster — with a view — that Loftin climbs in about 15 minutes, which he considers a leisurely trip to the top.

Life on the run

By Steven Mark
One thing students rarely hear at St. Andrew's School in downtown Honolulu is to sit still. That's because Jennifer Grems, who oversees curriculum, teachers and students as the director for grades 6-12, has made movement part of every school day.

Lean808’s heart rate monitors allow participants to track their efforts

By Nancy Arcayna
Slacking is not something you can get away with during fitness classes at Lean808, a Kapahulu gym that blends cardio and strength training routines into intervals that leave you breathless.

Daily visits to pool help woman stave off impacts of MS

By Nina Wu
Every weekday morning, Joy Loudermelt finds her independence at the pool at YWCA Laniakea on Richards Street. For at least half an hour, and typically when the sun is near its lunch-hour zenith, she glides gracefully back and forth as light bathes the outdoor pool and surrounding palms and archways of the historic Julia Morgan-designed building.

Triathlete sets bold goals, then meets them

By Nina Wu
When Lori McCarney competes in an Ironman triathlon, an event that can last most of a day, her goal is to achieve the fastest time possible. But on a recent climb up Mount Kilimanjaro, she had to do the opposite: go painstakingly slow.

Sometimes even the tough need rest

By Mindy Pennybacker
Arriving at her Kakaako gym in sneakers, a sunny yellow top and fashionably torn jeans and toting an overstuffed bag, fitness consultant Lee-Ann Watanabe was the picture of a healthy, multitasking professional on the go. Which she is, except for the healthy part.

Hard foam rollers help you loosen tight muscles

By Nancy Arcayna
We run, jump and do all sorts of exercise, and our bodies take a beating in the name of fitness. Even worse: We typically don’t pay attention to what we’re doing to ourselves until we have aching knees or ankles, or a bum shoulder that limits our daily activities or creates pain.

Elvis impersonator stays fit by running

By Deborah Manog
He can light up an audience like the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, shaking his legs, thrusting his hips and belting out Elvis Presley’s famous songs. When Leo Days takes the stage at “Burn’n Love Waikiki,” a 90-minute show featuring Days as an Elvis tribute artist, the singer turns showmanship into fitness.

Good Fit: Yoga can lead to a calm, focused life

By Nina Wu
Morning sunshine brightened the walls of the Aloha Yoga Kula studio in Kailua as instructor Heidi Hopkins, her voice calm and soothing, told her students to breathe.

CrossFit competitor steps up his game

By Catherine E. Toth / Special to the Star-Advertiser
Dakota Rager is no stranger to a hard workout. The 24-year-old from Cadiz, Ohio, practically grew up in a gym. His father owns a fitness center, and Rager spent a good portion of his childhood there, learning how to lift heavy weights and build muscle mass.

B-boy dancer has smooth moves

By Nina Wu
WITH hip-hop music pumping him full of inspiration, dancer Joshua Sevellino shuffles his feet, spins himself like a human top and flips himself over (and around) before planting all his weight onto a one-handed stand. He does it so seamlessly, it appears effortless.

Trainer, new dad pursues chance at 'American Ninja Warrior'

By Nina Wu
Fatherhood hasn’t become an obstacle to fitness for Ky Vuong, 43, a personal trainer who hopes to compete again in NBC’s “American Ninja Warrior.” Vuong and wife Lorrie celebrated the arrival of Skylar eight months ago at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children. It was a profound experience.

‘Dixie’ is hell on 8 wheels

By Catherine Toth Fox Posted 1:30 a.m. HST, Jul 21, 2015
There are some women who don't fit the tough, hard-edged stereotype of roller derby. And then there's Dusti Berard, a 32-year-old registered nurse from Waikele. No one questions how she rolls.

100-mile trek requires remarkable endurance

By Stephanie Jones / Special to the Star-Advertiser
There was a time when Scot Kuwaye thought that running a marathon was for “crazy people.” Laboring for 26.2 miles didn’t match his notion of fun. But last month the 51-year-old from Kakaako entered the Western States 100-mile Endurance Run.

No quit in this spry cancer ‘warrior’

By Mindy Pennybacker
Gripping an 8-pound dumbbell in each hand, Richard Fassler sank into a deep squat, hips well below knees, and popped back up. It looked painful, but Fassler, a youthful, wiry, 73-year-old retired economist, breezed through his reps, then danced in place, demonstrating some boxing moves he’d taught himself.

Ex-islander takes ‘Ninja’ challenge

By Kyle Galdeira
For fans of “American Ninja Warrior,” you know what it takes to complete the show’s daunting obstacle courses: big biceps, balance, a strong grip and a winning smile. Competitors make flinging themselves across pools of water, hanging by their fingertips and scaling walls look easy.

For Chinatown’s Jason Tom, beatboxing is a whole-body workout

By Nina Wu
Ask Jason Tom what he does for a workout and it’s not your typical routine of running or weightlifting. Tom, 32, is a professional beatboxer. He already has a thin frame, but he swears the beatboxing — a form of vocal percussion — works his core and keeps him toned throughout the year.

Two pianists' athletic endeavors complement their musical pursuits

By Steven Mark
Pianists Jonathan Korth and Tommy Yee are known for tickling the ivories, but they're equally at home pounding Oahu's pavement and trekking its trails. Both men are professors in UH Manoa's Music Department.

Two sports-loving 8-year-olds to compete in kids triathlon

By Deborah Manog
A triathlon, known as a sport of grit and endurance, presents a triad of challenges — swimming, biking and running — that can motivate athletes to push themselves beyond their physical and mental comfort zones. For most, the reward is simply finishing.

Seniors still holding court

By Deborah Manog
On a racquetball court at the Martinez Physical Fitness Center at Schofield Barracks, John Allen DeSaegher and Bobby Narmore squared off against a pair of players decades younger than the octogenarians.

A paddler's perspective on the world around him

By Mike Gordon
When he's out on the ocean, reaching into the blueness to pull his paddleboard through miles of rolling swells, Jeff Peterson often finds an existential pleasure. Peterson can paddle for miles, arms aching from the effort, but his surroundings will send his spirits soaring, be it off wild and windy Kahuku Point, along Oahu's scenic North Shore or in the middle of the Kaiwi Channel, stroking from Molokai to Oahu.

'Five-0' star teams with former MMA champ to teach self-defense

By Nancy Arcayna
Fans of the TV show "Hawaii Five-0" fly thousands of miles to get a glimpse of its star, Alex O'Loughlin, at the annual Sunset on the Beach red carpet season premiere. But last week when the actor arrived at his favorite gym, no one blinked, least of all a small group of women who had just finished a workout.

Success in karate requires discipline in body and mind

By Kyle Galdeira / Special to the Star-Advertiser
While his job as Mid-Pacific Institute's chief innovation officer helps students incorporate ever-changing technology into their education, Brian Dote expands his own mind — and body — with an old-school discipline: the martial art of karate.

Rhythm of a workout

By Deborah Manog
George Kam's forehead wrinkled slightly as he closed his eyes and reminisced about his first encounter with a speed bag, decades ago in the shade of a colossal mango tree.

Course of action

By Mindy Pennybacker
A workout routine can become about as appealing as a diet without chocolate. Which makes it hard to stick with. Intrigued by obstacle races, a growing trend, Jennifer Lee and Alfred Van Gieson tried the Makahiki Challenge mud run at Kualoa Ranch last year. They found just what they wanted: a fun fitness activity they could do outdoors with friends.

'The water is my haven'

By Nina Wu
Former Ironman triathlete John Henderson was hit by a bus while riding his bike six years ago on the North Shore, but even though it left him partially paralyzed, it hasn't stopped him from getting back on two wheels.

Acrobat hones strength to perform dizzying routine

By Mike Gordon
When Tyce Nielsen does a pullup, effortlessly rising and falling like a fitness metronome, the muscles in his arms look as if they are going to burst through his skin. But Nielsen's real strength isn't in his mango-size biceps. It's in his hands.

Lion dancing requires strength and coordination

By Nancy Arcayna
Kelsie Shibata, a teenager with a cheerful smile, moves her lanky body up and down in graceful patterns while holding a colorful lion's head used in Chinese lion dancing. She glides as she makes her way through the courtyard of the Mililani Town Center during a practice session with the Asian Lion Dance Team.

Tenacity leads Kyle Gion to freediving success

By Catherine E. Toth / Special to the Star-Advertiser
When Kyle Gion was growing up in Kailua, he was fascinated by the freedivers he saw emerging from the ocean. They wore no tanks of air but had still managed to spear fish. Lots of fish. "I thought it was so interesting, and I wanted to know more," says Gion.

Flexibility exercises can keep muscles in balance

By Steven Mark
For Dr. Clayton Everline there's no better preparation for surfing than surfing. The real workout comes after a surf session. The North Shore surfer and orthopedist has a rigorous apres-surf stretching regimen designed to counteract the muscle imbalance that results from catching and riding a lot of waves.

Tahitian dance is an outlet for fitness

By Nina Wu
Moana Henriques, who recently graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a bachelor's in agricultural sciences, fell in love with the art of Tahitian dance four years ago when she discovered Tahiti Mana, a professional dance troupe in Honolulu.

Family grew closer through kempo karate

By Nancy Arcayna
Ku‘ulei Nitta punches, kicks and grapples with her parents on a regular basis. She'll tumble with her mother, Patricia, and trade punches with her father, Bruce. But she's not a violent person. She's a devoted student of kempo karate and has trained with her family since she was a child.

Three popular workouts prove successful

By Catherine E. Toth Posted 1:30 a.m. HST, Jan 6, 2015
Exercising more and losing weight are two of the most common New Year's resolutions. To that end, Americans spent $60.5 billion on health club memberships, weight-loss programs, exercise tapes, diet soda and other diet-related aids in 2013, according to Marketdata Enterprises.

Regimen is key to being a top surfer

By Mike Gordon
To the untrained eye, surfer Dusty Payne flies without effort or fear of falling. Speeding along the face of a wave, he'll twist his body with a snap and launch himself 5, maybe 6 feet into the air. Then he'll soar a distance of 10 feet before coming down.

UH economist overcomes aches from thrill seeking with Pilates

By Steven Mark
When state officials and local businesses need good, accurate information about the economy, they look to economist Carl Bonham. But his sober demeanor masks an adrenalin junkie whose sporting choices have forced him to stay as fit as possible.

Paddler trains through the pain

By Stefanie Nakasone
Sunrise often finds Jack Roney on the blue waters of Kailua Bay, paddling his one-man outrigger canoe toward the horizon. That's one of the advantages of living on Kawainui Canal, a mile-long waterway that leads to Kailua Bay.

Positive practices

By Nina Wu
There was a time when publicist Tracy Larrua was on top of the world. The Kaneohe native had a high-paying corporate public relations job in Los Angeles and a busy social life.

Mom finds time to train for Honolulu Marathon

By Nancy Arcayna
Jennifer Wurthner has always looked for ways to squeeze exercise into her busy schedule, even if that exercise is a 26.2-mile marathon. For the past several months, she has been working toward her third Honolulu Marathon.

Hip hop mom

By Nina Wu
For professional dancer Cara Horibe, impending motherhood is no reason to stop moving. After all, dancing is a part of her life. "Everyone keeps asking me, so are you still teaching?" said Horibe, who is seven months' pregnant.

Capturing the curls

By Catherine E. Toth Posted 1:30 a.m. HST, Nov 11, 2014
Browsing through his photos of powerful, barreling waves, each shot taken as he floated above jagged reefs, you would think Colin McGillivray is fearless. But courage isn't as important as respect for the ocean.

Pound takedown

By Stefanie Nakasone
Jeremy Sentelle has big dreams. The Campbell High School senior wants to be a state wrestling champion, maybe wrestle in college. He wants to run a marathon, too.

Job's wellness program pays off for whole family

By Nancy Arcayna
Tabitha Fernandez was sick and tired of being overweight and feeling sluggish. So when her employer, ALTRES Staffing, started a free corporate wellness program that involved working out while at work, she jumped at the opportunity to make a change.

Sport serves body, mind

By Nina Wu
Alvin Shiraishi had a look of focused determination as he sent the ball with topspin over the net at a recent table tennis tournament at the Palama Settlement gym. He responded with lightning-quick reflexes in a rally that set him on a back-and-forth dance around the edges of the table.

On the right trek

By Nancy Arcayna
Lane Woodall kept on trekking. She wasn't out of breath. She didn't need to stop and rest. In fact, Woodall laughed as she led a group of hikers on a moonlight walk on the Makapuu Point Lighthouse Trail last month.

Weighty ambitions

By Stefanie Nakasone
With barely a drop of sweat sliding across his tanned and weathered face, weightlifter Gary Kawa­mura lifted the barbell — laden with steel plates that weighed more than he did — and raised it in a smooth motion high above his head.

Puppy powered

By Catherine E. Toth Posted 1:30 a.m. HST, Sep 16, 2014
Kim Springer never thought adopting a dog was going to help lower her cholesterol and get her into better shape.

Not just for kicks

By Nancy Arcayna
Without their gloves and mitts, Marc Kumai and Ikaika Sylva, who spend their afternoons punching and kicking each other at Kakaako Waterfront Park, would look like a pair of brawlers with a thirst for violence.

It takes two

By Stefanie Nakasone
Tango is known as the dance of love and passion. But it can also be one heck of a fun workout. Laughter, sweat and high heels routinely fill Brett and Jenny Griswold's small Chinatown dance studio, Paradise Tango.

She's got the beat

Sue Cowing calls it a “burning wing.” It’s a sharp pain that would flare up under her left shoulder blade whenever Cowing, an award-winning poet and writer, sat for too long at her computer or while writing in her notebook.

Mililani “twalkers” group helps founder restart exercise regimen

By Nancy Arcayna
When Plummer described that period of her life on a recent summer evening just before a walk through Mili­lani, her painful past seemed too nightmarish to be true. "I would bend down to pick something up, and I'd be stuck," she said.

Honolulu bicyclist to trek from Canada to Mexican border

By Steven Mark
Keala Fung conquers long distances, marching thousands of miles. Two years ago she hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, a 2,660-mile trek from the Cascade Range in Washington through Oregon, to the Sierra Nevada in California down to the border with Mexico.

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