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Cleanliness key to reducing risk of food-borne illnesses

By Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs
There is nothing that can destroy the holiday season quite like an FBI — a foodborne illness. You can’t see them coming into your home. You can’t see, hear, or smell them once they’re in your home.

Extreme diets often fail to meet nutritional needs

By Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs
Nutrition is a science founded in biology, physiology and chemistry. Nutrition is not a religion, it is not an ideology, nor is it a lifestyle. Clearly, religious, philosophical and lifestyle concerns affect how people choose to eat.

Gossip, sabotage both signs of bullying in the workplace

By Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs
October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Concerns for bullying often focus on children and teenagers in situations where bullying can cause serious damage to emotional and mental development and can even lead to suicide. It is estimated that about 1 out of 10 children and teens are victims of bullying. But adults can be victims, too.

Many nutrients can be toxic if consumed at high levels

By Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs
A search of all types of media, especially social media, shows that many people are interested in consuming “super foods” or specific nutrients in large amounts to help with whatever ails them. Essential nutrients are vital for health and longevity.

Happy 22nd, Brad and Sachi!

By John Berger

U.S. dietary goals guidance fails to address iron deficit

By Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs
The popular concept of the term “healthy diet” has become rather blurred and misunderstood during the past few decades. First, a healthy diet should provide all of the 40-some essential nutrients in adequate amounts. This is why traditional diet recommendations have included all food groups, each with its nutrient strengths and weaknesses.

Ensure your food intake yields essential nutrients

By Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs
The message to eat a healthy diet for good health is everywhere. But what is a healthy diet? Obviously, the definition of a healthy diet should indicate that the diet provides good nutrition. Surprisingly and unfortunately, this is too often not the case.

Parents urged to discuss tattoo risks with teenagers

By Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs
As a good parent, you had the talks about sex, alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, etc., with your college-bound teenager. But did you have the tattoo talk? There is more to think about than just appearance issues.

Proper nutrition is vital before and after surgery

By Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs
Surgeons know that a well-nourished patient is much more likely to have a short hospital stay, experience fewer complications and be a success story.

Prepare your survival kit with focus on dietary needs

By Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs
You likely heard about the predicted five to eight tropical cyclones expected to affect the Central Pacific region this year from June through November. This is almost double the annual average. So if you still haven’t prepared a natural disaster survival kit, now is a good time.

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