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On Tap in Hawaii

Hawaii craft-beer fans are known for traveling to the mainland to stock up on favorite brews unavailable in the islands. But in the past few years, distribution of many favorites has begun in Hawaii.

Oahu's brewing scene is growing rapidly as new breweries and brewpubs set their sites on thirsty residents and visitors seeking locally produced craft beer. I'll be featuring all of our new breweries over the next couple of months.

Over the past two years, we have seen beers from dozens of new and exciting breweries come to Hawaii, offering endless choices from practically every corner of the globe. But one U.S. state in particular has really increased its presence here.

The current big trend has everyone seeking locally made products. It doesn't matter whether it's produce or a craft, sought by locals or tourists — the goal is finding things made right here in Hawaii. Beer is no exception. But what actually makes a beer local?

The year 2014 was an exceptional one for beer in Hawaii. We saw dozens of top-quality breweries distribute to the isles, adding more than 100 new beer choices to the shelves.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about the beverages. To complete your festive meal, you'll want a drink that will work with all of those classic dishes, from turkey and gravy to cranberry sauce.

Although lager-style beers are the most popular in the world, they have gotten a bad rap in the craft beer world and have largely been ignored by U.S. craft drinkers. Of the many lager styles, the most popular is the pale lager.

Knee Deep Brewing Co. has built its brand on big, bold, incredibly hop-forward beers. The tiny brewery located in Auburn, Calif., in the Sierra Nevada foothills has quickly captured the hearts of hop-loving craft beer enthusiasts around the country.

There was a time not very long ago when it was difficult to find a good selection of great craft beer in Hawaii.

Whether you are a beer expert or a beginner, there is no better way to sample a wide variety of beers than at a beer festival. In recent years, beer festivals have exploded across the country, and Hawaii has a number of great events each year.

There is something about beer in a can that brings to mind sunny weather and a day at the beach -- good times.

The recent stretch of hot and muggy weather has got me thinking about refreshing and thirst-quenching beers. Nothing is more satisfying on days such as these.

Freshness matters for so many things we buy at the supermarket. We want fresh eggs, produce and baked bread. Fresh simply tastes better, and it is no different for beer.

Shopping for beers is fun, but it can be intimidating for a newbie. With the number of new craft beers growing rapidly and the variety of different styles available (there are 138 beer styles encompassing subcategories, according to the Brewers Association), finding a beer that suits your tastes can be daunting.

With their full flavors, wheat beers have long been among the most popular styles in both Europe and the United States. The most commonly known wheat beers are German- and American-style hefeweizens, with their pronounced banana and clove flavors, pillowy white head and hazy appearance.

Lets start 2014 on a funky note. And I mean that in the best possible way. Funky sour beer challenges your palate with wonderful tart and acidic flavors.

Many of the most sought-after beers in the country don't make their way to Hawaii unless they're brought back in someone's suitcase. But for the second year in a row, we'll be getting a small allocation of the highly popular and rare Eclipse Imperial Stout from Fifty/Fifty Brewing.

When you plan your big Thanksgiving meal, don't forget about the drinks.

By far the most popular style of craft beer in America currently is India Pale Ale, or IPA. Why? Craft beer drinkers are obsessed with the big, bold, hoppy flavors found in IPAs.

Fall is quickly approaching in many parts of the world, and as the weather cools down, the light and refreshing beers of summer give way to darker, richer seasonal beers that have a bit more flavor and depth.

If you've ever looked closely at the bottle of an alcoholic beverage, you may have seen in small print on the label a listing of the percentage of alcohol by volume that the beverage contains.

There has never been a better time to be a beer lover. With more than 2,400 breweries in the United States alone, beer aisles are expanding with new and exciting styles of beer.

Stuck on what to get Dad for Father's Day? I've got two words for you: craft beer. These are not anything like his everyday 12-pack of domestic lager.

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