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Classic dish gets new look served up in acorn squash

By Mariko Jackson
Recently I asked my mom about a recipe she’d made with kabocha, and she said, “It’s like meatloaf in a pumpkin.” When I seemed confused, she asked me whether I’d ever made meatloaf.

Custardlike pudding packs delightful pumpkin punch

By Mariko Jackson
Part of me can’t believe that we’re all clamoring to buy a gourd that we will put on our porches until it rots, yet the other part feels little-kid excitement when I see that bin of orange pumpkins.

New flavors, textures await those willing to take a risk

By Mariko Jackson
When I was a teen, my dad’s company hired a consultant from New Zealand, and she and my parents became great friends. She was definitely exotic to me, especially because she was such a culinary expert.

Mastering the poached egg easier than you might think

By Mariko Jackson
I was in Japan a couple of weeks ago, and as always I had to admire that nation's commitment to the raw egg. We are nervous about raw eggs here in the U.S., with good reason, but in Japan a bowl of hot rice with raw egg is a luxurious, creamy dish.

Humble, pan-layered sushi feels and tastes like home

By Mariko Jackson
Hawaii really does have its own genre of old-school, home-style cooking with Japanese-influenced themes. Recipes I’ve encountered from local cooks swap the cream of mushroom soup-laden casserole for soy sauce, furikake and kamaboko-style dishes.

Cool watermelon hits spot on those hot summer days

By Mariko Jackson
I found myself asking why I can easily fork over $6 a pound for lychee but wince when watermelon, less than $1 a pound, rings up to $20. If you think about it, any sweet you can possibly buy would convert to an extraordinary amount per pound, but we still want watermelon to be dirt cheap during the summer.

Shake up waffle routine using mix of mochi flour

By Mariko Jackson
There's a lot of mystery surrounding the "perfect" waffle. I've been caught up in it myself. Deep pockets; crunchy and golden with edges so buttery they taste fried; and soft, nearly creamy insides.

Pregnancy changes taste, and this brittle fits the bill

By Mariko Jackson
I go through periods when I can't stand eating anything that's part of my normal diet — it's called pregnancy. While my normal diet is filled with extremely healthy proteins, vegetables and unprocessed foods, the pregnancy diet is anything that comes out of a box and can be made in about two minutes.

Malasada bread pudding meets dad's standards

By Mariko Jackson
My father is an adventurous foodie, but there are a few classic foods he can never pass up on. If you take him to an ice cream parlor, he will always order vanilla. If there is a pork chop that promises to be perfect, he will get it. If there is bread pudding on the dessert menu, he has eyes for nothing else.

Homemade quiche offers quick weeknight elegance

By Mariko Jackson
A recipe with an ingredient list a mile long and multilayered preparations does not scare me. I can spend a good portion of the day on a cake that makes sweet promises.

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