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Newton's first law of motion states that an object in motion will stay in motion, while an object at rest will remain at rest. This will happen to infinity unless some other force acts upon the object to stop, start or change its direction.

The struggle to lose weight, gain weight, or even maintain a healthy one can be a frustrating journey indeed. The prevailing knowledge would have us believe that weight loss is merely a simple equation of thermodynamics — meaning, energy in has to equal energy out.

An effective health and fitness program designed to control your weight is composed of several parts working in synergy to optimize the body's systems.

The roar of the crowds, the thrill of witnessing gold-medal history, the pain, the drama, the excitement — the Olympics!

To live a healthy life you need to stay active, eat well, get enough rest, manage your stress, drink copious amounts of water, breathe deeply, spend time in a quiet place, and follow a plethora of other measures.

Google the word “diet” and you get 73,300,000 hits in 0.17 seconds. How do you sort through all of them? How do you know which one is right for you? How do you know whether any of them are safe?

No matter your fitness goal, you want to build muscle. Your muscles do so much more than move your bones around. They metabolize the energy you take in and store, burning the calories you eat and the fat that you store.

Valentine's Day is synonymous with images of red hearts with tiny cherubs aiming their little arrows right at them. In honor of these iconic images, let's focus on the organ from which the special day takes its inspiration.

A while ago I wrote an article about the detrimental effects of prolonged sitting on the human body.

For 12 months, the fitness tips I've shared ranged from how to start your year on the right track to how to keep up your new routine even as the exuberance of New Year wore off.

Ignore the infomercials and all the outlandish claims of rapid weight loss with no effort involved.

In essence it means balance. Balance as in integration, holistic, wellness, health, core and walking the center path. These have become buzzwords for a philosophy meant to guide our daily thoughts and actions away from high stress and its effects on our lives.

You are not just a body

Exercise is just the physical part of a healthy life.

Are you getting tired of the same routine at the gym? Do you feel that you're not getting the same results out of the exercises you perform?

Rounded shoulders are not limited to folks in their vintage years. Many of us in the younger generation suffer from this as well.

Why do we exercise? Why do we go out there and make the effort to fit it into our busy lives? If we are not doing it, why do we think about doing it?

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