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Free Seminars Help Homebuyers Find Success

By Lisa Lee

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Since 1969, when Bill Chee, President and CEO first opened the doors of Prudential Locations, the firm has been known for helping people realize their dream of homeownership.

“From day one, our mission has been to give clients a clear advantage in the real estate market,” Chee has said.
In today's market, as home prices rise and more buyers compete for the shrinking number of homes for sale, Prudential Locations has developed special programs to help first-time and everyday homebuyers successfully buy a home. Their popular Homebuyer Seminars are held each month in Aiea and Honolulu, and are free to the public.
Dave and Janice Jenkins weren't sure that homeowner-ship was a possibility, but they had hoped to own a home in the future. Attending a Home-buyers Seminar was the tipping point for them. Today, the Jenkins are proud owners of a single family home in Mililani.
Says Dave, “The dynamic presentation helped us to see that there were more options than what we thought for first-time homebuyers. It helped us to create a realistic path toward truly owning a home, including thinking about the pros and cons of a townhouse versus a house. We saw how we actually could make home ownership happen for our family.”
In May, Prudential Locations took their Homebuyer Seminars to the web.
“We've had such great feedback from our seminar attendees. We wanted to reach more people, so we developed the webinar to make it more convenient” says Carl Worthy, the educational coach who leads the seminars. Worthy is a seasoned REALTOR® and market expert who also provides specialized buyer training to Prudential Locations' agents.
Worthy's webinars, just like his in-person seminars, are both practical and entertaining. He focuses on the needs of everyday homebuyers, explaining the homebuying process in Hawaii. Perhaps more importantly, he shows how to maximize today's rare market opportunity and shares strategies for winning in this competitive real estate climate.
“We demystify the homebuying process: from budgeting and financing, to finding the right agent and lender, to making competitive offers and closing the deal. We show people how to be successful in today's market,” he says.
“Now is a critical time for buyers,” he explains. “In the 42 years I have been in this business, we've never seen an alignment of market forces create a buying opportunity like we have today -but it may not last long.
“Interest rates are incredibly low, but they are volatile. Low rates enable people to qualify for home loans who might not be able to at higher rates. Low rates also get you more home for your dollar. But having more people in the market – and fewer homes for sale than usual -has created strong competition.” As a result, prices are rising.
“In a price run, the sooner you get in, the better,” says Worthy. “The good news is that once you own a home, time becomes your friend. The same mechanics that move prices higher, increase the home values of those who own. Once you jump on the train, you're moving with it. You don't need to run to catch up.”
Dave Jenkins says the information on interest rates was what compelled them to move forward more quickly because, “We didn't want to pay more for the same house should the interest rates go up.”
For a limited time, Home-buyer Webinar attendees will receive a $5 dollar gift card to Starbucks.
For more info and to sign up call 808-377-4890 or visit webinar.aspx
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