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One man's tale of life on the run

By Rachel Breit

LAST UPDATED: 03:42 p.m. HST, Mar 28, 2014

Have you seen this fugitive? Living under an alias, Adam “Hollywood” Correa spent years on the run for a crime he admits was a mistake. He recounts his experience living in the shadows in his recently published e-book Fugitive in Paradise

Correa was convicted of assault and kidnapping following an altercation with a couple that was trying to steal his belongings at a Nimitz bus stop. After violating his parole and sentenced to additional jail time, Correa– with only $25 dollars in quarters– boarded a flight to Kauai where he spent the next eight years moving from house to house. He relied on food banks for meals and lived under the alias David, his brother's middle name.
The near decade Correa spent dodging the authorities and living in fear still haunts him. His hope for his e-book is to help clear his name now that he has done his time. “I wanted to explain what I did,” he said.
Even after his release from prison 10 years ago, his photo still appears in the “Wanted” archives. By sharing his story, he intends to help both sides of the law: criminals and the police. “It's not worth it to go on the run,” Correa said. “Your body is free, but you are still locked up in your mind.”
The 200-page e-book is available on for $4.99. Correa also has his sights set on print publication and beyond. “I have faith that it is going to become a movie,” he said.
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