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Thieves make off with 23 goats from farm in Kahuku

By Jennifer Sinco Kelleher / Associated Press

LAST UPDATED: 01:53 a.m. HST, Sep 24, 2013

Associated Press@Caption1:More than 20 purebred goats, most of them pregnant, were stolen last week. The thieves left these two goats duct-taped.

More than 20 purebred Boer goats— most of them pregnant — were stolen from a Hawaii farm on the night of a full moon, with duct tape used to keep the animals from making noise, their owner said.

Thursday night or Friday morning, 23 goats valued at a total of about $10,000 were stolen from Kahuku Goats, a 250-acre farm on Oahu's North Shore, said owner Keal Pontin. Two bucks were left behind with ropes around their necks and duct tape over their mouths, he said Monday.

"It was devastating to us," said Pontin, 23, who has been goat farming with several friends for about a year. "We're going to find these guys."

Twenty-one of the goats were pregnant, and 10 of them were days away from giving birth.

"If you think about it, they're taking nannies with babies in them and throwing them over a 6-foot-tall fence," he said. "Just thinking of our pregnant goats going over a fence like that is just sickening to us."

Pontin suspects the thieves watched the farm, got to know its routine, then waited for the light of a full moon.

"To haul that many animals out … they had to have help," he said. "This was a production. They came in on a full moon."

Six of the goats were pets, bottle-fed from birth. One of them is named Kiwi and was about to give birth.

"She grew up in our arms, following us around the farm, feeding her," Pontin said. "That was the most important one to us. She was like our family."

Pontin contacted police and is offering a reward, the amount of which he doesn't want to disclose. The case has been classified as second-degree theft, and police are following up on leads, said Hono­lulu Police Department spokes­woman Michelle Yu.

"I just want my animals back," he said. "We love farming. We love ranching. This is our passion."

Ever since KHON-TV first reported the thefts, Pontin said, he's been hearing about goats being sold cheaply, for about $20 to $100 each.

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Mythman wrote:
Thanks to our wonderful suppliers of batu and other addictive substances creating property crime. Addicts can't hold regular jobs so they have to come up with ways to pay for their drugs. What a world
on September 24,2013 | 03:23AM
joseph007 wrote:
Yum, yum, goat on the menu at several restaurants in Waipahu....
on September 24,2013 | 08:44AM
scooters wrote:
I'm sure that's where they went..bunch of low life's
on September 24,2013 | 04:36PM
eoe wrote:
You are really something. You just know it all, eh? Batu heads are really known for being able to plan, organize and execute a relatively sophisticated heist. MO-RON.
on September 24,2013 | 09:18AM
Mythman wrote:
The batu heads I know are perfectly capable of pulling off heists - how would you know: you are the first person I heard of who defends batu heads against being accused of doing crimes. And to call me names: what kind of drugs are you on or did you get your PhD in the subject known as local stup.
on September 24,2013 | 03:48PM
RichardCory wrote:
Calm down, children. It's just the internet.
on September 24,2013 | 04:17PM
stingray65 wrote:
Mythman, do not get upset.. Some day they will meet their match !! And that might be deadly LOL
on September 24,2013 | 04:37PM
allie wrote:
Kahuku is a disaster. I am so sorry for these hard working farmers and sorrier still for the goats.
on September 24,2013 | 10:16AM
miss_laulau wrote:
How despicable! I hope the police apprehend these no good rotten thieves and Mr Pontin gets his goats back.
on September 24,2013 | 04:36AM
Makua wrote:
Where's " Dano" when you need him? Has it come to the time where a farmer needs to implant a chip in each animal to prove ownership?
on September 24,2013 | 04:55AM
false wrote:
Who's eating goat? Follow the smell. Goats are noisy and smelly. Hard to hide 23 goats.
on September 24,2013 | 05:38AM
hanalei395 wrote:
"21 of the 23 goats were pregnant with 10 of them days away from giving birth". ........Somebody likes goat milk.
on September 24,2013 | 06:25AM
8082062424 wrote:
or adobo . how he going to prove it his goats , let alone when the baby ones are born.do they brand goats?
on September 24,2013 | 06:50AM
stingray65 wrote:
You do not adobo Goats !! Kalderita!
on September 24,2013 | 04:38PM
allie wrote:
on September 24,2013 | 10:16AM
yhls wrote:
on September 24,2013 | 06:07AM
awahana wrote:
It will be interesting to see the mug shots of these losers.
on September 24,2013 | 06:11AM
lokela wrote:
Got to have witnesses. Hard to steal that many goats without anyone seeing them. Must have been a big truck.
on September 24,2013 | 06:40AM
krusha wrote:
Freaking thieves will steal anything to make money. I bet they are homeless drug addicts who live on the beach near that area.
on September 24,2013 | 06:52AM
allie wrote:
the area attracts them that is for sure
on September 24,2013 | 12:59PM
Grimbold wrote:
Blame the weeping hearts culture. Thieves should be shot on sight, That#s how the wild west was tamed and it would work in Hawaii.
on September 24,2013 | 01:20PM
false wrote:
If I recall, there was a Kahuku farmer who did just that not too long ago. A thief was trying to steal some of the farmer's equipment. Don't recall what happened to them. Felt sorry for the farmer who was just trying to make a living.
on September 24,2013 | 03:21PM
stingray65 wrote:
False, the farmer got away with it !! Yes, I totally agree with you ! Shot on sight!! About 32 times then double tap them to make sure they cannot steal again..
on September 24,2013 | 04:41PM
McCully wrote:
Whenever these thieves are caught, they should duct tape their body and then take them off removing all their hair one tape at a time.
on September 24,2013 | 06:56AM
NiteMarcher wrote:
I like that thought....hmmm
on September 24,2013 | 05:41PM
loquaciousone wrote:
Inside job -- the butler did it.
on September 24,2013 | 07:07AM
wiliki wrote:
Sounds like an inside job. Part of the problem of new businesses in Hawaii is employee misconduct and theft....
on September 24,2013 | 07:15AM
soundofreason wrote:
Some good lookin' goats there. I think somebody's thinking ahead of the next step if same sex marriages get approved.
on September 24,2013 | 07:20AM
sgsorensen wrote:
You are a freak.
on September 24,2013 | 03:24PM
stingray65 wrote:
Sound, I hope you are not thinking of what I think !! I hopes you were born and raise here... Not middle East!
on September 24,2013 | 04:43PM
soundofreason wrote:
on September 24,2013 | 07:05PM
Ronin006 wrote:
How do you hide 23 goats? It should be easy to find the culprits -----unless the goats have already been slaughtered and sold at a roadside stand.
on September 24,2013 | 07:25AM
DABLACK wrote:
Locate (1) thief and you'll find the rest. Word- of -mouth on a small island goes a long way.
on September 24,2013 | 07:37AM
COlohe1 wrote:
pine out ware da next partee stay at (ewa beach) den arrest dose manongs!!!
on September 24,2013 | 07:54AM
2_centz wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on September 24,2013 | 08:11AM
allie wrote:
or the Kahuku football team?
on September 24,2013 | 01:00PM
Grimbold wrote:
Useless to muse about the race of the thieves. Although manongs eat goat, others might have been the culprits who want to sell them for profit.
on September 24,2013 | 01:26PM
NiteMarcher wrote:
My daughter had a pet billy goat about ten years or so ago in Hauula. About a week before Thanksgiving someone actually backed up their truck (tires marks were left on the grass & mud) and must have lifted the goat into their truck. We had a very big "Billy" that kept the grass down in our empty lot, so, we knew that it took more than one person to lift this goat into the truck. I know how these people feel, cause my daughter was just devastated when this happened and surprised me when she called 911 on her own to report her pet missing. I hope they find these guys soon.
on September 24,2013 | 05:50PM
Ratrase wrote:
The two left behind muzzled were muzzled to keep them quiet most likely. Maybe they were too big or too mean to handle. They are billy goats. A lot of speculation about the race of the thieves going on.
on September 24,2013 | 08:21AM
ohaibill1 wrote:
A despicable crime, done for money. And money doesn't have race. Second degree theft? I'm trying to remember if our legislators ever got around to passing an agricultural theft statute with presumably more onerous penalties. I hope people help out in finding the thieves and look forward to seeing how the State deals with this. The article failed to mention anything about security. The higher the value of the crop you are raising, the greater your security needs. Ten thousand worth of goats is worth a few security cameras.
on September 24,2013 | 09:19AM
saveparadise wrote:
2nd degreee theft??!! Horse stealing is still a capital offense in some states. Why is it a joke to some of you to devestate someone's livelihood? Will we ever get serious about crime and punishment?? Insanity continues.....
on September 24,2013 | 09:06AM
Wazdat wrote:
What the heck is wrong with people. I mean this guys should be shot, what MORONS.
on September 24,2013 | 09:19AM
lowtone123 wrote:
Someone has to know something. That many goats make noise, have to be kept somewhere, have to be fed, picked up after. It's not like stealing a watch you can just hide in your pocket.
on September 24,2013 | 09:20AM
8082062424 wrote:
when the story was posted on face book quite a few people commented they were pretty sure they knew who did it. so my guess is a lot of people no. does not mean they going to turn them in. It just could be this goat farm does not get along with his neighbours. he is new to the area
on September 24,2013 | 12:49PM
nodaddynotthebelt wrote:
The actions of these thieves is so despicable. Our state needs to get tough on property crimes. It seems like these creeps know it so they see no big risk to stealing. Anyone caught purchasing these stolen livestock or goods should also be prosecuted. I suspect that the motive behind the theft is to purchase drugs. We need to legalize marijuana so that these drug dealers will not have a stronghold on these plants. Think about it. The drug dealers do not pay any taxes on these plants and can call the prices on this plant. It is so profitable to them that they will risk shipping such cultivated plants through packages. If we legalize this plant, there wouldn't be a need for people to go to these drug dealers for this plant. The state would gain in terms of the tax revenues and it could be regulated much like the way cigarettes and alcohol are. We would also free up much of the tax money that is used to enforce laws against this plant. I suspect that it would reduce the number of theft crimes.
on September 24,2013 | 10:23AM
juscasting wrote:
Good luck to you folks. Cut off their fruits when you find them!!!!!!!!!!
on September 24,2013 | 12:53PM
titasmom wrote:
Too bad KSSK'S Perry and Price's reporting of this sad story on their morning show included them outright laughing at this situation on the air. No sympathy for the poor farmers affected by this loss and for the mistreatment of the animals. Lucky they have nice desk jobs, huh?
on September 24,2013 | 01:45PM
allie wrote:
neither Perry nor Price have a high IQ hon. They are bad entertainers that appeal to the low end of the radio audience.
on September 24,2013 | 02:39PM
AmbienDaze wrote:
Doctor Price is one of the smartest men i know. Smarter than ten of your puny brains put together.
on September 24,2013 | 06:06PM
stingray65 wrote:
They keep on stealing, because the owner does not have the right to stop them ! No consequences whatsoever !! You cannot harm those who tresspass against your property or steal from the farmer.. It has to be shoot to kill them on the farm ! More bad guys that are armed than the good guys...and if you are unarmed, you are nothing but a plain TARGET !!
on September 24,2013 | 04:34PM
tasod wrote:
The concept of "what is mine and what is yours is mine" has got to stop. Legislature and judges please put a stop to this with stronger laws and sentences.
on September 24,2013 | 05:54PM
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