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Hawaii isle councilwoman revives effort to ban all GMOs

The bill, shelved in September, is stricter than the one Mayor Kenoi recently signed

By Associated Press


HILO » A Hawaii County councilwoman is introducing a bill to ban all genetically modified crops on Hawaii island, despite new limits already being implemented through a bill passed a month ago.

The Hawaii Tribune-Herald reported Tuesday that County Councilwoman Brenda Ford is bringing back a bill that was shot down in a committee vote in September.

Ford said it's worthwhile to bring the measure back to have a discussion of where the county will head on genetically modified crops, but she said she doesn't expect the bill to pass.

"I don't think it's a waste of time," Ford said.

Ford said she will bring the bill back to the Council's public safety committee next month, after she gets over an illness.

A bill signed in December by Mayor Billy Kenoi restricts the planting of genetically modified crops to enclosed structures, like greenhouses.

The councilwoman who introduced that bill, Margaret Wille, said she thinks Ford's bill should be discussed even though she isn't confident about its chances.

Other councilmembers say the county should implement its current plan before taking more action. A proposed committee to study the issue more has already been shot down.

"I think we're done," Council Chairman J Yoshi­moto said. "We spent a lot of time on testimony. The Council decided as far as the issue itself."

Exempted growers include papaya farmers and Big Island Dairy, which uses transgenic corn for feed.

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bekwell wrote:
Cmmon on Ford. save your money and buy yourself an IQ. GMO is a fictional fear. You and I are GMO.
on January 8,2014 | 02:03AM
Grimbold wrote:
I compare her ideology to Islam: Outlaw progress, go back to the dark age.
on January 8,2014 | 05:24AM
tim5fl wrote:
I agree completly,Ford is dumb!!!
on January 8,2014 | 05:39AM
Buckykat wrote:
Very well said.
on January 8,2014 | 05:17PM
inHilo wrote:
"You and I are GMO." Not unless someone reached in and modified your genes: GMO is "any living organism that possesses a novel combination of genetic material obtained through the use of modern biotechnology." You may be thinking about eugenics: "The improvement of human genetic traits through the promotion of higher reproduction of people with desired traits (positive eugenics)" or perhaps more appropriate to this story: "reduced reproduction of people with less-desired or undesired traits (negative eugenics)."
on January 8,2014 | 06:48AM
hilopango wrote:
Thanks! Couldn't have said it any better!
on January 8,2014 | 09:38AM
etalavera wrote:
Great article from the New York Times on how the GMO fight is based on emotion and personal beliefs, not scientific facts. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/05/us/on-hawaii-a-lonely-quest-for-facts-about-gmos.html?_r=0
on January 8,2014 | 03:04AM
cartwright wrote:
Fear of what we eat is INSTINCT. Market psychology clearly shows that there's zero consumer demand for identifiable GMO food. Informed consumers are needed for sustaining free markets. Council woman Ford gets this as these GMOpapayas are being sold as 'local' and "hawaiian" (no GMO label visible) they drag the whole agro economy of the state down.
on January 8,2014 | 12:07PM
eleu808 wrote:
Where is the scientific test data that shows GMO is safe? No more.
on January 8,2014 | 04:16AM
Anonymous wrote:
Is this a battle for most ignorant county councilperson?
on January 8,2014 | 05:03AM
Keith_Rollman wrote:
Where's the scientific test data that shows GMO aren't safe?
on January 8,2014 | 05:18AM
eleu808 wrote:
Memos made public from a lawsuit reveal that the consensus among FDA scientists in the early 1990s was that GMOs were inherently unsafe and could lead to toxins, allergens, new diseases and nutritional problems. They urged their superiors to require long-term safety studies before any GM foods were allowed on the market. But the political appointee in charge of FDA policy was the former attorney of the biotech giant Monsanto and later the company’s vice president. The scientists’ warnings were ignored and today the FDA does not require a single safety study on GM foods. http://www.westonaprice.org/modern-foods/how-to-avoid-gmos
on January 8,2014 | 09:33PM
HawaiiCheeseBall wrote:
You really need to read the New York Times article referenced above.
on January 8,2014 | 05:20AM
thos wrote:

Selective breeding of both plants and animals is a form of genetic modification that has gone on for thousands of years.

The basic credo of our for profit “news” media is, “Let’s you and him fight” in hopes of pushing their “news” product to an expanding number of customers.

This question thus arises: is there any difference between the so called GMO “controversy” and the man made globaloney “warming” hoax, now revealed for the massive scam it has always been.

on January 8,2014 | 04:55AM
Keith_Rollman wrote:
thos - It's the same thing. Cynical politicians herding people around by creating a scapegoat issue that they can focus their fear and anxiety on, then pretend that you will save them from it. Doesn't matter if it's real or not, and long as they're dumb enough to believe it is.
on January 8,2014 | 05:15AM
inHilo wrote:
Selective breeding has gone on for thousands of years, modification at the genetic level has not. Whether or not it is safe is another question,
on January 8,2014 | 06:30AM
false wrote:
There should have been selective breeding on humans to weed out misfits like Brenda Ford.
on January 8,2014 | 09:48AM
cojef wrote:
Then why is the papaya I purchased the last 3 times were not edible? Live on the mainland and the papaya had a hard meat portion about the size of half a golf ball that was not palatable. It also lacked the consistency of the rest of the papaya. I suspect that the papayas that was purchased was a GMO papaya. Worthless, wish the fruit brokers stop buying this brand from Hawaii.
on January 8,2014 | 10:33AM
KekoaBradshaw wrote:
cojef, I've been eating papaya for 60 years, long before certain varieties of papaya were genetically modified, What you describe is a natural situation, resulting from too9 much or too little rain, insects, etc. It has nothing to do with the papaya being GMO. What you do is cut that portion out of the papaya and eat the rest, just like if you cut an apple open and see a brown spot. You cut it out and eat the rest (ubless you're made of money and can afford to throw away perfectly edible food. Suggest you tell the supermarket where you bought the papaya that you're not happy with the fruit they got from their supplier. If the market gets enough complaints, they'll change wholesalers.
on January 8,2014 | 11:51AM
Kuokoa wrote:
This anti-GMO fictional fear is going to deplete Hawaii of it agricultural businesses. Almost every food crop today has gone through some sort of geneic modification, in the laboratory or in the field through cross-breeding.
on January 8,2014 | 07:25AM
KekoaBradshaw wrote:
"Ford said she will bring the bill back to the Council's public safety committee next month, after she gets over an illness." Let's hope Brenda Ford is willing to be rested with drugs that have resuklted from genetic modification. If she doesn't, she's never going to get well. She and her kid are the 21st cenetury version of the kooks who have been against fluoridation of drinking water since the 1960's.
on January 8,2014 | 11:54AM
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