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Kauai protesters set sights on RIMPAC drills, sonar use

A coalition of activists aims to educate the public about the ills of “war preparation”

By Associated Press


LIHUE » Kauai organizations are planning to protest international maritime exercises hosted by the U.S. Navy this summer.

A coalition called Oceans 4 Peace says it will educate the public on the dangers of what it calls "permanent war preparation and naval military harm" to oceans. Among its concerns is how sonar affects marine mammals.

More than 20 countries are expected to participate in Rim of the Pacific exercises starting June 26. Some of the exercises will take place in waters off Kauai.

China will be sending ships to the drills for the first time. The drills are held every other year in Hawaii waters.

The activists kicked off a series of public events with a teach-in panel discussion and film in Lihue on Saturday, the Garden Island newspaper reported.

Kip Goodwin of Kauai Alliance for Peace and Justice says preparing for war will only encourage more war.

"It is time nations prepare for peace and do training exercises that build bridges instead of walls," he wrote in a release.

Kalasara Setaysha, head of Kohola Leo, said naval sonar harms whale and dolphin hearing, which the marine mammals need to survive.

Pacific Missile Range Facility spokesman Stefan Alford said the Navy has permits to conduct training and activities around Hawaii. He said most of the time the only way sonar affects marine mammals is to temporarily disrupt their feeding or foraging.

No marine mammals are expected to die as a result of the exercises, he said.

The coalition also expressed concerns about the Navy's plans to sink decommissioned vessels, saying they would be left to pollute the ocean floor.

Alford says the vessels have been "rigorously cleaned in accordance with federal Environmental Protection Agency requirements."

Oceans 4 Peace, which includes the Kauai Sierra Club and People for the Preservation of Kauai, has set up a RIMPAC hotline where people can call in and report strange or dangerous activities that may have been caused by the exercises.

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EducatedLocalBoy wrote:
These Kauai protesters are the parasites feed off of the freedom America's strong Navy gives us. That freedom includes the right to criticize the protective Naval fleet and defense system that keeps Fascist-Communist aggressors away from our islands. People forget that the Russian Navy had a renegade nuclear submarine captain and crew that almost launched nuclear missiles against Pearl Harbor. The only thing that saved us was that the there was a fire on the submarine that sank it before it was in range to launch its missiles on Hawaii. We know it better as the reason why the Glomar Explorer was built and came to Hawaii to try to lift the sub off the ocean floor. It is because of these types of agressive incidents that we need to have naval exercises to ensure that we are able to protect the international waters which surround Hawaii from naval aggression that could wipe our islands out.
on June 8,2014 | 03:59AM
DaKoloaDuck wrote:
I'm from Kauai and I totally agree with you, EducatedLocalBoy. These activists here on Kauai have nothing to do but complain about everything. Funny thing is that most of them are transplants from somewhere else. They should go back to where they came from because they make everyone on Kauai look bad.
on June 8,2014 | 08:05AM
Numilalocal wrote:
Right on you guys. The activists are largely from elsewhere and have moved to Kauai to make it exclusively theirs - at the expense of us locals. Perhaps they should move to Russia or Afghanistan and see how "free" those folks are!
on June 8,2014 | 09:05AM
Too_Much_Pilikia wrote:
You locals should be more confrontational with these self proclaimed experts. Power and control is all they understand. Kauai is too beautiful to waste on these lowlifes. Time to take back your island.
on June 8,2014 | 05:04PM
akio wrote:
Yes, these activists are from elsewhere and more keep moving here. They think they know what's best for Kauai and the local people.
on June 8,2014 | 05:15PM
First-Responder wrote:
They only want isolation AFTER they themselves moved there. Why are Kauai locals putting up with this foolishness?
on June 8,2014 | 05:33PM
pcman wrote:
Where can you call in and report strange or dangerous activities among the Kauai civilians that may have been caused by the exercises?
on June 8,2014 | 06:31PM
localguy wrote:
Rogue Russian Captain almost launched missiles against Pearl Harbor? Really? Perhaps you watched Red October to many times. The sub had an internal problem and sank. All the rest is just an urban legend. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_submarine_K-129_%281960%29
on June 8,2014 | 09:54AM
Bdpapa wrote:
It sank, I don't care how.
on June 8,2014 | 11:42AM
waikiicapt wrote:
uh....are you really using Wikipedia as an original source???
on June 8,2014 | 06:04PM
localguy wrote:
Actually the bibliography listed solid references.
on June 8,2014 | 06:51PM
bumba wrote:
What is it with Kauai? Too much pakalolo, too many of those invasive species Caucazoids.
on June 8,2014 | 04:22AM
Manawai wrote:
Exactly! But there'll only be about 20 of them that will be sober enough to make it out to Barking Sands. We're used to these twits on Kauai and we're getting ready to do somethng about them.
on June 8,2014 | 08:02AM
builderguy wrote:
You activist should go to Molokai and live with Walta rather then ruin our society and economy like you did with the ferry. Go live off the land where there is no development/military activity and oh by the way we'll suspend all of your social welfare( state and federal) and see how you like it.
on June 8,2014 | 07:44AM
Bdpapa wrote:
He don't want them.
on June 8,2014 | 11:42AM
Punini wrote:
These protesters should leave our military personnel alone. If they don’t like what’s going on they should take it up with the people they elected. They’re the ones that approved these international maritime exercises.
on June 8,2014 | 08:31AM
LKK56 wrote:
All of you above, Kip Goodwin is a well know Kamaina. He has probably been on Kauai for a few months and is probably a Trust Fund baby. Give him a break.
on June 8,2014 | 08:57AM
Numilalocal wrote:
on June 8,2014 | 09:06AM
First-Responder wrote:
'Well-known Kamaina' and 'been on Kauai for a few months...' This makes no sense. This guy is not worth talking about.
on June 8,2014 | 05:38PM
DanLBoom wrote:
HERE we go again!! Not the Super ferry this time Auwe!!... So where are these so called Protesters from anyway ?? Are they Grass root Locals?? or just smoking grass activists from where,I don't know ....Get ready!! For the Air flown protesters. soon to arrive. Come on Ka'naka's of Kauai!! Wake-up.. Now is not the time for hilahila. Speak-up. IMUA
on June 8,2014 | 09:00AM
localguy wrote:
To learn exactly how Kauai functions, go to the link below. South Park did a perfect show on the backwards dysfunction so prevalent on Kauai. http://www.southparkstudios.com/full-episodes/s16e11-going-native
on June 8,2014 | 09:49AM
entrkn wrote:
I can't wait to see them paddling their surfboards and kayaks out into the path of all the Naval ships...
on June 8,2014 | 11:12AM
residenttaxpayer wrote:
Now I'd like to see that.....lol
on June 8,2014 | 11:19AM
Bdpapa wrote:
Especially in front of a Chinese ship!
on June 8,2014 | 11:44AM
MightyMakiki wrote:
We gotta get rid of those hippies on Kauai. GMO Ferry rejection. and now RIMPAC. Come on Garden Islanders. The Yukimure and Sen. Loli loli gotta go...
on June 8,2014 | 11:35AM
Hawaii5OhOh wrote:
After Hurricane Iniki hit Kauai in '92, it was the U.S. Navy and Marines that were landing men and heavy equipment from the beaches on the West side. They also brought in food, water, tents, and other disaster aid for the people of Kauai. From where they landed, they started to clear the roads of debris, so that trucks and equipment could get to where it was needed. One of the most amazing things the Navy and the military (Army, National Guard, etc.) did was moving the hundreds of broken utility poles with the tangle of utitlity lines off of the roads and stick the poles back in the ground. The poles were much shorter, but the roads were passable, especially the roads between Lihue and Kapaa. The electrical workers came later to restore power and it took a long time. The Navy also brought a nuclear submarine into Nawilwili harbor to help power up the electrical grid when it was slowly coming back on-line. I flew into Kauai a week after Iniki hit Kauai to help with disaster relief operations, and I was glad that the Navy and the other military branches were helping bring in all of the stuff we needed, like bottled water, generators, and even ice. When we got there, you couldn't drink water from the tap as it was contaminated, there was no electricity, and without power, food spoiled quickly. And, by the way, the current RIMPAC exercise with the Chinese naval ships are there to train only for disaster relief operations in the Pacific. The Chinese ships won't be taking part in the war exercises. When the next hurricane hits Kauai again, the Navy will be there to help the people of Kauai, again.
on June 8,2014 | 11:57AM
pcman wrote:
Funny thing. Then mayor Joann Yukimura rejected the aid the the US military and Hawaii guard offered because of her anti-military beliefs and feelings. For her not to mention that in current interviews is disingenuous and deceitful.
on June 8,2014 | 06:38PM
usahwn wrote:
It is not ocean pollution at issue; it is the polluttion from immigrants to the once pristine Hanalei bay and river
on June 8,2014 | 05:17PM
false wrote:
Not immigrants but emigrants. There is a world of difference.
on June 8,2014 | 06:54PM
st1d wrote:
focusing on localness of kauai protestors misses the larger point.

when you are wrong, you are wrong. it doesn't matter where you come from, you are still wrong. further, it doesn't matter where you are when you are wrong, you are still wrong.

on June 8,2014 | 05:21PM
lee1957 wrote:
Hey hey, ho ho, fill in the blank has got to go.
on June 8,2014 | 05:29PM
First-Responder wrote:
Okay, so let's close PMRF and lay everyone off. So too the small local businesses and contractors. Finally, ignore all calls for better jobs, social services and related support.
on June 8,2014 | 05:32PM
Ronin006 wrote:
Kip Goodwin says preparing for war will only encourage more war. He apparently believes that if we disarm, everyone in the world will love us and everyone will live happily ever after. That happens only in Aesop’s Fables and Grimm’s Fairy Tales. I suppose he believes in them as well. From where do such nonsensical people come? People like Goodwin are giving Kauai and Hawaii a bad image.
on June 8,2014 | 05:33PM
rayhawaii wrote:
Protest, just hope the news media doesn't waste their time on them.
on June 8,2014 | 06:45PM
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