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Summit unlikely to attain expected $123M local boost

By Dan Nakaso

LAST UPDATED: 02:26 p.m. HST, Nov 12, 2011

Sales remained sluggish throughout Waikiki and drivers continued to suffer traffic delays Friday as some people across Oahu began to wonder whether the inconveniences of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit will result in the predicted $123 million economic boost for Hawaii.

"$123 million? At this point it doesn't seem like it'll be that high," said former Mayor Mufi Hannemann, president and chief executive officer of the Hawaii Hotel & Lodging Association. "Certainly, it hasn't been as busy as anticipated, and we haven't seen the billings of 20,000-plus people."

Yet Hannemann and others in the visitor industry insist that the state will benefit from the high-profile exposure and guests that come with APEC.

The APEC Host Committee expected up to 20,000 people -- including 2,000 journalists -- would pour into Honolulu this week, but have been unable to produce numbers on how many dignitaries, delegates and staff actually showed up. By Friday, 1,100 journalists had picked up media credentials. An additional 150 White House journalists were expected to arrive late Friday along with President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, host committee spokeswoman Dawn Hirai said.

With both APEC business and attendance seemingly down, drivers such as Bob Hoevel questioned whether APEC is worth the mental and physical toll on Oahu residents.

Hoevel normally drives around the island for his boat repair business, but booked jobs close to home in Kailua this week to avoid traffic. Then on Thursday, Hoevel chose not to drive his daughter to her school near Honolulu Airport to avoid the delays caused by the arrival of Chinese President Hu Jintao, which included heavily armed soldiers and Humvees blocking major intersections.

"I hope somebody gets that $123 million," Hoevel said, "but it's not going into my pocket."

Security checkpoints set up Friday slowed traffic into Waikiki to a one-lane crawl.

All of the security to guard the heads of APEC nations has turned Waikiki into a "war zone," said Waikiki Neighborhood Board Member Les Among. "Was it worth it?" Among asked. "No. This isn't worth it at all."

State Sen. Sam Slom (R, Diamond Head-Hawaii Kai), who is also president and executive director of the Smart Business Hawaii organization, does not believe that APEC will give Hawaii the $123 million economic boost that was promised. "From the beginning those predictions were overly optimistic," he said. "I predict we'll actually lose money, particularly down in Waikiki."

APEC heads of state and their staffs are in town for serious work, not to shop, Slom said. And all of the security designed to protect Obama and other world leaders has kept local residents from spending money in Waikiki, which has resulted in some businesses temporarily closing this week, he said.

"The bottom line is there is very little -- if any -- economic benefit," Slom said. "At worst, we have lost a lot of business."

Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz said he and other APEC supporters have long been telling Hawaii residents that APEC will produce important long-term -- rather than short-term -- benefits.

"APEC exposes us to hundreds of millions of people across the globe who otherwise wouldn't realize the opportunities Hawaii has to offer," Schatz said Friday. "People understand that we have to more directly engage throughout the Asia-Pacific region in order for Hawaii's economy to thrive. This meeting is part of a strategy that has to be undertaken over time, and we have to show that we're committed to this strategy that extends well beyond (APEC's) Leaders Week."

By the middle of next week, the Hawaii Tourism Authority will have an estimate on the dollar value of Hawaii's media exposure from APEC, Schatz said.

"We expect it will be into the tens of millions of dollars," Schatz said. "Needless to say, it's good international exposure."

By the end of the year, Schatz hopes that the actual money generated by APEC will be calculated in a study commissioned by the HTA and state Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism.

Keith Vieira, senior vice president and director of operations for Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Hawaii and French Polynesia, said APEC has attracted a more sophisticated group of visitors who are spending money in ways unlike Hawaii's typical leisure tourists. "The revenue will be what we expected," Vieira said. "It's just going to be in a less traditional way."

Starwood's room service business, for example, is up "significantly" this week because APEC staff are ordering working meals in their hotel rooms as early -- or as late -- as 4 a.m.

Waikiki hotels are generating additional revenue by hosting APEC functions and dinners, Vieira said.

"These are the types of individuals that tell their friends, higher peer groups, about what a wonderful place Hawaii was both for business and for vacation," Vieira said. "There couldn't be a better example of Hawaii situated to handle more international business, especially from the Pacific Rim."

After five days of APEC events, sales at ABC Stores' 38 Waikiki shops "are still a little soft," CEO Paul Kosasa said Friday. Although ABC Stores loaded up on merchandise, Kosasa was focusing on bigger, future benefits.

"It's the post-APEC that's going to really benefit our economy," Kosasa said. "We just have to suffer a little pain, but it'll be beneficial in the long term."

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HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Yah because Waikiki has been shut down, no one wants to go there, even the usual tourists because they see that for one week, Waikiki has vanished and gone with Alice into Wonderland.
on November 12,2011 | 01:22AM
Kauikalewa wrote:
APEC, Aloha Packaged Economic Collapse. We would have been better off putting on an Aloha Festival with all the glitz of Mardi Gras than this all our Afghanistan Marshall Law approach. Aloha is the very thing that is absent. There is no serenity in this event. What is APEC selling? What ever it is, no one is buying. The collection of news correspondence are not focused on the view from the top of the Convention Center. We sacrificed so much freedom for this Alice in Wonderland partnership and team. You can bet those shirts will go to Goodwill or the deepest part of the closet never to be seen again. The marketing design was a $127 million invested failure to deliver.
on November 12,2011 | 07:00AM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Therefore we all know who was in charge right? Whenever The Big Kahuna attempts to do the work that the Private Sect
on November 12,2011 | 06:11PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
This may be an adventure because I am replying via The Stan Sherriff Center. Hawaii 8, New Mexico State 3 and a timeout now. I hope I am forgiven for typing on an iPhone LOL !!
on November 12,2011 | 06:14PM
Anonymous wrote:
APEC could have been done online - this would have eliminated congestion and been greener for the planet. Holding meetings online would also have saved millions in security costs. APEC has been an income generator for Law enforcement - $millions in Overtime and future tools to utilize on the Hawaii residents.
on November 12,2011 | 07:30AM
copperwire9 wrote:
I'm curious whether there was ever ANYONE who believed that $123 million nonsense...no one I know bought that line for even a minute. . . . . Then there is this police state we've found ourselves in. Even discounting the never-to-be-discounted murder, the police state business is deeply disturbing. . . . . And, while we're on the topic, can anyone explain (no, of course not) why the farmer's market at Fort Street mall was closed for APEC 'for security reasons'? How absurd is that? Fort Street mall is miles (and miles) from anything relevant.
on November 12,2011 | 06:14PM
realist3463 wrote:
As I wrote before this fiasco began, NO ONE besides the politicians benefit from the disruption APEC is causing. The taxpayers will be asked to bear the brunt of the extravagant 'upgrading' of downtown and the loss of business revenue while the politicians strut. I saw a picture of Abby and SECSTATE in the paper and first thought he was on his knees begging but then I realized he was standing up straight. VOTE THEM ALL OUT. Glad I am off Island for this 'stuff'.
on November 12,2011 | 02:46AM
serious wrote:
No way will Hawaii make the big $$$$. Security is one thing but to have the police and "otheres" just standing around blocking the sidwalks!!!! I watch the Mayor's TV cast in the morning on road closures--waste of time--the important ones, "Can't disclose due to security"!!!!
on November 12,2011 | 03:10AM
Synikal1 wrote:
Whoever came up with this number of 123 million dollars in revenue must be blowing more smoke up our caboose than Madame Pele out of the volcano. We all knew all this out of town delegates, their family and friends will receive a lot of comps as far as hotel rooms, food, gifts, etc. Our government has to kiss their royal butts first in an attempt to help lure their money back in future. The global economy is hurting and nobody is really dishing out the cash at this time. Face it ppl u know its the truth.
on November 12,2011 | 04:11AM
Kawipoo wrote:
This whole summit is a joke. I have not even seen one national article on this summit. They just had the G20 in France. Do you think my next vacation is going to be in France because of the G20. I would like the Staradvertiser to do some investigative reporting. Find out how much state and city dollars were spent on security, road repair, etc. Determine the loses to the businesses. I'll bet you that it is a loss with very little publicity. Brian Schatz is trying to become the worst lt. Governor by promoting a loser of a summit. Politicians will never admit they are wrong!
on November 12,2011 | 04:45AM
inverse wrote:
Nothing new about politicians and other gov't leaders B S ing the public. They have been doing that some time now with the Aloha train to nowhere. As others have mentioned most countries other than China are in the verge of bankruptcy and have no intention of doing any business with Hawaii, which all of them know is one of the mist anti-friendly places to do business in the US and the world. All this talk about Chinese nationals spending big money in Hawaii is nothing more than a pipe dream. There goal is to maintain and aquire wealth, assests and stealing consumer and military technology any chance they get. Hawaii is better off in the 'long run' if they just focus on our 'friends' from Canada, US mainland, Japan and South Korea and make sure they have a positive experience with their Hawaii vacation so they keep on coming back to Hawaii year after year. The APEC conference, rail and overdevelopment of Hawaii is counterproductive to this goal.
on November 12,2011 | 05:20AM
mrluke wrote:
Brian Who?
on November 12,2011 | 06:46AM
maya wrote:
Prior to APEC starting, I was reading that the politicians were stating that Hawaii would get national and international attention. I live on the mainland, and let me tell you that APEC has not been in the news at all. The Penn State scandal has wiped out any attention APEC would have or could have delivered. Maybe that will change now that Obama is in town, but Penn state is playing Nebraska today, and that will suck up the media time. I think you all got the short stick. When WTO was in Seattle ( where I now live), the security costs and repair costs of the vandalism were more than any economic benefit Seattle received. APEC was a way for the Hawaii politicians to strut around like peacocks, acting important.
on November 12,2011 | 04:51AM
inverse wrote:
You are exactly right. No national news whatsover about APEC in Hawai,i however the US and the world has become intimately aware of Penn State, the 'god like' status of Joe Paterno, Sandusky and the horrible things he did to boys in the Penn state shower room. Also the world is focused on how a sick per vert was allowd to perpetuate his crimes on children because everyone putt the football coach and his staff on a pedestal and the only thing anyone cared about was a winning football team that made money for the university. Other than Hawaii elected officials, NO ONE cares about APEC in Hawaii.
on November 12,2011 | 05:34AM
Kokoy wrote:
Bro, that's not how it works, APEC is an economic conference, therefore they make decisions / plans regarding world economies, the thought is that hopefully Hawaii will be included in the plans of foreign nations. It's not about "APEC" media exposure bringing tourist dollars into Hawaii, it's about politicians easing visa restrictions (China for example) to increase tourism in Hawaii. Why would the Chinese do that? Because they are in Hawaii, enjoying Hawaii and understanding the potential that Hawaii has to offer their country for meetings, tourism, and business.
on November 12,2011 | 09:22AM
Kawipoo wrote:
Hawaii who?
on November 12,2011 | 11:30AM
SmedleyFerndock wrote:
Typical APEC visitor would sun up his trip a
on November 12,2011 | 04:52AM
bender wrote:
It was earlier reported that the state and county has spent $137 million to attract $123 million. No wonder we're broke. Not only is APEC a loser but it has seriously affected our other visitors, they are unable to get out and about. I'm wondering how many were told that APEC would be in town when they booked their trips. I'm thinking probably none of them. This has to be leaving a bad taste in their mouth, and that's the kind of publicity we don't need. Please, no more APECs, we can't afford it.
on November 12,2011 | 04:54AM
Anonymous wrote:
Typical APEC visitor would sum up his trip as follows: I was held a prisoner in my hotel room by the vast security presence, The only part of Hawaii that I saw was through my hotel room window and the window of the car as I road to and from the airport. I had little contact with any of the local population other than security personnel, hotel staff, and pandering local politicians. I am unable to recommend a visit or a business meeting in Hawaii based upon my experience.
on November 12,2011 | 04:59AM
Hank13 wrote:
Spin a yarn of wealth and prosperity. It will make the residents feel the inconvenience is worthwhile. When the numbers don't add up spin a yarn of FUTURE prosperity. The inconveniences will eventually be forgotten and memories of future prosperity will fade. Similar "yarns" spun by politicians during every election. Promise them what they want to hear, of course DON'T deliver, and by next election yarns will be forgotten and new ones spun. Sound familiar?
on November 12,2011 | 05:07AM
Hank13 wrote:
P.S. And don't forget to raise our taxes. We'll be more than happy to pay for more political excesses. We'll vote for you. You have a lot of people waving with you, you're out there come rain or shine, and you're always smiling. I may not know how you stand on many things but you promise to reduce taxes and spend more on education. "What a nice person".
on November 12,2011 | 05:45AM
LittleEarl_01 wrote:
"The bottom line is there is very little -- if any -- economic benefit," Slom said. "At worst, we have lost a lot of business." Recently catching a taxi into town I queried the cab driver about the impact of APEC on his business. "I've lost probably 65-75% of my business due to APEC. Attending a wedding on Friday at the Hyatt Regency in Waikiki I had the opportunity to visit several stores, local and high end. All complained about the loss of business due directly to APEC and all the security lockdowns in Waikiki. Okay politicians, you had the opportunity to "strut your stuff," now give us the numbers to justify it.
on November 12,2011 | 05:21AM
livinginhawaii wrote:
Um...duh. What do you expect when you waive GET, go psycho with security, close major visitor attractions, then tell the visitors "its best to schedule vacation around this time"....
on November 12,2011 | 05:27AM
whs1966 wrote:
So whose the source of this oft-quoted $123 million benefit? We need to know so that shibai artist is held accountable.
on November 12,2011 | 05:46AM
toomuchpilikia wrote:
If you are looking to place blame for this mess..I would look to the hippie and OB1! Too bad, as usual the tax payers will again suck wind with all the security overtime. Businesses in the area will undoubtedly lose some volume. Thoughtless government officials again trying to make something happen in a down-turned economic environment.
on November 12,2011 | 03:44PM
hukihei wrote:
No one makes money when the overhead includes the cost of imported fuel and food, much less the cost of security. Will people from the Asia Pacific want to visit? Or conduct business here? Not when they realize the costs of imported fuel and food give no added value. The tragedy is the loss of a young man's life last Saturday morning.
on November 12,2011 | 05:47AM
inverse wrote:
I said the same thing and got my comment deleted couple days ago. It is a FACT and not a personal opinion, that APEC held in hawaii created the situation that resulted in the death of a Hawaii resident. And what is worse is that normal court processing has been delayed until after the APEC conference is finished. Good or bad, right or wrong, this murder case should go through our judicial system WITHOUT delay and without any consideration of any perceived negative publicity or public relations.
on November 12,2011 | 06:05AM
Kokoy wrote:
Really? So if you pull a knife and threaten a federal officer, or local HPD, your chances of getting shot are zero? come on.
on November 12,2011 | 09:24AM
kispest wrote:
Why is an off duty officer carry a gun to a nightclub? They are trained to disable, not to kill. Of course, when you are drunk, it is difficult to aim... Hope all of you will remember Apec, when our bozos will run for re-election.
on November 12,2011 | 12:18PM
BillD wrote:
Those numbers are always hype whether it be bidding to host the NBA All-Star Game, Economic Summit or Regional Dog Show. Reminding the world about us and showing them that we can play on the global level rather than being a bunch of jerkwater buffoons that can only handle slinging a few Mai Tais is a good thing for all of us.
on November 12,2011 | 06:11AM
kispest wrote:
I think you already had too many Mai Tai's. Tell your story to all those people, who lost a bundle, see what they think.
on November 12,2011 | 12:22PM
Heinbear wrote:
I walked through Waikiki yesterday and it did look like a WAR zone. I had only seen anything like that in movies. There were a lot visitors that looked frightened and confused. I bet they are not planning any future visits here. I was ashamed that we residents of this city allowed that to happen.
on November 12,2011 | 06:14AM
RobertB wrote:
The disparity of influence between the local Hawaii micro businesses and the Megacorps is glaring during APEC. The former suffer immediate (sometimes fatal) financial loss while the latter thrive and see long term opportunity. Nothing new nor inconsistent for Hawaii.
on November 12,2011 | 06:47AM
HoldEverything wrote:
Hawaii's political and business leaders sold the people a deeply flawed bill of goods with respect to APEC. There has been virtually no coverage of APEC in U.S. national news. Perhaps there has been some coverage in foreign countries, but I doubt that it's showing the sandy beaches and swaying palms that HTA dreams about. More like some guy in a suit talking to a camera from inside the windowless APEC press center. And Keith Vierra's comment about the Sheraton's room service being "up significantly" is almost joke-worthy. He should be lamenting the fact that Waikiki's restaurant's are hurting. The fact is that Waikiki is losing millions of dollars per day during this event, and countless small businesses are suffering. Even the technology exhibits that were set up in the convention center, supposedly hand-picked to showcase Hawaii's tech companies, isn't receiving any visits. What this comes down to is that Hawaii's political leaders and a handful of business leaders saw this as networking opportunity, a big "meet and greet" that they could use to benefit their own agendas or businesses, and have the people of Hawaii pay for it financially and in a host of other ways.
on November 12,2011 | 07:01AM
omd111 wrote:
We get more bang from having the PRO BOWL here than this fiasco. It always gets me upset to see Brian Schatz on the news claiming that this will help us long term. What a bunch of crock! This summit has tourist and locals inconvenienced in more ways than one. Abecrombie, Schatz, and Carlisle need to go. They are just the most incompetent leaders ever. We do all this beautification because dignitaries come in town, but we couldn't do it for the everyday tourist that have been coming here for decades. That's pathetic.
on November 12,2011 | 07:21AM
pakeheat wrote:
Brian who?
on November 12,2011 | 08:13AM
omd111 wrote:
You know that suck up who thinks he's the next Governor of the state after the Penguin gets ousted in the next election.
on November 12,2011 | 01:21PM
DAGR81 wrote:
Abercrombie,Scatz, Carlisle (and Hirono too) will be out. Unfortunately we have to wait fo the election process to play itself out.
on November 12,2011 | 02:29PM
Benibiker wrote:
I haven't spent any money this weekend and don't plan to, I can't get to Ala Moana! So sorry merchants....
on November 12,2011 | 07:37AM
vernchs wrote:
What are these guys drinking? Did anybody check the previous APEC locations? Japan was last years host, did they make a ton of money? Anytime you get a financial quote via the government, you need to drink their Kool Aid. The bottom line is that the taxpayers of Hawaii will bear the costs of this stupid collection of leaders who if they were honest enough to admit it that the economy is bad and this meeting is just a paid vacation by their countries. Next time have the meeting in Washington DC so that Obama don't have to fly and cost taxpayers millions for the plane and security. This is why politics stinks cause these people forget that there are millions of their people lacking a job and rather have the money not spent.
on November 12,2011 | 07:41AM
shakalopaka wrote:
At least the people of Honolulu have a taste of what Martial Law would be like. I feel sorry for the taxi drivers and all the other businesses that are losing money. We really fell for this flimflam, big time. Someone should be held accountable. APEC? Please never again!
on November 12,2011 | 07:43AM
cojef wrote:
Pie in the sky wistful hopes which did not materialize, at what cost to the people of Hawaii. Globally, Hawaii does not need the publicity that APEC pusher have stated it would generate. All is needed is the continued "Aloha Spirit" which has been offered over the generations. We do not need the quick fixes which the spin master have mouthing, cuz our Aloha comes naturally from the heart. The spin masters want you to believe that they know how to boost Hawaii's economy, at what cost. Our citizens have been relegated as sheep in third world countries, with inconveniences and disruptions. APEC HAS NOT GENERATED ANY PUBLICITY FOR HAWAII, just look at the banner headline currently dominating the internet and broadcast medias. In the last 72 hours, ZERO as far as major news gathering organizations are concerned. Only in Hawaii.......
on November 12,2011 | 07:43AM
soundofreason wrote:
I think it's all a bunch of hype and we've been sold a bill of goods. Streets have been shut down to provide and create the illusion of activity. I was at the airport last night to drop a friend off - ghostown.
on November 12,2011 | 08:00AM
kainalu wrote:
Please, save us these lies that this sumit is a boost to our economy. The majority of us will only be inconvienced by this summit. There may be a boost for those associated with Orwellian's "1984" - HPD, Swat teams, security camera companies - all industries related to security, otherwise, nothing. Is our Governor and other State and City leaders suggesting that these "visitors" are going to spend more money here than any other visitor? Come on, man. But the bottom-line is this: the majority of us will feel zero "boost" to our personal economy - we'll just be sitting in traffic for hours on end, subjected to searches in the process.
on November 12,2011 | 08:11AM
pakeheat wrote:
Where is williki? The one who believes in numbers as with rail, and can justify the money well spent, LOL.
on November 12,2011 | 08:15AM
jonno wrote:
Typical short-sightedness.
on November 12,2011 | 08:24AM
sukebesan wrote:
Don't forget that there a couple hundred Hawaii Army National Guardsmen standing by in riot gear in Diamond Head Crater in readyness for any protest group riots and other disturbances that may occur. However, time is running out for these weekend warriors to strut their stuff. The top echelon of HARNG must be very disappointed that their pre-conceived scenario and planning for violent demonstrations has not played out. Who knows - they might create one by tomorrow before APEC ends.
on November 12,2011 | 08:46AM
4cents wrote:
everyone else was to smart to host APEC, that's how we got it! L:(
on November 12,2011 | 09:07AM
turbolink wrote:
Perplexing question for the governor: what gives more income...APEC, civil unions in a weekend, or the Pro Bowl?
on November 12,2011 | 09:20AM
tigerwarrior wrote:
Even if APEC were to have attained the expected $123 million--the question we need to ask is to whom would it benefit? Our GDP numbers continue to rise but to whom does this primarily benefit? While Wall Street execs, CEOs of multinational corporations, and hedge fund managers earn their $trillions--while most of the rest of us are saddled with debt. When they predicted that tourists from China would spend more per capita than their counterparts from Japan--I knew something didn't sound right.
on November 12,2011 | 09:44AM
islandsun wrote:
We should not hold another APEC type meeting here again. Dont listen to these politicians as it is a benefit only for them. Especially Mr. Train Mufi who wasnt right then and isnt now. We have probably lost money when it all shakes out. We shouldnt have to pay this kind of cost for a conference.
on November 12,2011 | 09:54AM
fishguy wrote:
Get over it complainers! It's here and it's not going away until it done.
on November 12,2011 | 09:57AM
kispest wrote:
You must be one of the politicians.
on November 12,2011 | 12:09PM
Bothrops wrote:
Banana Republic. To make up any deficit between money in and money spent on APEC I suggest we cut the following for elected officials at the state level: end all foreign travel for elected officials, end all domestic travel for elected officials except interisland, cut office and running expenses by 50%, cut salaries by 20%, make pension same as for regular government employees, reduce state legislature from two to one chambers, cut Governor's security staff by 50%, cut all tourist advertising, so hotel etc can do their own promotions. Once the deficit has been repaid, a state-wide vote on whether to permit the resumption of these perks and giveaways. And estimated free publicity won't count in the balance sheet.
on November 12,2011 | 09:58AM
Kawipoo wrote:
I like it!
on November 12,2011 | 01:31PM
HD36 wrote:
on November 12,2011 | 05:20PM
HD36 wrote:
on November 12,2011 | 05:18PM
808warriorfan wrote:
Not to mention all the small businesses that were affected by loss of traffic, both motorist and pedestrians. Who covers their losses ?????
on November 12,2011 | 10:25AM
NicholasGMLum wrote:
I would like to know how did they come up with the $123 million benefit. As business leader, I am held accountable for my decisions and performance of what stories I predict. Who holds these people that comes up with these predictions? I challenge the Star-Bulletin to report the results of how much actually is benefited from the APEC summit. It amazes me how government can say what they want and get away with it. Yet business can't. And we are the "bad" guys? Something is really wrong with our state of our nation.
on November 12,2011 | 10:36AM
fairgame947 wrote:
So far a huge bust. Total inconvenience for any tourists not involved with APEC. Considerable inconvenience for the taxpayers of this state. Economic losses for the businessesin the vicinity. And then the cost to the taxpyers for overtime for our police force and municipal and state workers. It's hardly mentioned in the national news, only people who care about it are the local politicians - the jokes that they are. What a shame this whole thing is!
on November 12,2011 | 12:00PM
JPM wrote:
We should have an appropriate send off for our guests. We could hang a banner at the airport that says “Thanks for The Bill”.
on November 12,2011 | 12:02PM
Ronin006 wrote:
I said in my post yesterday that my head was already dizzy from the spin that was about to come from political leaders and tourism officials regarding the less-than-expected turnout for APEC. As expected, the spin has begun with the intent of convincing local residents that APEC was very beneficial for Hawaii. Anyone with half a brain knows APEC was a rip off for Hawaii taxpayers. There is no way the GET and TAT on APEC expenditures , whatever the amount, will cover the $100 million or more spent by the city and state to prepare for and support APEC. The city alone spent about $30 million to train police and other first responders. That money came almost entirely from property taxes paid by owners of property on Oahu. I would like Mayor Carlisle or former mayor Hannemann to explain how the people who paid the property taxes will benefit from APEC. I don't think they can.
on November 12,2011 | 01:33PM
Anonymous wrote:
APEC Economics 101: 1. Political leaders and tourism officials claimed APEC would generate $120 million in "economic activity." 2. The state take on $120 million would be about $12 million if all was spent on hotel rooms. Since the expenditures will be for rooms, food, beverages, site seeing and souvenirs, the actual take would be closer to $7 million. 3. Applying a multiplier effect of 3, the state could take in about $21 million. 4. The city announced it would spend close to $30 million to train police and first responders to prepare for and to support APEC. The state spent $100 million plus to spruce up the airport, roads and the like, much of it for overtime to complete the projects in time for APEC. 5. Spending $130 million to take in $21 million is just plain dumb and stupid and would drive any company into bankruptcy.. In view of the foregoing, can anyone explain why APEC was good for Hawaii?
on November 12,2011 | 01:57PM
Hank13 wrote:
The unexpected loss of revenue due to the PUBLICS' demand to host APEC in Hawaii has resulted in a necessary increase of taxes to cover that loss. If not for that, we of course would not have had to raise taxes. Sorry! Beats the true story of inept management and poor decision making etc. etc. by our elected officials.
on November 12,2011 | 02:40PM
kennysmith wrote:
well every one what you all have did read here just sid it to the point of it, i don't know if the people there in honolulu/waikiki can get any of the money back do to the roads being blocked.
on November 12,2011 | 02:34PM
PCWarrior wrote:
I for one am just glad we had the SEALS patrolling the Ala Wai. The tilapia been getting out of control down there and now they all be in hiding. APEC: the city and jerk politicians with BS for the people. What a shocker, huh? What did you expect?
on November 12,2011 | 02:49PM
Anonymous wrote:
SA: find out one thing for me. Of all the cars they searched in Waikiki, did they find one threatening item? One single item?
on November 12,2011 | 02:50PM
Ambergris23 wrote:
hey, just show some aloha spirit...and stay home! i couldn't even drive down the road where i live because police were blocking it off. bah humbug....
on November 12,2011 | 03:09PM
aionokea43 wrote:
The beautification along Nimitz Highway for the APEC conference cost the city $$. Isn't that the route of the rail where all those trees will have to be removed? What was the sense of spending that money for the APEC when all the trees will be uprooted. The money could have been bette spent on education, medicine for the disabled and other social services rather than plant trees for who - dignitaries. They probably did not even notice the trees. Auwe to City government.
on November 12,2011 | 03:53PM
Anonymous wrote:
Waikiki is a disaster with APEC. I would love to see the hotel occupancy rate for this week. No tourist in their right mind would have come to Hawaii with all the congestion and limited access to beaches and events. Who is their great mind thought that APEC would bring millions to Hawaii. The state coffers will tank this month.
on November 12,2011 | 03:55PM
danielpecoraro wrote:
YAPEC is another example of MONEY CORRUPTING GOVERNMENT. The "dignitaries" celebrate and WE PAY. please send money to education.
on November 12,2011 | 04:12PM
danielpecoraro wrote:
on November 12,2011 | 04:13PM
CloudForest wrote:
When will government, any government, learn to tell the truth? It would very nice if they also learned not to treat us as their vassal servants. The new royalty is in town, everyone please kowtow and blend back into the background where all of us peons belong. How rude! the fingernail clippings of one free American are worth more than all of the communist and despots on Earth!
on November 12,2011 | 05:15PM
maya wrote:
I just want to let you know that the news anchors in Seattle stated- " President Obama is attending a Pacific Economic summit in Honolulu on his way to Indonesia" That was it. No visuals of palm trees swaying in the breeze, no white sand beach, no hula dancers. He could have been in NY or Detroit for the lack of interest shown. The Pro Bowl does awesome visuals of Hawaii at a huge reduction of cost. Find out who pushed for APEC, and vote them out.
on November 12,2011 | 06:00PM
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