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IRS unable to deliver $759,000 in Hawaii refunds

By Star-Advertiser Staff

LAST UPDATED: 5:06 p.m. HST, Nov 17, 2010

Tax refund checks totalling $759,065 were returned as undeliverable from Hawaii addresses, and the Internal Revenue Service is asking for help to get them to taxpayers.

The 2010 refund checks average $1,033 apiece and are due to 735 taxpayers across the state but could not be delivered because of mailing address errors. In some cases, taxpayers have moved without letting the IRS know, or the address information on their returns is incorrect.

"We want to make sure taxpayers get the money owed to them," said IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman. "If you think you are missing a refund, the sooner you update your address information, the quicker you can get your money."

Taxpayers can visit the "Where's My Refund?" tool on to update their address or check on the status of their refund. They should have their tax return handy, because they will need to enter their Social Security number, filing status, and amount of refund due to them. A telephone version of "Where's My Refund?" is available by calling 1-800-829-1954.

To avoid future delivery problems, the IRS advises that taxpayers choose direct deposit when they file either paper or electronic tax returns. Their refunds can be deposited right into their bank or credit union and can even be split among accounts. The IRS also recommends that taxpayers file their tax returns electronically to avoid the risk of lost paper returns and to speed up refunds.

"If taxpayers use electronic filing or e-file and also have any refunds provided back to them in direct deposit, that is the most secure, efficient and fast way to get their refunds on future returns," said David Tucker, an IRS spokesman based in Seattle.

The agency is also warning taxpayers to be wary of any e-mail sent to them regarding pending refunds because the IRS does not send such messages. They are common identity theft scams, and taxpayers should not open such messages, or respond to them. Instead, visit online to verify whether there is a pending refund.


Online Editor's Note: The information below was provided by the Internal Revenue Service. Should your name appear in the list, contact the IRS by phone at 1-800-829-1954, or visit Likewise, if you are able to identify any person on this list, please notify him/her to check in with the IRS.


Big Island

Name City
Shipley-Lagamay, Tyrell M Hawi
Alapai, Elizabeth K Hilo
Aweau, Larry Iii & A Malina Aweau Hilo
Brennan, Charles Hilo
Chamizo, Jovonne H Hilo
Cho, Saena Jeom Hilo
Galima, Robert A Hilo
Kalani, Charles & Ada A Sr Hilo
Kim, Ok Hui Hilo
Lee, Daison P Hilo
Markus, Gerdine J Hilo
Mcgee, Raymond P & Lynnita G Hilo
Nelson, Shaun Hilo
Pua, Donald Hilo
Tucker, Alan C Hilo
Gallison, Renee G Honaunau
Cates, David P Honokaa
Academia, R C Jr & S B Academia Kailua Kona
Akana, Shawn Kailua Kona
Anane, Kwaku Kailua Kona
Bechab, Terzah Kailua Kona
Bender, Alanna Kailua Kona
Boulter, Judith E Kailua Kona
Felmley, Mallorie Kailua Kona
Fichter, Ryan E Kailua Kona
Garcia-Arias, Ricardo Kailua Kona
Gardner, Emma Kailua Kona
Gonzalez, Carmen Kailua Kona
Gregory, Steven G Kailua Kona
Isaac, Lashonda Kailua Kona
Ishimaru, Delbert Kailua Kona
Izumi, Bradley Kailua Kona
Johnson, Judy A Kailua Kona
Kalavi, Hesekaia & MAPA Kailua Kona
Kirn, Damian & Malia M Kailua Kona
Lee, Mahealani Kailua Kona
Mantyla, Jacqueline A Kailua Kona
Masi, Henry Kailua Kona
Niihau, Abraham P Kailua Kona
Parbo, Tasha V Kailua Kona
Rawley, Marcee S Kailua Kona
Tam, Melvin G T Kailua Kona
Tomczak, Mark S Kailua Kona
Tunu, Tuasivi Kailua Kona
Watkins, Bruce A Kailua Kona
Zebedee, Shelly K Kailua Kona
Kailimai, William K Kamuela
Rodman, David J & Judy D Kamuela
Roux, Kevin F Kamuela
Amber, Keith & Sharmai Kapaau
Naungayan, Evangleline S Kapaau
Paulson, Chadwick A Kapaau
Victor Kailianu, Nainoa H Kapaau
Aguilar, Francisco & Jessie Keaau
Haas, Joseph W Keaau
Kunewa, Gordon Keaau
Madamca, Charmaine Keaau
Mendoza, Richard Keaau
Moylan, Louise M Keaau
Nakashima, Dickenson Keaau
Izuno, Charla Kealakekua
Izuno, Marissa Kealakekua
Prem, Rosemarie N Kealakekua
Tritz, Hagen J Kealakekua
Andrews, Krystal M Kurtistown
Dawson, Jaydianne C U Kurtistown
Wintersteen, Teresa L Kurtistown
Adams, Joseph A Mountain View
Hickman, Noelle H Mountain View
K-Aloha, Sara Mountain View
Slattery, Megan M Mountain View
Stratton, Larry D Mountain View
Anderson, Lu Paauilo
Doctor, Leslie D & Shirley K Pahoa
Dragon, Suchada L Pahoa
Fletcher, Vanessa R Pepeekeo
Navarria, Jude T Volcano
Patrick, Marama M Waikoloa
Reynoso, Miguel J Waikoloa
Tano, Chad K Waikoloa


Ackman, Amanda Aiea
Arnobit, Krisha Ann A Aiea
Behrens, Richard A Aiea
Blanco, Evelyn Aiea
Chang, Cheng Lun & Jane S Aiea
DeSantis, Roberta L Aiea
Hall, Robert T Aiea
Higa, Alfredo Aiea
Kam, Shawna M Aiea
Laforga, E Jr & D Taitague-Laforga Aiea
Liu, Siaano Aiea
Matua, Oketopa Aiea
Mose, Manilyn Aiea
Nakamura, Scott Y Aiea
Ohare, Constance R Aiea
Pollak, Steven L Aiea
Reyes, Yolanda Aiea
Tandaguen, Jayde M Aiea
Tuitupou, Alani Aiea
Voa, Asofiafia S Aiea
Wong, Song J & Chen H Wang Aiea
Yorimoto, Ryan K Aiea
Young, Christopher Aiea
Agualo, Jame U Ewa Beach
Almenario, Rosario C Ewa Beach
Apostol, Paul R & Shawna P Ewa Beach
Atenis, Marcelino Ewa Beach
Cabudol, Geronimo Ewa Beach
Cantere, Ami Ewa Beach
Chong, Jean Yeh Ewa Beach
Fischgrund, Douglas J Ewa Beach
Gittens, Ciera Kristina Ewa Beach
Goins, Violet K Ewa Beach
Guillermo, Noel Ewa Beach
Hodge, Joseph D Ewa Beach
Insong, Alberto C & Salome S Ewa Beach
Jose, Ernesto E Ewa Beach
Kaahanui, Kevin B Jr Ewa Beach
Karjala, Amyleigh Ewa Beach
Kuboyama, Joshua K Ewa Beach
Lagpacan, Gilbert R & Raquel R Ewa Beach
Lagpacan, Jason Ewa Beach
Manzano, Marina Ewa Beach
Mateo, Celeste Ewa Beach
Millar, John E Ewa Beach
Quartero, Donovan K Ewa Beach
Quintal, Jose M Ewa Beach
Robello, Hanale W Ewa Beach
Rosa, Donna L Ewa Beach
Ryan, Charles & Saili V Ewa Beach
Ryan, Veronica B & Jason D Ewa Beach
Saunders, Douglas G & Yi Hua Yang Ewa Beach
Toribio, Carlos I Ewa Beach
Weyh, Gordon H Ewa Beach
Yoza, Allan T & Noriko Ewa Beach
Zern, Aric Ewa Beach
Jackson, Starr Fort Shafter
Brooks, Meredith A Haleiwa
Clegg, Sandra L Haleiwa
Ragasa, Vicente & Candida Haleiwa
Calhoun, Derrick V Hauula
Burt, Terrence D Hickam Afb
Abella, Jesus B Honolulu
Agorilla, Elmer R & Cristina G Honolulu
Ah You, Mikaele T Honolulu
Akana, Brian Honolulu
Anderson, Richard B Honolulu
Ando, Kaori Honolulu
Asarin, Ironika Honolulu
Bae, Chong Suk Honolulu
Baird, Christopher N Honolulu
Barruga, Harison T Honolulu
Barruga, Ronald T Honolulu
Bauske, Randall S Honolulu
Benedicto, Sachiko Honolulu
Beyong, Sutauo L & Emerita Honolulu
Birkhimer, Derrick Honolulu
Black, Chalsie R Honolulu
Bluford, Jimmy E Honolulu
Campbell, Peter F & Elise M Honolulu
Carmody, Don D Honolulu
Carpenter, Tate A Honolulu
Cavazos, Ruben Honolulu
Chen, Chin Chan Honolulu
Chen, Zhong Hua Honolulu
Choe, Peter Y Honolulu
Choy, Hannah K B Honolulu
Chu, Sai Tong Honolulu
Conley, Jordan S Honolulu
Cook, Roy W Sr & Sandra M Honolulu
Cooke, Julia A Honolulu
Cox, Kelli Honolulu
Craig, Elise K Honolulu
Crain, Tod Honolulu
David, Nanette L Honolulu
Davis, Shena Honolulu
Dinkins, Carlos Honolulu
Donnelly, Kevin J & Miyoko Honolulu
Donnelly, Mark & Naoko Honolulu
Dulaney, Miyuki N Honolulu
Fale, Fialuma Honolulu
Fernandez, Charmagne B Honolulu
Fiero, Jachrystal E & Darcy R Honolulu
Fong, Nolan T Honolulu
Fujii, Toshihisa & Lynn Honolulu
Galindo, Hector Honolulu
Gorohouna, Samuel B Honolulu
Goze, Daniel G Honolulu
Gribbon, Jacob Honolulu
Guo, Hao Kai Honolulu
Hatae, Chad S & Tiffany T Nguyen Honolulu
Hattori, Yuji & Toshie Honolulu
Hazell, Richard R Honolulu
He, Feng Jiam & You Qin Xie Honolulu
Hedges, Joan Honolulu
Heinrich, Daniel J Honolulu
Hines, Roy Honolulu
Hodgson, Zachary P Honolulu
Honjo, Kana Honolulu
Hopkins, Donna R Honolulu
Hoppe, Haley Honolulu
Huang, Gui Chao Honolulu
Hutchinson, Kenneth & K Ericson Honolulu
Hyun, Edmund C H & Jean M Honolulu
Ibasco, Charles B Honolulu
Ihsan, Bassel Honolulu
Inaba, Lloyd S Honolulu
Ing, Yun Chae Honolulu
Iosefa, Savaii & Finau Siaki Honolulu
Iosia, Ieti Honolulu
Jack, Kaiula & Corie L Honolulu
Jack, Kojak Honolulu
Jiang, Tao Honolulu
Johnson, Keith Honolulu
Johnson, Richard E Honolulu
Johnson, Yon Hee Honolulu
Jones, Damian F & Roselina Honolulu
Jones, Ronald D Honolulu
Joo, Min Sun Honolulu
Jordan, Monique Honolulu
Kaili, Lisa Honolulu
Kamakele, Shalia K Honolulu
Kamehiro, Megan Honolulu
Kato, Kiyoshi Honolulu
Kelly, Daniel S Honolulu
Key-clark, Grey Honolulu
Kim, Soo Y Honolulu
Kitchens, Christopher K Honolulu
Koura, Aya Honolulu
Krischke, Jurgen & Cheryl L Honolulu
Kuba, Takao & Otomi Honolulu
Kulberg, Krystal M Honolulu
Kwasnowski, James & R Lamontagne Honolulu
Lam, Jimmy Q & Yu Jun Lei Honolulu
Lam, Richard C J Honolulu
Le, Son Trung Honolulu
Lee, Donald G Honolulu
Lee, Jay Meesha Honolulu
Lee, Raymond W Honolulu
Lee, Yuki Qi Yu Honolulu
Lei, Bao Yuan Honolulu
Lenander, Carl & Rachel M Iv Honolulu
Leota, Ituau Honolulu
Lewis, Murvyn Jr Honolulu
Li, Wing C Honolulu
Lim, Kyong O Honolulu
Lin, Liang Xuan & Bao Qing Wu Honolulu
Linney, Keith Honolulu
Liu, Wanyu Honolulu
Louie, Arleen Honolulu
Lubick, Melissa Honolulu
Lyons, Tim Honolulu
Maher, Leo M Honolulu
Mai, Copernic Honolulu
Majmeto, Mishma Honolulu
Marks, Sonya Honolulu
Matkin, John R Honolulu
Mayner, Lye-choo Honolulu
Mcveigh, Sierra Honolulu
Menger, Ruthlyn Honolulu
Mikami, Rodney Honolulu
Minn, Martha S Honolulu
Miyarawa, Kenichi Honolulu
Moraes, Kamuela E Honolulu
Morigaki, Cassandra Honolulu
Morimoto, Mark C Honolulu
Murano, Yukiko Honolulu
Nakamura, Dan Honolulu
Nguyen, Diane Honolulu
Nguyen, Hoang Van Honolulu
Nguyen, Thao N Honolulu
Nguyen, Xuan T & Lan Ngoc Honolulu
Nielsen, Caroll M Honolulu
Nishiyama, Burt A Jr Honolulu
Nofoagatotoa, Kennedy R Honolulu
Nunes, Velma L Honolulu
Olimba, Rogelio G Honolulu
Oshita, Janet S Honolulu
Pagan, Paul M & Ana F Hernandez Honolulu
Peters, William C Honolulu
Piena, William R & Ana Ate Honolulu
Porteous, Elizabeth M Honolulu
Quiacusan, Dominic M & Kainani N Honolulu
Quinn, Bradley W & Rachel M Honolulu
Rafael, Clarice Honolulu
Rapozo, Dale M Honolulu
Reiser, Suemi T Honolulu
Remigio, Daniel Honolulu
Rezantes, Timothy A Honolulu
Roallos, Perfecto T & Quintina Honolulu
Rodriguez, Daniel Honolulu
Rosa, Henry F Honolulu
Ryan Jr, James Honolulu
Safranski, Laura B Honolulu
Sailer, Joseph C Honolulu
Samples, Nathan J Honolulu
Sawayama, Marie Honolulu
Scipione, Adam J Honolulu
Shaver, Mariah A Honolulu
Shayak, Regev Honolulu
Shigekane, Hiromi Honolulu
Shiramizu, Sooin Honolulu
Silva, John Honolulu
Simonds, Michelle R Honolulu
Simonson, Maggie L Honolulu
Slaustas, Norman J Honolulu
Stanford, James T Honolulu
Suzuki, Yasuo Honolulu
Swink, Clark & Kathleen C Miller Honolulu
Takebayashi, Eri Honolulu
Teeter, Don M Honolulu
Teruya, Masatoshi Honolulu
Theodore, Josepha Honolulu
Toyama, Geral-dee L Honolulu
Toyoda, Haruki Honolulu
Trinh, An V Honolulu
Tsark, Donald & Amy C L Honolulu
Uno, Miyoko Honolulu
Van Roden, Tyler W Honolulu
Vidad, Preston S Honolulu
Vidal, Daniel & Rosa Garcia Honolulu
Vitoria, Hertz & Karla M Alberts Honolulu
Voorheis, Kevin L Honolulu
Vulpescu, Raluca Honolulu
Whitaker, Johnpatrick Honolulu
Willeby, Tarek T & Karen C Honolulu
Williams, Tyanna K Honolulu
Wong, Jonathan Y Honolulu
Yamamoto, Brandon Honolulu
Yamasaki, Clint M & Brandi K Honolulu
Yazbeck, Elias J & Lela K Baker Honolulu
Yoshida, Fumie Honolulu
Yoshida, Yuki Honolulu
Yoshimura, Jun & Yumiko Honolulu
Yoshino, Masahiko & Sugako Honolulu
Young, Craig J Honolulu
Yuen, Emma K Honolulu
Zufrass, Thomas H Honolulu
Howe, Anthony J Kahuku
Takemoto, Ann-marie Kahuku
Bader, Kandice M Kailua
Bartling, Joseph W Kailua
Bennett, Delano E Kailua
Bruce, Phyllis Kailua
Hancock, Beau J & Mechelle I Kailua
Hawkins-mahaulu, Elizabeth M Kailua
Jane, Thomas P & Patricia Arquette Kailua
Kekoa Johnson, Kealoha L Kailua
Kiko Kahawai, Keola M Kailua
Lantz, Jordan E Kailua
Lauriano, Paul G Kailua
Maynard, Lisa Kailua
Newby, Caroline Kailua
Revay, David J & Leah F Kailua
Roberts, James H Kailua
Rodrigues, Lindsay M Kailua
Rosales, Valdemar & Christina R Kailua
Sinfield, Colin A Kailua
Toyama, Mitsuo Kailua
Willoughby, Douglas J Kailua
Bolen, Aaron T & Sunshine Kaneohe
Cheng, Derrick Man Xuan & K L Chan Kaneohe
Hanawahine, Jonette Kaneohe
Hauki, Dustin K Kaneohe
Hokama, Chara M L Kaneohe
Hokama, Rhemashel M L Kaneohe
Hokama, Trinity A M L Kaneohe
Hutchinson, Jonathan C Jr Kaneohe
Miyasato, Alvin T & Man Kuen Cheung Kaneohe
Nakoa, Keisha Kaneohe
Oros, Mary Ann Kaneohe
Reis, Jonathan A Kaneohe
Salanoa, Larisa L Kaneohe
Soued, Tammy R Kaneohe
St Morris, Britney E Kaneohe
Wooten, Nicole Kaneohe
Arakaki, Corey A Kapolei
Bell, Ladonte Kapolei
Bolo, Carmencita E Kapolei
Carlos, Gordon M & Harriet L Kapolei
Gabuat, Josephine W & Vladimar A Kapolei
Gagarin, Ernesto A & Grace S Jr Kapolei
Hunter, Dsaniel J Kapolei
Ibarra, Kayla R Kapolei
Kaennakham, Prachern Kapolei
Lihilihi, Chelsie K Kapolei
Smith, Robert Kapolei
Thomas-garcia, Martin P Kapolei
Thurston, Dale A Kapolei
Whaley, Gavin S Kapolei
Baxter, Blake D Jr Laie
Leiataua, Pele Laie
Morachat, Bancha Laie
Shih, Soo-kyunj Laie
Aguirre, Edith M C B H Kaneohe Bay
Avila, Sarah A M C B H Kaneohe Bay
Boudreaux, Douglas J M C B H Kaneohe Bay
Derezick, Matthew R M C B H Kaneohe Bay
Feemster, Christopher W M C B H Kaneohe Bay
Fisher, Erin E M C B H Kaneohe Bay
Garner, Jeremy R M C B H Kaneohe Bay
Moua, Lor M C B H Kaneohe Bay
Abreu, Jorge L Mililani
Arakaki, Nobuko Mililani
Arneson, Anthony J & Laverne J Mililani
Baker, Kathleen K Mililani
Baquiran, Lawrence E & Debbie E Mililani
Boteilho, Ian S & Deborah N Mililani
Correa, Jerry J Jr & Mari-jo P Mililani
Delaney, Matthew T Mililani
Franklin, Nathaniel Mililani
Hines, Bu Ran Mililani
Hirani, Aly M Mililani
Hollett, Robert J Mililani
Julio, Jerrick A Mililani
Langas, Ryan T Mililani
Nazarchyk, Mildred Mililani
Phillips, Marquise R Mililani
Roberts, Gary S & Monica E Tomski Mililani
Santana, Alejandra Mililani
Smith, Joel P Mililani
Taitague-pacheco, Hokuokalani Mililani
Upshaw, Deanna V Mililani
Usiel, Ricky Mililani
Ward, Paul M Mililani
Yashiro, Lance I & Alison K Mililani
Albert, Rabuka Pearl City
Asahan, Justin Pearl City
Balon, Wilfred G Jr Pearl City
Buenaflor, Ana B Pearl City
Casison, Paul R Pearl City
Christesen, Troy C Pearl City
Gallardo, Kendrah P Pearl City
Hasegawa, Gregg Pearl City
Ilon, Rincher & Iasin D Pearl City
Kau, Aaron J Pearl City
Kette, Silvester & Romana Ninu Pearl City
Leandro, Neil K & Bella P Pearl City
Pangelinan, Chiser Pearl City
Ramsey, James A Pearl City
Ruiz-chacon, Jonathan & L R Valdivia Pearl City
Selepeo, Alma F Pearl City
Siores, Jeorge T & Kharen R Pearl City
Casturao, Andrew G Pearl Harbor
Cloud, Francisco L Pearl Harbor
Glover, Sean A Pearl Harbor
Kim, Hyung Ik Pearl Harbor
Seaton, Patrick R Pearl Harbor
Wiley Jr, Curtis P Mr Pearl Harbor
Alessi, Christopher M Schofield Barracks
Ashcraft, Blake A Schofield Barracks
Beer, Rickey L Johnson Schofield Barracks
Bell, Elisa M Schofield Barracks
Bridge, Gregg A Ii Schofield Barracks
Bryant, Jason R Schofield Barracks
Caddel, Joshua N Schofield Barracks
Childs, Nigel I Schofield Barracks
Conners, Daniel J Schofield Barracks
Dove, Dustin J Schofield Barracks
Eastwood, Matthew R Schofield Barracks
Erks, Kendra R Schofield Barracks
Franco, Rowel Schofield Barracks
Frizzell, James H Schofield Barracks
Gray, Nicholas D Schofield Barracks
Haggett, Cody M Schofield Barracks
Hartings, Jay S Schofield Barracks
Hernandez, Victoria L Schofield Barracks
Hilton, David L Schofield Barracks
Holliday, Blanton N & Maureen N Schofield Barracks
Hubbard, Micheal J Schofield Barracks
Huppert, Thomas Schofield Barracks
Jackson, Willie C & Shakala Boston Schofield Barracks
Jacobson, William E Schofield Barracks
Janga, Michael S Schofield Barracks
Johnson, Terrell K Schofield Barracks
Jordan, Jacob I Schofield Barracks
Julkwoski, Casey M Schofield Barracks
Lebrun, Johnpaul R Schofield Barracks
Lee, Yue Kei Schofield Barracks
Mckee, Ryan G Schofield Barracks
Monds, Brandyn & Megan Schofield Barracks
Nash, Lawrence Schofield Barracks
Navarro, Jacobo A Schofield Barracks
Oneal, Justin Schofield Barracks
Perkins, Daniel J Schofield Barracks
Reilly, Eric D Schofield Barracks
Rose, Nicholas B Schofield Barracks
Rule, Robert R Jr Schofield Barracks
Sardari-kermani, Sahand Schofield Barracks
Shannon, Mark L Schofield Barracks
Smith, David A Schofield Barracks
Solis, Manuel A Schofield Barracks
Stanis, Andrew K Schofield Barracks
Stone, Christopher L Schofield Barracks
Wallace, Aaron J Schofield Barracks
Warriner, Justin Schofield Barracks
Williams, Shannon Schofield Barracks
Wilson, Eric Schofield Barracks
Wirtz, Ricky A Schofield Barracks
Zhang, Hong Bin Schofield Barracks
Adams, Emery R Wahiawa
Clem, Douglas B Wahiawa
Dorsey, Schlita V Wahiawa
Drake, Derrick L Wahiawa
France, Yolanda N Wahiawa
Getchey, Anthony R Ii Wahiawa
Ikea, Evangeelin Wahiawa
Johnson, James W Wahiawa
Jones, Adam L Wahiawa
Kauka, Alanso Wahiawa
Kumo, Danson Wahiawa
Lolotai, Kristen T K Wahiawa
Lott, Michael P Wahiawa
Makra, Sean T Wahiawa
Marion, Earlmondish C Sr Wahiawa
Mcfarland, Nathaniel J Wahiawa
Ortega, Cassandra G Wahiawa
Pickard, Crystal D Wahiawa
Ramage, Tahoma J Wahiawa
Saddlemire, Brandy S Wahiawa
Sanchez, Raymond Wahiawa
Soliai, Heta Wahiawa
Spitler, Nicole F Wahiawa
Strandhagen, Rita Wahiawa
Sua, Sagalala Wahiawa
Supnet, Romulo S & Rosalinda L Wahiawa
Tanda, Daniel K & Teresita A Wahiawa
White, Michael & Kristen Gee Haynes Wahiawa
White, Steven J & Tabatha M Rosas Wahiawa
Yata, Kenny & Sunien Finonen Wahiawa
Agustin, Kathleen G Waialua
Brookman, Mitchell R Waialua
Raab, Michael R Waialua
Allen, John M Iii Waianae
Brandon, Travus Waianae
Brede, George K Waianae
Cabonce, Janice F Waianae
Campos, Shayna L Waianae
Fualaau, Ito P Waianae
Jardine, Joshua K Waianae
Kahookele, Clairementina P Waianae
Kanae, Raymond K Waianae
Katoda, Rubby A Waianae
Kepoo Florence, Hokulani Waianae
Koverman, Kalvin K Waianae
Laa, Joseph K Waianae
Lafave, Michael A Waianae
Moe, Lilivale Waianae
Oshiro Jr, Albert Waianae
Rodolfo, Chanel I Waianae
Tam, Su Veng & Yuk Ling Tam-ng Waianae
Tarape, Cipriano R Waianae
Toa, Faautugatagi Waianae
Aikau, Clyde A & Eleni Waimanalo
Heu, Leonard J Waimanalo
Moses, Mark Eric T Waimanalo
Agbuya, Trisha Jane C Waipahu
Alanso, Keske & Karlin Waipahu
Alaras, Jericho M Waipahu
Andrade, Elenor Waipahu
Bonilla, Nick Kevin Waipahu
Braceros, Jordan Tyler Waipahu
Bryant, Derrick D & Mary S Waipahu
Bueno, Buenaventu & Filomena Waipahu
Cadaoas, Beatriz Waipahu
Cadiz, Mary Grace Waipahu
Chicano, Luningning Waipahu
Condino, Anneth Waipahu
Delos Santos, Henry Y & Jean D Waipahu
Fujiwara, Iris May A Waipahu
Gowen, Molly E Waipahu
Guo, Dazhi Waipahu
Halemano, Michelle P Waipahu
Harry, Helkena Waipahu
Hernandez, Esther G Waipahu
Jones, Thomas L Waipahu
Keller, James R & Nora O Cobb Waipahu
Kosmes, Valerio Waipahu
Lipinski, James Jr Waipahu
Mafi, Veisinia K Waipahu
Malamala, Ofu Waipahu
Mason, Michael Waipahu
Miyashiro, Grant M Waipahu
Perkins, Leilani C Waipahu
Powers, Jacob M Waipahu
Price, Walter J & Takako Waipahu
Quioyo, Rodrigo & Nena T Waipahu
Remigio, Ceasar R Waipahu
Shang, Byron J Waipahu
Stevenson, Mark M Waipahu
Suhling, Nicholas Waipahu
Suliven, Keola M Waipahu
Teotico, Venus N Waipahu
Thein, Andrew T & Heather A Waipahu
Vivit, Jherald T Waipahu
Wiggins, Mario G & Esther G Waipahu


Hill, Jessie Anahola
Kashiwagi, Corina Anahola
Kuehu, Keala Anahola
Nakamura, Tatsuo Anahola
Nielsen, Leah J Hanalei
Paull, David B & Marlo A Hanalei
Roberts, Judy Hanalei
Gray, Atsuko & Jasper W Hanapepe
Rice, Angela Marie Hanapepe
Whitmer, Loya A Hanapepe
Craig, Tamara L Kalaheo
Heacock, Joseph D Kalaheo
Lamay-mcvay, Trisha A Kalaheo
Fontes, Clint Kapaa
Fustos, Elizabeth L Kapaa
Hovey, Deana J Kapaa
Lamatau, Ilaisa M Kapaa
Rodrigues, Jamie J Kapaa
Thompson, George D & Jeanette Kapaa
Cacal, Flora R Kekaha
Teter, Jacob Kekaha
Yanos, Felisa A Kekaha
Garalde, Placido E & Tridinad Kilauea
Juarbe, Krystal Kilauea
Lani, Maisha H Kilauea
Lawson, Jasper K Kilauea
Bukewihge, Dustin J Koloa
Sherman, Cheyenne Koloa
Tehero, Troy K Koloa
Trask, Ashly L Lawai
Basl, Richard H Lihue
Bigelow, Katherine L Lihue
Coffey, Scott & Ilona R Lihue
De Los Santos, Edward Lihue
Isoda, Matthew K Lihue
Jimenez, Manny Lihue
Reghetti, Robert M Lihue
Walcher, Christopher E Lihue
Hayashi, Rodney S & Molly J Waimea
Jarvis, Malia L H Waimea
Malama, Jaecie Waimea
Shinsato, Dennis K Waimea
Trenholme, Tim Waimea
Veikoso, Amanaki & Tapaita Waimea
Yamare, Barbara Y Waimea


Dorris, Stephen Haiku
Gomez, Theodore L Haiku
Gummich, Frank Haiku
Murphy, Gail E Haiku
Nagasaka, Diane Haiku
Pereira, Kaualani C Haiku
Van Pelt, Duke Haiku
Baker, Regina Hana
Agalevaa, Serena U Kahului
Alexander, Joseph R & Harue Kahului
Arangure, Armando Kahului
Bagcal, Karen Kahului
Dela Cruz, Lichelle G Kahului
Dohres, Alex R Kahului
Fiesta, Raky Kahului
Kehdy, Adla T Kahului
Lopezsouza, Shanlynn K Kahului
Molina, Allison F Kahului
Nakasone, Todd & Lia Kahului
Nathan, Allan Kahului
Oriola, Josephine E Kahului
Panlasigui, Aaron Kahului
Rayo, Carlito & Ana Maria Kahului
Tabag, Jasette P Kahului
Takitani, Carol H Kahului
Tiller, Willie J Kahului
Verceluz, Vanessa L Kahului
White, George Kahului
Xiao Li, Mei Wei & Hiu Li Kahului
Borden, Brahnson C K Kaunakakai
Borden, Frank K Kaunakakai
Anderson, Jesika N Kihei
Bell, Carol Kihei
Caminos, Jeff & Sri Marlinda Kihei
Dipalma, Jonathan M Kihei
Garay Sarabia, Dulce M Kihei
Guthery, Kristina F Kihei
Ortner, Rick Kihei
Ross, Carolyn L Kihei
Guenther, Gary Kula
Thompson, Marcus K Kula
Warman, Michael J & Hwei-wen Chen Kula
Adolfson, Luke N Lahaina
Agustin, Gregorio F & Leonida S Lahaina
Albino, Manoel A Lahaina
Allen, Thomas E Lahaina
Amezcua, Martin A & Margaritz Escoto Lahaina
Brown, Stephen Lahaina
Durnin, Sean S Lahaina
Garcia Trejo, E & I Fragoso Alvarez Lahaina
Gentry, Shea Lahaina
Gonzalez, Jonathan Lahaina
Hartman, Robert B & Katherine Lahaina
Hernandez, Alejandro Lahaina
Kersmarki, Kris S Lahaina
Martinez, Adelina V Lahaina
Mcalphin, Angela Lahaina
Merva, Anna Lahaina
Molina, Wanda M Lahaina
Newman, Chad C Lahaina
Sing, Nadine M Hue Lahaina
Vina, Andrew Lahaina
Degracia, Jose A Makawao
Goldmann, Joseph M Makawao
Hermois, Sonia Makawao
Kalles, Emle Makawao
Karoua, Ertilla Makawao
Lalita, Lujennit Makawao
Leal, Jessica Makawao
Malepeai, Junior K Makawao
Roberts, Beke Jr Makawao
Zedkeia, Albina Makawao
Caro, Joe & Elizabeth Paia
Fetui, Lance N Paia
Mc Adams, Tracy C Paia
Niess, Peter D Paia
Odria, Alexandra Paia
Omura, Emiko Paia
Tasca, John J Paia
Wines, Austin Paia
Zamora, Jeff & Melody A Paia
Zea, Cesar R Paia
Amumu, Matinta Wailuku
Aveado, Tanialee A Wailuku
Bolkeim, Tony & Bina F Wailuku
Ilin, Sava & Helen-angelina Wailuku
Kushi, Alana K S Wailuku
Quill, Martin W & Karen B Wailuku
Ramirez, Francisco S Wailuku
Rodrigues, Kenneth W Wailuku
Tokunaga, Sarajean A Wailuku
Yokouchi, Jon Wailuku
Yokouchi, Logan Wailuku
Yokouchi, Storm Wailuku

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