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Lingle joins U.S. Senate race

By Derrick DePledge

LAST UPDATED: 11:56 a.m. HST, Oct 11, 2011

Former Gov. Linda Lingle announced today that she will enter the Republican primary for U.S. Senate.

Lingle, the first woman and the first Republican elected governor in four decades, will stress her chief executive experience in her campaign.

She described governors as "very practical people because we had to get things done as governors."

Lingle also said she would be an independent voice for Hawaii. "I want to be real clear on this point: I don't work for (Senate Minority Leader) Mitch McConnell, and for that matter I don't work for President Obama. I work for the people of Hawaii," she said on the Perry & Price radio show.

"And if there is a law being proposed, whether it's from the president or from Mitch McConnell, if it's good for Hawaii I'm for it. If it's not good for us, I'm against it regardless of who introduces it."

Lingle will face John Carroll, an attorney and former state lawmaker, in the Republican primary.

U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, and former U.S. Rep. Ed Case are the Democratic contenders to replace U.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii, who is not seeking another term next year.

State Rep. Barbara Marumoto (R, Kalani Valley-Diamond Head) said she believes Lingle will have an excellent chance against Hirono or Case. Lingle defeated Hirono in the governor's race in 2002 after Hirono beat Case in the primary. She said she does not believe that having President Barack Obama also on the ballot next year will be too high an obstacle for the former governor.

"People don't vote Democrat, Democrat, Democrat," Marumoto said. "They usually split a ticket here and there."

Marumoto also said that Obama "is not doing so well these days." 

In an email, Case said, "Hawaii needs a senator who will apply our values to the changes so deeply needed on Capitol Hill. Those values, my values, are best represented by the Democratic Party, while Linda's first vote in the Senate would be for a leadership and agenda that would tank our economy, skimp on education and welsh on our promises to seniors and veterans.

"Hawaii needs a senator who will reject purely partisan politics and get things done. Despite what she'll say, that wasn't Linda's record as governor and she deserted Hawaii at crucial times to campaign for mainland Republicans."

Jadine Nielsen, the finance chairwoman for the Hirono campaign, also linked Lingle to mainland conservatives. "Republican Linda Lingle's announcement today isn't particularly surprising," she said in an email. "The national Republican Party has been anxious to move  Lingle back to center stage as they did at the 2008 Republican National Convention, when Lingle went on national television to  second Sarah Palin's nomination for vice president and endorse the  McCain-Palin ticket over our island son, Barack Obama."

Carroll said the GOP primary could be "a very public debate over the core beliefs of Hawaii's Republican Party." Jonah Kaauwai, a conservative, resigned as party chairman in September after the moderate Lingle and several of her allies lost confidence in his leadership.

"This primary will be about what we stand for," Carroll said in a statement. "We call on Linda to debate us on the issues as often as possible, the people of Hawaii deserve to know what they are voting on."

National Democrats are highlighting Lingle's ties to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Lingle, who knew Palin from the Republican Governors Association, spoke warmly of Palin when she was the GOP vice presidential nominee in 2008 and helped introduce her at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn.

"Today marks Linda Lingle's biggest announcement since she nominated Sarah Palin for Vice President, an event that typifies Lingle's partisan Republican approach to governing," said Matt Canter, a spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. "Now Lingle wants to go to Washington to become a rubber-stamp for Mitch McConnell and the Republican party whose sole priority is to defeat President Obama at every turn."

Former state adjutant general Robert Lee is serving as Lingle's campaign manager.


 On the Web: www.lingle2012.com 

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kennysmith wrote:
what can she do?
on October 11,2011 | 07:43AM
1local wrote:
with an all democrat President, congress, governor, and lawmakers - the State of Hawaii needs an independent train of thought. Nothing is being done for the economy - its the same result from special interests and Unions that dominate the direction Hawaii is going - down the drain. Lingle beat Hirono before and will do it again...
on October 11,2011 | 10:19AM
OldDiver wrote:
Independent? Linda Lingle will owe her soul to Karl Rove and the corporations who will buy her allegiance for several million dollars in campaign bribes.
on October 11,2011 | 02:46PM
Kawipoo wrote:
It sure beats being dictated by the one armed godfather who has to bless the candidate or they get a horse head in their bed.
on October 11,2011 | 03:07PM
OldDiver wrote:
Karl Rove is the GodFather.
on October 11,2011 | 03:15PM
RetiredUSMC wrote:
I thought he was the godmother
on October 11,2011 | 04:23PM
Recce wrote:
Contrast Lingle's independence with Rubber Stamp Hirono who takes all her orders from Dan and who has never had an original thought or done anything -- controversial or otherwise -- in all her years feeding at the public trough.
on October 11,2011 | 07:47AM
techboy57 wrote:
I agree & well said. She did a good job as governor and she would make a fine Senator representing the people of this state!
on October 11,2011 | 08:03AM
kuewa wrote:
Please give me one example of how you think Lingle did a good job as governor (??)
on October 11,2011 | 02:31PM
KeithHaugen wrote:
That sounds like an endorsement of Ed Case.
on October 11,2011 | 08:06AM
senator_bob wrote:
she will be a good 'yes' person for the republican party. no intelligence needed. just need to say 'no' to the president. that's the only qualification a republican needs. she's clueless to the needs of the middle and lower class.
on October 11,2011 | 02:40PM
KeithHaugen wrote:
Running for office is a good way to "earn" a living, to make money to live on (especially if you are unemployed), even if you don't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning. Given the "just say no" attitude of the DC GOP gang that has only one goal (to keep Obama from solving the problems created by GWBush and to keep him from being re-elected), Hawai`i voters are too smart to elect a Republican to replace a retiring Democrat. They can see what the Party of "NO" is doing to our country now, and they will remember Linda's record as Governor. She'll have to be content to watch from afar.
on October 11,2011 | 07:53AM
Bdpapa wrote:
Sorry, this voter will vote for Lingle. I would not vote for any other republican. The Democrats are weak. They are like a bunch of spoiled heirs who donʻt care about the future and are just trying to get whatever they can now. I think she would be that moderate voice of reason. I donʻt believe she will be a rubber stamp but you have to expect her to vote along party lines on some issues unlike the Democrat delegation from Hawaii who vote only on party lines. They are followers and are not willing to give a little so all can gain. Both parties are guilty of this at this time.
on October 11,2011 | 08:08AM
OldDiver wrote:
Karl Rove (Bush's Brain) has molded Linda Lingle into a large rubber stamp for the filthy rich.
on October 11,2011 | 02:50PM
AhiPoke wrote:
"voters are too smart to elect a Republican". What's so smart about electing a democrat? Are you saying that all of our country's problems were caused by republicans? And, democrats have only done good? As a person who appears to vote along party lines, do you ever feel like your being controlled/brainwashed? BTW, even though I think both parties are full of idiots, I often believe saying "no" to ridiculous bills is the right thing to do. For that matter, the president's "job bill", which is s joke, is being held up by democrats just as much as republicans. Apparently, there are democrats who can think for themselves.
on October 11,2011 | 08:14AM
JPM wrote:
The Democrats still have control, and Reid just made it possible for them to do whatever they want. Reid has also blocked bills from the House over .01% differences. You should learn to read sources other than AP before you vote. Both parties are saying no. Both parties have sold us out to special interests, but I do thank you for proving the media has a bias, and common sense tests for voters are needed. Lucky for us we have blogs where people learn about the lies the media continually spreads :-). Hirono has accomplished nothing, it is time for her to go.
on October 11,2011 | 08:33AM
LanaUlulani wrote:
Actually Mr. Haugen Obama has wreaked more havoc on people than Former President Bush. Obama pushed for Quantitative Easing 2 and 3 which further devalueD the American dollar which made things MUCH worse after he gave away BILLIONS of taxpayer money to Wall Street executives and big banks. Obama did it to HIMSELF and that is why his approval ratings are at an all time low. Obama is the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government who knew exactly what he was doingw tih QE2, QE3, and TARP2 which are under HIS leadership NOT UNDER BUSH'S. Now he is facing the consequences.
on October 11,2011 | 09:38AM
OldDiver wrote:
Quantitative easing is the only choice President Obama has to prevent the country from falling into the "Second Great Republican Depression". With the Republican House set on destroying our country's economy to win back the White House there is little left President Obama can do.
on October 11,2011 | 02:53PM
kuewa wrote:
I want to believe that you know what you are talking about, but you don't. Quantitative Easing is a policy that involves the Federal Reserve, an agency that is not under President Obama's direction in any sense, except for the President's responsibility to appoint the Chairperson and Vice-CP. The US Federal Reserve is directed by Ben Bernanke, who was appointed to the position by the last Bush after serving in the Bush Council of Economic Advisors, then reappointed by President Obama. The program that you refer to as TARP2 is ongoing extensions of the Bush TARP which are necessary to continue potential benefits. Although there are many faults with individual elements of QE and TARP, the general consensus is that these programs prevented further deepening of the recession which started in the Bush administration. And btw, dollar devaluation is not necessarily a bad thing for the economy.
on October 11,2011 | 02:53PM
OldDiver wrote:
But, but, but, that's what it says in the Republican book of talking points!!!! :)
on October 11,2011 | 03:19PM
Anonymous wrote:
Why would you stress your 'chief executive experience" if you're running for a legislative office?
on October 11,2011 | 08:07AM
Bdpapa wrote:
This voter will vote for Lingle. I will not vote for any other Republican. She is the moderate voice of reason. The Democrats are weak. They vote only along party lines. One has to expect that she will also vote on party lines on some issues but no Rubber Stamp. The Democrats are like a bunch of heirs trying to get as much as they can now not looking into the future. At this time both parties in Washington are hurting all of us.
on October 11,2011 | 08:13AM
kapoleitalkstory wrote:
Wow she picked national coming outnday to announce her run for the Senate I wonder what else she come out as today? We already know she hate equality!
on October 11,2011 | 08:29AM
towngirl wrote:
Awesome comment!
on October 11,2011 | 11:47AM
postmanx wrote:
She has my vote!
on October 11,2011 | 08:49AM
kapoleitalkstory wrote:
Another millionaire! The rich are the only people that the republicans look out for and the rest they use to get what they want.
on October 11,2011 | 02:49PM
hiloboy wrote:
Lingle was a strong supporter of Palin. What does this say about her judgment? BTW whatever happened to the 1 billion dollar investment she and her economic team made in student backed securities? Last I heard it was underwater to the tune of 250,000 $$$. Her explanation at that time was that if held to maturity (30 years or so).
on October 11,2011 | 08:59AM
towngirl wrote:
yup - she supported Palin, "managed" her state budget by creating "furlough fridays" for our school children and decided that gay rights are "not a civil rights issue". Hawaii cannot afford such a "politician".
on October 11,2011 | 11:50AM
residenttaxpayer wrote:
She has my vote also.
on October 11,2011 | 09:02AM
NiteMarcher wrote:
Can't help but liking the "Lingo" she's got my vote too!
on October 11,2011 | 07:36PM
cojef wrote:
Reading the rhetoric so far, it appears that many still believe that the problem solving can best be accomplished by the the Democrats. The economic collapse in part was contributed by the Bush's administration, but more than 3 years has elapsed and during the previous 2 years whe n the Democrats controlled the congress, the unemployment remained at 9.1% and has not changed. The only piece of legislation accomplished was the much debated and hated Obama-care, which certainly is being considered to be repealed. Solyndra went bankrupt in spite of a $500,000,000 cash infusion by the Obama aegis. A can't do anything President and Democratic controlled Congress has failed the American people and importantly the fragile economy of our country. Proof postive of a failing Admintration. Oops, he got Ben lLaden, and the Yemini alwikiwiki (sic), assassination of an American citizen, which is illegal. If we lost the war, Obama can tried as a war criminal.
on October 11,2011 | 09:14AM
LemonySnickets wrote:
SO WHAT? she will end up being a junior senator to be seen and not heard. Since when did she work for the people of Hawaii? Never did but she made millions while in office of governor. I have nothing good to say about her.
on October 11,2011 | 09:28AM
Fred01 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on October 11,2011 | 10:02AM
LemonySnickets wrote:
It hit a nerve than it wasn't stupid. I would say it was a genius of a comment if it did the job.
on October 11,2011 | 10:42AM
Fred01 wrote:
Yes, genius. And don't you mean "then" not "than"?
on October 11,2011 | 01:25PM
LemonySnickets wrote:
I hit another nerve.
on October 11,2011 | 03:49PM
LemonySnickets wrote:
It hit a nerve than it wasn't stupid. I would say it was a genius of a comment if it did the job.
on October 11,2011 | 10:42AM
LemonySnickets wrote:
It hit a nerve than it was not stupid. In fact it is genius that it did its job.
on October 11,2011 | 10:45AM
turbolink wrote:
Made millions while in office as governor? Really? How?
on October 11,2011 | 12:26PM
towngirl wrote:
I agree with you completely Lemony!!
on October 11,2011 | 03:46PM
grjnkk wrote:
She has my vote too!
on October 11,2011 | 10:02AM
kapoleitalkstory wrote:
You must be a millionaire because they are the only people that republicans look out for!
on October 11,2011 | 02:41PM
beachbum11 wrote:
All the lefties here will cry in their beer after 2012
on October 11,2011 | 10:53AM
entrkn wrote:
... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
on October 11,2011 | 11:08AM
Sat wrote:
Typical LL. Never wants to be associated with anyone whom she believes is a political liability (Mitch McConnell). She is so self-serving and always looking out for what's in her own selfish interest. She does not owe anyone her loyalty, even from those in her party's leadership or the native son of Hawaii where she calls "home." Her past campaigns for the governorships tells the story. Remember how she totally embraced the state auditor, Marion Higa, as she used the reports to serve her campaign messages? Then do you remember how she tater harshly cast the auditor aside and condemned the reports when it pointed out the deficiencies in her state departments' management of their programs. LL does not have any decency nor an honest bone in her body. I would vote for a dog-catcher before I vote for her.
on October 11,2011 | 11:10AM
KekoaBradshaw wrote:
Remember the SuperFerry fiasco?---LL pushed it thru claiming it didn't need environmental impact statements. Wrong-oh, Linda! I'd never vote for her for anything (after voting for her in 2002). Total zero as a govertnor and couldn't make any decisions without OK's for her buddies the Klompus's and that Hellreich woman.
on October 11,2011 | 03:37PM
butinski wrote:
Now, the races are becoming interesting. The Dems have the following bozos running: (1) "Quiet but Ineffective" Maizie (2) "My Way or the Highway" Mufi (3) "Watch Your Back" Ed and (4) "Sleazy" Colleen. Sheesh. Rod Tam looks good compared to those clowns. At least with Rod, you'll get fed at Zippy's. The only Dem that I'd consider would be Tulsi Gabbard. My preferences are Lingle(R), Gabbard(D) and Djou(R).
on October 11,2011 | 11:10AM
Sat wrote:
Typical LL. Never wants to be associated with anyone whom she believes is a political liability (Mitch McConnell). She is so self-serving and always looking out for what's in her own selfish interest. She does not owe anyone her loyalty, even from those in her party's leadership or the native son of Hawaii where she calls "home." Her past campaigns for the governorships tells the story. Remember how she totally embraced the state auditor, Marion Higa, as she used the reports to serve her campaign messages? Then do you remember how she later harshly cast the auditor aside and condemned the reports when it pointed out the deficiencies in her state departments' management of their programs. LL does not have any decency nor an honest bone in her body. I would vote for a dog-catcher before I vote for her. As George Bush meant to say, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."
on October 11,2011 | 11:13AM
KeithHaugen wrote:
As a fiscally conservative independent, I have voted for both Democrats and Republicans, and I have campaigned for both as well. I have always backed and voted for the person not the party, with the exception of the time that I was on the Governor's staff, a part of a team. I do follow the comings and goings of the various candidates and admit that decisions such as supporting Sarah Jane Palin, and statements such as saying GWBush was one of the "smartest" men she had ever met, affected my judgement regarding Linda, who had my support in earlier years. I've known some of the men in Linda's life and at least two who were so much smarter than Bush.
on October 11,2011 | 11:35AM
towngirl wrote:
From my office I see the huge dock that was built for the Superferry. You know, the superferry we don't have. This morning I heard her on the radio say she wants to institute "an impact statement for any new regulations....". O the irony. I guess that would be similar to the impact statement she legislated around getting for the superferry. remember? the judicial system later determined her actions were illegal. I will never again be duped by this woman. I'm voting for Ed Case.
on October 11,2011 | 11:42AM
kapoleitalkstory wrote:
Ed Case is just to the left of Linda Lingle by a centimeter I am voting for Rep Hirono she has the integrity to stand up for justice and equality while looking out for the working people.
on October 11,2011 | 02:39PM
towngirl wrote:
at least we can agree on this: Anyone But Lingle!!
on October 11,2011 | 03:48PM
afagan wrote:
I work for the people of Hawaii?.......pls. don't ever cut-back on our childrens education.
on October 11,2011 | 11:43AM
inverse wrote:
Lingle made a major error in vetoing civil unions. My door does not swing that way that requires a civil union but I still have a problem with her veto. The arguments she used were pure B.S. religious talking points that had NO basis in fact (...civil unions will negatively impact children's education, negatively impact health insurance, negatively impact employment, etc.) And recently she STILL is supporting her decision to veto civil union. Lingle needs to wake up, that bus left long ago with the ousting of that religious fanatic as Hawaii Republican chairman. Hawaii conservatives will vote for Lingle no matter what, however the moderate independents and the gay, lesbian, etc will vote ABM (anyone but Lingle) UNLESS Lingle changes her stance and say civil unions are acceptable after realizing repeal of don't ask, did not not bring down civilization as we know it. For Lingle to continue to hold on to the belief that vetoing civil unions in Hawaii was best for the State of Hawaii tells me she is NOT independent and still be influenced by people who have hidden agendas.
As someone else mentioned, Hawaii needs NEW blood, and not the same old, same old of Hirono, Case, Hanabusa, Mufi, Lingle, etc. and they should fade away and NEW leaders like Hawaii's version of New Jersey's governor Chris christie needs to emerge and take the lead in Hawaii.
on October 11,2011 | 11:53AM
Beautiful_Day wrote:
At least her adminstrative staff didn't ditch before the first year was over.
on October 11,2011 | 12:03PM
akamaiperson wrote:
True. Bob Awana didn't resign until after her second term started.
on October 11,2011 | 12:27PM
kapoleitalkstory wrote:
Maybe our state would be in a better state if they had.
on October 11,2011 | 02:42PM
sonnyboy wrote:
Conservatives just say "No" to a do nothing Pres. BO, and his liberal democratic cronies in congress who love to tax hard working americans so they can spend millions on failed stimulus legislation. Here's the good the left did, remember Stimulus, Obamacare, Solyndra,fast and furious gun give away,.,.,. The list goes on!
on October 11,2011 | 12:06PM
HazieMae wrote:
Not going to happen.
on October 11,2011 | 12:11PM
kainalu wrote:
Linda the liar ... will never ... not ever ... get my vote again.
on October 11,2011 | 12:30PM
tw33t808 wrote:
Lingle for US Senate??? No freaking way! Not after she let Aloha Airlines die, state workers/teachers furloughs, and rest of the mess she made and left.
on October 11,2011 | 12:33PM
Fred01 wrote:
Oh yeah, because more taxpayer corporate bailouts of failing companies is exactaly what the economy needed. Letting Aloha Airlines die was the smartest thing that the State has done in quite some time.
on October 11,2011 | 01:28PM
KekoaBradshaw wrote:
Yeah, right. And now with no competition, Hawaiian Airline's fares are sky-high. The federal government has actually made a profit on the investments made in the auto industry in 2009.
on October 11,2011 | 03:39PM
LemonySnickets wrote:
Your fault for letting thousands of people getting laid off and starting a domino effect. lingle must be your mama.
on October 11,2011 | 03:54PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
I wish her much luck. I say that as a long time Hawaii person is so very bitterly disappointed with our current group of politicians. I could see Linda Lingle bringing home the bacon for Hawaii in the future. I can see Mazie hosting a bake sale. Dem/Repub doesn't mean much to me. I want effective. Lingle was severely hampered by the Dem legislature during her time as Gov but could be very effective in a Senate position.
on October 11,2011 | 12:51PM
suckseed wrote:
Thank God she'll run. She has my vote.
on October 11,2011 | 12:58PM
AhiPoke wrote:
I'm amazed at what some of the posters blame lingle for. I guess they forget that our legislature is 99% democrat and capable of vetoing anything she proposed. I'm not a supporter of her but I find it very interesting. Depending on who the candidates are in the general election I can only say that I'll vote for anyone running against Hirono, if she's the democratic nominee.
on October 11,2011 | 01:24PM
kapoleitalkstory wrote:
You forget that the leg may pass it and she may veto it and they can override her veto but she controlled the purse strings. Doubt that fact just look at the unused SuperFerry dock! She made that happen - mis-spent $40 MILLION of our hard earned money because she could and she thought the law did not apply to her and her friends.
on October 11,2011 | 02:48PM
towngirl wrote:
Exactly. And don't forget how she worked with her "budget" to create Furlough Fridays for our public school children - in my opinion this was LL at her absolute worst. Remember when the teachers and parents went to her office and Lingle snuck out the back? NO aloha!
on October 11,2011 | 03:53PM
Anonymous wrote:
silence is golden. give the gold to the star advertiser and they will be silent. for instance, the disability compensation division (worker's comp), ms. lingle handed it over to the insurance companies to run. they have run it into the ground. ms. lingle's party does not care about the workers. job creation? so far, the house republicans have yet to introduce a bill to create a single job. ms. lingle wants to be a highly paid 'yes' person who will owe her alligence to the coke brothers, karl rove, dick cheney, etc.. it's too bad about the money. we can't even discuss her record because she has already bought silence from the critics.
on October 11,2011 | 01:27PM
kapoleitalkstory wrote:
Right on!
on October 11,2011 | 02:46PM
kuewa wrote:
If anyone can name 3 major accomplishments for Lingle during her 8 years as governor, I might be able to consider her more seriously. I can't think of even one. The things that do come to mind are the failed Superferry program which cost the State millions, the failed biotech tax break program which independent analysts estimate lost hundred of millions for the State, the proposed purchase of a resort (while the State economy was sinking) which would have cost hundreds of millions, the complete disrepect for teachers leading to the grossly mishandled furlow program, her expensive State sponsored trips supposedly to help the State economy, and the highly political disrepect for our elected President. I'm not saying that Hirono is a better choice--- she has her own poor performance issues. Surely there must be someone that is experienced, competent and would work for the good of all of us rather than working for their own political self-interests.
on October 11,2011 | 01:42PM
Fred01 wrote:
Excuse me, but aren't all of these so-called failures in fact failures of the Deomcratic establishment? They are the ones who need to be ousted.
on October 11,2011 | 02:28PM
kuewa wrote:
No. All of those failures were pushed forward by Gov Lingle. The Democratic Legislature, which had it's own failures, played along with some of them, but not all (Superferry and Kahuku Resort were eventual no). And I think you are missing the point of my message. I'm not talking about ousting anyone--- that's another story. I'm asking for 3 major accomplishments for Lingle during her 8 year term of governor.
on October 11,2011 | 02:58PM
LemonySnickets wrote:
Hit another nerve in your body. Failure started way before you were born and before Hawaii was a State.
on October 11,2011 | 03:52PM
LemonySnickets wrote:
on October 11,2011 | 03:56PM
Eradication wrote:
Yes, there are many good honest people out here who would be excellent leaders in our government. Too bad it takes MILLIONS to run for office and much BLOOD-LETTING by both parties and the press.
on October 11,2011 | 02:47PM
Eradication wrote:
"Surely there must be someone that is experienced, competent and would work for the good of all of us rather than working for their own political self-interests." Yes, there are many people who would provide good sound leadership, honesty and integrity out here in the public. Unfortunately, it takes MILLIONS to run for a major political office which means endorsements (otherwise known as bought & paid for). It also requires someone who is willing to "strike deals" in the deep recesses of the nation's capital. On top of all of that (and more) there is much blood-letting that goes on. Everything about your personal life is laid out in the open...no skeletons for the press to chew on...What normal, and I mean that sincerely, would want that kind of life? That's why really good people prefer to make a difference outside of the political arena. It's sad, but true. My own suggestions would be: (1) Fixed budget for campaigning. If a candidate can figure out how to squeeze a multi-million dollar campaign out of a $50K fixed budget wouldn't that be the kind of person we'd want to lead in government? (2) Limit Terms. Hey, get it done in, say, 6 years. That's all you get. No more career politicians. (3) Eliminate political parties and partisan politics. Everybody is an independent. No party lines, just common sense. (4) Zero tolerance. If you lie, you're out. I know, naive and wishful thinking. But one can hope, right?
on October 11,2011 | 03:08PM
courthouse wrote:
This woman appointed an inexperienced chief justice who was the first to be rejected by a Hawaii Senate. She vetoed civil unions. She created the Super Ferry disaster. She responded to Hawaii's chronic public school problems by reducing class time by 20%. She introduced her "friend" Sarah Palin at the 2008 Republican Convention and urged America to vote for that empty-headed airhead, while suggesting Obama was not a home-grown hero because he went to law school somewhere else. She will join the worst Minority Leader in history, who has destroyed majority vote in the Senate, and by flipping one of Hawaii's Democratic seats, she could contribute to him becoming Majority Leader. Lingle's pretense to being a moderate only comes up during elections. Given six years in Washington, she would join the Tea Party with Sarah, guarantee tax breaks to the wealthy who fund her campaigns, and oppose Obama's appointments to the federal bench. like they did in 2006).
on October 11,2011 | 03:08PM
Wazdat wrote:
Good move Linda, lets get some debated going now and see what they have to offer. It can't be any worse than what we have going on now in DC
on October 11,2011 | 04:06PM
mreduardo wrote:
Lingle in her own words about her governorship on the occasion of a veto for civil unions..."There has not been a bill I have contemplated more or an issue I have thought more deeply about during my nearly eight years as governor than HB 444 and the institution of marriage. " Really?? It seems like as a twice divorced childless woman, there might be other things that would be more important to you than the institution of marriage. But if marriage is her most contemplated issue, it seems like she's not doing enough contemplation...
on October 11,2011 | 04:23PM
jkjones wrote:
I too want someone from outside of the controlling political class. hawaii needs a healthy two-party system. hawaii is in an energy crisis. we are importing 76% oil to drive our electricity grid. the highest iusage of fossil-fuel n the nation to generate electricity. the results are horific. 35 cents a kWh on oahu, higher on thre outer islands. gas is at $4.15/gal for low grade gas. lingle's respomse? windmills! we all know she is catering to cronyism and payoffs. how is she different than the democrats that have brought disastor to hawaii and shut down our agro-grow businesses through protectionalism that has raised the price of energy in paradise? we cannot compete with mainland power rates. so, our farmers, who depend on power to furnish refrigeration needs are beset with prohibitively higher electricity costs.....lingle never struck me as representing working class folks.
on October 11,2011 | 06:21PM
shaftalley wrote:
another big gov't. professional politician who happens to be a republican.
on October 11,2011 | 07:13PM
NiteMarcher wrote:
My vote is for Lingle...yes, we do need change, and I believe she'll be the one who'll bring all about for Hawaii.
on October 11,2011 | 07:38PM
Changalang wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on October 11,2011 | 07:45PM
Bdpapa wrote:
Sorry, I predict a victory for lingle!
on October 11,2011 | 08:19PM
HoldEverything wrote:
Lingle? No, no, noooooooo...
on October 11,2011 | 09:32PM
HoldEverything wrote:
She had her eight years at the public trough. She did nothing of significance that would make her deserving of representing Hawaii in Washington. Gotta admit, though, it would be a nice gig. Run around and play politics all day, then vote the party line (you know you're gonna, Linda, or you'll be ostracized by the Party). Express outrage on the Senate floor when Obama celebrates his birthday without notifying the Republicans first. Belly up to all the cocktail parties and dinners. I can see how a person could get used to that.
on October 11,2011 | 09:43PM
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