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Federal agent indicted in fatal shooting of Kailua man

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 01:35 p.m. HST, Nov 16, 2011

A grand jury today indicted a federal diplomatic security officer in the Nov. 5 fatal shooting of a Kailua man at a Waikiki McDonald's restaurant.

If convicted on the charge of second-degree murder, Christopher W. Deedy, 27, faces a sentence of life in prison with the possibility of parole.

Deedy is accused of shooting Kailua resident Kollin K. Elderts, 23, a Kalaheo High School graduate, in front of the McDonald's restaurant at 2237 Kuhio Ave. at 2:44 a.m.

Before the shooting, Elderts, Deedy and two other men were involved in an altercation inside the McDonald's, prosecutors said.

Elderts suffered a single gunshot wound. Paramedics took him to the Queen's Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Deedy was charged with second-degree murder and released Nov. 7 after posting $250,000 bail.

Deedy, a special agent with the State Department's Bureau of Diplomatic Security, was in Honolulu to help provide security for leaders attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference last week. He has been placed on paid administrative leave.

Elderts, 23, had a 0.12 blood-alcohol concentration, the Medical Examiner's Office has said. The legal blood-alcohol limit for driving is 0.08. Lab samples were sent to the mainland for further drug testing, the office said.

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HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Looks like I am the first to comment. Elderts being beyond the legal limit of intoxication for driving is not an excuse for killing Kollin. Otherwise all drivers suspected of being beyond the legal limit can be shot and killed by authorities. See that does not make sense. It will be an eventful day tomorrow at Honolulu District Court, when Deedy is scheduled for his initial appearance.
on November 16,2011 | 12:14PM
Kauikalewa wrote:
Regardless this is sad for all of us. No one wanted any of this for our home. Two sons have been destroyed. For what? Two families have been devastated. No one wins here. Kaumaha makou.
on November 16,2011 | 08:01PM
jusjoking wrote:
what a shamefully written article.
on November 16,2011 | 12:16PM
jusjoking wrote:
i guess this online edition of news is proofread after posting. Makes sense to me....
on November 16,2011 | 12:56PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
May be u r jus joking LOL.
on November 16,2011 | 06:28PM
jbhart wrote:
Who wrote this? "Shortly after the incident ... " was Elderts shot TWICE? Very poorly written. And what was Deedy's blood-alcohol limit? Government special privileges involved? Very sad that because of APEC a life was taken. My condolences to the Elderts family.
on November 16,2011 | 12:29PM
mcc wrote:
That is the quality of news that we get in a one paper town.
on November 16,2011 | 12:47PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
An Intern from UHM is doing this work. Do you expect DePledge to be camped out in front of the news ticker looking to see if Neil got stalled in Nanakuli ? LOL.
on November 16,2011 | 05:00PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
UHM = The University of Horrific Memories LOL.
on November 16,2011 | 06:29PM
kawika72 wrote:
Funny that only the victim's blood-alcohol level is constantly stated. Why wasn't a test on the shooter's alcohol level required? Is this part of normal procedures for this serious a case? Yes, I know the shooter refused to have the police test his level, but does it stop normally at that? Smells fishy doesn't it! Is there a big cover-up coming?
on November 16,2011 | 12:32PM
Denominator wrote:
It might be that people can't be forced to give such evidence. You aren't forced to submit to tests at traffic stops. If you decline, you loose your license but you don't go to jail. This sounds like a punk that was asking for trouble and got it from someone who really should have known and acted better.
on November 16,2011 | 12:41PM
slc3755 wrote:
Apparently, Deedy began the physical part of the confrontation. That in and of itself is unbelievable, given his position. The fact that he followed that up with three bullets (missing with two), is just insane. Deedy is trained to deal with drunks and other threatening people. It appears that he just snapped. Deedy has not only taken a life, he has ruined his own.
on November 16,2011 | 02:34PM
LRob69 wrote:
This article is poorly written. Doesn't anyone proofread this stuff???
on November 16,2011 | 12:35PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
on November 16,2011 | 06:29PM
fishguy wrote:
Guess not but actually nobody cares.
on November 16,2011 | 06:35PM
Vivgie wrote:
Looks like we gotta wait longer before we will know what was in the video. No trial date mentioned so may be years before we start hearing the evidence.
on November 16,2011 | 12:47PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
LOL tomorrow is the initial appearance at District Court, which I presume will be downtown Honolulu, unless u think that it will be in downtown Lihue, LOL.
on November 16,2011 | 06:30PM
islandsun wrote:
This guy could have walked away and avoided this whole thing. So what if words were exchanged. He was drinking. Guns and alcohol dont mix.
on November 16,2011 | 01:02PM
sak wrote:
It's usually not words that start a drunken encounter such as this. It's the old "STINK EYE" that enrages the Locals.
on November 16,2011 | 08:19PM
PaPakoolau808 wrote:
What does his alcohol toxicology report have to do with him being shot to death? Its not like he was driving a vehicle or anything when he was shot? Seems like their (writer/ media) is trying to sway readers to thinking braddah brought this upon himself. JMHO.
on November 16,2011 | 01:08PM
Vivgie wrote:
Deedy refused an alcohol breath test. Thus, no results to show for Deedy. Gonna have to explain why he refused at trial.
on November 16,2011 | 01:38PM
sak wrote:
And then again the aricle never mentions the bloodied knife recovered at the scene. Who's finger prints and blood is on it? When was the knife pulled out? But I guess we'll have to wait for the trial. It seems like the Abulance Chasing Attorney Green has been doing all of the swaying so far with misinformation he has fed the media. While the opposing side has been pretty hushed up when it comes to the media.
on November 16,2011 | 02:43PM
Peacenik wrote:
Uh, da braddah had a knife and threatened to gut him. If that is the case, yes I would say the braddah brought upon himself. Drunk or not it's irrelevant. Being a braddah doesn't automatically make him innocent. I've had drunk and high braddahs trying to pick fights with me, on the street in broad daylight, for no reasons other than I'm short and wear glasses and they wanted to impress their friends.
on November 16,2011 | 10:54PM
GorillaSmith wrote:
This is easily the most poorly written article yet about this tragic story.
on November 16,2011 | 01:27PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
eye beg to diffa
on November 16,2011 | 06:32PM
saveparadise wrote:
There are a lot of missing facts. Whose knife? Was the victim threatening to kill the shooter during the fight warranting self defense? No one should judge. One thing for sure is that alchohol is not a good thing. There should not have been a fight nor someone shot and killed.
on November 16,2011 | 01:31PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Your Knife, LOL.
on November 16,2011 | 06:33PM
BlueDolphin53 wrote:
While I grieve with the Elderts family, the reporting of his blood alcohol level is legitimate to the story considering there was an altercation before the shooting. I am loathe to defend this liberal publication, but it is pertinent to the story. More facts, not less is always a good thing.
on November 16,2011 | 01:35PM
soshaljustic wrote:
There were reportedly (elsewhere reported) other drugs in Eldert's system at the time he decided to beef with a visitor. What were those drugs? When will the results of the full drug panel come back on Elderts? Let me see, now four against one, those odds represent those feelings where one would normally believe himself/herself to be in danger. No police available or in the vicinity would indicate I would have to defend myself by any means available to me. There is no excuse for beefing with visitors. Time for the court system to put a stop to this foul way of claiming superiority of visitors in a stupor. Deedy has a wife and baby at home, was here to do a job. Had he been left alone, would have completed his job and be on his way home to his family.
on November 16,2011 | 01:38PM
murry wrote:
How can the paper continue to repeatedly publish Kollin's blood alcohol level? It is not against the law to walk into McDonald's with a raised blood alcohol level - and he did not give permission for his blood alcohol to be done. Agent Deedy, on the other hand, refused to have his blood alcohol taken. Has the paper questioned any witness or bartender about his consumption? It is his blood alcohol that is the crux of the matter, not his victim's. And has the paper followed up with the Dept. of State spokesperson, Victoria Nuland, to find out whether she has discovered what is the Dept of State policy on drinking while carrying a loaded gun. Incredibly, she said she did not know when questioned by reporters. Certainly, that is the bare minimum of clarification she should be able to offer.
on November 16,2011 | 01:47PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Because Kollin's blood alcohol level is a fact of life, Murray The Cop of The Odd Couple, LOL.
on November 16,2011 | 06:35PM
Naloboy wrote:
Regarding the alcohol limit....that is the limit for driving. Eldert was not driving. It is not a crime to walk around with .012 in your blood. And while we're on the subject, what was Deedy's alcohol level? Oh yeah......that information is classified because he's with the APEC security detail. This is only ONE of APEC's worst moments....and there are many. To think that Eldert is dead so that Honolulu can be perceived as a place to do real business is heartbreaking and infuriating. I would go into all the other problems created for Honolulu residents because of APEC but when the list starts with the killing of one of our own people by a person who was brought here to keep "visitors" safe.....all other items are completely irrelevant. I read today how proud the "in" crowd is that things went SOOOOOOO smoothly that it clearly illustrates that Honolulu can host more of these big-time events in the future. NO THANKS.
on November 16,2011 | 02:10PM
Fred01 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on November 16,2011 | 02:23PM
kaupani wrote:
Oh, we've got plenty of "government egomaniac tools" here on the island without importing more from the Mainland.
on November 16,2011 | 04:09PM
atilter wrote:
quality writers are hard to find now-a-days. i guess the s/a is not willing to pay for the level of quality to which we readers have become accustomed. editorial staff and management has to make many procedural and personnel policy adjustments to remedy the obvious lack of skill and quality. but being a monopoly ....... !? if i can be of service - let me know! you know who i am and where and how i can be reached!
on November 16,2011 | 02:27PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
We are not the s/a. We are the HSA. The Honolulu Star-Advertiser. We are not the star/advertisa.
on November 16,2011 | 06:36PM
slc3755 wrote:
When i first read this story, i thought there was no way the agent was culpable. Even though the whole story is not out, it appears that the agent just lost it and murdered this guy. I'm still in shock that this could happen. You would think that a person in Deedy's position would have a cool head.
on November 16,2011 | 02:29PM
Changalang wrote:
For clarification, the article on H Reporter by J. Dooley from his "sources" portraying the events of Elderts as a knife wielding attacker has been edited to omit the claims Elderts being armed. Also, the detectives on the case were reported on KITV to have reviewed the McDonald's surveillance video before the Honolulu Prosecutor's office charged Deedy.
on November 16,2011 | 02:41PM
sak wrote:
No matter what they saw on the videos, even if they did prove self defense on the agents part, there has to be a trial. This will prevent the whah-whah-whah, and the whine-whine whine, about a cover-up
on November 16,2011 | 02:52PM
Changalang wrote:
I think justice will be served whichever way it goes; trial or not. There will always be whining. The Prosecutor's Office and HPD is being extremely professional regarding the matter. The unofficial hearsay leaks that did occur have been 180 degrees apart on both ends of the spectrum fed by media encouraged speculation. Since the initial charge, there has been a lot of time to process all the evidence. If Deedy were found innocent after a trial, then the cover-up conspiracy theorists would be just as loud. If guilty, burn him; if innocent, walk away free. The public may never have access to all the evidence on the matter.
on November 16,2011 | 03:15PM
sak wrote:
Even if found innocent, he will never be free. This incident will haunt him forever, his career goals blown away.
on November 16,2011 | 04:52PM
Changalang wrote:
I think he will be happy to get anything short of ending up in Halawa. The lifers would tear him to pieces day after day until he quits and the guards may not be as aware as usual. The direction of the case has been retracted media source carrying Deedy's flag, release of information that detectives reviewed surveillance DVR before charging him with Murder 2, and finally a Grand Jury coming back validating the detectives initial suggested charge. Prosecutors let APEC clear out and is now on the justice track. We all don't want to believe an agent trained to this caliber is guilty, but the detectives, Prosecutor's office, and a Grand Jury seem to concur at this point. When Dooley's story got redacted, it spoke volumes. Dooley is pretty fearless and one of the last few journalists here that had ever risked his life to tell the truth as he saw it in the past.
on November 16,2011 | 06:06PM
Changalang wrote:
I think he will be happy to get anything short of ending up in Halawa. The lifers would tear him to pieces day after day until he quits and the guards may not be as aware as usual. The direction of the case has been retracted media source carrying Deedy's flag, release of information that detectives reviewed surveillance DVR before charging him with Murder 2, and finally a Grand Jury coming back validating the detectives initial suggested charge. Prosecutors let APEC clear out and is now on the justice track. We all don't want to believe an agent trained to this caliber is guilty, but the detectives, Prosecutor's office, and a Grand Jury seem to concur at this point. When Dooley's story got redacted, it spoke volumes. Dooley is pretty fearless and one of the last few journalists here that had ever risked his life to tell the truth as he saw it in the past.
on November 16,2011 | 06:09PM
cojef wrote:
the initial news account indicated that the federal officer refused to take alcohol test. In a homicide is this kosher? If yes, it would be difficult to prove he was not mentally capable of using deadly force, or whether his his judgement was impaired. Find it strange that a off-duty officer was involved in a previous fight ot altercation at the MacDonald's..
on November 16,2011 | 03:07PM
lee1957 wrote:
Am I the only one that thinks this guy looks like Rod Blago, the recently convicted former Governor of Illinois?
on November 16,2011 | 04:01PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Hey maybe this guy really is the former Governor, come here to Hawaii to get his revenge on BHO, LOL.
on November 16,2011 | 06:44PM
High_Society wrote:
Funny how so many "nice guys" end up dying tragically. I swear, in the majority of cases that end in death at the hands of law enforcement, I too often hear about how the deceased was "a good boy", "excellent father", "family man", "turning his life around", "had minor problems with the law", etc. If 23 previous felony convictions is "minor", then I hate to imagine what "major" problems with the law would be. Why can't anyone see this guy for what he was. The bulk of the photos posted online or in the news media showed Elderts with an alcoholic beverage in his hand. After interviewing several people who knew and worked with Elderts, I have found that he was simply a punk who mixed it up with the wrong "haole". Granted that Deedy also had a few drinks, the reality is that it was Elderts that pulled the knife and was shot while Deedy defended himself. Wait until the investigation is complete and all facts are presented in the case before passing judgment. Unless you invest the time and effort that I did to seek out and talk to these witnesses, you don't have all of the necessary facts to form an opinion either way.
on November 16,2011 | 04:05PM
KeithHaugen wrote:
So the victim was intoxicated and the shooter was able to refuse the police administered alcohol/drug test. It does not seem fair. What was the shooter doing carrying a concealed weapon under his suit when he went out drinking anyway? The murder was hushed up until APEC left town so they would not get a bad impression of Hawai`i and our government, criminal law,etc. It looks like a coverup with the federal shooter being allowed to refuse the test so he would have a legal way out, saying he was not drinking. And all that attention to a bloodied knife found at the scene ... it may belong to a cook.
on November 16,2011 | 05:36PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
The shooter wanted to protect himself, regarding the concealed weapon. Remember Plaxico Burress of New York Giants fame. He shot himself in his leg. See what the penalites were in that case. Plaxico had to spend nearly two years in Jail, for his transgressions. Now, fast forward to this case. No mention was made during APEC, because there was nothing to mention. Had Deedy wanted to bring attention to himself, he could have called a News Conference, and say to every listening ear that prior to the start of APEC, this and this and this happened. However that would be in violation of his own mantra of "HEY KEEP QUIET ABOUT ALL THIS. MAYBE I WILL BE EXONERATED BECAUSE I HAVE THE BACKING OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I WILL BE PARDONED, LOL, THE WAY GERRY PARDONED NIXON, AFTER GERRY BECAME POTUS." TEN ONE This is me, signing off.
on November 16,2011 | 06:43PM
Changalang wrote:
The Federal government can remand Deedy to Federal custody and change the trial venue to U.S. district court because technically Deedy was on security detail in line with the parameters of his assignment when the crime occurred, since it was a 24/7 op.
on November 16,2011 | 06:59PM
Peacenik wrote:
What if Deedy had left his gun in his room and someone broked in and stole it. From some accounts, the victim had it in his hands and threatened to gut him. It shouldn't be too hard for the police to determine if blood is from a human or a cow.
on November 16,2011 | 11:00PM
51butterflies wrote:
I concur that -enuf on Dead man's blood alcohol level--it's unjust/unfair that the alleged killer's refusing to admit to his blood alcohol- by getting away from being tested for drugs and or high alcohol consumption, is not taken issue by reporter in this article. Star Advertiser reporting is poorly done. If reporter is stating fact about blood alcohol level of victim, then the fact that suspect refused to have blood alcohol and drug tests, should also be stated in the same paragraph. That would have been fair, factual , respectful, sensitive reporting. I believe Star Advertiser should do a retraction on that part of the reporting. An apology, in the form of a retraction, is in order, to show respect/sensitivity for the late Elderts, and his surviving ohana and to end any misgivings from the Star-Advertiser's loyal customers, concerning unfair reporting,etc.
on November 16,2011 | 07:12PM
High_Society wrote:
Here's the short story. A local drunk punk pulled a knife on a drunk Federal LEO. The drunk LEO drew down on the drunk punk, missed twice, hit once and killed the drunk punk. Two thinks can be learned from this experience: 1) If you're a drunk punk, stay home. 2) Drunk LEO shouldn't be allowed to carry a firearm.
on November 16,2011 | 08:07PM
chariie1 wrote:
Why is a person allowed to carry a firearm and not forced to give a blood sample to show his toxicity level this was a homicide. The federal government should not allow these numbskulls to carry weapons when not on duty. If the government is allowed to carry concealed weapons then so should everyone. Just cause you are in a scrap doesn't mean you got to kill someone. Another example of an abuse of power.
on November 16,2011 | 10:20PM
sdlc808 wrote:
on November 17,2011 | 11:27AM
RKC808 wrote:
Thank you Agent Deedy. Now there's one less troublemaker on the streets of Oahu. There's alot more of them in Waikiki. If only the Federal govt. would bring more of you over here to CLEAN UP our mess, that would be nice. Our own police dept. is not doing much about the problem.
on November 19,2011 | 07:26AM
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