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Federal agent appears in District Court on murder charge

By Gregg K. Kakesako

LAST UPDATED: 06:27 p.m. HST, Nov 17, 2011

The 27-year-old State Department special agent accused of killing a 23-year-old Kailua man following an early morning argument in Waikiki appeared in District Court this morning, accompanied by his wife and defense attorney Brook Hart.

Christopher Deedy, dressed in dark business suit and light blue tie, did not speak during his brief appearance nor did he talk to reporters afterward.

He and his wife, Stephanie, sat in the second row of the seventh-floor courtroom with his bail bondsman during the hearing.

Deedy’s appearance was scheduled after he was released on $250,000 bail following his arrest Nov. 5, on the eve of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings.

Hart told Judge Dean Ochiai that District Court no longer has jurisdiction after his client’s indictment, since Deedy is supposed to appear for an arraignment Monday morning in Circuit Court.

But, Hart said Deedy appeared this morning out of “an abundance of caution” after being advised by the prosecutor’s office that the case was still scheduled to be heard today.

Following the hearing, Hart declined to discuss the case, saying he wanted to get through the discovery phase of the case first.

Several protestors, holding signs saying “Justice for Kolin Elderts,” were also in court today and followed Deedy as he left into a District Court elevator and out on to Alakea Street.

An Oahu Grand Jury had indicted Deedy Wednesday for second-degree murder and using a firearm to commit the murder in connection with the Nov. 5 shooting death of Kollin K. Elderts. His funeral was held Wednesday.

In an interview with the Star-Advertiser Wednesday, Hart said Deedy was trying to protect others and himself when the shooting happened.

He told The Associated Press the incident started because Elderts “was harassing and bullying another person” at the Waikiki McDonald’s.

Hart was both critical and skeptical of remarks made by Michael Green, the attorney hired by Elderts’ family, questioning some of the statements Green has made about the shooting.

Hart said that Green “talks about facts in a less than responsible way.”

In news media interviews after the shooting, Green said that Deedy asked Elderts during their confrontation, "How'd you like to get shot tonight?"

Deedy then kicked Elderts in the chest and Elderts responded by striking Deedy, Green said. The two men started wrestling, and it was during the struggle that Deedy took out his gun and shot Elderts, Green said.

The State Department said Deedy, a member of its Bureau of Diplomatic Security, was placed on administrative leave after his arrest.

 Deedy, a resident of Arlington, Va., has been staying in Honolulu with his wife since he was released on bail, Hart said.

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kainalu wrote:
A supposedly "trained" Federal Agent needs to use a gun against an unarmed "threat"? And this training didn't include the fact that if you're going to go out drinking, don't bring your weapon with you? Come on, man! If he in fact said what Green claims, "How'd ou like to get shot tonight?", how's that not premediated murder? We'll see what happens when all the testimony comes out, and what's revealed on those tapes is reported. There must be something on those tapes to warrant the Grand Jury's conclusion. Time will tell.
on November 17,2011 | 09:23AM
solobiker1 wrote:
We all know he is not guilty. What a wast of time and money and the life of a young man My condolences his to the family
on November 17,2011 | 09:30AM
droid wrote:
"We" being you and your solobike? I don't know that he is not guilty. Deedy should not have been carrying his gun if he was going out drinking. The only question is whether he will be convicted of murder or manslaughter. There's no justification for shooting an unarmed man in the chest.
on November 17,2011 | 12:31PM
Changalang wrote:
You don't know that he is not guilty, but you do know Deedy was out drinking? How?
on November 17,2011 | 12:40PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
He was one of the first responding HPD, with a nose for alcohol.
on November 17,2011 | 04:00PM
Changalang wrote:
Every officer in Waikiki has a nose for alcohol; and rightly so. Every officer in HPD was briefed that "these" State guys conceal and carry 24/7 anywhere they happen to be and would be doing so in droves until the charges left on Monday.
on November 17,2011 | 04:42PM
false wrote:
That was just speculation on my part, as a reply to your query, however a responding officer will testify at the Trial that Deedy was asked to take the Blood Alcohol Test, and that Deedy refused. If that is the case, then Defense Attorney Hart has no case, and that the best is to go for manslaughter, with a plea of NO CONTEST. If Deedy attempts to still fight the case, then he will need to defend his use of the firearm that shot three times,and that Deedy ran away from the crime scene. I would like to know what Hart has up his sleeve to show that Deedy is completely innocent and he believed that Elderts was so deadly that Deedy needed to use deadly force to stop the confrontation. If Deedy was such a great agent, then why did he jump the gun and "AIM, AND SHOOT TO KILL, WITH DEADLY FORCE", then ask questions later. However, the big lynch pin in this case is that DEEDY REFUSED TO TAKE THE BLOOD ALCOHOL TEST.
on November 17,2011 | 06:18PM
Changalang wrote:
We don't know if a sample was acquired from Deedy. A judge could have been woken up and a blood draw order issued. It is within everyone's right and best interest to refuse any testing and questioning, unless it is DUI. Deedy went into name, rank, and serial number mode the moment he was detained after initial statement to local PD and was notified of the charges against him when he was mirandized. He was not charged with public drunkenness. He is being charged with second degree murder after detectives reviewed the McDonald's surveillance DVR, backed up by the Prosecutor's Office, and reaffirmed by Grand Jury. Green's own press release stated that Eldert and Deedy were engaged in wrestling when the weapon was discharged.
on November 17,2011 | 06:50PM
Toneyuki wrote:
How do you know he was "unarmed"?
on November 17,2011 | 06:02PM
scooters wrote:
There has to be a reason why the gun was used. It'll come out in the trail. Alcohol (.012 BAC) and making "big body" just don't mix.
on November 17,2011 | 09:45AM
sak wrote:
It's called "Moke Action" here in Paradise/Hawaii.
on November 17,2011 | 11:19AM
wiliki wrote:
Indeed. It could very well be that Elderts and his drunken friends threatened the agent first.
on November 17,2011 | 12:00PM
roxy1843 wrote:
alcohol makes everyone bigger and better than what they really are!
on November 17,2011 | 12:20PM
Changalang wrote:
"Mr. Deedy defended himself in the situation, and did so in, I guess, a way that was consistent with his calling as being a professional and responsible law enforcement officer who found himself aggressed upon by a drunk and angry person." [Hart] Wonder if they will punt to U.S. District Court from State Circuit on Monday secondary to the crime in question was committed while a Federal security officer was on a 24/7 assignment.
on November 17,2011 | 10:26AM
antediluvian wrote:
Very good Mr. Changalang, an intelligent post. Pay attention kiddies.
on November 17,2011 | 02:12PM
Kuihao wrote:
Sorry, but not such an intelligent post. There is no legal basis to "punt" this case into federal court. Mr. Deeley is charged with crimes under state law, and the fact that he was an federal security officer (whether on or off duty) at the time does not provide any basis to transfer the case to federal court.
on November 17,2011 | 04:15PM
Changalang wrote:
The federal government theoretically COULD seek to transfer the case to U.S. District Court. If the PCR testing of the blood on the knife matches Deedy's companion; self defense could be argued; probably more successfully in Federal Court. Part of our judicial culture is no gun crimes in Hawaii. Pull the trigger, pay the price. It has worked very well to keep random firearm murders very low in Hawaii. Most random crimes in which a firearm is discharged in attempted murder HPD and/or SSD handles it. Remember that guy firing a shotgun randomly at the end of the freeway in the East. HPD effectively took care of that situation firing in response and effectively executing deadly force. The culture clash for the agent is that most States don't play by Hawaii's rules; but look at the gun crime stats in those states. HPD is more highly trained to coincide with the judicial culture in Hawaii, as are Grand Juries here. No guns in paradise; period.
on November 17,2011 | 04:33PM
false wrote:
Man, u sound educated. Why do you degrade yourself with a name such as Changalang?
on November 17,2011 | 06:25PM
Changalang wrote:
Because "false" was already taken?
on November 17,2011 | 06:51PM
Changalang wrote:
Clarification: Deedy's lawyer stated that the pocket knife recovered at the seen belonged to Deedy. Apparently, he used it to cut open Elderts shirt to administer CPR after Elderts was fatally shot. There was no account by Deedy's lawyer as to why Deedy's companion sustained a gash on his forehead. Only that the injury was sustained during the conflict at McDonalds with Eldert and his companion(s).
on November 17,2011 | 08:15PM
Changalang wrote:
on November 17,2011 | 09:16PM
Kuihao wrote:
No, the federal government could not transfer the case to federal court, theoretically or otherwise. The charges are state charges, and there is simply no provision under state and/or federal law that would allow such a case to be transferred to federal court. Period. Moreover, your comment that "part of our judicial culture is no gun crimes in Hawaii" is gibberish.
on November 17,2011 | 10:06PM
Lanikaula wrote:
Well that's what was done with the census worker when he tried to serve papers to a Hawaii Island police officer who refused to accept it. the census worker then proceeded to TRESPASS onto the property to serve the papers and was arrested. State court jurisdiction was given to Federal jurisdiction under the pretense that the census worker was considered a federal worker and the case was transferred to the federal courts! the feds can do anything it wants, e.g. Massie case
on November 17,2011 | 07:55PM
lokela wrote:
bookum danno....
on November 17,2011 | 10:32AM
false wrote:
Out of Left Field.
on November 17,2011 | 04:05PM
sak wrote:
And then again, with the bullying of another person now coming out in Hart's comment today. I have been in a similar situation in downtown LA jewelry district, where I was being bullied by a PUNK after his car bumped my car in a parking lot. It didn't last long, maybe 1 minute, after I stepped out of my car to check for damage, because I was very lucky that day. Somebody was watching over me that day. It just so happened that an undercover agent dressed like Colombo was right there witnessing the bullying taking place. When he stepped in and confronted the PUNK that day to help me, the PUNK gave him some lip like "mind your own business". All the undercover guy had to do that day without a word was "Flash his Badge", and you should have seen that guys jaws drop, in submission and respect. Thanks again to the guy for watching over me that day. Just a thought to share, and another "What If".
on November 17,2011 | 11:15AM
scooters wrote:
Sometimes called 'Bate & Trap"..these POS get you make a move and then claim it was all your fault and try to sue you.
on November 17,2011 | 11:29AM
Upperkula wrote:
yup bate and trap, I was involved in one of those, you got to watch out for Lawarence Cole he is one of those guy's i
on November 17,2011 | 02:40PM
Publicbraddah wrote:
I believe it's spelled "Bait and Trap".
on November 17,2011 | 03:15PM
cojef wrote:
Over the past severaldays, there has been a lot of "he said this and that", from each side. It's best to wait until the actual trial before making the beliefs be known. I have made comments, and now would retract them. Wait and see.
on November 17,2011 | 11:33AM
Anonymous wrote:
Looks like the "Protestors" are trying to get the Agent to react to their "in your face" action. Must run in the family.
on November 17,2011 | 11:34AM
scooters wrote:
That's my comment above..not anonymous..
on November 17,2011 | 11:54AM
false wrote:
u r brave to take credit.
on November 17,2011 | 12:47PM
Anonymous wrote:
. Many people think this killing is murder, including apparently the grand jury. Your comment Must run in the family is predjudice unless you believe all who believe in justice belong to one family. I belong to the family of those who beieve in justice, so you can include me in your predjudice. Your predjudice is a mirror; enjoy the view..
on November 17,2011 | 12:27PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Federal agent appears in District Court on murder charge. That was the Headline. You know sometimes how you scan through something very fast, and you think. I almost thought I read that as: Federal agent disappears ...
on November 17,2011 | 11:56AM
BlueDolphin53 wrote:
You can see how these things always play out in the public eye. Knee jerk reaction is the perpertrator is in the wrong......in this case a belligerent drunk with a gun picking on a poor local kid. A couple days and a couple headlines later and the poor local kid is now the belligerent drunk.....and a bully to boot, and opinions begin to sway........never fails.......
on November 17,2011 | 12:47PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
The only person who truly knows what happened is Deedy. If he does not man up to it and at least take the rap as a Manslaughter conviction, then this is not a fair world. Just because a human being is hired by The State Department, does that mean that that human being CAN PLAY GOD AND BE COMPLETELY ABOVE THE LAW. LOL WHAT IS THIS WORLD BECOMING BARRY. YOU SURE BARRY YOU ARE NOT TRAINING YOUR STAFF TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD, OR AT LEAST THE PACIFIC AND GIVE BIRTH TO THE FIFTH REICH. LOL.
on November 17,2011 | 06:28PM
rhs763 wrote:
Why didn't the Federal Agent walk away from any type of confrontation (at the second location-McD)? Seems to me the federal agent is not qualified/not mature enough to be allowed to carry a weapon. And if he refused to take an sobriety test, how is his condition to be determined at a later date?
on November 17,2011 | 01:41PM
Vivgie wrote:
Maybe dey wasn't gonna let him walk away. So gotta stand yo ground and fight. Four against one merits an armed response. Makakas doan fight fair.
on November 17,2011 | 01:52PM
roxy1843 wrote:
it doesn't give him the right to shoot, but to me he was defending himself, like said in previous blog, 4 against 1? I do wonder if he was able to just walk away? We will never know!
on November 17,2011 | 02:32PM
steveoctober wrote:
Correct. He should have RAN. Being a Fed agent, he's far more fit than any of these overweight punks who can't take more than a few steps without wheezing.
on November 17,2011 | 04:56PM
steveoctober wrote:
Correct. He should have RAN. Being a Fed agent, he's far more fit than any of these overweight punks who can't take more than a few steps without wheezing.
on November 17,2011 | 04:56PM
Akhmed_PKC wrote:
Lots of questions here. We the people shall have to wait for Deedy's days in court.
on November 17,2011 | 02:59PM
Kawipoo wrote:
Punk on cocaine and alcohol. Too many locals with chips on their shoulders looking for fights. His problem he ran into a drunk with a gun.
on November 17,2011 | 04:11PM
Kauikalewa wrote:
"Oahu Grand Jury had indicted Deedy Wednesday for second-degree murder and using a firearm to commit the murder" means they found a reasonable concern for the charge to have been declared. It is just the way fortune lays. What's done is done. Can this young man be saved and penance resolve the loss of another son? How we do save each other for the greater good? By make the effort transparent we set the values for community we live in. Harmony and respect need to be served and sanctified. Lets find a way to forgive and make Kolin's life and mission to protect each other of conflict and confrontation. This life, Christopher's has to count as much and more with Kolin's attached to it.
on November 17,2011 | 05:30PM
Toneyuki wrote:
Getting a grand jury indictment is very easy. Less than 5% of charges don't pass the GJ. The burden of proof isn't there. All it means is that something that could have been a crime happened, and the person being charged was at the location and involved in some way.
on November 17,2011 | 06:13PM
false wrote:
However, why to they go to a Grand Jury? I do not know, except maybe of flight risk? Who knows.
on November 17,2011 | 06:21PM
Toneyuki wrote:
Because that is how the law works. You don't go straight to trial. In every single felony case, there has to be a grand jury indictment.
on November 17,2011 | 08:45PM
1truehawaiian wrote:
All you sign carriers get a clue!! Remember the name Keli Acasia? The punks from Wainaie who beat up and killed the good samariitan for helping a young couple these punks were trying to rob in Waikiki, where were you're signs for justice then? Where was attorney Green? (No $$ to made there) I'm sure this wasn't Elderts first run in with some tourists, unfortunatly for him he messed with the wrong one. I've lived here over 40 years and have seen it quite often. A group of bored locals head into Waikiki to find "beef with tourists". Why? These tourists come here to see the beautiful place that we call home and to support our economy. Our politicians need to create stricter laws against these crimes. I say SET DEEDY FREE!! and give him a medal.
on November 17,2011 | 06:30PM
Changalang wrote:
Actually, Elderts was convicted in 2008 of misdemeanor disorderly conduct and of drunk driving in 2010; then in November 2010, he was cited for driving with a suspended or revoked license and for operating an uninsured vehicle. Just a matter of public record.
on November 17,2011 | 07:26PM
sak wrote:
Where's his dad, no word from him all this time, is he incarcerated?
on November 17,2011 | 07:57PM
dunderhead wrote:
Actually the sign carriers are low life slime. They fly in from the mainland, protest, know squat about and could give a rats behind about a guy who gets shot dead in Waikiki. When they hear that the guy who shot him is connected with APEC, they get all concerned about this guy and, against the wishes of his family, use his death to promote their agendas.
on November 17,2011 | 08:46PM
copperwire9 wrote:
You're incorrect.
on November 17,2011 | 09:15PM
sloturle wrote:
like local save local
on November 17,2011 | 07:59PM
Papakolea wrote:
NOTHING good happens on the streets of Waikiki after dark.
on November 17,2011 | 08:24PM
LanaUlulani wrote:
A representative of the U.S. government comes to Hawai'i to provide "security" to APEC elitists who were invited to come to Hawai'i by President Obama who is the Executive Branch of the U.S. government and shoots a Hawaiian in his chest and MURDERS HIM. WAKE UP HAWAI'I. THIS IS JUST WRONG!!!
on November 17,2011 | 08:51PM
Poipounder808 wrote:
Don't even try to tie APEC into this confrontation. His being here for APEC had absolutely nothing to do with the shooting. It was local against tourist, the way it has been for years.
on November 17,2011 | 09:17PM
fishwrider wrote:
local guyz always causing trouble.
on November 17,2011 | 11:27PM
Poidogs wrote:
First, I do not understand why the family/or friends of the victim held pictures up in front of the Agent Deedy's face, that is so childish and further, serves absolutely no useful purpose. It's like a vendetta type of action, clearly irresponsible and uncalled for. Agent Deedy will live with this for the rest of his life, and the victim is by no means, lily white. Refer to the blood test re: his alcohol and drug content level. That's fact. I am glad that Agent Deedy acted like he did today. There are two sides of this story and the victim's family should not play the role within the media but should use good judgment and let the law handle the matter. The public should also not make judgment calls as the case has not been tried as yet. When rumors and media frenzy occur, irresponsibly fired up by the victim's family, no good can come of this case and it may just lead to a lesser sentence. Working thru pain takes time, healing takes time but carrying hatred towards the law in general and Agent Deedy serves absolutely no useful purpose, hatred works against you, not for you, not with you. Let the Lord shine within your hearts and know that from this pain comes gain, if you let it. Don't assume or presume an outcome unless you were there and witnessed this matter first hand.
on November 17,2011 | 08:54PM
Anonymous wrote:
People, stick to the story and comment on something that makes sense. Who cares about what happened years ago, in some other state or if someone died years ago, that's not the subject here.
on November 17,2011 | 08:59PM
livinginhawaii wrote:
Interesting events - KITV is reporting that Elderts was indeed a chronic. Why would protesters support an agressive chronic??
on November 17,2011 | 09:20PM
High_Society wrote:
Only reason why they support the aggressive chronic is because he's local. Had the situation been reversed, the lemmings would still support the local. Sad situation.....
on November 17,2011 | 09:31PM
Anonymous wrote:
Drunk punk used a knife to attack what he thought was your average mainland visitor. Too bad he picked on the wrong dude. Classic case of "natural selection".....
on November 17,2011 | 09:21PM
Chris458 wrote:
What it like sounds to me is that "Federal agent Deedy " had to much to drink, was acting tough, was caught up in the Waikiki party scene, had some words with the local guy, had a gun, and shot him because he has a gun, he's a Federal agent & they can walk away from incidents like that. I certainly hope that he is punished to the fullest extent of the law, & not turned loose again with a firearm; and a licence to kill. I also extend my condolences to the Elderts family. You have suffered a terrible loss, & I trust that justice will be done.
on November 17,2011 | 10:19PM
fishwrider wrote:
on November 17,2011 | 11:27PM
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