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McMackin highest-paid coach in Western Athletic Conference

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 02:26 p.m. HST, Nov 17, 2011

Hawaii's Greg McMackin is the highest-paid head football coach in the Western Athletic Conference this year, according to a survey of salaries compiled by USA Today that was published today.

McMackin's salary is listed at $1.15 million, nearly double that of the second highest-paid coach, Fresno State's Pat Hill. Hill is listed at $679,000 after taking a $500,000 salary reduction. The Bulldogs play the Warriors Saturday at Aloha Stadium.

Nevada's Chris Ault, whose Wolf Pack lead the WAC, receives $438,952.

Former UH coach June Jones receives $1,727,082 at Southern Methodist while Navy's Ken Niumatalolo, a former UH quarterback and assistant coach, earns $1,538,190.

Texas' Mack Brown is listed as the highest-paid college coach in America, receiving $5.19 million.

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mcc wrote:
McMackin is way over paid due to stupidity. He would have done it for $650,000. Now we should clean house a recruit a real coach that will win like the one we let go of with the power tripping atheletic director.
on November 17,2011 | 11:39AM
Sunny wrote:
Hey I'll volunteer to manage the timeouts during the last 2 minutes of the half or game for free!
on November 17,2011 | 12:39PM
Anonymous wrote:
I can't believe what fair weather fans we have here! Mack is a great coach and if you look at the assistant staff willing to work with him for little or no pay - not only that, it is mostly private donations that pay for his salary. Lets see how good you could do your job if all your top people were out of the office sick or injured. Go Mack - keep putting our boys in the NFL and CFL - most of us are proud to be Warrior fans led by you and your staff!! Mahalo
on November 17,2011 | 12:53PM
Naloboy wrote:
Blind loyalty to a losing coach is a one-way ticket to another mediocre season. McMackin is NOT a "great" coach. He might be a good man but he is not a "great" coach. He might be a good coach. But he is not a WINNING coach. Putting boys in the NFL is no measure of the quality of the program. In UH's case it is a measure of the size of the linemen. UH needs to either take a big dump or get off the pot. Maybe its not in the cards for it ever to be anything except a 500-750% team. There's no shame in that. The shame is in claiming it is something it is not. It is NOT a winning program, for the most part. McMackin is NOT a winning coach. See the correlation?
on November 17,2011 | 02:06PM
smarkhams wrote:
I can't stand when people call others "fair weather fans" just because they question why the program is under performing. As a UH alum, I love Hawaii football. I've supported the program by attending many games, purchasing the pay per view package/individual games, and buying many UH merchandise over the years. I've also made numerous monetary donations to the athletic program. Despite my love for UH football, I refuse to hold back any type of criticism or question why the program is not producing a 1.15 million dollars a year product. In fact, I think its my duty as a tax payer (where a good portion of Mack's salary comes from) to ask questions and be critical. Many are so quick to criticize and bash politicians for doing a "poor" job. Well guess what? Mack is a public employee just like them. Why is it so frowned upon to criticize a football coach and not a politician? Whether this criticism is deserved or not can be debated, but don't call me a fair weather fan just because I want a better product than what Mack is producing (I know I'm not the only one who feels this way).
on November 17,2011 | 02:09PM
Descartes22 wrote:
fair fans - not fair weather fans. take off your rosy-colored glasses. anyone who's attended all home games and watched all the road games (including the espn debacles) since the hand-ringers bestowed the sweetheart contract, recognizes that Von Mackin is not a great head coach or even a good head coach. perhaps in the day at miami or elsewhere as a coordinator, but not as a senior citizen head coach. we're a .500 team playing the weakest schedule in the nation. injuries are part of the game. you need to recruit to have depth when injuries occur. the staff can't evaluate or procure talent. doesn't matter if we make the homer bowl. UH needs to make the move. look at what the necessary change (getting rid of an elderly, nice guy career assistant) has done for the basketball team.
on November 17,2011 | 02:25PM
Anonymous wrote:
most are proud, mack is a great coach...get off the crack, most are not proud of this coach and really if you think he is great, i hope you are not anywhere near coaching a football or any other sports team.
on November 17,2011 | 02:59PM
omd111 wrote:
Mrs. McMackin....please stop writing to support your husband.
on November 17,2011 | 04:59PM
nodaddynotthebelt wrote:
Your comment just exemplify the mentality of why we have a coach that is overpaid. We are not "fair weather" fans. We are responsible minded individuals who care about where our funds are being spent. We are not irresponsible careless idiots who buy into the hype and open our wallets entirely without question. I support our athletes but not to the point where students are required to pay an athletic "fee" just so that they can attend college. Most students don't attend college to become athletes and as such they should not be forced to pay their athlete classmate's expenses. We don't force other students to pay the engineering students' fee. It's a matter of priority and it seems that our priorities are in the wrong place.
on November 17,2011 | 03:28PM
Anonymous wrote:
time to give Cal Lee a chance...
on November 17,2011 | 04:08PM
ymanalohyn wrote:
"YES" Cal Lee should have the head coach position. 1 winningest high school coach of hawaii 2 he put more players in the nfl than mcmuffin for sure 3 he would get the full support from our community In fact coach Cal Lee should run against gov neil aberdummbie
on November 17,2011 | 04:27PM
smarkhams wrote:
Please UH don't listen to Anonymous. Cal Lee would do worst than McMackin. Who cares if he won the most games in Hawaii high school football history. If he won the most games in Texas or Florida, maybe (and I stress maybe) you would have a point. Coaching at a Div I school is completely different from coaching high school football (especially in a non major market like Hawaii). I know nobody wants to say this but I will. We need to recruit at major football states like Texas, Florida, California, Wisconsin/Nebraska (for O-linemen), etc. UH will never be a powerhouse if it continues to recruit locally. Yes, it would be difficult to recruit in these states but I think we need to get a coach who is willing to take that risk. There are a handful talented local players but they all go to mainland schools. The second and third tier players here will not and cannot cut it at the Div I level. I know that people may worry that the attendance may suffer if few local players are on the team. Worry not...if the team starts winning and is consistently ranked in the top 25, people will fill the stands. Just my opinion.
on November 17,2011 | 07:19PM
Mach2 wrote:
probably would have done it for $300k.... his previous salary was $115k... what a joke on us taxpayers...
on November 17,2011 | 08:48PM
CriticalReader wrote:
Making Coach McMackin the worst value in the WAC.
on November 17,2011 | 11:40AM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Maybe one counts the salary per win as a measure.
on November 17,2011 | 12:03PM
omd111 wrote:
You got that right!
on November 17,2011 | 05:00PM
allie wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on November 17,2011 | 11:43AM
islandsun wrote:
Would like to see the minutes of those committee meetings, bet there was something interesting in there.
on November 17,2011 | 12:38PM
LizKauai wrote:
on November 17,2011 | 11:46AM
sak wrote:
He better do something about his weight, he sure looks like a "dead man walking" on TV during the games. Or he will never have the time to spend all of that money. Take Care Greg
on November 17,2011 | 11:50AM
joyce1 wrote:
The timing of this article sure won't help ticket sales this saturday.
on November 17,2011 | 11:50AM
mcc wrote:
It's not the timing of the article that hurts ticket sales, it's the win - loss record.
on November 17,2011 | 12:08PM
Ripoff wrote:
haha doesnt reflect the record..
on November 17,2011 | 11:54AM
Anonymous wrote:
Most of it!
on November 17,2011 | 12:49PM
rgy888 wrote:
How much of the Coaches pay is from private sources
on November 17,2011 | 11:58AM
ya_think wrote:
None all his pay comes from UH and that is a fact.
on November 17,2011 | 04:41PM
Changalang wrote:
Why don't we just cancel his contract and hire Chaz Bono as a body double. Nobody will be able to tell the difference, and $ boosters can finally get their money's worth.
on November 17,2011 | 12:09PM
LRC wrote:
He certainly is not "sharing the sacrifice" that the Governor said ALL state workers must do. He gets paid way too much, mean while our teachers and other state workers struggle with their increased medical premiums while this guy still sits pretty. Where's the fairness governor??
on November 17,2011 | 12:13PM
culi wrote:
They should take some of McMackin and Arnold money and give it to Dave Shoji.
on November 17,2011 | 12:17PM
false wrote:
Dave was never about money. and Dave never demanded it also, which was a nagging part of June.
on November 17,2011 | 12:48PM
butinski wrote:
How true. Year after year, Dave produces winners and Wahine fans appreciate this by coming out to watch. Can't say the same for football and basketball.
on November 17,2011 | 04:09PM
wondis wrote:
Keep this up and Mac will be shedding tears at his next press conference. We cannot keep him another year, He is not a Division 1 Head Coach. When he can't win in such a weak football conference Mac should resign for the sake of the tax paying people of Hawaii but unfortunately he's just going to take next year's 1.1 Million $$$$ and run after next year. (Would'nt You!) We won't see him ever again in Hawaii. Biggest mistake by higher up's at our University of Hawaii in offering such a contract.
on November 17,2011 | 12:39PM
waverider808 wrote:
on November 17,2011 | 12:45PM
smarkhams wrote:
is that what it costs to make a call on a public phone now days? the last time I used a public phone was about 15 years ago.
on November 17,2011 | 02:16PM
chryw8 wrote:
leverage: advantage uh.
on November 17,2011 | 12:46PM
Sunny wrote:
Wow, almost $4,000 per pound!
on November 17,2011 | 12:47PM
Oahuan wrote:
Mack is about $700,000 overpaid. This incompetent coach still making the same mistakes he made 3 years ago. This year's season ticket will be my last if there isn't a head coaching change. I cannot and will not support a program that doesn't give a rat's *** about where the direction of this football program is heading.
on November 17,2011 | 12:50PM
akuman808 wrote:
I suggest UH offer to the fans a 50% off the normal ticket prices for the remaining home games, call it a kamaaina special. For those who already purchased season tickets a refund for the same 50% ticket value. In that way they will acknowledge the facts of this article and adjust the commodity value of the product that this million dollar coach had the audacity to cash his checks for and not return a portion of what he doesn't deserve.
on November 17,2011 | 12:54PM
The_Dude_Abides wrote:
It's a good thing the UH board is raising student tuition to pay our coaches.
on November 17,2011 | 01:06PM
htsy wrote:
The numbers speak for themselves. Time for a change.
on November 17,2011 | 01:09PM
Bumby wrote:
I once said that offensive minded coaches makes for better head coaches. If a study is done they will find that the success is greater for offensive minded coaches. UH just needs to look at past coaches. Offensive minds were Holmes and Jones. Defensive minds were Price, Tomey, Wagner, Von Appen and Mack. Holmes, Jones, Tomey left on their own accord. Price, Wagner, and Von Appen were shown the door. Holmes was 46-17-1, Price 15-18, Tomey 63-46-3, Wagner 58-49-3, Von Appen 5-31, Jones 75-41. There are exceptions (Tomey), and Wagner did best when he had Paul Johnson. Jury still out on Mack 21-17. If and when a new HC is hired one must think offensive minded.
on November 17,2011 | 01:13PM
AirRescueFF wrote:
Norm Chow? Currently with Utah and signed until 2013. Making about $275K/yr.
on November 17,2011 | 03:53PM
ya_think wrote:
When are you people going to get off the Norm Chow wagon he has made it very clear that he does not want anything to do with UH or Hawaii.
on November 17,2011 | 04:50PM
Anonymous wrote:
Any new head coach who comes in should ask UH leaders what do they want besides graduation rate, wins and increased attendance?.......... In my opinion UH should have a vision of PAC-12 membership. Continue to lobby and do whatever it takes for that membership. If it takes 20 years work toward it. Keep on knocking at the door and sooner or later you will be invited in.
on November 17,2011 | 01:23PM
NITRO08 wrote:
You don't know what your are talking about. joining the PAC 12 IS NOT ONLY WINNING GAMES, IT'S TV MARKET ETC. THE UH HAVE BEEN TRYING BUT YOU GOT TO BE ASKED!!
on November 17,2011 | 01:35PM
Naloboy wrote:
UH??? Pac 12???? Not in this century.
on November 17,2011 | 01:59PM
Ponopride wrote:
Mack got the contract he got because thats the ball park UH was in when June shot them down. They couldnt offer him half of what they were gonna offer Junes or he wouldnt have stayed and all the coaches would have bin lost. Get real people. Most of the funds dont even come from the state fund anyways, its donated.
on November 17,2011 | 01:42PM
Anonymous wrote:
Panic by the administration then, thats who should be at fault, and really, if we never got him and the coaching staff...looking back on it...not that much of a loss. I guarantee the "big" donors are not happy with the way things are going and want a change too, really, who would be happy, especially those that know football.
on November 17,2011 | 02:57PM
ya_think wrote:
Wrong all pay comes from taxpayers, not boosters.
on November 17,2011 | 04:54PM
BigOpu wrote:
I think this is going to change really soon.
on November 17,2011 | 01:46PM
rhs763 wrote:
It's Donovan who can't determine value and continues operating in red ink.
on November 17,2011 | 01:50PM
kainalu wrote:
Whether ANY HC football coach for Hawaii is the highest ... or the lowest paid coach, its still won't stop the fickled-fan that are Warrior fans to stop complaining when the team struggles.
on November 17,2011 | 01:51PM
Sunny wrote:
I'm not complaining and will still purchase UH Football season tickets just like we did through the Von Appen era. We found the half-time shows better than the game during the Von Appen era but still supported the team.
on November 17,2011 | 02:36PM
Naloboy wrote:
If he filled the stadium every Saturday it would be worth it. But its only half full....so he should make only half as much....which would put him much more in line with the rest of the WAC coaches. UH needs a young, smart, superstar assistant head coach from a really good program to come in, clean house and put it on the road to real success. Oklahoma's last Asst. Head Coach and offensive coordinator was hired by Houston. Let's see now.....oh yeah, Houston is 10-0 this year. If you want to win you need to hire someone who can come in with great credentials and energy who can grow with the program. McMackin is a nice guy, and not a bad coach. But he is way overpaid and will never take UH out of mediocrity.
on November 17,2011 | 01:58PM
shy1234 wrote:
Good defensive coach, but not a good head coach.
on November 17,2011 | 01:58PM
dwm529 wrote:
In 2007 with an undefeated season, Colt, Davone, RGM, and other stars we could not sell out games. In 2010 winning the WAC with Mo, Salas, Pilares and other stars we could not sell out a game. Even if we had an Urban Meyer, Harbaugh or any other coach and played in the Pac12 we won't sell out games. The days of averaging 40,000 plus occurred when we had die hard Hawaii fans are gone. They were the Baby Boomers who are now too old to attend games. The student section has not been filled since moving to Aloha Stadium. If you gave away tickets and only made money from concessions and souvenirs you'd still have empty seats. The current generation is interested in a lot more things than college football. Fans support UH through the purchase of tickets and donations. It is now an economy of scale where there are higher economic needs and entertainment priorities. We are what we are and can only hope to reduce what we pay to the coaches , yet hold on to them. Mack and his staff want to be here. Mack will sacrifice his salary for the sake of his young staff. Realistically we will win our share and make it to the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl. We'll even be competitive in the MWC and by getting our share of 3 star players and Hawaii's hidden gem walk-ons. To get to a higher level, we need twice the funds to offset our geographic and economic shortcomings. This does not appear to be part of our future.
on November 17,2011 | 01:58PM
Anonymous wrote:
In 2007 with an undefeated season, Colt, Davone, RGM, and other stars we could not sell out games. In 2010 winning the WAC with Mo, Salas, Pilares and other stars we could not sell out a game. Even if we had an Urban Meyer, Harbaugh or any other coach and played in the Pac12 we won't sell out games. The days of averaging 40,000 plus occurred when we had die hard Hawaii fans are gone. They were the Baby Boomers who are now too old to attend games. The student section has not been filled since moving to Aloha Stadium. If you gave away tickets and only made money from concessions and souvenirs you'd still have empty seats. The current generation is interested in a lot more things than college football. Fans support UH through the purchase of tickets and donations. It is now an economy of scale where there are higher economic needs and entertainment priorities. We are what we are and can only hope to reduce what we pay to the coaches , yet hold on to them. Mack and his staff want to be here. Mack will sacrifice his salary for the sake of his young staff. Realistically we will win our share and make it to the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl. We'll even be competitive in the MWC and by getting our share of 3 star players and Hawaii's hidden gem walk-ons. To get to a higher level, we need twice the funds to offset our geographic and economic shortcomings. This does not appear to be part of our future.
on November 17,2011 | 02:00PM
wizard417 wrote:
on November 17,2011 | 02:04PM
islandsun wrote:
After Jones, UH had higher expectations. McCrackin knew that going in and with some help on the Committee he got a cool mil. Most fans feel like the program has gone down hill since and it has started to show in attendance numbers. No wins on National TV, losses to sub par teams, offensive & defensive breakdowns late in the season. Donoman has a big decision to make.
on November 17,2011 | 02:19PM
NITRO08 wrote:
No same old fans you win they come you lose they don't come. Not only for UH sport but for any sport in Hawaii. Thats why we don't have any pro teams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on November 17,2011 | 09:48PM
towngirl wrote:
Yup - Crybaby McMackin makes 1.15million for losing games. Meanwhile Dave Shoji CONSISTENTLY wins games and only makes a fraction of Crybaby's salary. UH football games are not selling tickets, meanwhile UH Wahine Volleyball CONSISTENTLY selling out at the The Stanley. UH is all screwed up on the priorities.....
on November 17,2011 | 02:51PM
ya_think wrote:
I don't disagree that Shojji is good for UH, but have you even been to any games the last 4 or 6 years, the stan is not been sold out in years
on November 17,2011 | 05:02PM
HD36 wrote:
on November 17,2011 | 03:02PM
nodaddynotthebelt wrote:
The mistake was made due partly to June Jones who demanded the raise and then left for SMU which is, by the way, not doing so well as of late. But the fact is, we made a mistake in giving in to the demands. We should move forward and either just continue with the contract until it expires or release him from the contract and pay him the penalty. But most importantly we must learn from this mistake and move forward. There are a lot of qualified coaches out there that are qualified and I am sure many would accept a pay rate that is in keeping with the job responsibilities and allows him to continue to live in this beautiful state of ours.. At this time we have a leaking faucet in the form of Greg McMackin and we need to fix it. And the leak is not in the form of drips but in the form of a cascade. It just galls me to think that we have a coach that makes a whole lot more than our governor. In fact, he is the highest paid state worker. Yes, there is a lot of stress and pressure from being a coach of the state's university. But the pay rate is absurd. It is time to fix the problem in light of our current financial strain.
on November 17,2011 | 03:14PM
jisurfer wrote:
Wow, the current Clemson coach started out at $900,000, but get's $1.75 million now. Then again, the Tigers are #7.
on November 17,2011 | 03:23PM
aionokea43 wrote:
Talk about stupidity by the UH to pay Mcmakin his current salary. When June Jones left, he was only paid $400,000 by the UH and addtional compensation came from private sources. UH gave McMakin a salary of over $1.0 million and yet the UH wants to raise tuition and other costs to the students. Money foolishly spent. He is an unproven coach to have such a high salary. UH should have offered McMakin $400,000 additional funds for incentives, WAC championship, bowl game, etc. Such a Waste.
on November 17,2011 | 03:32PM
808comp wrote:
I don't belive any college coach should be paid over a million. I can see the pro's, but not college.
on November 17,2011 | 03:34PM
towngirl wrote:
I agree 100%!
on November 17,2011 | 03:58PM
frontman wrote:
For a 6 - 7 season, it will be proven Big Mac is way over payed.
on November 17,2011 | 03:36PM
Manapua_Man wrote:
For that amount of money, we probably could have afforded two Boise State head coaches.
on November 17,2011 | 03:42PM
PCWarrior wrote:
Do we have a name of the UH brainiac who negotiated this contract with a guy who had never been a DI head coach and yet we paid him more than June - a former NFL head coach? I feel the SA should do a story on this genius. It's not Mack's fault if they threw money at him.
on November 17,2011 | 03:59PM
islandsun wrote:
The SA will need to get a hold of the UH Selection Committee & Selection Sub-Committee meeting minutes and it should be all there. Agree that it would produce a great read.
on November 17,2011 | 05:47PM
CouchPotato wrote:
I'd guess Mufi .... we probably could have gotten the rail contract for half the price too!
on November 17,2011 | 09:03PM
titamom wrote:
Did I hear someone say ... NORM CHOW!
on November 17,2011 | 04:36PM
niimi wrote:
Is everyone's beef with Mac's pay? His age? His team performance? If UH decides not to renew Mac's contract, then UH would be compelled to release him, buy out his contract, and search for a new coach or promote from within. Is Aranda or Rolo ready to be a head coach? If so, then at what salary AS COMPARED TO MOUNTAIN WEST CONFERENCE PAY SCALES? If an outside head coach is brought it, would you as a fan be willing to see a whole new coaching staff? A new coach most certainly would bring in either a traditional offense (pro-set with TE), or the spread offense which is getting very popular in FBS. As a fan would you be willing to see 40 running plays a game? Mac's pay is high for the conference relative to peers. Other than Boise State who left after last season, Hawaii has the best conference performance the last 4 years. June Jones' salary was artificially low, so Mac's pay IS inline within the standard deviation of pay versus performance. QUESTION: As a fan would you keep him if his pay were reduced to $550,000? Remember, Hawaii will be a MWC member, so the coaches salaries are higher than the WAC. Age: Mac is approaching 65. So will he be pushed out as was Riley Wallace? Mac's record is compared below with 4 prominent Hawaii football coaches. Coming into 2011 he was ahead of Jones. Now he is currently behind June Jones, about equal with Tomey, and ahead of Wagner. June Jones = 76-41 (2 WAC titles, 4-2 in bowls, 1 BCS bowl, 17th best rank) 1st 4 seasons was: 9-4, 3-9, 9-3, 10-4 = 31-20 (WAC: T-1st, T-6th, T-4th, 2nd) Greg McMackin (1 WAC title, 0-2 in bowls, never ranked) 7-7, 6-7, 10-4, 5-5 = 28-23 (through today) (WAC: T-2nd, T-5th, T-1st, currently T-3rd) Dick Tomey 63-46-3, never won WAC, 5-6, 6-5, 6-5, 8-3 = 25-19 (WAC: T-4th, 3rd) Bob Wagner 58-49-3 (1 WAC title, 1-1 in bowls, T-20th best finish 1992 Holiday Bowl win) 5-7, 9-3, 9-3-1, 7-5 (WAC: 6th, T-3rd, 3rd, 5th)
on November 17,2011 | 04:37PM
niimi wrote:
Now that I've given an analysis above, here's what I would like to see: 1. Greg McMackin let go after this season. In all public venues he sounds too geriatric, too slow. I think he's a brilliant DC, and perhaps better than Aranda. Pay out his contract for the remaining season. 2. Hire a head coach and OC with a more traditional pro-set offense that uses a TE. I do not believe that I'm discriminating against Mac's age. I think a coach with pep, who is media-trained--articulate, and with a more traditional system may be able to recruit better. I think Mac's teams benefited from the recruiting of the Jones regime, and we have seen a drop-off in talent recruited to UH.
on November 17,2011 | 04:44PM
niimi wrote:
Here's my comment on the offensive system. If Hawaii were to retain the run and shoot offense, then a tight end is a must. Mac has said that New England and Indy have adopted run and shoot principles in the pros--he is correct. The traditional run and shoot relied upon speed in the slot positions, be it for slants or outs that are opened up by picks set up by the WRs. New England and Indy use 4-wide and 5-wide sets, and they use a TE in the slot, or in 5-wide a TE tucked in tight in MAX-PROTECT. The TE in turn would give Hawaii more effective blocking in short-yardage situations, and enhance the blocking needed to allow the R&S routes to develop. Boise State runs a traditional pro-set offense with TE. QBs have been successful there, from Ryan Dinwiddie, Jared Zabransky, Taylor Tharp and now Kellen Moore. It's a good system with high completion percentages (67% plus each season), lots of passing and a good mix of power running. And it is effective on its own 10 yard line as it is in the opponent's red zone.
on November 17,2011 | 04:53PM
omd111 wrote:
Talk about someone who won the lottery. Nowhere near the ability of a head coach and just barely over .500 with one of the weakest schedules in all of college football. The administration of the University should all give a portion of their salary back for losing so much money for the state. Too bad we have people who are not too bright running our University.
on November 17,2011 | 05:06PM
braddah wrote:
IT IS WHAT IT IS....Support the team....
on November 17,2011 | 05:39PM
HoldEverything wrote:
Uh-oh. This kind of publicity turns McMackin into a lightning rod. Oh, well.
on November 17,2011 | 05:44PM
whs1966 wrote:
What does it say about our values when the highest paid state employee is a football coach and the highest paid federal employee is a football coach (the Naval Academy coach)? It's not about win-loss records or which conference a team plays in...it's about our priorities. Unfortunately, when coach Mac is sent packing we will be told over and over again that if we want to hire a "quality" coach who will take the UH football program "to the next level" that we must fork over even more $$ than coach Mac has been paid.
on November 17,2011 | 06:09PM
Nati wrote:
Recruits, after reading these comments, will surely think twice (sigh).
on November 17,2011 | 06:31PM
KeithHaugen wrote:
He is the highest paid public servant in Hawai`i. Something is wrong.
on November 17,2011 | 06:40PM
blackkitty wrote:
The UH football program can no longer afford McMackin .. . the cheapest option is to suffer for another year, then hire someone new ... someone local (Cal Lee?) ... give him a basic contract with a base salary of $100,000 and an additional $50,000 for every "win" game ... then add a bonus of $1 for every stadium fan over a base crowd of 25,000 ... make the contract term for one year and renewable at the option of the UH. The offense must be modified beyond passing on every down ... even then, as has already been mentioned, we need a tight end (big, powerful guy) for third down situations and in the "red zone" ... the "shoot and run" is too predictable and teams that punish our receivers always end up winning (even losing teams like UNLV). This comes from a fan that loves the UH football program and hopes the powers that be at UH will fix this sad situation soon. Aloha.
on November 17,2011 | 06:44PM
Anonymous wrote:
McSlakin needs to be replaced ASAP. The man has no talent. I was appalled when he was first named head coach.
on November 17,2011 | 07:03PM
livinginhawaii wrote:
Yet another extreme waster of tax payer dollars. This has got to be the most over paid government employee in the State. We have lame priorities thanks to our over paid politicians....
on November 17,2011 | 07:05PM
kam316 wrote:
here we go blah blah blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on November 17,2011 | 07:48PM
UHFAN1984 wrote:
Ok all you let's fire coach and get somebody else not on of you came up with any suggestions of who would replace him. We get hire Cal Lee but he's on the same staff that's a losing so your going to get the same result. So for 700,000 dollars who would be the replacement. How's Randy Shannon -- Fired from Miami or Rick Neuhiesel soon to be fired from UCLA ---Na let's steal Bobby Hauck from UNLV since he beat Hawaii but has a total of 5 wins in his 2yrs there. Let Mac play out his contract give a one year option that's incentive based---- the injuries hurt us bad on both sides of the ball this year yet I still have faith in this team and it's seniors WIN OUT
on November 17,2011 | 07:51PM
hon2255 wrote:
WE support the players not the currrent head coach, inept, incompetent, continual miscues during gametime.Better to buyout the contract , I am sure there are boosters lined by Donovan to assist UH.We don't need a name coach, just a young ,smart ,energetic ,go getter that will accept the challenge ,many coordinators would be interested .
on November 17,2011 | 08:00PM
hon2255 wrote:
on November 17,2011 | 07:55PM
Anonymous wrote:
Mac is not the problem. Talent is the problem. The Warriors are lacking in talent which causes depth problems. Once someone gets hurt, the backup is not that good. It is so hard to recruit the top players from the mainland. UH can't even keep the best Island players in Hawaii. Every blue chip player that comes from Hawaii leaves for a nationally ranked program or nationally recognized program. UH will never be a consistent nationally ranked program. Mac is making due with what he has, which is not much. He turns out NFL players, but he does not have enough of them. I wish UH were better, but it is hard place to get the top recruits.
on November 17,2011 | 08:15PM
omd111 wrote:
And who recruits the talent? Who recruits the first string and the back ups? I don't know how you can say it's the talent when McMuffin is the one recruiting them. Let's stop making excuses about a hard place to recruit. How did Boise State become a powerhouse being the in the middle of nowhere. We have so much more to do here on Oahu than you have in Boise, Idaho. How is Boise able to recruit such good players? Because they have a successful program with competent coaches.
on November 17,2011 | 08:37PM
Anonymous wrote:
How do sell UH to a 4 or 5 star recruit from the mainland? Really. Tell me how. I would really like to know. I don't see Manti Teo staying home. He was on the first flight to ND. Come on. You can't compare Boise St. with Hawaii. They can recruit the talented kids from Cal, WA, OR and the surrounding States. I know its a tough pill to swallow hearing that the top recruits to want to come to Hawaii. BTW, how much is Hawaii's recruiting budget. Last I heard, it was about 50K. The big conference schools are in the hundreds of thousands. And, who wants to coach at UH. What big name wants to come to Hawaii and coach? Urban Meyer? Get real.
on November 17,2011 | 10:12PM
Anonymous wrote:
I don't Manti Teo suited up in a Warrior uniform. Do you?
on November 17,2011 | 10:15PM
purigorota wrote:
What if you paid coaches $50,000 for every win?
on November 17,2011 | 08:17PM
omd111 wrote:
For McMuffin that is still a great deal. He should have been paid $50,000 a year as head coach. That's what he's worth.
on November 17,2011 | 08:38PM
aiea7 wrote:
Can't really blame coach mack for his high salary; it was Virginia Hinshaw who offered the $1.1 million to mack. He was set to going to SMU with JJ, but when this offer was made, he could not turn it down. This was a very huge and strategic mistake. Glad to see her leaving, she has made some poor decisions costing UH lots of money.
on November 17,2011 | 08:23PM
PAINTER wrote:
Would be nice to see all of you who made the above comments at the game this Saturday. I'll be there, Fresno State Vs. Hawaii always a great game. Aloha.
on November 17,2011 | 08:32PM
Mach2 wrote:
this guy is a sad sack... we done paid for a bmw m5 and they delivered a hyundai full of hamsters... what a joke!
on November 17,2011 | 08:52PM
Fergster wrote:
This is one of the best coaching staffs to ever coach a Hawaii team.
on November 17,2011 | 09:37PM
Mach2 wrote:
Yeah. Just not a football team.
on November 17,2011 | 11:22PM
dahunajr wrote:
bra somebody fire dick tomey, and then bench tank hopkins.....
on November 17,2011 | 09:43PM
unobra wrote:
All that matters is the "W" and if you don't believe that you're kidding your self.
on November 18,2011 | 04:53AM
RDuggan wrote:
I think it absolutely perverse that we pay anyone so much money to coach players in a brutal game. I thought college was for learning, not playing. I am very resentful toward UH and the state that my tax dollars support the inflated salary of this man.
on November 23,2011 | 09:10AM
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