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HPD says it is not investigating allegations of UH point-shaving

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 05:10 p.m. HST, Nov 22, 2011

The Honolulu Police Department said late this afternoon that "there is not enough information to open a criminal investigation" of alleged point-shaving by unnamed University of Hawaii football players.

Earlier in the day, UH leadership issued a brief statement, saying UH President MRC Greenwood and UH Board of Regents Chairman Eric Martinson met with HPD Chief Louis Kealoha "to offer UH's full cooperation with HPD's inquiry."

In a statement, HPD said it first was contacted by UH officals about the allegations of point-shaving in early November.

"UH officials gave a copy of an anonymous letter to the HPD," according to spokeswoman Michelle Yu. "At this time, there is not enough information to open a criminal investigation."

Greenwood said that on Nov. 3 the UH Manoa Office of Admissions received an anonymous letter alleging point shaving by unnamed players of the Warrior football team. She said UH officials immediately notified HPD and the NCAA of the allegations.

"UH has alerted the NCAA about the anonymous letter and its contents and, in discussions with them, has been informed it is 'doing exactly what you need to be doing' in this situation," Greenwood said.

UH athletic director Jim Donovan, who is traveling to Las Vegas for the Western Athletic Conference's volleyball tournament, was not immediately available for comment. Head coach Greg McMackin was in a coaches' meeting. 

Point shaving is a felony in which a player alters his performance to manipulate the score or point spread of a game. 

The Warriors were 5-3 and tied for second place in the WAC when UH received the letter. 

Since then, the Warriors have lost three in a row, falling to 5-6, and need to win their final two regular-season games to qualify for the Dec. 24 Hawaii Bowl. They play Tulane on Saturday and Brigham Young on Dec. 3.


UH statement

Statement to Media
Dr. MRC Greenwood, University of Hawaii President
November 22, 2011

On November 3, 2011, the UH Manoa Office of Admissions received an anonymous letter alleging “point shaving” by unnamed football players of UH football games.

Recognizing the seriousness of these allegations, UH leadership acted promptly and responsibly by immediately alerting the Honolulu Police Department and providing the letter to them.

Board of Regents Chair Eric Martinson and President MRC Greenwood met personally with Chief Louis Kealoha to offer UH’s full cooperation with HPD’s inquiry.

UH has alerted the NCAA about the anonymous letter and its contents and, in discussions with them, has been informed that it is “doing exactly what you need to be doing” in this situation.

Out of respect for the police investigation, UH will not comment further at this point.




Police statement

The Honolulu Police Department said this afternoon there is no active
criminal investigation into wrongdoing by any University of Hawaii football

In a statement, HPD spokeswoman Michelle Yu said the department first was
contacted by UH officals  about the allegations of point-shaving in early

"UH officials gave a copy of an anonymous letter to the HPD," spokeswoman Yu
said. "At this time, there is not enough information to open a criminal

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Musubi wrote:
This could destroy the entire program. *sigh*
on November 22,2011 | 01:59PM
Descartes22 wrote:
"sigh" is an understatement. I've been a critic of the head coach, and for the long term trajectory of the program have advocated for his dismissal. However, I cannot imagine that like Joe Pa he knew something smelled. unlike the game time blunders, lack of preparation, and recruiting misfires - which are verifiable reflections on the coaching staff - this is simply an allegation, without any factual corroboration. So everyone should be patient and not jump to conclusions. on this front, the coaching staff merits an open minded outlook from the diehards.
on November 22,2011 | 03:30PM
motoxdad wrote:
it's already destroyed with MacMackin there
on November 22,2011 | 03:36PM
slink wrote:
That would explain a lot!
on November 22,2011 | 01:59PM
false wrote:
First, would the FBI be a preferable entity to handle this investigation. Secondly, please get Mac's fingerprints to check to see if they are on the anonymous letter.
on November 22,2011 | 02:02PM
kainalu wrote:
lol ... after all, HPD is jumping to it based on an "anonymous letter" regarding "unnamed players". Darn, I thought it tool a heck more than that to get HPD to react to something.
on November 22,2011 | 02:45PM
braddahkeems wrote:
I hope it was a clean razor blade they used?!!?? stupid idiots !!!! What a disgrace " IF " they did !!!
on November 22,2011 | 02:06PM
false wrote:
No nothing was done. Somebody is just playing games. Who could prove it, if it the letter was anonymous? The only way: for the players to step forward, as if Greg does not have enough pressure on him already. If not now and maybe a year or two from now, these allegations are found to be true, then it could be probation city for the UH Football program. Greg, please take care of your kids.
on November 22,2011 | 02:16PM
inverse wrote:
Nothing wrong with an anonymous letter. It is up to the authorities to validate or deny the accusations. Just like the "anonymous" tip that identified the illegal dumping in an Ewa stream bed by City workers. In that case it was an anonymous City employee him/herself who participated in the illegal dumping and reported it later cause he/she felt it was wrong. In that case had the employee given his/her name, that person would have caught hell and most likely have to quit their job. If the letter turns out to be true, most likely it would have to come from the "inside" such as a UH football player who felt what some of his other players on his team is doing is wrong, in shaving points and trying to make a little "side money" while attending UH as a student. You are right, in order for this to go to trial, this anonymous person would eventually have to testify, however he would probably have to be given immunity from prosecution, if he was part of an alleged point shaving scheme. OR it is like the Reggie Bush scandal that cost USC their national championship. In that case, from my understanding it was a disgruntled agent who knew about Bush's illegal financial arrangements and wanted "hush" money to keep his mouth quiet. When they did not pay off this guy, he then reported the Bush arrangement to the NCAA. So another possibility it was a player who WANTED a piece of the cut and was denied, and in return, ratted on his other teammates. OR this is just a hoax.
on November 22,2011 | 02:56PM
false wrote:
Could be a hoax and a terrible hoax as if this allegation was discussed with the players by the coaching staff, and then definitely a storm cloud over any of the players' thoughts could contribute to a much less than 100% effort, leading to the three consecutive losses. If the person making these allegations was swift justice, then please come forward, because all you are doing is ruining The Warrior 2011 season..
on November 22,2011 | 03:27PM
inverse wrote:
Wait a minute, are you claiming the reason for UH's poor performance for the last 3 games is all because of the effects this anonymous letter had on the team? And here many of us thought it was due to poor coaching and overall lack of team focus and discipline. For that UH better extend Mac's contract for 3 more years and give him a raise!
on November 22,2011 | 07:55PM
livinginhawaii wrote:
Too funny - this was one of the reasons presented to the public by that anti gambling lobby group as a reason why we should not have legalized gambling in Hawaii. Um...we don't have legalized gambling in Hawaii - maybe someone from this lobby group can comment on how this could have possibly happened...
on November 22,2011 | 02:20PM
alapilipoipounders wrote:
This shouldn't be a reason not to have legalize gaming in Hawaii. Nevada is currently the only state where sports betting is allowed.
on November 22,2011 | 02:52PM
High_Society wrote:
Funny how Hawaii was favored by 20 points, yet got owned by UNLV. Makes me wonder if McSlack'n and Moniz put money down on the game the night before. Something to think about......
on November 22,2011 | 03:32PM
Fred01 wrote:
....so uninformed.
on November 22,2011 | 09:53PM
808comp wrote:
Let's hope this is not true. Strange this should come up today cause as i was listening to the Josh Pacheco show on ESPN radio this morning he was talking about something similar to this.It had to do with money for the universities, not UH but like Penn State and others.He also mentioned something to the fact that UH must be following the rules since the athletic dept is always in the red.Wonder if anybody out there heard his show this morning.If you did please correct me if i'm wrong.
on November 22,2011 | 02:30PM
Tony96822 wrote:
lol, this probably isn't true but I heard awhile back about something like this on the mainland where some parents of big school athletes where within 2 years they were able to but luxury cars, jewelry and even a nice house. But I don't think UH's program would do that. Hawaii ain't no big school.
on November 22,2011 | 02:34PM
inverse wrote:
Could be a coach or football player(s) or both. Wasn't few years ago an NBA referee Donaghy was involved in some betting scandal. Check the finances & purchases of all of the coaches and players and then follow the money. I agree with someone else HPD should NOT be handling this case, rather the FBI should take over this case. HPD has it hands full with all of it own internal investigations/allegations, including the HPD major who was alleged to be dealing crystal meth, the officer who alleged to have se xually assualted a woman in a shopping center parking lot, cooking the books on officer overtime, etc.
on November 22,2011 | 03:07PM
u808man wrote:
Aloha Warrior Nation! Holy Crap!
on November 22,2011 | 02:41PM
alapilipoipounders wrote:
Props to HPD for all they do, but shouldn't this be a federal investigation?
on November 22,2011 | 02:50PM
FrankieT wrote:
Maybe Hawaii 5-0 LOL
on November 22,2011 | 04:03PM
mrluke wrote:
FEDERAL, Why?? What investigation? No Witnesses - No Evidence - No nothing. Just an anonymous letter with absolutely no information. Just what the H#ll could the Feds do? FBI= Federal Bureau of Incompetents.
on November 22,2011 | 05:59PM
Fred01 wrote:
relax dude. Life goes on beyond the rock.
on November 22,2011 | 09:54PM
HD36 wrote:
Yet it's perfectly legal for congress to engage in insider trading.
on November 22,2011 | 02:53PM
FrankieT wrote:
Apples and Oranges, get a life
on November 22,2011 | 04:04PM
HD36 wrote:
Why is it different? Both acts involve cheating the public through inside actions which are entrusted to parties within congress and those playing football. The main difference is that those who make the laws have exempted themselve's from criminal behavior while enriching themselv'es at the expense of others. Simalarly, a football player who takes a payooff enriches himself at the expense of the integrity of the game and those who legally, or illegally bet on it. Think about it.
on November 22,2011 | 04:47PM
H20 wrote:
"Anonymous", "unnamed". Wonder if I sent an anonymous letter saying there's an unnamed dragon living under Aloha Stadium if it would also get investigated? Come on folks, this is only slightly more solid than air. Complete morons can put words on a paper and mail it.
on November 22,2011 | 03:00PM
kapoleitalkstory wrote:
There are more important things for HPD to be doing with their time like solving ALL the other crimes on Oahu first!
on November 22,2011 | 03:02PM
Br_tus wrote:
Paaalllllleeeeeeezzzzz ..... In ALL of their games UH won or lost fair and square ...... The boys played their hearts out ..... And why would anyone associated with gambling even THINK about betting on UH enough and risk trusting small-time players on the UH team with keeping the secret. For a FELONY charge??? At a bigger school or with bigger name players (who can be controlled because they have something to lose ie: in the draft, NFL, etc.) ..... MAYBE. At UH? NO WAY!!!
on November 22,2011 | 03:14PM
niimi wrote:
Give up a sack... Get rid of Mack! :-) Woohoo!
on November 22,2011 | 03:20PM
Anonymous wrote:
"ANONYMOUS LETTER".....Whoever wrote it at least have the GUTS to sign your name to it and back it up w/ FACTS !!!!!
on November 22,2011 | 03:24PM
bandwagon wrote:
Anonymous!? Talk about "The pot calling the kettle black"
on November 22,2011 | 03:32PM
waikane_honolulu wrote:
That's great!! +1
on November 22,2011 | 03:59PM
FrankieT wrote:
I agree, the person is a gutless wonder
on November 22,2011 | 04:05PM
jusjoking wrote:
Yeah, you tell um anonymous. Good one.
on November 22,2011 | 05:29PM
ufried wrote:
maybe just maybe... a record breaking quarter back knowing full well he wont be playing for money next year, thought he might get an education and get paid for it! "just saying" hmmmmmm
on November 22,2011 | 03:33PM
bleedgreen wrote:
It's interesting the letter was sent to the Office of Admissions and not to the university's main office or the athletic department.
on November 22,2011 | 03:36PM
shishiman25 wrote:
First he sleeps with a defensive linemans wife, and no he's guilty of piont shaving. . . . How awesome is Moniz?! What a joke! I really hope he is convicted because it was so obvious.
on November 22,2011 | 03:37PM
jusjoking wrote:
Mr pissman, if you have proof of guilt info about moniz maybe you should write a letter to the police. no need sign it, a jury of people like you convict on the garbage SA prints.
on November 22,2011 | 05:21PM
sukebesan wrote:
Hmm.... Bachi, if true! Must be retribution that Moniz sustained a broken tibia.
on November 22,2011 | 08:11PM
temarnie wrote:
Not surprising. The season is essentially over for the Bobo's, and the coaching staff needs to be replaced, why not try to to make something of a lost cause?
on November 22,2011 | 03:39PM
kalaoa wrote:
Sounds like empty gourd of a unhappy UH fan.
on November 22,2011 | 03:51PM
Manapua_Man wrote:
I think Wo Fat is behind all of this.
on November 22,2011 | 03:55PM
FrankieT wrote:
Well, only one letter and anonymous sound a bit fishy to me. Lets hope it is only a disgruntle fan who lost money betting on the games.
on November 22,2011 | 04:02PM
BRock wrote:
Anonymous letters carry little weight or credibility.
on November 22,2011 | 04:58PM
bigbud808 wrote:
not a problem, if Hawaii no longer is listed w/a point spread for the rest of the season. If there actually was people taking advantage then it's over because we cannot let this be done to our college. and if it is just a false rumor, then no problem .right? Have vegas take Hawaii off the board and if local houses carry the game then that is their pilikia.
on November 22,2011 | 05:05PM
buddybus wrote:
I went to the last game and noticed some of the receivers just going through the motions. Jogging back and walking back to the huddle with time not on our side. The dropped pass late in the game took the cake. Point shaving??????????????????? I don't know, but sure looks suspicious. Ever since the lossing streak, the offencive line not holding and the wide receivers look slow................mahalo, better game this week. Don't make it look so obvious..............
on November 22,2011 | 05:12PM
jusjoking wrote:
now we know the powers that be at u h read the papers or watch the news. they contacted police and passed the buck without proof other than a mysterious letter. whew, no need worry now, they covered u h's behind. at least no kids invovled
on November 22,2011 | 05:15PM
Changalang wrote:
And the coaching staff never noticed? Hmmmm.
on November 22,2011 | 05:18PM
jcole wrote:
Good on president Greenwood for taking the trash right to the police, and good for all the administrators who brought it up to her without delay. And double kudos to her for her alerting the entire UH community via email, even if a couple of weeks later. The best remedy is to get all the crap in public view, in fresh air. Come on "anonymous," drag your quivvering buns into the light, identify yourself and tell us what you know, if anything! If you know something, share it with the police and indentify yourself and your sources; otherwise, keep your sorry thoughts to your sorry self.
on November 22,2011 | 05:47PM
grover6974 wrote:
HPD and FBI got payed off!!! My two cents!! All UH needs to do is fire Coach McMackin next year he sucks!!! Coach McMackin if your reading this stay as King Roland in spaceballs!!!!
on November 22,2011 | 06:23PM
derek_millennium wrote:
Unfortunately, I heard about this rumor couple weeks ago. It may not be hard to pinpoint what player(s) may be involved. A starter, probably a senior , and can make an impact on the game. Two players come to mind that did well last year and is having a mediocre year this year. This would be a sad day for the university if this investigation comes out true.
on November 22,2011 | 06:37PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Bottom Line: a dud bomb. However it may have worked as the performance of the Warriors on the field has suffered. If I were the brass of the UH coaching staff, I would have not told the football players nothing at all. The investigation would be going on, and if nothing turns up, then the bomb was a fake bomb. LOL. If Mac told the team to "watch out" for point shavers, that would have made the entire team suspicious and nothing great would have resulted. In fact I point the finger higher than Mac and go as far as saying that the top echelon of UH mismanaged this fiasco. All that can be concluded is a big fat LOL.
on November 22,2011 | 06:59PM
kainalu wrote:
"Allegations", "anonymous", "unnamed", and the clincher - no criminal investigation. It appears that most have been snookered. Shame on our local media for Headlining a story that appears to be nothing more than useless empty accusations.
on November 22,2011 | 07:05PM
tiki886 wrote:
Someone who knew something was losing BIG money on the spread when it was going one way or the other consistantly. The big money losers are the ones who dropped the dime. Smart. The big, big money games are coming up. People watching. Too many eyes. The shaving may stop, unless the players or the coaches have heavy markers on them.
on November 22,2011 | 07:23PM
cpkamuela wrote:
So...the media tries to contact Jim Donavan? Well, he's on his way to Vegas for the NCAA volleyball tournament. Does the Athletic Director of the University of Hawaii not return phone calls that may affect one of the State's primary athletic teams? I guess not right now because "he is traveling". Well, let's try to call Coach Mac! Sorry...he's in a "coach's meeting." Get him the ____ out of there because this is a serious issue that needs to addressed! Look's like they both don't want to say anything right now...running. Take a look at the most recent losses and point spreads...what do you think?
on November 22,2011 | 07:29PM
kainalu wrote:
Haven't been following along. It appears the media has punked everyone. No story here.
on November 22,2011 | 07:53PM
gshilo wrote:
It's just a hoax. The letter writer is probably thinking that there's some kind of fix was going on because UH is playing so badly. I don't think there's anything criminal going on - just the result of poor coaching.
on November 22,2011 | 07:34PM
HoldEverything wrote:
This is the way it begins. An anonymous letter. A single thread which, when pulled, begins to unravel the larger garment. If this is true...IF this is true...expect someone to come forward to corroborate. Hopefully it's just some sicko with an axe to grind. Time will tell. Maybe. And HPD isn't who you want doing the investigation. If this occurred across state lines, at road games, I believe the FBI can be brought in.
on November 22,2011 | 07:44PM
Publicbraddah wrote:
Why post an article when there's nothing to post? If there was enough evidence to warrant an investigation, that would be news. By putting this article on the news, people will naturally suggest something is amiss in Manoa. Until hard evidence is presented, this is just a rumor and should be treated as such. This kind of rumor brings out all kinds of speculation and tosses around names like McMackin. C'mon people, don't read between the lines.
on November 22,2011 | 08:11PM
inverse wrote:
What about the letter? Was it dropped off at the admission's office or mailed to the office? Was the letter in an envelope or by itself? Was the letter hand written or printed with a computer? Was the letter handled minimally so possible fingerprints could be obtained? How many non-current UH students actually know the mailing address and/or physical location of the UH admission office at the Manoa campus? UH manoa is layed out like a labrinthian maze and would frustrate any non UH manoa student or faculty. Can HPD at least answer these questions? Got to be a student who wrote this letter, and true or false of the allegations, this person needs to identified and interviewed. If UH management or HPD had any motivation to find the letter writer they would done an immediate investigation on the day the UH admissions office received the letter on 11/3.
on November 22,2011 | 08:19PM
sukebesan wrote:
Must be Coach McMuffin - $1.15 million annual salary not enough for him to make a decent living.
on November 22,2011 | 08:29PM
Eradication wrote:
Wow, ALL the nut cases are posting tonight.
on November 22,2011 | 09:01PM
LanaUlulani wrote:
Where there is smoke... there is fire....
on November 22,2011 | 09:01PM
mitt_grund wrote:
Sounds like a disgruntled "social" gambler who lost a lot on the point spread. Probably upset about his losses and wanted to get back at the football program. Can't help it if the team just doesn't have that extra effort needed to win. But on another tack, McMackin should start watching his back. Hasn't been convincing in his role-playing as head coach.
on November 22,2011 | 10:34PM
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