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Romney scolds Obama's plans for Christmas vacation in Hawaii

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 12:48 p.m. HST, Dec 06, 2011


GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney blasted President Barack Obama for planning to take his annual family Christmas vacation in Hawaii this year while the economy continues sputtering.

"His idea of a hands-on approach to the economy is getting a grip on his golf club. He's going off for 17 days in Hawaii," Romney said Monday night in a telephone call to a Cedar Rapids, Iowa town-hall meeting, according to media reports. "He'll be playing a lot of golf. He told Congress that they need to stay in session and pass his tax breaks for the payroll tax and that they shouldn't leave for vacation until they did that. And yet, he's going off for 17 days and for golf in the sun and I just think it's time to have a president whose idea of being 'hands on' doesn't mean getting a better grip on the golf club."

The White House said earlier Monday that Obama and his family are scheduled to depart Washington Dec. 17 for their annual Hawaii Christmas vacation. But that date could fluctuate pending the outcome of debates in Washington over renewing payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits before each expire at the end of the year.

Obama, who was born on Oahu and spent much of his childhood here, returns each Christmastime for a low-key holiday with his family.

The president is not expected to have any public events during his Hawaiian vacation. He's due to return to Washington after the first of the year.

After last month's Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, Obama told a gathering of campaign donors on Oahu that his family would be returning for their annual family vacation but that his arrival would depend on Congress.

"Michelle and the girls will be back shortly for Christmas vacation, as we do every year. We'll see if Washington gets its business done so I can get here in time," Obama told about 250 donors at the Aulani Disney Resort at Ko Olina on Nov 14.



The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Lindall wrote:
Romney is just jealous. I bet if this was his hometown he would come here for Christmas too. Give it a break Romney
on December 6,2011 | 11:40AM
livinginhawaii wrote:
As a reminder Barry claims his "hometown" to be Chicago, not Hawaii. This was where he was born and had attended grade school through highschool.
on December 6,2011 | 01:53PM
kuewa wrote:
Not sure what your point is, but this is no different for many local born kids who move to the mainland for college, then get stuck there because of career and family. The attachment to your birthplace never dies, especially when your birthplace is Hawai`i.
on December 6,2011 | 02:20PM
Cobalt wrote:
@Kuewa, I agree.
on December 6,2011 | 02:44PM
tiki886 wrote:
Obama was born in Hawaii? He's Keynesian!
on December 6,2011 | 05:08PM
Kapakahi wrote:
OK, THAT one is clever!
on December 7,2011 | 12:31PM
livinginhawaii wrote:
Either you or Wikipedia are incorrect about this. Please log in to Wikipedia and correct the information they present to the public in reference to "hometown" location.
on December 6,2011 | 08:47PM
Lindall wrote:
liivinginhawaii, President grew up and resided in Hawaii till he graduated from Punahou. So I believe this is his hometown.
on December 6,2011 | 08:54PM
Manoa_Hawaiian wrote:
Mit Romney grew up in Detroit or a suburb of the city.
on December 6,2011 | 02:39PM
McGarret wrote:
Lighten up, Mitt. Especially since you will probably be spending the holidays with your family in one of your multi-million dollar vacation homes.
on December 6,2011 | 11:51AM
shshimizu wrote:
Romney doesn'y have much going for him lately, which is why he's critisizing our President for his annual vacation. Besides the dates will change if congress doesn't do what they were elected to do. Mitty pooh, are you finally throwing a tantrum?
on December 6,2011 | 11:53AM
Ripoff wrote:
Mitt, go see your Bishop
on December 6,2011 | 12:03PM
dctaira wrote:
Let him come here. Then he won't be campaigning around the country, spending more of our tax payer money.
on December 6,2011 | 12:30PM
IWAKUNI wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on December 6,2011 | 12:35PM
BRock wrote:
Obama is the "real" president. Get over it Iwakuni. Get a grip with reality.
on December 6,2011 | 02:27PM
9ronboz wrote:
don't forget the no-fly zone for private aircarafts
on December 6,2011 | 03:49PM
tiki886 wrote:
Hear, Hear!!
on December 6,2011 | 05:11PM
HD36 wrote:
Well said!!
on December 6,2011 | 05:35PM
rnamiki wrote:
That is a big 10-4 Iwakuni, but jive talking Barry lacks the common sense of coach Mac. He is hell bent to drag you, me, and America down the tube.
on December 7,2011 | 05:48AM
Nesmith wrote:
Most often misused word "epic". He's real all right. Bet he stays around another term. Especially since there is no one running against hint? Someone credible anyway. Whymis everyone wasting their time and money.
on December 25,2011 | 12:21AM
ahi1pfb wrote:
Maybe bobby titcomb can get him some action on this trip!
on December 6,2011 | 12:42PM
Changalang wrote:
It is our pleasure to have one of Hawaii's favorite sons with us to share the holidays and take have a little valuable family time from their otherwise whirlwind busy schedule.
on December 6,2011 | 12:48PM
HD36 wrote:
Speak for yourself. Obunny thought there were 57 states! Is that the way to represent Punahou?
on December 6,2011 | 01:00PM
Changalang wrote:
Having a President from Hawaii and appreciating Hawaii is just good for Hawaii. Rabid partisanship should never blind a citizen to dishonor the office of President of the United States of America. If he hated you as much as you hate him; you would be the one with the problem. You ever met the guy? My cousin played B-ball with him when he was in high school. I met him. He wasn't a Punahou snob or anything. He was just kick back cool, with a lot of the B-ballers from competitor high schools. That 'cool" that he never lost, and is known in certain circles as the Aloha spirit, contributes to his massive success on the global stage. How far did your partisan hate take you?
on December 6,2011 | 02:35PM
HD36 wrote:
Irrelevant!! Wether he can play basketball, golf, talk to you cool, or rap with one side of his mouth and hit a golf ball at the same time, has no bearing on how well has done his job. When he took the oath of Presidency he swore to uphold the constitution. Yet he sends the troops into Libya as an of war without congressional approval violating the constitution. He tries to use the commerce clause in the constitution to force people to buy government health care? Again, unconstitutional. The man never had a private job in his life. He has increased the US deficit more than all the other presidents before him combined. That he acts "cool" while screwing up the country is just more evidence of his arrogant ideology of socialism. Beleive me, I don't hate him. He's actually the best thing for my investment portfolio, but he is bringing the country to the brink of economic collapse.
on December 6,2011 | 02:59PM
Changalang wrote:
His vision of America is different then yours. He is succeeding at taking America farther away from yours and much much closer to his vision. It is hard to argue with success. Trading on fear is indeed a money maker; however, take a look at the amount of real debt America has, unfunded mandates, and unsustainable deficits. Your vision of America is not even on life support; its dead. America has spent itself into history's next fallen Empire, right on cue. Obama, Bernanke, and Geitner are positioning America to dominate in the New World Order. Like I said, hard to argue with success, since it is happening. The world is more dependent on the flow of U.S. dollars than ever before, no matter how much Ben prints. Change is the only constant; adapt or die. "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change" – Charles Darwin. I am sorry that the Change you Hoped for was not in line with your vision, but America voted for the other vision. We have gone beyond the point of no return. Elections have consequences.
on December 6,2011 | 03:48PM
HD36 wrote:
What success are you talking about? The success on $100,000,000 million dollar bonuses that bank executives got from getting bailed out? The success of unemployed getting 99 weeks of checks and refusing to take jobs? Your man has caused America to become the biggest debtor country in the history of the world! That gets alot of people worried. The only reason the world is dependent on US dollars is because we hold the status as the world's reserve currency via the Bretton Woods agreement in 1934. Once we lose that, we go the way of England. What kind of New World Order are you talking about? A one world currency? Government? Hell, they can't even get the Euro right. What kind of change did I hope for? This scenario is exactly how Peter Schiff, Marc Faber and Jim Rogers predicted. All governments can do is PRINT MORE MONEY!! Call it the twist, call it QE, call it 99 more weeks of unemployment checks. I take that back, governemts can also redistribute money-i.e. tax the rich and give it to the poor.
on December 6,2011 | 04:56PM
Changalang wrote:
The Euro is dead; long live the greenback as the safe haven of last resort. It is a theory of mutually assured economic destruction based on the fear of the next Depression. Europe now eats from our trough for survival via IMF feddings, and China last their #1 buyer and went form a planned over-heat to a command economy crash.
on December 6,2011 | 06:01PM
Changalang wrote:
The country was on the brink of economic collapse before Obama got sworn in; and it was well on its way long before that. You should be praising Obama's policies for adding to your individual prosperity. To the casual observer, it appears a bit ungrateful and hypocritical.
on December 6,2011 | 04:02PM
HD36 wrote:
If you've ever played chess, you gotta think 4 or 5 moves ahead son.
on December 6,2011 | 04:58PM
Changalang wrote:
Perhaps you should stick to checkers then, Dad.
on December 6,2011 | 05:55PM
HD36 wrote:
I didn't prosper because of Obama's policies, I prospered in spite of them. Had the government done the right thing, we would be coming out of a depression now, alot stronger and leaner. He made the problem much much bigger by creating a huge bubble in US Treasurys. This will be the bubble of all bubbles' for which there will be an economic collapse the likes of which we have never seen.
on December 6,2011 | 06:16PM
Changalang wrote:
The world has nowhere else to go. Go ahead and eat that gold your holding; see how it tastes.
on December 6,2011 | 07:03PM
Changalang wrote:
He prevented a Depression via continuing quantitative easing based Fed policies, and your investment portfolio has prospered. Where is the rub?
on December 6,2011 | 04:09PM
HD36 wrote:
If printing money was the cure to an economic depression, then why isn't Zimbawe the world's strongest economy?
on December 6,2011 | 05:46PM
Changalang wrote:
Zimbbwe doesn't exactly qualify as the printer of the world's only fiat currency. Oil is spanked. The Saudis need a minimum of $90 a barrel to support their Arab spring give back to the people. When OPEC jacked prices past optimal selling point, Saudi pumped more to secure their profits. There is no replacement for the greenback now. It is the only game in town. Basket currencies are not popular becausenobody knows who is going down next. The Swiss and Japanese can't function if their currency over values; so they are forced to ease or lock themselves. So, where is the hyper-inflation? Nowhere; America's markets are the last best chance. Try to think New World. The Old World is dead. The pain is spreaqd over time and space by exporting our economic woes to other soveriegn, but inter-connected economies. Our dollar; everybody else's problem.
on December 6,2011 | 07:11PM
HD36 wrote:
You're right, Zimbawe is not the only printer of fiat currencies. Why would anyone need to qualify that statement? Are you sure you know what the term fiat currency means? Think back to 1971 when Nixon took us off the gold standar. The founders of the constitution put us on a gold standard so that the government could not expand the money supply and grow itself beond fiscal constraints. The Chinese are the largest importers and producers of gold right now and I believe they will make a bid to have the worls reserve currency or a basket of currencies. This will happen sooner or later. Ever heard of the Swiss Franc? They have a -2% yield --that is your true safe haven They have deflation so the purhcaser actually gets a positive yeild.
on December 6,2011 | 10:09PM
wiliki wrote:
Printing money isn't the cure. Spending the money is a cure. So people spend and increase demand. It's an upward spiral until it becomes sustainable. Quantative easing helps but good fiscal policy if the Republicans don't stand in the way, would be better.
on December 7,2011 | 02:45AM
Denominator wrote:
You must be smokin the good stuff. Obama's brilliant plans have included cash for clunkers (that clunked big time!) and reducing everyone's contributions to their own social security plans (what he calls a tax break). Now he plans to send $100 million to Europe? WTF kinda plan is that? BTW the financial stabilization and bailouts were all adopted by congress before Obama even took office. All he has done is rob the oil reserves, print money and saddle us with a gargantuan boondoggle of Obama care.
on December 6,2011 | 05:56PM
Changalang wrote:
Try and catch up. The Fed is bailing out Europe now and has been for years. European banks with U.S. assets licensed to bank have access to the Fed discount window and pay only 25 basis points to funnel money back to, say BNP Paribas via, say BancWest, or better yet First Hawaiian Bank. Getting off oil is a means to have the others burn thier reserves first because that is their power point. The U.S. will hold its reserves.
on December 6,2011 | 07:15PM
HD36 wrote:
Try reading the constitution. The Federal Reserve Bank is no more apart of the government than Federal Express. The Federal Reserve is a secrative private bank with ties to the Rothchild family, along with the European Central Bank. They will fund both sides of a war just to get both countries indebted to them. What makes you think we are getting off oil anytime soon? Like I said, your man Obama invest billions of our money in a now bankrupt company called Solaris. Kickbacks? Of course, his biggest contributors were the banks he bailed out!
on December 6,2011 | 10:31PM
wiliki wrote:
The Fed is also a govt institution. It's unfair to compare it to Federal Express, a private company. The fed is charged with fighting excessive inflation and high unemployment. But it can't do much if Congress doesn't have good fiscal policy. When Bernanke reminded Congress of its duty, Republicans said to him, "mind your own business and don't interfere with ours".
on December 7,2011 | 02:50AM
HD36 wrote:
Spending money is not a cure to economic growth. If that we're true then we could spend our way to prosperity. Remember, Americans are broke from spending too much already. Actually the key would be less spending, more saving and capital investing, especially in the manufacturing sector.
on December 7,2011 | 07:27AM
Changalang wrote:
No comment. How's that?
on December 6,2011 | 04:12PM
Changalang wrote:
Addendum: Multiple postings secondary to consecutive vanishings of prior post. Hope someone can appreciate the pattern of progression on message response. :)
on December 6,2011 | 04:37PM
HD36 wrote:
Sounds just like Obama.
on December 6,2011 | 05:26PM
HD36 wrote:
People seeking a safe haven in the dollar from the Euro are jumping from the frying pan into the fire. If you were a German citizen would you want your taxes raised to pay for parying Greeks? At least they have time to think about it. The way Obama rammed all the bailouts through nobody knew what was in it. Why don't you put your money under your matress for the next 5 years and I'll put mine in gold, silver, oil, corn wheat, soybeans and gold mining stocks and we'll see who has more?
on December 6,2011 | 09:22PM
wiliki wrote:
I think that many commodities like gold are over-priced. Pity the poor sucker that gets left holding the bag when the bubble bursts.
on December 7,2011 | 02:52AM
HD36 wrote:
You raise many points, typical though of an ignoramous from the main stream media, expoousing Keynesianism. Number 1, banks have collapsed for hundreds of years and society has moved on. The way capitalism works, you let the incompetent fail, and competent banks will come in and take there place. It was foreseen well in advance by Peter Schiff that the housing market bubble would burst and the government would come in and bail out the banks. The only person in Washington DC that saw it coming in 2001 was Ron Paul, a free market , non Keynesian economist. Obama did not prevent a depression from happening. He's only kicked the can down the road a couple years, but when it comes, it will be alot worse now.
on December 6,2011 | 04:45PM
Changalang wrote:
Initially, I just posted the first response. Then, it would vanish for review. Then, they all appeared at once; hence, the addendum as I tried to water down an acceptable response for our censor. On point, we are beyond Keynesian economics. That was the cover story. The goal was to print and spend and win the currency war. Print so many dolars as the fiat currency, that it becomes the only safe commodity relative to everything else in the world. China's yuan manipulation made them the producer in a command economy. Hence, for them to continue to manipulate, they had to buy more and more U.S. Treasuries, until they reach a point where they'd be screwing themselves to manipulate and held so many dollars that they could not afford to devalue or dump them on the world market.
on December 6,2011 | 05:54PM
wiliki wrote:
Nope Obama did the right thing. The best evidence for that is the failure of Lehman Brothers. We don't have a way to insure depositors of large investment banks which do not have FDIC protection. When the small ones are allowed to fail as in this weeks NewsWeek story of MF Global (headed by former Sen. Corzine), investors lose everything in their accounts. MF Global at about a billion dollars is considered small enough to fail and isn't covered under the current law for too big to fail banks. By taking action he saved the accounts of many investors in these banks. Holders of IRA accounts there should be glad that he prevented a run on these banks that would have heralded a new Great Depression due wholly to Republican negligence.
on December 7,2011 | 03:03AM
HD36 wrote:
The idea that you can solve debt by going further into debt has never worked..
on December 6,2011 | 06:11PM
Changalang wrote:
The guy with the last chip on the table wins the all nighter; we print the only chip in town now.
on December 6,2011 | 07:16PM
HD36 wrote:
The Euro is in much better shape than the dollar. You just don't know it yet.
on December 6,2011 | 06:30PM
Changalang wrote:
It will be 1.2 to parody by the end of 2012. The Euro is only a means for Germany to enslave its neighbors. did you see the German Bund sale last week? They could not move their own paper, and they are the strongest economy in the Old World.
on December 6,2011 | 07:18PM
HD36 wrote:
The Federal Reserve is not a part of the US government. They are controlled by the Rothchillds and represent a secretive cartel of private bankers. The founders of the costititopm mandated that all money be coined of gold or silver. This was to prevent an expansion of the money supply as we are having now, which creates massive inflation and expansion of government beyond its means to fund itself. The result: the common man gets ground between taxes and inflation. Democrats like yourself don't seem to get the basics.
on December 7,2011 | 07:33AM
HD36 wrote:
I don't hate Obama, I love this country!
on December 6,2011 | 06:35PM
Changalang wrote:
The country you loved died in its sleep. Her twin sister is better in the sack; best to marry her.
on December 6,2011 | 07:20PM
Beaglebagels wrote:
He is grumpy because he can't believe he's losing to Newt!
on December 6,2011 | 12:52PM
nitestalker3 wrote:
hometown? hawaii's favorite son? where does all this b.s. come fm. this is NOT his home town, chicago is, he was just born here. he doesn't live here, vote here and never represented hawaii. did obama ever come to hawaii for christmas to "be with his family" prior to becoming president or does he only come here as president for the free ride for him, the family and the entourage. i would like to see the paper put a real investigative reporter on that (if they have any left) and let us know exactly where obama spent christmas prior to being sworn in. betcha a plate lunch fm chun wah cam or a cake fm delite bakery it wasn't in hawaii.
on December 6,2011 | 12:59PM
kainalu wrote:
Straws ... grasping at straws.
on December 6,2011 | 01:20PM
FrankieT wrote:
Better he vacation in Hawaii, now you can have all the traffic stoppage and traffic jams.
on December 6,2011 | 01:34PM
FrankieT wrote:
on December 6,2011 | 01:35PM
BlueDolphin53 wrote:
Ok, I'm certainly no Obama fan, but Mitt should give it a rest. These types of trivial complaints make the "complainer" look worse than the "complainee." Criticize him on something else......
on December 6,2011 | 01:42PM
KeithHaugen wrote:
Maybe it is because Romney doesn't know where he was born? Kenya,maybe? Mitt's gonna blow his nomination and hand it to Trump, or Cain, or, God forbid, Newt... yuk.
on December 6,2011 | 02:08PM
Bully wrote:
The President of the United States can spend his vacation wherever he wants, Romney wont gain any votes from this issue.
on December 6,2011 | 02:12PM
Imua45 wrote:
I ssume the difference here is Romney wants to be president & Obama is the president. This is what is called politics.
on December 6,2011 | 02:14PM
Vivgie wrote:
Ay, Bama Babes! You and your family come on over here where our Aloha spirit welcomes you. You do work very hard trying to to please everybody and cheer the nation on despite the schmuck Republicans who just don't want you to get credit for everything. Bring your favorite board shorts and enjoy the warm weather that is the envy of the nation. The national news just can't get over the beautiful weather with Diamond Head in the background behind the luckiest news reporters to be assigned to Paradise. Come see the Polynesian Cultural Center where the best show plays, eat shaved ice, bodysurf, or just lay around and relax your mind. You deserve a vacation, and we will not bother you. Just your being here makes us all feel good. Shaka to you, Braddah!
on December 6,2011 | 02:58PM
nodaddynotthebelt wrote:
As much as I do like some of Obama's approach to making the rich pay their share of the taxes, I am disappointed in his taking a vacation when the nation's budget is on the line. It seems two-faced to tell congress to stay put while goes off on his vacation.
on December 6,2011 | 02:59PM
Anonymous wrote:
He has already said (on more than one occasion) he will stay in Washington as long as Congress is still in session.
on December 6,2011 | 05:40PM
from_da_cheapseats wrote:
Despirate man. Loosing the nomination to Newt. Good ridence.
on December 6,2011 | 03:28PM
9ronboz wrote:
What "low-key holiday with his family" is this brain dead reporter referring to?
on December 6,2011 | 03:47PM
Bdpapa wrote:
Shame on the President! Heʻs the same person that chastised visitors for going to Las Vegas. Does anyone really know how much this is costing the taxpayers? This country is in the doldrums economically. People are losing jobs, homes, and are barely getting by. Not a good move Barry! Stay in Washington and figure out how to be a true leader like we all believed you were.
on December 6,2011 | 03:57PM
HD36 wrote:
it costs over 3 million tax dollars to fire up Air Force One and bring all the secret service and house them.
on December 6,2011 | 05:02PM
Hawaiianbob wrote:
To Iwakuni yes a real president. Let's see Bachman or Maybe Cain or Paul or huntsman or Romney. You for real
on December 6,2011 | 04:27PM
HazieMae wrote:
Someone has his magic underwear in a knot.
on December 6,2011 | 04:33PM
Ronin006 wrote:
Romney is right. It will not be the first time Obama has gone off on vacation or an oversea trip when major issues were coming to a head in Washington. He delayed departing for his Christmas vacation in Hawaii last year by a day or two because of pressing business in Washington, but it did not prevent his wife, kids, family dog and an entourage of friends from departing on scheduale and on a separate airplane, thanks to American taxpayers. My guess is he will do it again. Good example, Mr. Obama.
on December 6,2011 | 04:43PM
Anonymous wrote:
Who really cares about Romney's whiney baby tactics except some other partisan whiney babies? He'll be relegated to the long list of losers in less than a year.

And this vacation will have mattered not one little bit in the outcome.

on December 6,2011 | 05:43PM
HD36 wrote:
Obama's 17 day Hawaii Vacation http://youtu.be/0sXkU0dsUqg
on December 6,2011 | 06:06PM
Toneyuki wrote:
That's lame.

This is much better. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZjc7q2h5dA

on December 6,2011 | 07:40PM
Kapcity wrote:
Yehey! Obama is coming!!!
on December 6,2011 | 06:43PM
aiea7 wrote:
romney is a nuts - it is the republican house who is holding up the budget; they refuse to accept Obama's plans. The fact that the president is on vacation does not mean that he stops working, he is in constant communications with the staff and cabinet.
on December 6,2011 | 07:27PM
Toneyuki wrote:
What budget? The Democrats have not produced a budget in how long? The only budget proposed by the Democrats was Obama's and it was defeated 97 to ZERO in the Senate. Not a single person in his party would even vote for it. The house has passed a budget, but Reid (the big D in charge of the senate) won't even bring it up for a vote. It's not just the R's that wont except his plans. His own party is rejecting him.
on December 6,2011 | 07:42PM
ehrhornp wrote:
Wonder what Romney was saying when GW took all his vacations during his presidency. GW had more vacation days than any other president up to that time. Just another example of it is ok if you are republican. Republican hypocrisy is just sickening.
on December 6,2011 | 09:36PM
3012708737 wrote:
Why can't people just let the President of the United States ever take a vacation without grousing about it? You understand don't you that he'll still be working? And that we now have videoconferencing, Internet, etc. Just because he won't be in DC )and all of the Congress won't be there either no matter what the posturing now) doesn't mean he stops managing the office. And what's the difference between a golf cart and Bush's pickup at the ranch? You can bet if New Orleans gets hit by a catastrophic hurricane while this President is on vacation, he won't stay put, have a birthday party for John McCain, and let the floods come in without acting.
on December 6,2011 | 09:54PM
wiliki wrote:
It's the Republicans who are standing in the way of a settlement. Aren't they taking vacations as well? Romney is just grandstanding.
on December 7,2011 | 02:35AM
rnamiki wrote:
Welcome home Obama, but how about using the helicopters. It's a whole lot faster and you don't screw up the traffic.
on December 7,2011 | 05:36AM
nigelUV001 wrote:
I work hard, the president works harder then me. Rest is necessary for all top preforming individuals. the supporters of the 1% ie..republicans who want dont want to tax the rich can vacation where ever they want. I support the president and I support that he needs his rest to operate at his best. I am saddened that people who live in Hawaii do not support a guy, who used to walk around Beratania street like the rest of us, and who is now the most powerful man in the known universe??
on December 7,2011 | 09:45AM
51butterflies wrote:
Whatever, Romney! Easy to point fingers. Lets hear some positives from the squabbling Republicans. If one can't say anything nice about someone, it's best to say nothing. Hope we all have a better 2012. Support each other, rather than tear down another.
on December 30,2011 | 07:03PM
5xcalibir2 wrote:
who gives a ef about what a loser thinks?
on January 6,2013 | 07:46AM
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