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Students want say in selection of new football coach

By Ferd Lewis

LAST UPDATED: 01:08 p.m. HST, Dec 12, 2011

The student government at University of Hawaii at Manoa is asking for a say in the selection of the Warrior's next football coach.

The students want two seats on the committee that will advise on the choice of the Warriors' next football coach.

Associated Students of the University of Hawaii President Anna Koethe said the imposition of the mandatory $50 per semester student athletic fee earlier this year makes the students "stakeholders" in the program and has asked the Board of Regents and UH President M. R. C. Greenwood to seat two student members on the committee. 

The UH athletic department received $818,000 from student fees for the spring semester. 

Koethe said ASUH requested the seats last week but has yet to learn if they will be added.

The six-member committee, composed primarily of boosters and community members, is scheduled to hold its first meeting this afternoon. 

"Unlike the head football coach search done in 2008, the members listed in this search advisory committee do not include any students or student athletes," Koethe said in a press release this morning.

ASUH is asking for one representative from the student athletic fee committee and student athlete advisory committee to be part of the committee.

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1local wrote:
Students should have representation. Students are assessed a mandatory fee for athletic events and should be involved in the selection...
on December 12,2011 | 07:35AM
rgy888 wrote:
that's a joke, if they want representation, they should show up for the games, not 500 empty seats in the student section.
on December 12,2011 | 07:39AM
scooters wrote:
I agree. Students should support their teams.
on December 12,2011 | 08:32AM
Corvis wrote:
on December 12,2011 | 08:43AM
Fred01 wrote:
Maybe if they actually had a stadium on campus or within walking distance, they would show up. That's the problem with UH.
on December 12,2011 | 09:23AM
kaimukian wrote:
Maybe if the stadium were on campus, 20 more kids would show up. I think if the students showed more support in their turnout, that would be more deserving as a vote. As it is now, sorry to say, but I'd rather leave it up to the more experienced panel.
on December 12,2011 | 10:57AM
moonieman wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on December 12,2011 | 11:19AM
kapoleidude1 wrote:
Uh provides buses and free tickets since they gotta pay for the athletic fee. Did we have that when we were going UH? NO! its just excuse after excuses i hear from the student body. When i went to the San Jose game this year, i saw a ton of students at the game, they have been crappy for years now, they still are, but the student body comes out and SUPPORTS their team, win or lose. Can Hawaii students say that??
on December 12,2011 | 01:02PM
grantos wrote:
on December 12,2011 | 01:08PM
NITRO08 wrote:
They got free bus transportation to the stadium.
on December 12,2011 | 09:26PM
blkdrgn wrote:
Maybe if they had school pride they would attend the games. They make it to clubs and parties on the weekends, why not their own school games?
on December 12,2011 | 11:35AM
BigOpu wrote:
Nah. The Stan Sheriff is on campus, lame student following there.
on December 12,2011 | 12:47PM
KommonSense wrote:
You're right!!! It's so evident in the HUGE student following at Basketball and Baseball games!
on December 12,2011 | 02:42PM
NITRO08 wrote:
They got free bus transportation to the stadium.
on December 12,2011 | 09:25PM
calvino wrote:
They don't even show up a the Stan Sheriff Center.
on December 13,2011 | 09:22AM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
are you saying students at UH are lazy?
on January 20,2012 | 10:39AM
kaimukian wrote:
100% agreed
on December 12,2011 | 11:04AM
Beautiful_Day wrote:
Maybe that's their way to show their discontent with the mandatory athletic fee or maybe they're sick & tired of seeing those who get the "free rides" while they're working and going to school to pay for mandatory athletic fees.
on December 12,2011 | 12:29PM
oldertimer808 wrote:
A lot of us worked our way thru school. Semester by semester because that was the deal. Nothing was handed to us and we worked for it. So who are you referring to as those who get the "free rides"? You have an opportunity to get an education and part of the whole college experience is athletics. Other colleges have a higher athletic fee. Students should not have a say as to what needs to be charged to run a school. When you graduate it is not an entitlement that you should be paid top dollar because like anything else you have to pay your dues and prove yourself.
on December 12,2011 | 04:24PM
mrluke wrote:
Gimme a break! An athletic fee is common at most schools, yet at most schools the stadium is filled with students. Wow,a $50 fee! Most college kids spend more per week on partying. Just a pathetic, lame excuse for no pride in one's school's athletic accomplishments.
on December 13,2011 | 10:05AM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
Well those getting "free rides" are a source of income unless the team has a bad year like this past one. It's not a matter of "discontent", the students here are just wishy washy and it shows. I think UH should consider decreasing the number of available student tickets in favor of full priced Season Ticket purchases and make the money when they can when the team is doing well. The majority of the support comes from the community and not the student body away.
on January 20,2012 | 10:54AM
kapoleidude1 wrote:
I agree with rgy888.....i can understand the students wanting a seat if they showed up at every game, win or lose. But the students basically turned their backs on the football team this year for whatever reasons. If the students get a say, then, me as a alumni and season ticket holder should get a seat at the table too! To me my vote holds more water then theirs because i went to the games. Until the student body shows more of a commitment here, then leave it to the commitee. I think the students have a lot to prove, because they sure as heck didnt show much support this year
on December 12,2011 | 12:58PM
kainalu wrote:
500? ... it's more like several thousand EMPTY seats reserved for students. What a joke this request is.
on December 12,2011 | 01:35PM
poppydog1 wrote:
I agree with BTO. Who approved this commercial? I agree with Kapoleidude1 and rgy888 - no support, no vote!!
on December 12,2011 | 02:58PM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
I agree that students should have a say in the selection of when they start showing filling up the student section. I'm amazed at the lack of student support here even when I was a student. When working on the mainland, I was amazed to see student support of sporting teams for a nearby Div3 school that would put the student support @ UH to shame even though the football team posted even or losing records for the past 3 years!!!
on January 20,2012 | 10:39AM
BTO wrote:
If the UH included the students, that would really work toward students being included and part of the team. As we have it, UH seems to leave out the student. Is it any wonder we have both parties apart. Also I would like to add the commercial that the UH developed with the party scene and cheerleaders is damaging the image of the University. Sure it is trying to market UH as a fun social place for students to come, but remember that commercial is being shown nationwide during UH football games on ESPN. If you were an employer and you saw someones resume with UH what would come to your mind...Ah you went to UH must have been a great time at the party (pool splash and all). As a graduate, I would hope the regents pull that commercial as it is denegrating all graduates. Please promote UH as a place of academic excellence in the middle of the Pacific and not some party school....
on December 12,2011 | 10:52AM
krump1_aka_protector wrote:
I doubt you're a graduate of UH. If you were, you should have studied more...then you would know that the word is 'd-e-n-i-g-r-a-t-i-n-g' with an "i" instead of an "e". And for $50 bucks, they should not have a say in selecting the coach when they show such poor fan support. By the way, the commercial is shown at NCAA Sporting events and is meant to show that you can have a good time as well as getting a good education. What are you suggesting? That they show students.with stacks of books as they're typing in their laptops or a couple of kids hunched over a microscope and you'd show that at a basketball, football or volleyball game and you think that would get a good reception? You should get in touch with reality.
on December 12,2011 | 07:43PM
BTO wrote:
Wow $800,000 in fees from the students. Now let me see, if the Green Bay Packers are selling shares of their organization for $250.00 per share, UH students would own 3,200 shares of a winning organization. Maybe we should buy some shares of GB Packers at least we have a chance of getting something out of it instead of giving it to a unproven commodity?
on December 12,2011 | 02:22PM
oldertimer808 wrote:
The Green Bay Packer share selling is one big joke. You get nothing for the share if you bought it.
on December 12,2011 | 04:26PM
krump1_aka_protector wrote:
Right on the money.
on December 12,2011 | 07:45PM
krump1_aka_protector wrote:
You probably watched more Packer games than UH football games, I'd guess? I doubt you're a season ticket-holder or even a true fan. Just another hater.
on December 12,2011 | 07:32PM
hunebasami wrote:
That's right for $800,000 you have no voting rights and no financial benefit. Smart, you must be a UH student or grad.
on December 13,2011 | 08:48AM
Anonymous wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on December 12,2011 | 07:38AM
krump1_aka_protector wrote:
If they were not Students as well as athletes, they were kicked off Coach Mack's team. He wouldn't tolerate any lazy students who would not show up for classes or woyuldn't do homework. that's why coach Mack was graduating all his students. But that wasn't important to a lot of ignoramuses. You have a very myopic and jaundiced view of University of Hawaii Athletics.
on December 12,2011 | 07:30PM
hunebasami wrote:
That's right coaches get high pay and gets fired for not produceing. Should be with teachers, too. If students don't make $300,000 plus sal;aries like Kealoha and Greg they should be fired, too. Mac didn't produce any NFL draft prospect so got fired.
on December 13,2011 | 09:01AM
tommui wrote:
Of course if the students don't show up for the games, (200 in the last game), shouldn't the die-hard fans be allowed to be on the committee?
on December 12,2011 | 07:41AM
Fred01 wrote:
Because the stadium is miles away from campus.
on December 12,2011 | 09:23AM
hunebasami wrote:
Free bus ride were there. Maybe they need someone to hold their hand and lead them to the bus.
on December 13,2011 | 09:03AM
Mulepower wrote:
what do you know about selecting a coach?
on December 12,2011 | 07:44AM
wayam wrote:
And the students had a seat on the 2008 selection committee that chose McMackin? Real nice job on that one.
on December 12,2011 | 07:51AM
kokocats wrote:
Can't agree on this one - Mack was a great coach - a teacher and mentor, ask his players about his legacy, he brought education back into the system and if not for all the injuries, would still be coach and be playing on Christmas Eve!! All you fair weather fans can talk the talk, but will you walk the walk??
on December 12,2011 | 01:16PM
Anonymous wrote:
Coach "Mack" is a great coach. I personally would've loved to see him finish out his contract before a decision was made. The mark of a coach is the love and belief his players have for him. We have 26 seniors on this years' team. Some have graduated, a bunch will graduate on the 17th, more in May of '12, and a few more in Dec of '12. Coach "Mack" graduates his players.....THANKS COACH MACK
on December 12,2011 | 09:16PM
hunebasami wrote:
I agree.....
on December 13,2011 | 09:13AM
hunebasami wrote:
I agree. Look at how many grad. Winning is everything to some but education should be consider, too.
on December 13,2011 | 09:09AM
uhsportsfan wrote:
Thank you!
on December 12,2011 | 11:35AM
pizza wrote:
And why shouldn't the 18-25 year old students have a voice in the selection of the new head coach while they still have all the answers!
on December 12,2011 | 07:49AM
ypoboy wrote:
Youth...wasted on the wrong people! They don't have the answers. They don't have a job. They don't have a clue...Answers?
on December 12,2011 | 02:36PM
hunebasami wrote:
If they have all the answers then why are they still in school and not teaching or working.
on December 13,2011 | 09:14AM
OldDiver wrote:
Taxpayers, season ticket holders and donors have a stake in the selection for head football coach also. Why don't we vote by a show of hands.
on December 12,2011 | 07:54AM
nomakeshame wrote:
Isn't this the same student representation that could care less about the athletic programs at UH? They do not even show up en masse for games for any sport, why should they care now? I would like to know what their motive is? All of a sudden, they care? They didn't care when those student section seats sat empty throughout the season. If you gonna let the students have a say, then let the actual full price season ticket holders and donors all have their inputs also.
on December 12,2011 | 08:09AM
kerop114 wrote:
The AD should select the new Coach. In this way he and he alone stands responsible. Having a committe is best way to allow finger pointing. Let the AD get paid for what he is suppose to do.
on December 12,2011 | 08:09AM
BTO wrote:
It will make little difference anyway.... Cronyism still exists and yes even in Hawaii athletics. That is why Hawaii Football will never reach the elite level that the elite conferences and powers have horded. Just follow the money and that is where you have the corruption and power. It has gotten to way out of control. Coaches should be capped at 1.5 million salary but may write books and make videos to supplement thier lifestyles. This way there is a level playing field in recruiting a good leaders for a football program. The current system allows the wealthier to get wealthier and the poorer to stay poorer. UH broke through with a gimmicky run and shoot offense that confused defenses, but it's shortcomings are now being exploited as more defenses know how to defend it better. Yet it still provides good entertainment value, but again it is still gimmicky, less than 1% of all DI programs run this type of offense.
on December 12,2011 | 08:10AM
psherman wrote:
every successful university has a supportive student body. it doesn't matter which school they show, their students are loud and proud. here, students are not. to show the student section on national tv is a joke. if you truly care about your university and how it needs to be sold to other students looking for a college, then show them one that has school pride and tradition. all the students care about is themselves. i do not feel they should have any say in the selection of the new coach. i bet over half of them can't sing the alma mater or even the school fight song. shame on them!
on December 12,2011 | 08:15AM
Fred01 wrote:
Every other successful university has a stadium on campus.
on December 12,2011 | 09:24AM
payattentionplease wrote:
are you kidding Fred?? that's the lamest excuse for not showing up. It's tooo far!?!?!?. that sounds like a bunch of little kids whining and moaning "are we there yet?". there is enough public transportation to get kids there. If there was a few kegs of beer free after the game they would show up. Have you actually done a survey of "every other university".
on December 12,2011 | 10:03AM
nomakeshame wrote:
Really? I didn't realize the Rose Bowl was actually on the UCLA campus. Even Autzen stadium isn't directly on the campus of the University of Oregon. Univ. of Miami plays in the same stadium as the Miami dolphins. California had their games at AT&T baseball park, about 20 miles away from campus and probably had more students at one game than UH had all season long. USC plays at the L.A. coliseum, not exactly one their campus either. In terms of student participation, win or lose successful schools will always have full student sections, unlike UH where the team has to win their first nine games before the students will be interested, and only then because its the "in thing" to do on a Saturday night. I have more non-college friends interested in going to UH games than actual UH students themselves.
on December 12,2011 | 12:58PM
BTO wrote:
I agree with Fred, look at the SEC schools and other major conferences. They march their players in front of the stadium before the game, students line up to cheer them on before they suit up. They have parades, the band is playing, students are throwing streamers and singing cheer songs that have tradition. Hawaii has no tradition, It is compared to an NFL pro team. Traditions can be started by the coaches and team. If they have some kind of tradition like this the students get involved and have some link to the team. The players give back to the students, and the students give it their all at the games it's a symbiotic relationship. To these cultures, it's winning or else, it is almost life and death.... that is how much they want to beat the other team, and will their team to win....This is the job of the Athletic Director and administration. You have to cultivate it, it does not happen by itself.....
on December 12,2011 | 02:36PM
CouchPotato wrote:
I blame the TSA style of enforcement at the stadium. The wrist bands on all the students. I propose that we let the students bring in their own kegs of beer and have a drunken fest at the game. Have Vili vs. opponents mascot. Would have been nice to have seen Vili pound the crap out of that BYU cougar. Then start a new tradition by having the students at the end of every game let the students storm the field and tear down the goal post. They can also throw up on the turf like Colt Brennan.
on December 13,2011 | 12:01PM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
Fred - why waste money on an on campus stadium in an area where congestion is already a problem to make it more convenient for people who won't show up anyway? The vast majority of the support comes from the community anyway not the student body. It's always been that way, especially in the really bad, lean years like just before Tomey or just before JJ. Student support of UH sports has never been a factor, it's always been the community that keeps things moving during the good or bad times.
on January 20,2012 | 11:10AM
BO0o07 wrote:
Students should also be allowed to select which teachers/professors they want for their classes. NOT!!!!????
on December 12,2011 | 08:15AM
Tipops wrote:
Once in a great while a comment is not only spot on, but also funny as hell. Pizza, I've been chuckling to myself ever since I read your comment.
on December 12,2011 | 09:14AM
mrchuck724 wrote:
THey pay but they don't go to the games, so why should they help pick the coach.
on December 12,2011 | 09:49AM
E_Ogawa wrote:
No, no, no. There are people on the selection committee (who may or not be qualified) to advise on or make this decision, but I cannot see the rationale behind allowing the students to actually have a vote. Sure, they can voice their opinions, but to give them any power to decide on who the next head coach should be should not be given any consideration. If they feel so impassioned about deciding the fate of their football team, then along those same lines of thinking, students should be weighing in on who teaches their classes? I mean, shouldn't they be more concerned about that aspect of college life, particularly since the athletic fee is manini compared to what they pay in tuition?
on December 12,2011 | 10:18AM
ISCREAM wrote:
Maybe the students should hire the professors too???:)
on December 12,2011 | 10:50AM
kaimukian wrote:
For a moment I thought this was a continuation of the "dream" football coach team article yesterday. I guess we can always hope for things....
on December 12,2011 | 11:03AM
Descartes22 wrote:
The AD should do its job - and should've done it already. what is this the legislature where we have committees to study committees? the only reason the AD has passed the buck is to ensure that the committee members are beholden to him - they're stakeholders in safeguarding the AD's job. when he runs into trouble, he'll cry to them and these guys will run interference for him. it is so rinky dink to have a committee sift through applications for a D-1 football program's new head coach.
on December 12,2011 | 11:11AM
dalawyer wrote:
Do the UH students also want to select their grades for the current Fall Semester? What a bunch of kooks! Just show up to the UH football games in the future and try learning the names and positions of some of the players. Until then, just keep studying you bunch of nerds!
on December 12,2011 | 11:12AM
Taisho808 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on December 12,2011 | 11:16AM
NITRO08 wrote:
on December 12,2011 | 09:46PM
shooter wrote:
Every big time school assess a fee...they don't get representation from students on the selection committee......The students who are going to be gone in a couple of years want the authority to be in on the decision, but are they going to be around to accept responsibility if the decision is a bad one............liberals in student govet positions....want a say about sommething they no nothing about!!
on December 12,2011 | 11:28AM
bleedgreen wrote:
Students have not earned the right to have a say in the selection. Just because they pay an athletic fee, does not give them a right, just as they don't have a right to decide on the hiring of faculty staff just because they pay tuition. As usual, their logic is faulty. Some consideration might have been given if the students were an integral and active participant at the games. So far, they have clearly demonstrated they have no interest. If they argue the athletic fee should be eliminated. I would agree. Simply raise the tuition another $500 per semester. Just call it a tuition adjustment. No athletic fee.
on December 12,2011 | 11:48AM
oldertimer808 wrote:
I agree with you Bleedgreen. Oh the operative word to describe the student body is apathy.
on December 12,2011 | 04:32PM
kukaikid wrote:
students are the fairest of fair weather fans.
on December 12,2011 | 11:55AM
scott wrote:
the students still have a lot to learn before they think they can make a contribution to an actual hiring on any level - much less a football coach making high six-figure salaries. most of the students haven't even had a full time job to know what it "workl" really is. look at the current folks on the selection committee - while somewhat lacking in football savvy, they are all respected business leaders with many years of experience. i've seen a lot of student interns along the way and although many have a bright future, they still do not have the experience to make the right judgemental call in this kind of situation.
on December 12,2011 | 12:42PM
AbnDaddy7 wrote:
Puuhhleeeez!?! Do they pay the coach's salary? Then, they should NOT have any say; try showing up and supporting the team first. And, I don't want to hear any excuses about not having cars to the games. This is Oahu. You can skip to the statdium. Get a grip and do a police call around the campus. That's your say. Numbnuts!
on December 12,2011 | 01:14PM
LanaUlulani wrote:
I hope Cal Lee gets an opportunity. He is homegrown and can relate to LOCAL TALENT.
on December 12,2011 | 01:23PM
shunjimaeda wrote:
The more hands that stir the pot, will only result in a spoiled product. Not everyone will agree with whoever is selected and the final decision should be left to the A.D.
on December 12,2011 | 01:37PM
nodaddynotthebelt wrote:
By virtue of the almost $1 million that students pay in fees for the athletic department they SHOULD have a say in who becomes the head coach of any major team. The university was only too happy to take the money but they don't seem to want to give the student body any say. That is simply wrong. The fee itself is WRONG. Why should a college of engineering student who comes to school just to get an education have to pay for the athletics which he has no interested in? If they are going to do that, why don't they have a lab fee for everyone because science students need to have functioning laboratories? Why don't they charge a fee to everyone to help pay the medical students' expenses? Doctors are more important than football players, most of whom will not even go to the professional level. Why is it that the athletic department get special funding from the student body when other departments don't get that? They should do away with the athletic fees and have the athletic department EARN their own income through booster programs and donations. Many students are struggling to pay their expenses for college. All they need is a stupid athletic fee to deal with. And where does the money go? To pay a football coach's salary. And that coach was not even WORTH $1 million dollar. Let alone half a million dollar. Shame on the university for strong arming the students when it comes to the athletic department.
on December 12,2011 | 01:54PM
oldertimer808 wrote:
Oh please stop putting yourself above everyone else. That is a matter of opinion as to doctors are more important. Be humble not an arrogant individual thinking that you are better than the next person because you think being a professional makes you somewhat better. The university should charge more if that's the case.
on December 12,2011 | 04:39PM
inHilo wrote:
Next time you have a heart attack, trying getting help from a football player. I'm sure that will be humbling experience.
on December 13,2011 | 04:12AM
Manapua_Man wrote:
I didn't think UH students even knew they had a football team. I bet if someone showed a photo of Coach Mac to the students... 8 out of 10 would probably not know who that is. And half might identify the person in the photo as the "Pillsbury Dough Boy".
on December 12,2011 | 04:05PM
cojef wrote:
Whomever came up with that idea should get his head examined! Before you know it the students will be recruiting or wanting to be in on selecting a professor or instructor. UH administration has that responsibility, and don't you forget it. It will set a precedent, and if that so, who need all the high priced executives in the administrative staff. Why have a staff, fire them all and let the children run the university. Taxpayer, beware.
on December 12,2011 | 04:19PM
5053277239 wrote:
I am a student at UH and boy is this a crazy Idea!! Do these student "leaders" think they have some kind of expert information on how to pick a coach? They have no idea about coaches in D-1 football, what a crazy idea, can't believe it is even mentioned in this newspaper.Funny stuff.
on December 12,2011 | 07:36PM
lmats808 wrote:
If students want a say, then they should support their team in both good times and bad and show up for the games like the rest of us true Warrior fans do. We pay much more than the meager $50 that students do with our season tickets and pay-per-view subscription and we don't have a say. The students should be ashamed of themselves for not showing up for the last few games. This is their school, their classmates, and their team. I feel embarrassed for them.
on December 12,2011 | 07:41PM
entrkn wrote:
I saw Ms Koethe on the evening news tonight but I didn't hear her present any qualifications for being able to make a genuinely informed judgement about who our next Head Coach should be.
on December 12,2011 | 08:00PM
CriticalReader wrote:
The students should stick to what they're good at. To wit: weaving in and out of traffic on mopeds and almost causing accidents.
on December 12,2011 | 08:36PM
Anonymous wrote:
I agree 100% w/ "rgy888"...WHERE IS THE STUDENT SUPPORT...????? You want a voice let's see the student section filled 100% all the time. My biggest "beef" here is what will the "student representation" have to offer in terms of the selection of a new coach ????? WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT FOOTBALL ????? YOU DON'T GO TO THE GAMES !!!!!
on December 12,2011 | 09:13PM
inHilo wrote:
If you have to pay, you should have a say!
on December 13,2011 | 04:14AM
AbnDaddy7 wrote:
That's why you still in Hilo.
on December 13,2011 | 06:19AM
jkjones wrote:
these are the same students that wont show up for games when provided free transportation and the best tickets in the house? eh, junior, get a job, take a shower, move out of your parent's house, pay taxes, learn to get off the entitlement train--then, watch, like the all the rest of uh fans do, for the social elite and their ad hoc psuedo committees, to screw it up again.
on December 13,2011 | 05:59AM
Musubi wrote:
An athletic fee is the norm in most schools, and Hawaii's is very low. The students are getting a deal, should they decide to actually go to the games. Therein lies the problem. The students don't even care! They don't give a rat's behind about the sports, yet they want a voice at the table for something they are clearly not qualified for? No.
on December 13,2011 | 06:16AM
moochiemu wrote:
Students are forced to support the team via the mandatory athletic fee . I am baffled by the complaints and comments that equate a lack of presence at a school sports event as being somehow traitorous to the school. That mentality is what has allowed million dollar coaches salaries in schools where money is supposedly tight and academic programs go wanting. And losing coaches at that! Hawaii needs physicians, nurses, teachers, artists, yet God forbid we should funnel that million dollars to programs to enable promising students to succeed. Perhaps those against student representation on the committee are concerned that they might upset the athletic gravy train...
on December 13,2011 | 07:03AM
mrluke wrote:
Which students? The .05% who actually show up on game day?
on December 13,2011 | 07:14AM
hunebasami wrote:
Give them 4 seats on committe and make them pay for their share of coaches salary. If the coach salary is 1 million and they have 40% say they pay 40% of his salary in student tuitions. That should help them realize what this world is about. Put your money where their mouth is.
on December 13,2011 | 08:41AM
Sully77 wrote:
Before Ms. Anna Koethe asked to have students on this committee, she should encourage the student body to attend the football games first!!!. the student section at aloha stadium is "patheticly" empty this past season. And the idea of putting the stadium on campus is pathetic also!!! the manoa campus is soooo....conjested as it is already there is NO room for a stadium at UH manoa. These students will have NO problem finding a ride to the north shore for a big summer bash, or an outing at the sand bar at kaneohe bay, I mean we're talking LAND & SEA here, these kids will find a way to GET there!!!! give me a break!!
on December 13,2011 | 10:00AM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
Well when Anna sounds off on "student participation" in the selection of the coach she means that she should be seated on the panel so she can add another punch to her ticket and more resume material to her portfolio. Not that she would have anything valuable to add other than another grandstand attempt by a politician larvae. Geez all this silly stuff I missed out on.
on January 20,2012 | 11:36AM
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