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AP-GfK Poll: More than half say Obama should lose

By Jennifer Agiesta and Ken Thomas

Associated Press

LAST UPDATED: 04:43 a.m. HST, Dec 16, 2011

WASHINGTON>> Entering 2012, President Barack Obama's re-election prospects are essentially a 50-50 proposition, with a majority saying the president deserves to be voted out of office despite concerns about the Republican alternatives, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll.

Obama's overall poll numbers suggest he's in jeopardy of losing, even as the public's outlook on the economy appears to be improving, the AP-GfK poll found. For the first time since spring, more said the economy got better in the past month than said it got worse.

The president's approval rating on unemployment shifted upward — from 40 percent in October to 45 percent in the latest poll — as the jobless rate fell to 8.6 percent last month, its lowest level since March 2009.

But Obama's approval rating on his handling of the economy overall remains stagnant: 39 percent approve and 60 percent disapprove.

Heading into his re-election campaign, the president faces a conflicted public that does not support his steering of the economy, the most dominant issue for Americans, or his reforms to health care, one of his signature accomplishments. Yet they are grappling with whether to replace him with Republican contenders Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich.

The poll found an even divide on whether Americans expect Obama to be re-elected next year.

For the first time, the poll found that a majority of adults, 52 percent, said Obama should be voted out of office while 43 percent said he deserves another term. The numbers mark a reversal since last May, when 53 percent said Obama should be re-elected while 43 percent said he didn't deserve four more years.

Obama's overall job approval stands at a new low: 44 percent approve while 54 percent disapprove. The president's standing among independents is worse: 38 percent approve while 59 percent disapprove. Among Democrats, the president holds steady with an approval rating of 78 percent while only 12 percent of Republicans approve of the job he's doing.

"I think he's doing the best he can. The problem is the Congress won't help at all," said Rosario Navarro, a Democrat and a 44-year-old truck driver from Fresno, Calif., who voted for Obama in 2008 and intends to support him again.

Robin Dein, a 54-year-old homemaker from Villanova, Pa., who is an independent, said she supported Republican John McCain in 2008 and has not been impressed with Obama's economic policies. She intends to support Romney if he wins the GOP nomination.

"(Obama) spent the first part of his presidency blaming Bush for everything, not that he was innocent, and now his way of solving anything is by spending more money," she said.

Despite the soft level of support, many are uncertain whether a Republican president would be a better choice. Asked whom they would support next November, 47 percent of adults favored Obama compared with 46 percent for Romney, a former Massachusetts governor. Against Gingrich, the president holds a solid advantage, receiving 51 percent compared with 42 percent for the former House speaker.

The potential matchups paint a better picture for the president among independents. Obama receives 45 percent of non-aligned adults compared with 41 percent for Romney. Against Gingrich, Obama holds a wide lead among independents, with 54 percent supporting the president and 31 percent backing the former Georgia congressman.

Another piece of good news for Obama: people generally like him personally. Obama's personal favorability rating held steady at 53 percent, with 46 percent viewing him unfavorably. About three-quarters called him likable.

The economy remains a source of pessimism, though the poll suggests the first positive movement in public opinion on the economy in months. One in five said the economy improved in the last month, double the share saying so in October. Still most expect it to stay the same or get worse.

"I suppose you could make some sort of argument that it's getting better, but I'm not sure I even see that," said independent voter John Bailey, a 61-year-old education consultant from East Jordan, Mich. "I think it's bad and it's gotten worse under (Obama's) policies. At best, it's going to stay bad."

Despite the high rate of joblessness, the poll found some optimism on the economy. Although 80 percent described the economy as "poor," respondents describing it "very poor" fell from 43 percent in October to 34 percent in the latest poll, the lowest since May. Twenty percent said the economy got better in the past month while 37 percent said they expected the economy to improve next year.

Yet plenty of warning signs remain for Obama. Only 26 percent said the United States is headed in the right direction while 70 percent said the country was moving in the wrong direction.

The president won a substantial number of women voters in 2008 yet there does not appear to be a significant tilt toward Obama among women now. The poll found 44 percent of women say Obama deserves a second term, down from 51 percent in October, while 43 percent of men say the president should be re-elected.

About two-thirds of white voters without college degrees say Obama should be a one-term president, while 33 percent of those voters say he should get another four years. Among white voters with a college degree, 57 percent said Obama should be voted out of office.

The poll found unpopularity for last year's health care reform bill, one of Obama's major accomplishments. About half of the respondents oppose the health care law and support for it dipped to 29 percent from 36 percent in June. Just 15 percent said the federal government should have the power to require all Americans to buy health insurance.

Even among Democrats, the health care law has tepid support. Fifty percent of Democrats supported the health care law, compared with 59 percent of Democrats last June. Only about a quarter of independents back the law.

The president has taken a more populist tone in his handling of the economy, arguing that the wealthy should pay more in taxes to help pay for the extension of a payroll tax cut that would provide about $1,000 in tax cuts to a family earning about $50,000 a year. Among those with annual household incomes of $50,000 or less, Obama's approval rating on unemployment climbed to 53 percent, from 43 percent in October.

The Associated Press-GfK Poll was conducted December 8-12 2011 by GfK Roper Public Affairs and Corporate Communications. It involved landline and cellphone interviews with 1,000 adults nationwide and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.


Associated Press writer Stacy A. Anderson and News Survey Specialist Dennis Junius contributed to this report.


Online: www.ap-gfkpoll.com

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Kalli wrote:
He's gotta go.
on December 16,2011 | 04:05AM
pastormatt wrote:
The alternatives may not be great but our society cannot take another 4 years of his expensive and failed ideologies. The Republican candidates, although not the best candidates, will hopefully not cost us as much as Obama and his administration has and will.
on December 16,2011 | 04:50AM
toomuchpilikia wrote:
"Hope and Change"?...YES we need Hope and Change!
on December 16,2011 | 04:56AM
jleejr1126 wrote:
Anybody with good common knows that polls reflect the area they were taken in. Although these polls say they represent a cross section of America, how many cellphone users were polled and how many inner city residents were polled? What time of day was the poll taken? Was it one in the afternoon (most voter are at work) or was it seven in the evening? Just food for thought!
on December 16,2011 | 04:58AM
allie wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on December 16,2011 | 05:45AM
Carang_da_buggahz wrote:
Seriously? You don't think that America isn't "damaged horribly" enough after 3 years of this moron? In the wake of repeatedly snubbing Benjamin Netanyahu numerous times and suggesting that Israel go back to it's pre-1967 borders, you STILL think that the U.S. is a "servant of Israel"? The rich already bear a disproportionate share of the tax burden in this country, yet Obama continues to insist that they "pay their fair share". Tell me, just EXACTLY what is a "fair share"? You have bought hook, line, and sinker into the Democrat party's demonization of the "rich". Why do you and the misguided OWS protestors think that society "OWS" you something? Obama is perfectly content to encourage this movement because it sucks in gullible people like yourself into blaming our problems on 'the rich". But most importantly, it draws attention away from his abject FAILURE to deliver on his campaign mantra of "Hope and Change". He has NO positive record to stand on, and he and his liberal supporters KNOW that. All we have to show for the last 3 years is TRILLIONS more in debt which our grandchildren will be paying for, and generations as of yet unborn. In essence, we have STOLEN from them because of his utopian vision of a 'Just" society. How morally corrupt is that, to steal from them? Like the majority of you Obama defenders, you are going to follow him like lemmings off the cliff. Unfortunately, you're going to take us all with you while you scream away "Hope and Change". You and your ilk had better wise up. This man was ludicrously unqualified for this job and he was hopelessly in over his head before he even took the oath of office, yet you want 4 more years of his "rule"? Unbelievable.
on December 16,2011 | 08:29AM
sluggah wrote:
Hope and change? I hope we change!
on December 16,2011 | 06:21AM
wwchang wrote:
worst president since jimmy carter. makes carter look like an economic genius
on December 16,2011 | 06:37AM
9ronboz wrote:
nah. both tied for the worst. carter doesn't look any better today.
on December 16,2011 | 08:43AM
9ronboz wrote:
Hope and Change. Well for those who believed him, look at the change. I trust you are still hoping?
on December 16,2011 | 08:41AM
dimi wrote:
of course we can not have hope and change in America if us citizens don't support the President God sees all the negative happenings our world leaders doing we all need and pray to GOD for HELP to correct the WRONGS HAVE TRUST IN GOD FIRST NOT WORLD LEADERS
on December 16,2011 | 09:47AM
chuck4664 wrote:
obama is the king of the world and the real king of Hawaii, Obama will win big time 2012. all the blacks, all the asians,all the latinos, half the whites will vote for our king obama.
on December 16,2011 | 11:30AM
sluggah wrote:
Is that purple Kool aid you're drinking?
on December 16,2011 | 11:48AM
2Lolo wrote:
King Obama! silly silly silly comment.
on December 16,2011 | 01:22PM
jleejr1126 wrote:
Anyone with good common sense knows that polls reflect the area they were taken in. Although these polls say they represent a cross section of America, how many cellphone users were polled and how many inner city residents were polled? What time of day was the poll taken? Was it one in the afternoon (most voters are at work) or was it seven in the evening? Just food for thought! (corrected)
on December 16,2011 | 11:53AM
2Lolo wrote:
Yes, as if Obama has gone out of his way to reach out to these inner city residents. What does it matter what time they receive the calls. Maybe they'd like Obama after dinner verses lunch! Cell phone users are smarter?? and more likely to poll in favor of Cool Barak? I hardly think so. The younger set have more to despair over, like the DEBT which they'll never see paid off in their generation.
on December 16,2011 | 01:19PM
jleejr1126 wrote:
Yeah, What about that 800 billion that republican war just cost us. You talk about spending, think of how many jobs that could have brought.
on December 16,2011 | 12:00PM
2Lolo wrote:
Republican war? At least Bush got Hilary and the other Dems to sign off on the war. It wasn't as if Bush went to Iraq without the approval of Congress while Obama felt he wasn't required to do same. I hope Obama loses so big next November and spends the rest of his life hitting the rubber chicken circuit at $100 a plate.
on December 16,2011 | 01:08PM
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