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Obama arrives to spend his 4th Christmas in Hawaii since election

By Rob Shikina

LAST UPDATED: 02:14 p.m. HST, Dec 24, 2011

President Barack Obama touched down on Oahu at 5:52 p.m. today for his annual Christmas vacation in Hawaii.

His plane landed as the sun was setting at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam with breezy winds and the temperature in the upper 70s.

Kaian Langevin, 10, was among dozens of military members and family or friends of the Secret Service who were invited to the private arrival.

Langevin was with his parents and younger sister, who were invited by his mother's friend.

"I think it's OK," he said of his chance to see Obama in person. "I just think that some people would want it more than I would."

Obama was greeted upon his arrival by Lt. Gov.Brian Schatz; Mayor Peter Carlisle; Admiral Robert Willard, commander of U.S. Pacific Command; and Col. Sam Barrett, commander of the 15th Wing, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

His plane taxied to the viewing area at 6:04 p.m. Dozens of visitors in the viewing area snapped photos. 

He emerged from Air Force One about 6:08 p.m., and jogged down the stairs in a light-blue dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and brown dress pants. After officials greeted him, he walked over to the waiting crowd and said, "Hello everybody." He also wished "Merry Christmas" to the people.

He smiled widely and spent about 7 minutes shaking hands and signing autographs. At one point, he picked up a baby wearing a hat that looked like a panda cap and kissed another woman on the cheek. He waved goodbye at 6:17 p.m., and got back into a black sport-utility vehicle that whisked him away to his vacation compound.

He was to depart for his vacation compound in Kailua where First Lady Michelle and children Malia and Sasha have been staying since arriving in Hawaii on Saturday. The first family's dog, Bo, also arrived on the flight. 

Obama rolled into this vacation residence at 6:45 p.m. Bright Christmas lights adorned houses in the nearby streets, according to White House pool reports.

It was a big day for Harper Croskey, who turned 5 months old Friday. He sat in the arms of the president and met Santa for the first time. Obama spotted Croskey, who was wearing a panda hat because it was a cold night, in a crowd of well-wishers on the military base.

"I turned him around just to take a picture with him," said Jonathan Croskey, Harper's father. "He (Obama) was like 'Oh I'm great with kids. I'll take him."

As Croskey was trying to take a photo with a new iPhone 4S, Obama held baby Harper and joked that "dad doesn't know how to work his camera."

About 90 minutes before Obama's arrival, the family got a call from a friend with an invitation and dropped everything to show up. They didn't even have time to change Harper's diaper and had to put pants on him.

It is Obama's fourth vacation in Hawaii since he was elected. The first family will leave in early January.

Earlier today, Obama bid "aloha" to reporters in the White House briefing room.

The White House announced the president’s departure plans shortly after the House and the Senate signed off on a deal to extend payroll tax cuts after House Republicans reversed course and dropped their opposition. 

The Senate had already agreed to the two-month deal, but the House GOP refused to budge until Thursday evening.

The president signed the tax extention bill after it passed Congress this morning.

With Washington deadlocked, Obama delayed his annual December trip to Honolulu area, where he was born and mostly raised. He had planned to leave Washington on Dec. 17.

The president’s wife and daughters have been in Hawaii since late last week. The Obamas plan to return to Washington in early January. 



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loio wrote:
Go home, stay away, vacation somewhere else
on December 23,2011 | 06:10AM
Highinthesierras wrote:
NO, we should be happy he can spend the time with his family. But, If he had been real about the issues that kept him in Washington, he would have been come here with them, and saved a second expensive polluting plane trip. He knew that the Millionaires Tax would never fly, so a true leader would have done what he could to resolve the matters, rather than fly around the country pushing a reelection theme. As one reads the Confidence Men, the recurring picture is of a self centered, unprepared for the rigors of the Presidency, person, and this latest chapter reinforces that picture of our President. This may result in a loss for him next year, and if so, the lesson is that if you get into a situation you are not prepared for, make sure you don't remain stuck in your self delusion, but rather work hard to grow into the person who meets the challenge. Be the best one term President, not the self limited two term occupant of the nation's home, PLEASE.
on December 23,2011 | 06:49AM
LanaUlulani wrote:
Kako'o. He is spending millions of taxpayer dollars to frolic in the lap of luxury all at the expense of hard-working people especially local people some who work two or three jobs just to survive.

Obama the Hawaiian Wanna Be should GO HOME!
on December 23,2011 | 07:35AM
Classic_59Chevy wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on December 23,2011 | 07:06PM
Oye_Como_Va wrote:
Come on, folks. Didn't the Hawaii voters vote for the ostensible 'local boy'? After he was born here and grew up on Oahu and entered politics ……okay he entered politics elsewhere. But it was because he had to.
on December 23,2011 | 10:07PM
CondoGuy wrote:
Lana, Lana, Lana -- poor misguided/uninformed soul that you are. I guess you want to forget your ol'buddy George Bush. Remember that loser? I can't blame you for trying to forget about him. He's the guy who got us into the disastrous Iraq war and screwed up our efforts in Afghanistan, which still wastes our taxes today, and who got the country into a deep recession? Your ol'pal had a routine: a vacation a month. He was on vacation more often than any other president. I guess he wasn't interested in doing a good job. Didn't he once say that he "didn't think about it?" He increased the sized of the federal government. Just the Iraq war alone is estimated to cost us taxpayers about $4 TRILLION. Thank goodness Prez Obama kept his promise and got us out of there, eh? You ought to get educated before you start spouting off about Prez Obama wasting taxes. And if the Prez wants to "frolic," in Hawaii, he is entitled. Afterall, he's saving the country and fixing all the mess-ups by your pal, Bush and the Republican Congress. And staying in a rented home in Kailua is hardly the "lap of luxury." You ought to quit your whining and get educated.
on December 24,2011 | 03:01AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
On departure he was quoted as saying, "Too bad about all those hospital workers but actually reforming the health care system would have interfered with my golf schedule. But thanks for the taxes so Mam and the girls could take that separate jet and get in some good times. Now, where's that darn aloha shirt I never wear?"
on December 23,2011 | 10:21AM
Classic_59Chevy wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on December 23,2011 | 07:05PM
CondoGuy wrote:
Will you sorry-assed Republicans please stop the whiny complaints? Oh -- I guess that's all you really have to talk about because you certainly don't want to discuss all of those embarrassing losers running for the Republican nomination .... In that case, carry on! Ha ha!
on December 24,2011 | 02:44AM
CondoGuy wrote:
News flash for loio: President Obama was born in Hawaii and graduated from a private, Christian school, Punahou. Therefore, when he visits Hawaii, he IS home. Please get your head out of the hole and take a breath of fresh air. Maybe that will help regrow your brain cells.
on December 24,2011 | 03:18AM
chuck4664 wrote:
welcome home king Obama to Hawaii, Obama is the real king of Hawaii and the world. Hawaii should change Oahu island to Obama Island. Maybe change and call Hawaii the Obama islands.
on December 23,2011 | 07:31AM
9ronboz wrote:
obanana republic
on December 23,2011 | 07:35AM
LanaUlulani wrote:

Approximately 70% of those who voted in Hawai'i voted for Obama the Hawaiian Wanna Be.

It should be noted that 30% were NOT fooled.

on December 23,2011 | 07:50AM
Musubi wrote:
Yep. It seemed like Obama was the popular and sentimental choice. I remember how people celebrated his election like they had just won the lottery or something. I also remember how people were literally upset at me for not voting for him!
on December 23,2011 | 08:47AM
CondoGuy wrote:
LanaUlulani, "30 percent were not fooled?" Who did you want to be POTUS? John McCain? The guy who fooled around on his sickly wife, then divorced her because she wasn't pretty any more after her traffic accident? I hope that never happens to you. You Republicans are such hyppocrites. Always talking about 'family values' but ready to elect anyone who is a fornicator, liar and deceiver. And just in case you still cannot believe it: President Obama was born in Hawaii. He attended that conservative, Christian private school, Punahou. If you can't stand that fact, that is okay. But to continually deny it makes you look lolo. You really should have your arse examined -- because that's where you've been keeping your head.
on December 24,2011 | 02:39AM
LanaUlulani wrote:

Obama the Hawaiian Wanna Be should GO HOME to Chicago.

He misappropriates "I"m from Hawai'i" for one thing and now people who live in the states think that people from Hawai'i are selfish and cruel. People who are from Hawai'i TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER.

Obama the Hawaiian Wanna Be should GO HOME. We don't want you in Hawai'i!!!

on December 23,2011 | 07:34AM
motoxdad wrote:
and you shold stop hiding behind that Hawaiian name because you sure don't sound like one, talk about a Hawaiian wannabe.
on December 23,2011 | 10:03AM
CondoGuy wrote:
LanaUlulani, you aren't one of those 'birthers,' too, are you? It's a fact that the Prez was born here in Hawaii. You may not like it, but it's true. You really should get used to it. I can see how that fact has been eating into you -- mostly your brain.
on December 23,2011 | 12:37PM
HD36 wrote:
All hail the Emperor. Bow down when he comes to your town. The governments gonna take care of you.
on December 23,2011 | 07:44AM
CondoGuy wrote:
Uh oh, HD36 -- your ignorance is showing.
on December 23,2011 | 12:34PM
HD36 wrote:
Satire if you know what I mean.
on December 23,2011 | 04:15PM
serious wrote:
I think it's great that he vacations in Hawaii. My concern is the cost. He has raised--what? over $100 million for his campaign? Why not use part of that to give to the state for his security and a few million to the taxpayers for his plane ride?? I think N-----r rich is he term.
on December 23,2011 | 07:55AM
CondoGuy wrote:
Well, serious, I didn't hear you complaining when your man, George W, set a record for most vacations of any U.S. President. Let's be fair, if you can. and you should really discard your racial slurs. Very unbecoming. Very immature.
on December 23,2011 | 12:34PM
Graham wrote:
Bush flew home to Texas; Obama should fly home to Chicago.
on December 23,2011 | 03:26PM
couggirlie wrote:
Graham should walk to his home...I guess.
on December 23,2011 | 09:09PM
residenttaxpayer wrote:
Oh great...more traffic tie ups when he arrive here...he should vacation else where he won't cause traffic delays and disrupt the lives of the local residents with his presence.
on December 23,2011 | 08:09AM
motoxdad wrote:
Ha, Kailua is already clogged with all you implants, so quit your sniffling and deal with it because theres nothing you can do about it.
on December 23,2011 | 10:16AM
CondoGuy wrote:
Ha ha! You said it, motoxdad! These whiners are a bunch of losers who just can't stand the fact that a black man (well, he's only half black) is such an intelligent, hard-working President whose policies to help all Americans are actually working. He's leading in all the polls and is headed for re-election -- that just frustrates the haters to no end. Too bad.
on December 23,2011 | 12:31PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
Tell you friend Obama not to shut down the freeway and inconvenience thousands so he can go golfing or to the beach. No One is that important.
on December 23,2011 | 03:41PM
CondoGuy wrote:
It's an honor to have a President of the United States visit us here in Hawaii. If you can't stand just a few minutes of freeway shutdown whenever he goes somewhere, tough beans. You whiny Republicans just can't stand the fact that Prez Obama is doing so well and is so popular. Well, you'll have to get used to it. Looks like he's going to be re-elected for another 4 years ....!
on December 24,2011 | 01:01AM
residenttaxpayer wrote:
Another Obama worshipper......
on December 23,2011 | 02:56PM
CondoGuy wrote:
Oh? And who do you "worship?" Cain, Romney, Gingrich, Perry, Bachman, Palin? Don't forget the last Republican who was President -- George W. So which one? What a bunch of losers, eh? And it's not that we Dems actually "worship" Prez Obama -- it's just that we regard him as the "savior of the nation whose economy and military was destroyed by Republican Bush and Republican Congress." Repubs are trying to hide and/or forget poor ol'George W because he was such a disaster as President, and brought disaster to the country. But I'm sure YOU'RE not that cowardly, are you, residenttaxpayer? BTW, talking about disasters: the Iraq War that Bush/Cheney started is estimated to cost ALL of us taxpayers about $4 TRILLION. Who's the big tax waster?
on December 24,2011 | 02:16AM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
You got it..one more time of shut down freeways and he'll be asking to lose even his home state
on December 23,2011 | 03:39PM
livinginhawaii wrote:
Looks like I will win my bet. For $1.2m he will now get the opportunity to cruise downtown with Bobby.
on December 23,2011 | 08:21AM
entrkn wrote:
Welcome back home for Christmas Mr President... hope you and your family have a well deserved and wonderful vacation.
on December 23,2011 | 08:39AM
scooters wrote:
Did he really earn the vacation? What has he accomplished?
on December 23,2011 | 10:20AM
CondoGuy wrote:
scooters -- how old are you? You seem very ignorant. Sounds like you're in elementary school, not yet at a high school reading level.
on December 23,2011 | 12:26PM
Graham wrote:
Hawaii is not his home. Chicago is.
on December 23,2011 | 03:27PM
CondoGuy wrote:
Graham, whether you want to accept the fact that the Prez was born here is up to you, but facts are facts. Talking out loud the way you do, however, makes you look pretty dumb.
on December 24,2011 | 01:04AM
HD36 wrote:
Oh, and thank you for saving us so much money by not taking your dog Bo. You are the most greatest in the whole world.
on December 23,2011 | 04:16PM
CondoGuy wrote:
HD36 -- that number must be your IQ. I didn't hear you complain when Republican presidents brought their pets with them on vacations. You Republicans should take a pill if you can't stand to have such an intelligent, successful black man as POTUS. He's going to be around another four years, so you should either get used to it or take more drugs.
on December 24,2011 | 01:08AM
Musubi wrote:
You know, it seems like the Obama's are on vacation more often than Barrack is actually working.
on December 23,2011 | 08:42AM
Nesmith wrote:
I am sure the Texans thought the same way, when Bush was president. And Bush took more vacations.
on December 23,2011 | 09:43AM
CondoGuy wrote:
Musubi -- have you forgotten about your man (George W) so soon? He set a record for most days-off than any U.S. Prez! BTW, Prez Obama is leading in all the polls. Looks like he's going to be re-elected! OMG!!! What a disaster, eh? In his second term can we expect Prez Obama to do more atrocious things like take out Osama bin Laden (something your man promised but failed at miserably), kill Al-Qaeda leadership, pass affordable health care for ALL OF US, get our troops out of Iraq (that useless war started by your man that killed more than 4,500 American soldiers and decimated our military), initiate jobs programs, fix the economy (which was broken by your man), boost the renewable energy industry (which was suppressed by your man), continue tax breaks for workers (your man got tax breaks for the rich), and help to insure that the unemployed continue to get benefits? OMG, again! What a disaster, huh? Better get used to it .... Prez Obama is for the people. Who do you Repubs want to help?
on December 23,2011 | 12:24PM
Lindall wrote:
Yay, glad he could come. WELCOME. Merry Christmas President and Family.
on December 23,2011 | 09:00AM
Bobbiejeanne wrote:
Who cares! Only Jimmy Carter is happy about B.O. and his failure. He makes Carter look better.
on December 23,2011 | 09:49AM
CondoGuy wrote:
Don't look now, Bobbiejeanne -- the Prez is leading in all polls, mainly because the Repub candidates are such a bunch of losers. I'm sure you would make a better President than any of the Repub candidates. It looks like the Prez is heading for re-election. Better make plans to leave the country if you just can't stand that eventuality ....
on December 23,2011 | 12:10PM
Nesmith wrote:
Mele Kalikimaka President Obama. May you and your family smell and feel the fresh air, splash in the waters, hear the waves, eat the Ono foods and rest up peacefully. Every member of the White House deserves it. Mahalo.
on December 23,2011 | 09:50AM
scooters wrote:
What you been smoking?
on December 23,2011 | 10:22AM
CondoGuy wrote:
Maybe you should join us, scooters ....
on December 23,2011 | 12:07PM
jomapaja wrote:
Such ugly mean comments are not becoming! Seems like no matter what our President does he just can please a certain vocal group! All of you folks who keep talking stink about the Mr. Obama seem to forget who got us into this mess. But enough finger pointing, what would happen if we all tried to work togather to solve problems, instead of saying NO just because the President has an idea that could make a difference. This is the season of hope, I still have hope that we can all work togather across party lines to make things better for all, not just the top 1 per cent. Merry Christmas!!!!
on December 23,2011 | 09:56AM
scooters wrote:
His socialist ideas will not work here!
on December 23,2011 | 10:23AM
808ikea wrote:
I'm with you jomapaja. Some people will always focus on the negatives.
on December 23,2011 | 11:20AM
CondoGuy wrote:
scooters has shown himself to be a big ignoramus. Just come out and say it, scooters -- you hate the Prez because he's a Democrat -- or is there some other reason?
on December 23,2011 | 12:06PM
9ronboz wrote:
who got us into this mess? you and the libs say the same thing in defense of your shortcomings
on December 23,2011 | 02:56PM
CondoGuy wrote:
"Who got us into this mess?" Do you mean the economic recession, 9ronboz? Or that disastrous war in Iraq in which more than 4,500 U.S. troops were killed? Or the big goof-up in Afghanistan that still drains our taxes today? Or the scandal at Abu Ghraib? The escape of Osama bin Laden from Tora Bora? I guess you've forgotten that those "messes" were caused by your pal, George W. Of course, who would blame you for trying to forget such an outrageous failure of a presidency? The only shortcomings appear to be your brain cells. Only Republicans would be stupid enough to think the current Prez caused all of those failures. Why can't you all just admit that a Republican president and Congress has ruined the country? Afterall, look at all those losers trying to become the Republican presidential candidate. Are they a good representation of Republicans today: backward, untrustworthy, ignorant, and blindly supportive of the super rich and corporations? I don't think that describes you, does it, 9ronboz? You should join us. Those people running in the Republican primaries are not good representatives of how I picture true Republicans, certainly not the ones I know. I would be embarrassed to say that I support or voted for one of them. I sure you would be, too.
on December 24,2011 | 01:29AM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
I like him him just fine unless he decides to shut down the freeway during rush hour and inconvenience tens of thousands of hawaii residents. Fly a helicopter or don't go anywhere while he's here, think about other people before you rush off to the golf course or beach.
on December 23,2011 | 03:45PM
808Cindy wrote:
Merry Christmas to the Obama's you deserve a restful vacation. I am greatful to have a President like you. I believe the Republican party has done much harm to our country because of their own personal agenda and fears. I believe the public will show their dislike at the polls. It's time.
on December 23,2011 | 10:06AM
scooters wrote:
Yup, they'll show it when he's booted out!
on December 23,2011 | 10:23AM
CondoGuy wrote:
And which of those Republican clowns are you going to vote for, scooters? All of them have shown how deceitful, how untrustworthy they are. I'm sure you aren't the same way. I'm sure you want a President who cares more for the working stiffs like you and me than the super rich and the corporations. You really should think about it. BTW, the Prez beats out all of them in any poll, and his popularity is rising by the day as his policies begin to take effect, and the public sees how the Repubs care only about the super rich and not the general public. He's going to be re-elected. Better get used to it.
on December 23,2011 | 11:58AM
visitor wrote:
Why so mean spirited? He's someone born and raised here and wants to come back during this holiday season to spend time with his family...what's wrong with that? I thought this was Hawaii...the land of the aloha spirit. So shame.
on December 23,2011 | 10:12AM
CondoGuy wrote:
Well, visitor, most of these haters are just ignorant. Because they don't have to reveal their names, they feel safe to say mean things, their true feelings of racial hatred. They are not real kamaainas. Their vicious diatribes reveal their true nature -- they have no 'aloha,' hence, they are not of this Land of Aloha. Sad. But please don't think we are all that way. Most of us are very caring and gentle people who welcome all to our islands. Welcome to Hawaii! Have a nice holiday.
on December 23,2011 | 11:52AM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
Well ...assuming people are racist because they don't like his politics is somewhat stupid. He being black I think has little to do with why some folks don't like him.
on December 23,2011 | 03:48PM
CondoGuy wrote:
I'm not assuming anything, saywhatyouthink. I ***know*** people hate Prez Obama because he's black. I know this because they've told me so. The ones who tell me are being honest. I respect that. It's the dishonesty that is so pathetic. When people call him a socialist, a communist, a dictator, etc., they are not being honest, because the Prez has not done anything to make this country socialist, communist, etc.
on December 24,2011 | 01:40AM
scooters wrote:
OH Happy Days! POTUS is among us again. Just what I wanted for Xmas. Spending my tax dollars for HIS vacation and screwing up the traffic here in Kailua. Why not save some money and go spend your vacation ( did you earn it?) in Chicago...your real home state.. Hey, can I count on you to pay for my vacation next year?
on December 23,2011 | 10:18AM
control wrote:
I see that the conservative republican elitist crybabies are here in force today continuing their agenda to promote hatred and 'anything to make Obama look bad' nonsense. This is the real reason why local people vote democrats and the local republican party continues to dwindle into nothingness. What a bunch of losers.
on December 23,2011 | 11:04AM
CondoGuy wrote:
So true, control! They just can't stand the fact that the Prez is doing so well against the opposition, not only because his policies are working, but also because the opposition is sooooooo incompetent. Makes them look incompetent, too. Ha ha!
on December 23,2011 | 11:46AM
CondoGuy wrote:
Welcome home, Mr. President and family! All you haters, stew in your beef! The Prez will be re-eelcted next year. Chew on that. Ha ha!
on December 23,2011 | 11:43AM
CondoGuy wrote:
Oh -- I guess you must be one of those 'birthers' who don't believe the Prez was born here in Hawaii? I guess you didn't hear that yesterday the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals threw out a birth place challenge by you screwballs? I know you're all very frustrated by the facts. You are a bunch of whiny losers. You ought to go back to where you came from and leave the Land of Aloha to those of us who have aloha.
on December 23,2011 | 12:04PM
High_Society wrote:
He should go visit Kenya instead. Check out the hospital renamed in honor of him.
on December 23,2011 | 01:38PM
CondoGuy wrote:
"High_Society"? You aren't walking around with your nose in the air with a name like that. Sounds more like you should take your head out of your arse -- maybe you'll get some fresh air and learn something -- like manners.
on December 24,2011 | 01:57AM
Oahu1234 wrote:
who pays for the Kailua vacation home? the taxpayers?
on December 23,2011 | 02:32PM
CondoGuy wrote:
No -- the same guys who paid for Bush's vacations -- which he did about once a month, setting a record, BTW. But I wouldn't expect you to know such facts. Go back to watching TV.
on December 24,2011 | 01:51AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
I just wonder if they tell him to turn off his cell phone on take offs and landings.
on December 23,2011 | 02:33PM
WesleySMori wrote:
on December 23,2011 | 02:42PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
Let's hope he doesn't close down all the freeways at any time while he's here. If I get caught in that again I'll vote republican for sure.
on December 23,2011 | 03:37PM
Wazdat wrote:
Nice to have the prez come home for a well deserved vacation. I would bet all the reporters are so HAPPY to come to hawaii, remeber they used to go to crawford rance before..ugh
on December 23,2011 | 05:01PM
entrkn wrote:
Welcome home Mr President... hope you have a well deserved wonderful vacation!
on December 23,2011 | 05:15PM
967972005 wrote:
Hmmm, "...4th Christmas in Hawaii as President", must be a product of no child left behind journalism.
on December 23,2011 | 05:33PM
kainalu wrote:
I was watching his arrival live, and I couldn't believe how difficult HPD/Security makes something that could be way easier. They had all the roads closed before the door on Air Force 1 was even opened. Why that early? Roads were closed for some 25-minutes before the President even got in his ride. What - there couldn't be a Police Commander on seen with open communications to all other officers involved, specifically those at places that roads will be closed? He couldn't simply command at the moment the Presidential motorcade started to move for the other officers to close the roads then? It doesn't take them but a minute to have the entire freeway shutdown. A minute. It's not the President people, it's a draconian Security/Police operation in today's communication world.
on December 23,2011 | 06:20PM
LizKauai wrote:
Welcome home, Mr. President!
on December 23,2011 | 06:29PM
awahana wrote:
The most intellectual prez we have had in decades, so no wonder so many negative comments from people who don't comprehend. Too busy watching reality tv instead of whats important.
on December 23,2011 | 06:38PM
CondoGuy wrote:
Right on, awahana! You hit it square.
on December 24,2011 | 01:49AM
Brentk wrote:
Got only one comment to the thread of posts I read here...shame on most of you. Regardless of how you feel about his Presidency give the guy a break for the holidays. I am certain of so very little in life but I do know that the President of our country doesn't have an easy job. I am proud of people who are willing to put themselves out there and give it their all. By no means am I a big fan of President Obama but I am big a supporter of Mr. Barrack Obama, husband, father, and defender of democracy. Welcome home Mr. President...can't say I agree with everything you've done but I am thankful for your service. To the Obama Family welcome back, please don't listen to the detractors on this page. I am mindful of your sacrifice and greatful for the support you give your dad/husband during his term as President. I hope you enjoy your stay here. Mele Kalikimaka. PS. Please use Marine One more so we can use the freeways while your here...
on December 23,2011 | 07:20PM
butinski wrote:
Your last PS sentence is the only one in your lengthy garbage that I agree with.
on December 23,2011 | 09:46PM
CondoGuy wrote:
butinski, take your head out of your butiinski.
on December 24,2011 | 01:48AM
kkeeton wrote:
Go some where else leave the the poor folks in Kailua alone. Show the poor people how you spend time at your multi million dollar compound with your ohana and these folks are at shelters and food kitchens. Your a piece of kukae you suck as a president popolo go home.
on December 24,2011 | 12:07AM
CondoGuy wrote:
kkeeton, you show no aloha. What's the matter? Can't stand the fact that a black guy is such a popular and successful President? You're showing your ignorance and prejudice. Shame on you. BTW, he's a magnitude better than any of your loser Republican presidential candidates, isn't he? Ha ha -- Prez Obama is getting re-lected next year. Better get used to it.
on December 24,2011 | 01:47AM
navamind wrote:
on December 24,2011 | 03:58AM
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