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UH coach Chow will not retain boyhood friend Cal Lee

By Stephen Tsai

LAST UPDATED: 01:38 p.m. HST, Dec 30, 2011

EL PASO, TEXAS >> Cal Lee, the Hawaii football team's assistant head coach, has been told he will not be retained after his contract expires March 31, 2012.

This month, Lee completed his ninth season on the Warriors' coaching staff after one of the most successful coaching careers in Hawaii high school history.

"It's awful," UH head coach Norm Chow said of his decision not to retain Lee. "We grew up together."

As a Punahou School senior, Chow worked for Lee's mother in the cafeteria. "It's very hard, but it's a business," Chow said.

Lee's departure leaves three members from the 2011 coaching staff — offensive coordinator Nick Rolovich, defensive line coach Tony Tuioti and director of personnel George Lumpkin. Chow will have telephone interviews with those three next week.

At UH, Lee has coached the linebackers and defensive ends.

In 21years as Saint Louis School's head coach, Lee was 241-32-5, winning 14 Oahu Prep Bowl titles and the inaugural state football championship.

Chow also confirmed that two Utah administrative assistants, Lewis Powell and Philip Rauscher, will be joining UH as full-time assistant coaches. Both said their first day at UH is Tuesday.


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jrboi96786 wrote:
on December 30,2011 | 09:00AM
1coconut wrote:
say that again, its not spring but a good house cleaning is just what U/H needed.
on December 30,2011 | 12:14PM
Wazdat wrote:
on December 30,2011 | 09:18AM
bobbob wrote:
Wow, he's really cleaning house. A good sign IMO. He should get rid of Rolo and Tuioti too. Rolovich may not fit in well with his offense and the D-line isn't playing well either (IMO).
on December 30,2011 | 09:20AM
daddyboy wrote:
I don't see how Rolo can possibly fit in. His philosophy and tutoring is not in sync with coach Chow. The only reason these guys do not resign immediately is so they can get paid through March 31. So the State is basically paying a bunch of "lame ducks".
on December 30,2011 | 11:52AM
NITRO08 wrote:
daddyboy you wouldn't resign either stop being a child.
on December 30,2011 | 05:45PM
Anonymous wrote:
You are SO far wrong and off base daddyboy. Poor you...Rolo and Tony were recruiting on the mainland AFTER Mac resigned, without a new leader in place yet. Tough job? You bet...lame ducks? Frickin hardly...
on January 1,2012 | 01:18PM
allie wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on December 30,2011 | 09:22AM
kam316 wrote:
241-32-5, winning 14 Oahu Prep Bowl titles and the inaugural state football championship. is a bad track record?
on December 30,2011 | 02:58PM
Wazdat wrote:
Great for a hawaii high school but this is D1... its the BIG league
on December 30,2011 | 04:38PM
Anonymous wrote:
on December 30,2011 | 09:52PM
Eradication wrote:
Spell check is a good thing "Alice".
on December 31,2011 | 08:37AM
palolo2001 wrote:
College football coaching is really a tough business. What ever it takes to make Hawaii better I guess.
on December 30,2011 | 09:26AM
WarriorDave wrote:
D-line played well and Tony is supposedly a great recruiter and motivator. Tony should stay.
on December 30,2011 | 09:27AM
Bdpapa wrote:
Yes, Tuioti is a very good recruiter. He does not have to be a coach. Maybe he can take Lumpkinʻs position and concentrate on recruiting. I actually would like Rolovich to stay as an assistant. I think he could be molded into a good coach by Chow.
on December 30,2011 | 09:34AM
kailua000 wrote:
Tuioti came to Hawaii to coach. He took that recruiting position as a way to get his foot in the door for a coaching job that was coming available in a year. He's not going to take a pay cut fo $40k or more and do the recruiting again. He can go elsewhere and get $100k year a more than he made at UH where it costs 1/2 the price and take care of his family way better.
on December 30,2011 | 02:43PM
Anonymous wrote:
Exactly Kailua!!! Cost of living in Hawaii is insane! Tony is awesome and with all those kids, the mainland is a much better choice for him and his family! Good luck Tony...hope the new year is amazing and blessed for you!
on January 1,2012 | 12:31PM
Kaimukier wrote:
Isn't Dick Tomey still on the staff?
on December 30,2011 | 09:32AM
daddyboy wrote:
Pleeeeeeeze!!! He had his days. Give somebody else a chance.
on December 30,2011 | 10:57AM
Kealii wrote:
I was wondering about that too. Not that I would want him coaching our special teams again! Did he resign?
on December 30,2011 | 12:54PM
LizKauai wrote:
Mahalo and aloha, Coach Cal. GO WARRIORS!
on December 30,2011 | 09:32AM
OldDiver wrote:
Tough to see coaches who gave a lot to the Hawaii sports community cut. Good Luck Coach Lee.
on December 30,2011 | 09:44AM
hanabatadayz wrote:
nice to clean your house before the new year
on December 30,2011 | 10:07AM
GorillaSmith wrote:
Well done, Norm. I love this new sense of urgency. It's a nice change from the relaxed country club environment of the McMackin years.
on December 30,2011 | 10:15AM
NiteMarcher wrote:
As mentioned in some of Chow's previous interviews throughout the week, the bottom line is "business" all the way. It's always tough to make changes and decisions in any business, but considering Chow's impressive qualifications and fortunate rise to head coach, I feel he's on the right path to truly making UH an upcoming team to be reckoned with this coming season. True friends will always remain friends no matter what circumstances may arise as in this case between Chow and Cal. Good luck to them both in this 2012 New Year.
on December 30,2011 | 10:16AM
SOLID3 wrote:
Now that Cal is out, get rid of everyone. Cal was the best coach on the staff by far and all you haters out there must of gone to the other ILH schools and got your okole's hand to you by St Louis all those years. How quick we forget that he got the best talent to go to St louis and how he dominated HS football here and beat alot of good schools from the mainland. The only reason he's still not dominating HS football is because the new Dean at St. Louis put academics before sports and did not want the school to be recognized for football only. Got to say bad move on Chow Mean! To Coach Cal Lee and the brothers, time to dominate again with your system that's a winner. Aloha Local people!
on December 30,2011 | 10:31AM
s_manuwai wrote:
SOLID3 = True Dat!
on December 30,2011 | 10:55AM
payattentionplease wrote:
he did so well till he couldn't play with 5th yr. seniors. And that's the truth. Plus the president of the school, a priest. pulled the plug on all the "scholarship" money given to those called "best talent" and couldn't afford to go to a Catholic school. When those two events happened, St. Louis's program collasped! Not a hater...just the truth. it doesn't mean he wasnt a great coach. He just had a big leg up on everyone esp. Kahuku.
on December 30,2011 | 10:56AM
fishwrider wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on December 30,2011 | 12:40PM
Pookie_Baby wrote:
That's true Fish....but the difference is, Cal won championships.
on December 30,2011 | 02:17PM
joyce1 wrote:
Ridiculous statement. Punahou only has a handful of Polynesian starters on the entire team (Lakalaka, Kaumatule, Savaiinaea, Tuileta, Kamana). They are all academically qualified for college. They don't have tons of Polys like St. Louis. So are you saying that Polynesians and other minorities can't go to Punahou?
on December 30,2011 | 03:51PM
fishwrider wrote:
So you're saying that the "polynesians" would have got in if they DIDN'T play football/basketball/volleyball, etc.? Be honest. And since you brought it up, in your estimation a "handful" of soles are ok but more than that objectionable?? Why cause if more than that they're going take over your school? Typical racist. Read my post. Did I mention anything about race? You need a dose of reality in the worse way. Let me know if you need help.
on December 30,2011 | 06:43PM
payattentionplease wrote:
footbal wise that's not the point. they don't need alot just a few key guys. Teo is from Laie. if he is not at Pun. he's at Kahuku. Same with Toma. Without those two, esp. Teo, Pun. never wins. never. In the 90's at St. Louis it was Welch (from Kahuku) and Ornellas from Hauula. Both made huge plays that beat Kah. in the Prep Bowl. The key is where their less talented sibling go. Joyce there is alot going on in HS sports behind the scenes. but the kids grad and move on and right posts like this. lol
on December 31,2011 | 12:07AM
daddyboy wrote:
Wow!!! Thanks for the "keen insight"!!. You one of the reasons we keep losing.
on December 30,2011 | 10:59AM
MSanders42 wrote:
Love the careful wording "got the best talent to go to St louis." In other words, he recruited. In other words, he cheated. Most of the big ILH schools probably do the same. To his credit, he was the best cheater out there. With all the advantages (legal and illegal) ILH schools have, it is still amazing when any public school is able to win.
on December 30,2011 | 12:16PM
Eradication wrote:
Some of the best HS football programs in the country recruit players. De LaSalle recruits, thus 151 wins in a row. Florida teams do it all the time. Texas teams are famous for it. Reality is that if a school wants a good football program they, like everybody else, must get the best players to come play for them. Many neighbor island players move to Oahu to live with Aunties and Uncles so that they can attend schools like Kahuku or Leilehua.
on December 31,2011 | 08:59AM
1coconut wrote:
Solid3- Cal had an all star team every year, how could he lose. Even Van Oppen could win with the teams Cal Lee had at St. Louis. The new dean at St. Louis realized that high school is to educate people not just football.
on December 30,2011 | 12:19PM
fishwrider wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on December 30,2011 | 01:16PM
payattentionplease wrote:
you are absolutely right. and it's just not football and not just hawaii. it is just HS. sports these days. kids play the same sport all year round and parents are going to move or get D. Exemptions or what ever to get their kids to good schools.when you stop and think about it , it is the same in academics. How do you get into Kam.? with a test 100's of kids don't pass
on December 31,2011 | 12:12AM
islandsun wrote:
I still think Chow might hire Ron to coach receivers and help out with ellements of the run & shoot when Chow wants it. It seems a goot fit since Ron had those receivers humming with after the catch yards. Come to think of it, Rolo suffered after Ron left his side.
on December 30,2011 | 01:00PM
NITRO08 wrote:
no he didn't 10 and 4 is pretty good, this season too many starters hurt!
on December 30,2011 | 05:52PM
s_manuwai wrote:
Your assertion is correct. There was a definite drop-off in Reciever/Slot play after Ron left. Routes seemed confused and lacked that polished look. The continual assertion that Coach Ron and Cal are not good coaches is rubbish. These are the same group of guys who helped JJ put together winning teams. The teams under Mac simply lost their unified focus and intensity due to leadership issues. Go Warriors!
on December 30,2011 | 11:36PM
daddyboy wrote:
Glad to see we finally got somebody in charge with a pair between his legs.
on December 30,2011 | 11:00AM
NITRO08 wrote:
don't care about those it's what in his head that counts!
on December 30,2011 | 05:53PM
pralix wrote:
FYI, Hawaii was top-20 in team sacks and top-30 in team interceptions this past season.
on December 30,2011 | 11:00AM
raiderfan wrote:
Hawaii played in the weakest conference.
on December 30,2011 | 11:46AM
Mulepower wrote:
There is a reason why Cal Lee was not retained at UH. That I do not know. What I do know is that Chow being in command must have somebody better in mind. That is a good thing. Sad to see a good coach go but, Cal Lee coached at the HS level when other high schools were still running old school football. He was ahead of the game back then but, as soon as the rest of the schools got up to par, those schools began to keep up with the best. There are no schools dominant to any other nowadays. That is why we have alot of different faces in the HHSAA playoffs and championships right now. hopefully Coach Lee will find something better! Go Warriors!
on December 30,2011 | 11:15AM
theDman wrote:
The new boss always gets to hire their own people. No issue with that. Chow will have to find a way to recruit local players though. He will need some sort of local connection because he is a mainland guy now himself with little insight to the local high school talent.
on December 30,2011 | 11:56AM
NITRO08 wrote:
yup you are right!
on December 30,2011 | 05:54PM
Dragonman wrote:
Norman Chow is the HC. He is doing what he feels needs to be done to make the Warriors a winning program. I have no problem with what he is doing. I do feel sad for the coaches being fired because most of them gave thier all to the program and they do have families. But like NC says its a business. Its all about winning and filling the stands with fans which means money for UH and the program. Its all about the MONEY. Sad but that is life.
on December 30,2011 | 12:33PM
NITRO08 wrote:
I agree but I am tired of this name calling and acting like children. Some of the so called Hawaii fans have really short memories.
on December 30,2011 | 05:59PM
islandsun wrote:
Gotta be impressed by Chow and his strive for the best. Cal was a friend unlike some of the others.
on December 30,2011 | 12:56PM
SOLID3 wrote:
It's been no secret that the ILH recruited some of the best talent in the state and that the OIA knew there was a big advantage for the ILH and departed ways 30 plus years ago. Just because coach Cal did it better and had an outstanding booster does not make him a cheater. With all ILH schools who have student athletes who struggle with the grades, there has always been systems in place to help the student out. Cheater? Ask any of those students and family's if that was cheating if a school offered their son or daughter a free ride to some of the best education in the state. I think not. Aloha Local People
on December 30,2011 | 01:24PM
mellowyellow11 wrote:
Too bad Cal lee had to get the pink slip. he's a winner. but business is business and Norm chow must know what it takes.I would lay 100 to 1 that Rolovich wont be coming back either. Run and shoot and pro set with tight ends and double back field is like apples and oranges.
on December 30,2011 | 01:54PM
sickmanfraud wrote:
Good for Coach Norm to put the program as he sees it ahead of friendship. I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision. Can't wait to see the vision that Coach Norm has for the Rainbow Warriors come to fruition. Fans have to understand the staff he picks must share his vision and the energy required to get there. Perhaps Coach Norm saw that Coach Lee did not meet one or two of the required prerequisites.
on December 30,2011 | 02:27PM
Toyuki wrote:
Wow, Norm Chow, he is truly focused to bring guys who will work well with him and who have the same kind of vision. To "clean house" in Hawaii with all the politics around him . . . is unreal . . . is totaly great! Its a good thing he is away, getting ready for a bowl game because if he was here; people would be telling him - to keep this guy and that guy - for political reasons. GO CHOW GO! Everyone who coaches, should always have a back up plan as far as employment. Hopefully, all have other professions they are qualified for besides coaching football.
on December 30,2011 | 02:49PM
Wazdat wrote:
It is probably because he has NOT been in Hawaii the last 20 years and does not play the B$ game that most of the people in Hawaii play... This will be a GREAT team under chow...
on December 30,2011 | 04:42PM
NITRO08 wrote:
on December 30,2011 | 06:01PM
Anonymous wrote:
Cal was set to retire this year. Why quit when you got Free pay till the end of March, And you dont have to do anything= priceless
on December 30,2011 | 03:36PM
payattentionplease wrote:
just what are you saying?
on December 31,2011 | 12:15AM
entrkn wrote:
We demanded a winning Football program... we hired the Coach we all have wanted for years and years, Norm Chow, to make the WARRIORS the BEST... so now we have to stand back and let him do his Best... for all of us.
on December 30,2011 | 05:33PM
NITRO08 wrote:
Not everyone wanted Chow. Don't talk for other people!
on December 30,2011 | 06:02PM
akuman808 wrote:
When the Lee brothers stood united in support of Mack, Norm Chow was the odd man out. What goes around comes around. Coming full circle coach Chow needs people "loyal" to him and he will assemble such a staff. You've got to respect that coach Chow has a plan and a vision of what it will take to succeed. Now instead of 400 interested coaches ( a stretch) how about 100 interest athletes in all areas. Good luck coach Chow!
on December 30,2011 | 05:51PM
RKC808 wrote:
Who are these two guys he hired?? Administrative assistants?? What do they do??
on December 30,2011 | 08:52PM
Anonymous wrote:
on December 30,2011 | 09:54PM
Manapua_Man wrote:
I've seen crazy things happen... but wouldn't it be something if the only person remaining on staff is George Lumpkin?
on December 30,2011 | 09:06PM
Anonymous wrote:
Those 2 guys mentioned, Lewis Powell and Philip Rauscher, are very young guys. One was just a Grad Assistant. I'm a bit concerned about their experience as teachers/coaches.....
on December 30,2011 | 09:51PM
Anonymous wrote:
Coach Lee is a "Big Time" coach. Just look at all the players he mentored at St. Louis who went on to play at Division l Schools across the country and then on to the NFL. Coach Chow is to be commended for his commitment to creating his style of football. Unfortunately, Coach Lee does not fit in that system but that does not make Coach Lee any less of a Big Time coach.
on December 31,2011 | 08:48AM
nigelUV001 wrote:
Wow, this really takes my mind off of the awful economic times. Go Norm Chow. Go UH imho...We should ditch the "warriors" and go back to the Rainbows. The warrior is a "man who fights" The rainbow is a sign that the rain has stopped and the sun is coming through. I have lived in Hawaii all my life and have never considered a rainbow as being something weak. Seeing a rainbow has always empowered me for some reason.
on December 31,2011 | 10:41AM
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