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Occupy protesters return to Thomas Square sidewalk

By Gregg K. Kakesako

LAST UPDATED: 02:57 p.m. HST, Feb 03, 2012

Ten Occupy Honolulu protesters spent the night camping on South Beretania Street fronting Thomas Square defying city officials who warned them against rebuilding the campsite they established on the sidewalk along South Beretania Street and Ward Avenue in November.

Madori Rumpungworn, who has been living at Thomas Square for the past three months, said she and several others are waiting to see what city officials do next.

"They want to tango," said the Ewa Beach resident and former Leeward Community College student, ""two can tango."

But by mid-morning the protesters had voluntarily removed their tents.

On Thursday, workers from the city Facility Maintenance and Parks and Recreation departments removed four tents and other items belonging to Occupy Honolulu protesters under a new ordinance which forbids storage of private items on government property.

Earlier in the day protesters voluntarily removed eight tents and other property.

City officials told the protesters that they could continue to hold signs and pass out literature, but any tents or other items left on the sidewalks would be confiscated.

City workers on Thursday filled 28 green recycling bins with confiscated items from Thomas Square and a homeless campsite near Aala Park. Trucks took the property to the Halawa base yard, where the items will be stored for 30 days. Unless claimed, the items will auctioned or destroyed.

Police arrested protester, Lucas Miller, 29, of Makiki, and cited him with obstruction of a government operation — a misdemeanor. Miller, a teacher, was arrested after sitting in his tent, holding it while dancing and finally blocking the city workers from loading up their backhoe. He was scheduled to make his initial appearance in District Court this morning.

Miller was also one of the eight Occupy Honolulu protesters arrested Nov. 5  for being in the park after 10 p.m.

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1local wrote:
Why is the City utilizing Green waste bins? Don't they follow their own guidelines? They should be utilizing blue bins for recyclables and Gray bins for trash. Carlisle please educate your people...
on February 3,2012 | 07:11AM
jusmetwocents wrote:
Ten occupy protestors, err I mean homeless people return to Thomas Square sidewalk...
on February 3,2012 | 07:11AM
al_kiqaeda wrote:
Sign on protestors junk: WHERE IS THE ALOHA? Obviously there is none for you. You trash up our sidewalk, make it look like a homeless camp and if the authorities didn't get on your case you'd be blocking the sidewalks and making park of the park uncomfortable to use or even walk through. Where is YOUR aloha protestors? Go find another way to protest because this one obviously is creating a negative backlash.
on February 3,2012 | 09:30AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
I wonder if these social leeches realize that they have failed miserably at capturing the attention of Hawaii residents? No message. No plan. No local participation. They even import their own supporters from the continent. Just plenty noise and trash the land. Oh well, I guess they figure it beats, like, working for a living.
on February 3,2012 | 07:16AM
aomohoa wrote:
I think all they have done is annoy people and make it difficult to enjoy our beautiful park. It looks like the homeless are living there, , and I'm sure unemployed!
on February 3,2012 | 07:51AM
al_kiqaeda wrote:
The meaning and purpose of the occupation is lost. It's more about getting our park and sidewalks back now. Actually it wasn't a lot to begin with. All the tents and junk was just to bulk up their appearance there was only a small handful of people. Ten years from now, if anyone remembers this demonstration, it will be with a chuckle.
on February 3,2012 | 08:57AM
allie wrote:
Many of our Asian-Americans feel that hawaii gave them a chance for upward mobility. In fact, Asian-Americans here hace done exceedingly well over the decades. Lucky we all live America and we always will.
on February 3,2012 | 10:05AM
OldDiver wrote:
I wonder if the financial leeches on Wall Street realize they have captured the attention of the people.
on February 3,2012 | 08:08AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Then protest on Bishop Street. Duh.
on February 3,2012 | 08:19AM
OldDiver wrote:
Mr. Duh, the right to free speech is not limited to any particular street.
on February 3,2012 | 08:33AM
peanutgallery wrote:
You're correct, however it doesn't give one the right to impede a city walkway, or occupy any public space for housing. These bums need to get tossed. Buy them one-way tickets back to the bay area, where they came from.
on February 3,2012 | 09:45AM
jusmetwocents wrote:
Mr. OldDiver... Your right to free speech doesn't include the right to set up a homeless camp on public sidewalks. People indeed do have the right to protest whatever they chose to protest. But go home once the sun goes down and come back in the morning. Also, it would be nice if these homeless people, I mean protesters actually had a clear message that made some sort of sense.
on February 3,2012 | 09:59AM
allie wrote:
It is called the mainland hon and most are actually from here.
on February 3,2012 | 09:59AM
beachbum11 wrote:
look Again! Try checking out the sidewalk again and tell me these people are local. Maybe some are but the turned to the wrong side.
on February 3,2012 | 03:17PM
FOW wrote:
Hehehe, you noticed that too huh? Maybe if they took that energy to find a job they'd have a real life.
on February 4,2012 | 06:36AM
Anonymous wrote:
What is happening is MY rights are being violated by these people who prevent me from using the park and sidewalk. What the City should do is have a street sweeper followed by a water truck go up and down the street spraying water on the sidewalk to clean it, all night, all day long. That MAY get the message across that these people are just scum and need to be cleaned out.
on February 3,2012 | 07:27AM
OldDiver wrote:
Our rights as citizens of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, are being trampled on by the Wall Street Bankers.
on February 3,2012 | 08:04AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Maybe those leeches confused Banyan with Banker and that's why they are at Thomas Square? 'Cause there are no bankers at Thomas Square. If you want to protest bankers, you have to go to....uh.....banks. And that's why these leeches are so ineffective.
on February 3,2012 | 08:21AM
OldDiver wrote:
Very insightful comment from the right wing fringe.
on February 3,2012 | 08:31AM
jusmetwocents wrote:
What you are looking for is socialism...
on February 3,2012 | 08:48AM
Kawipoo wrote:
OldDiver is really Neil Abercrombie.
on February 3,2012 | 09:16AM
beachbum11 wrote:
Oh No!Now we all know why the comments.
on February 3,2012 | 03:19PM
jusmetwocents wrote:
For the rest of us out there... I'll translate what the OldDiver is trying to communicate to us: Everyone has the right to a high paying job, free medical coverage and a home in Hawaii Kai. We all need to blame Wall Street for our high unemployment, homelessness and personal debt. The answer is to set up camp on the sidewalks of Thomas Square. There, we shall stand as one and solve the problems of society! Give me a break... Get off the sidewalk and go find a job. Idiots!
on February 3,2012 | 08:47AM
walaau808 wrote:
on February 3,2012 | 10:53AM
beachbum11 wrote:
I agree I am 65 and still working and have been since I was 15. Lots of very left wing posters on this site
on February 3,2012 | 03:21PM
cmn848 wrote:
I really don't think they will get the message. In my opinion, THEY think THEY are very intelligent and so noble in what they are doing. It is just my opinion they are not and are just doing it to get attention, to act relavent in society and to excercise what ever little self esteem they have. Even the actual "homeless" follows the law better than them. Wonder if they is a organization giving economic support to them and/or are receiving some type of government assitance.
on February 3,2012 | 11:04AM
walaau808 wrote:
Why do we keep playing games with these people? Enforce the law...enough said!
on February 3,2012 | 07:43AM
OldDiver wrote:
I agree, let's enforce the law and put those Wall Street Bankers who committed financial fraud and endangered our economy and people in prison.
on February 3,2012 | 08:05AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
No bankers at Thomas Square\. You want to protest the banks? Go to a bank. Duh.
on February 3,2012 | 08:20AM
OldDiver wrote:
Another very insightful comment from the right wing fringe.
on February 3,2012 | 08:31AM
al_kiqaeda wrote:
Why YES let's demonstrate on a street in Hawaii....OH BOY that'll force the government to put those bankers in New York in prison.
on February 3,2012 | 08:51AM
kispest wrote:
Obummer and his buddies are the ones, who endangered our economy!
on February 3,2012 | 09:25AM
walaau808 wrote:
Yes let's! And let's also throw those illegal campers in prison for breaking the law too!
on February 3,2012 | 11:01AM
beachbum11 wrote:
Same with the politicians. Put them in jail, because they also are doing the same thing as wall street only 10s as bad
on February 3,2012 | 03:24PM
aomohoa wrote:
The are not sending a message that the people of Hawaii want to hear. Get them out of the park permanently.
on February 3,2012 | 07:52AM
cojef wrote:
Let them sit in their filth and having to fend for themselves. Ignore them, and give them the quiet treatment. Determination is the key. Wait it out and if any civil code is violated, arrest them.
on February 3,2012 | 08:22AM
Bigdog_MD wrote:
These "protesters" showed absolutely NO ALOHA to the people of Honolulu by choosing to erect their campsites directly on the sidewalk, making pedestrians walk in the dirt. Get the cuffs out HPD, that silly little girl wants to "tango"? Show'em what that really means. No, no, by all means, please RESIST ARREST!
on February 3,2012 | 08:30AM
allie wrote:
very true..their methods were ineffective.
on February 3,2012 | 10:03AM
busterb wrote:
What do you call your jeans after you sit on a sidewalk for 3 months straight? Rumpungworn.
on February 3,2012 | 09:06AM
innocentBystander wrote:
on February 3,2012 | 10:09AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
I heard that penicillin will reverse an outbreak of rumpungworn.
on February 3,2012 | 10:24AM
High_Society wrote:
Those scrubs are waiting on what City Officials are going to do. They better be careful what they wish for. I'm sure that a small group of very large local males with baseball bats would "tango" just great with them. I support their right to set up their table, hand out literature, hold signs and talk to people about their "cause". What I do not support is their camping, composting, garbage and drug use while spending the night in a PUBLIC park that is closed at night. These feral humans should be held to the same standard as all other citizens. I recall several years back that there were two young ladies who were cited and fined for using a restroom at a Windward park after closing. These scrubs should be issued a citation for every night they violate the law and enter the park after hours.
on February 3,2012 | 09:16AM
kispest wrote:
on February 3,2012 | 09:27AM
Fred01 wrote:
Wow...you are really stupid. No wonder things are so messed up in Hawaii and America. Get a brain.
on February 3,2012 | 09:59AM
allie wrote:
Please..no violence. I went there Sunday and found them polite and interesting. They just do not understand our history and cultures. But they mean well.
on February 3,2012 | 10:03AM
Ripoff wrote:
the video of that guy in his tent running away from hpd yesterday was hilarious...idiotic but funny....these people should go back to the mainland
on February 3,2012 | 09:36AM
Kuniarr wrote:
The Occupy movement appears to be a protest against social and economic inequality, the 99% against the 1% or the gap between the wealthy and the rest of the populace. Or high unemployment, greed, as well as corruption and the undue influence of corporations on government—particularly from the financial services sector. The disparity between the wealthy and the rest of the populace has grown wider ever since US average wages have began to decline and unemployment began to climb starting in the last 2 years of the GWBush administration from below 5.00 to 7.30 when GWBush left office and then rose to under Obama to a peak of 10.10 in October 2009 but is now down to 8.50 in December 2011. But what is causing high unemployment and the downward spiral of average wages? High unemployment and the downward trend of average wages seem to be he very root cause of this thing called "99% and 1%"? Class envy that all Democrats propagate does not in anyway solve anything. Taxes to reduce the gap between the wealthy and the rest of the populace will undermine the very foundation upon which the economic system of the US stands on - Capitalism. Democrats and Republicans both are looking at Budget Deficits as the culprit. But is it?
on February 3,2012 | 09:44AM
Aquarius1 wrote:
Please tell those OWS protestors at Thomas Square that Hawaii's unemployment numbers are lower than the national average. So they need to take their protest elsewhere. Oh, by the way, if they are so conscious of the environment, don't forget to take their trash, debris, human waste and recyclables with them. Aloha!
on February 3,2012 | 10:19AM
Grimbold wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on February 3,2012 | 10:47AM
Kuniarr wrote:
Another way to look at it is the question: How many PERMANENT high paying jobs exists here in Hawaii or the mainland?
on February 3,2012 | 11:23AM
mcc wrote:
Put them in jail, or better yet, mace and beat them like they didi in Utah because they are not listening to the law.
on February 3,2012 | 09:49AM
Fred01 wrote:
Please go back to Iran where you belong mcc.
on February 3,2012 | 09:59AM
kainalu wrote:
These bums are dirtying what is otherwise a good cause, serving notice to Wall Street and their minions that the 99%'ers are aware of what they're doing. I doubt that these "10" or so people are really attached to the ideology of the OWS movement, as many have pointed out, more than likely homeless.
on February 3,2012 | 10:04AM
false wrote:
I donʻt get it, the message has been lost, they are just being hardheaded, I guess they got money so they donʻt have to go to work! Why are they on the sidewalk again! I missed something.
on February 3,2012 | 10:07AM
Aquarius1 wrote:
Possible that they are in the 1%, if they don't have to work! LOL!
on February 3,2012 | 10:20AM
beachbum11 wrote:
Trust Fund Kids. Mom and Pop send them money not to come home.
on February 3,2012 | 03:30PM
all_fed_up wrote:
Hey occupiers....go occupy a workplace and make yourselves useful.
on February 3,2012 | 10:28AM
islandsun wrote:
Still cant understand whats so great about Thomas Square. It looks like just another homeless encampment. Look, FHB, HECO, City Hall & the BWS are nearby. Why dont you wanabes get some playing time. Your just benchwarming in a park.
on February 3,2012 | 10:46AM
Peacenik wrote:
Yeah, close down the banks. They put guns to the heads of the borrowers to accept loans for their homes. Dirty buggahs.
on February 3,2012 | 11:14AM
islandsun wrote:
Not sure what your reading but only one bank was mentioned, and I doubt they would be able to shut down any bank with a protest.
on February 3,2012 | 06:48PM
Grimbold wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on February 3,2012 | 10:51AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Advanced Cooties and Ukus 101.
on February 3,2012 | 03:17PM
lee1957 wrote:
Didn't we have an article earlier this week about the rebirth of the symphony? Maestro, a little tango music please. Care to dance, Madori?
on February 3,2012 | 10:53AM
Oahuan wrote:
What was hilarious was the protesters "mainland white people" protesting with Braddah Iz music in the back ground. LOL!
on February 3,2012 | 11:07AM
Incadove wrote:
Idiots! Can't fix stupid.
on February 3,2012 | 11:26AM
Fred01 wrote:
You must know!
on February 3,2012 | 01:43PM
SteveToo wrote:
Give them all a bed in Halawa or Waiau~ Clean the streets.
on February 3,2012 | 01:49PM
Kokoy wrote:
Those guys are in my way everytime I try to pass through on the sidewalk, either on my bicycle, skateboard or jogging. Dirtbags.
on February 3,2012 | 02:12PM
beachbum11 wrote:
Same as the politicians
on February 3,2012 | 03:24PM
st1d wrote:
they represent less than .0008% of honolulu's people. that is the reason their message doesn't resonate with the people. they are radical fringe socialists and communists. no wonder honolulu rejects them.
on February 3,2012 | 06:38PM
residenttaxpayer wrote:
Perhaps these protesters need to occupy a cell at OCCC instead of blocking public access and contributioning to urban blight.
on February 3,2012 | 10:58PM
Poidogs wrote:
Seriously, if one stops to really think about things, these Occupy Honolulu protesters are doing what they feel is right, the City is doing what needs to be done. This is a waste of our taxpayer money which is a part of what they are protesting. If they protest in their own back yards, as I have said before, these sweeps would not be necessary and we can save our precious tax dollars to help them in some possible future time to make their lives better. Common, Honolulu protesters, get a life, get out of the park and go get a job! Enough said and enough of your insane doo doo on our city streets and parks. Go home or at least find a home and protest there.
on February 15,2012 | 09:06AM
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