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Homeless man charged in meat cleaver attack

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 01:11 p.m. HST, Mar 02, 2012

Prosecutors charged a 32-year-old homeless man with second-degree attempted murder and terroristic threatening after he allegedly hit another man with a meat cleaver during a fight in downtown park Wednesday,

Eldridge Kahoano made his initial appearance in District Court this morning on charges of second-degree attempted murder and first-degree terroristic threatening. He is being held on $100,000 bail.

Police said Mark Hunsaker, a former Honolulu police commissioner and deputy sheriff on the mainland, intervened after Kahoano allegedly struck a 41-year-old man in the head with the cleaver at Kamamalu Park on Queen Emma Street at about 12:50 p.m. Wednesday.

Police said the suspect grabbed a meat cleaver and told the victim several times that he was going to kill him. When the victim picked up a hammer, Kahoano then allegedly struck him.. The victim went to the Queen's Medical Center, where he was released in fair condition, police said.

Hunsaker, who was on the police commission from 2006 to 2009, works as a Hono­lulu accountant and as a deputy sheriff in Chau­tau­qua County, Kan. 

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Duck22 wrote:
I SAY DEPORT him to San Francisco.
on March 1,2012 | 04:23AM
jusmetwocents wrote:
Here's the best idea on how to solve our homeless problem... Let's pass out complimentary meat cleavers to all of the homeless people and let them just hack each other off. Shouldn't take more than a couple of months or so and we'd be down to one or two homeless people left. It's cheap and effective and they take care of the problem themselves!
on March 1,2012 | 06:31AM
slc3755 wrote:
Great idea! Everybody knows that all homeless people deserve to die because they're homeless. You're an idiot.
on March 1,2012 | 07:23AM
tim5fl wrote:
No not San Francisco that's too beautiful a city,send him to Cleveland Oh.
on March 1,2012 | 10:52AM
dalawyer wrote:
Cha-Ching! Meat cleaver....OMG....this clown is real serious!
on March 1,2012 | 11:14AM
islandsun wrote:
No more food stamps ,give him a ticket out and put him on the no fly or boat list.
on March 1,2012 | 05:05AM
allie wrote:
Too much of this going on. And check out the bus and all the mentally unstable and dangerous people on board.
on March 1,2012 | 05:34AM
Vivgie wrote:
Next time let them fight it out. Might get lucky and end up 2 tramps lighter.
on March 1,2012 | 07:01AM
taafakisam wrote:
This is across the street from an elementary school!!! Why HPD and the City continue to allow homeless to live in this park - the ONLY public park in this area is beyond me. We can't use this playground, even though it is one block from our home because it is full of unstable homeless people, drug users and who knows what else. I pay my taxes but my kids have no playground because these folks have more rights than I do? Where are our citizen's rights???
on March 1,2012 | 07:17AM
LanaUlulani wrote:
Why not ask your senator or representative that considering they make the laws and have contributed to the homeless problem while increasing taxes and making new taxes which steals the hopes and dreams of local children. You may want to start asking them what they are doing for your rights.
on March 1,2012 | 08:23AM
HD36 wrote:
Now we gotta support him in jail.
on March 1,2012 | 08:27AM
allie wrote:
He has 3 meals a day anmd maid service now!
on March 1,2012 | 09:10AM
cojef wrote:
Parole the sucker so that he will try to kill again and this time hope he succeeds. At least one less hobo, and he can ride "rails" the new one, you know which one.
on March 1,2012 | 10:15AM
sak wrote:
With full medical, vision, pharm, and dental treatment plan on us! With no co-pay too! "No longer Homeless", here in Paradise.
on March 1,2012 | 03:53PM
Good work, Mark!
on March 1,2012 | 08:31AM
Bruddah_Shane wrote:
Mark Hunsaker? The same one that was on the Police Commission and with Bowen Hunsaker & Hirai? The guy in the photo looks quite similar
on March 1,2012 | 10:49AM
Anonymous wrote:
Thanks. Mark
on March 1,2012 | 03:42PM
Ewaduffer wrote:
Did I read that right, a MAINLAND off duty deputy sheriff pulled out his gun and held the suspect for HPD? Say what? A tourist was carrying a gun and intervened? Isn't there something wrong there?
on March 1,2012 | 08:42AM
bender wrote:
There isn't any mention in the article of anyone "pulling a gun".
on March 1,2012 | 08:49AM
Poipounder808 wrote:
Apparently you did not read right. Reading is fundamental. No mention of any firearm. Get your facts straight before ranting.
on March 1,2012 | 08:59AM
ross13moon wrote:
"An off-duty police officer, Mark Hunsaker, took out his gun and held the suspect until police arrived." Read the caption notes, why is Hunsaker is allowed to use a gun???
on March 1,2012 | 09:09AM
manapua19 wrote:
Because he can. Under federal law, all law enforcement officers who work for government agencies, whether it be city, county, state, or federal agency, are allowed to carry a gun nationwide, on or off duty, doesnt matter. Look up LEOSA act
on March 1,2012 | 10:09AM
johncdechon wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on March 1,2012 | 10:27AM
Bigdog_MD wrote:
Good point. The other thing that most people don't know is that the police are not required to protect you. For example if someone is pointing a gun at you, if a cop is present, he/she does not have to shoot to protect you. If you get shot and try to sue the cops because they did not shoot the perp first, you lose. The only citizens that they are required under law to protect are those that are in a life-threatening situation who are under their direct employment, i.e. an informant. So the notion that the police are out there to protect you? Falsely held.
on March 1,2012 | 01:03PM
Poipounder808 wrote:
I apologize...did not see the captions on my small phone.
on March 1,2012 | 11:23AM
Bean808 wrote:
Read the story. Where did you see gun?
on March 1,2012 | 10:11AM
bender wrote:
Gee, this off duty sheriff stopped this without having to shoot the guy to death while the security guy for APEC decided to shoot and kill. The sherriff dealt with an armed man while the APEC guy was dealing with an unarmed guy.
on March 1,2012 | 08:46AM
Bigdog_MD wrote:
Deputy Hunsaker saved a guy's life. Unfortunately, the law in Hawaii does not allow ANYONE to carry concealed. This story portrays exactly why concealed carry is allowed in many states, to prevent violence and to protect life. I'm waiting to hear the second part to this story where HPD charges Hunsaker with unlawful possession or some charge of that sort.
on March 1,2012 | 09:46AM
BHH wrote:
Federal Law HR 218 allows ALL federal, state, and local law enforcement officers to carry their weapons conceal in all U.S. jurisdictions.
on March 1,2012 | 09:56AM
Bigdog_MD wrote:
Good to know. The HPD website specifically states that PO's from other states cannot carry. Federal trumps local, so good.
on March 1,2012 | 10:10AM
hapuna715 wrote:
You'd be surprised how many people (and cops) don't even know about HR 218. If HPD's website does specially state that officers form other states can not carry, well that's 100% false and kind of scary.
on March 2,2012 | 07:58AM
dalawyer wrote:
Another average walk in the park!
on March 1,2012 | 11:16AM
Classic_59Chevy wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on March 1,2012 | 11:25AM
Poipounder808 wrote:
You watch to much TV.
on March 1,2012 | 01:38PM
billso wrote:
That park is behind the Nuuanu YMCA and across the street from the Pacific Club and Royal Elementary School.
on March 1,2012 | 11:56AM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
Good Job Deputy, you may have saved the guy's life but ........I have to question why a vacationing cop would be carrying a loaded firearm and hanging out in a public park frequented by homeless people. What's that story ?
on March 1,2012 | 01:15PM
myviewofthings wrote:
exactly what was he doing there?
on March 1,2012 | 01:21PM
Poipounder808 wrote:
Who cares? He stopped somebody from being seriously hurt or killed.
on March 1,2012 | 01:37PM
Anonymous wrote:
He was having lunch at The Pacific Club across the street from the park, not hanging around the park.
on March 1,2012 | 03:41PM
sak wrote:
"Another 48 Hours"
on March 1,2012 | 03:59PM
BHH wrote:
He was having lunch at The Pacific Club, not hanging around the park with homeless people. He also has a home here in Honolulu and not just on vacation here.
on March 1,2012 | 01:23PM
mrluke wrote:
Amazing! So many people are aghast that a fully qualified and experience law enforcement officer is allowed to carry a firearm!
on March 1,2012 | 01:26PM
jfbz2 wrote:
We all appreciate the mainland deputy's actions, and understand that his carrying a concealed weapon is protected by federal law. But it's a sad commentary on Hawaii law when a tourist can pack concealed but a resident can not even carry a firearm exposed. What is wrong with this picture? Hawaii has the most oppressive gun laws in the nation.
on March 1,2012 | 04:07PM
jfbz2 wrote:
The bright side of this for the deputy, and I hope he reads this, is that the state will pay for his transportation and lodging to and from Hawaii every time there is a court appearance requiring his presence, even if the proceeding results in a postponement, as it often does. He could have a number of mini-vacations here paid for by the state. I'm not complaining; it's the price of justice. A friend of mine (also a mainland deputy sheriff) witnessed crucial evidence in a Waikiki homicide case years ago and got several expense paid short term vacations to Hawaii because of it.
on March 1,2012 | 07:03PM
SharonOnKauai wrote:
Any out of State or off island witness for the prosecution gets that same treatment not just LEO's.
on March 2,2012 | 09:12AM
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