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Online petition seeks to keep 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' on the air

By Mike Gordon


Craig T. kojima / ckojima@staradvertiser.comDOG IN THE COURTHOUSEDuane "Dog" Chapman made an appearance in court Friday in connection with restraining orders filed against him by his grandson's father and two roommates.

Fans of Duane “Dog” Chapman and his family of bounty hunters continue to sign an online petition on change.org that seeks to convince the A&E Network to reconsider its decision Monday to cancel the popular show.

Although A&E has not issued an official announcement, the Chapmans released their own statement late Monday night.

The statement released by their attorney, Marty Singer, was brief. Singer noted that the Chapmans and the network had been unable to reach an agreement on a ninth season. He quoted the Chapmans as saying: “This has been a great ride for eight seasons and we would not be where we are today but for our loyal and dedicated fans. We are about to start a new chapter, and an announcement will be made sooner rather than later. You can’t keep a good Dog down.”

Earlier today, an employee at their Da Kine Bail Bonds office in Honolulu said the couple was on the East Coast and unavailable. Beth Chapman has not returned calls to her cell phone.

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Senior_Researcher wrote:
Good riddance. Please return to whatever meth-infested trailer park from which you emerged.
on May 22,2012 | 11:35AM
screaming_banshee wrote:
on May 22,2012 | 11:36AM
EducatedLocalBoy wrote:
I agree totally. The show is trash and portrays Hawaii in a bad light. Hawaii Five O is dramatic fiction and puts Hawaii in the proper light as a tourist destination.
on May 22,2012 | 01:08PM
Fred01 wrote:
Hawaii casts a bad light upon itself! The show just reveals it for what it is and the trashy animals who inhabit these rocks.
on May 23,2012 | 10:30AM
jusmetwocents wrote:
Dog is a Putz and his show stinks... Go chase down shoplifters in Watts and see he you survive!
on May 23,2012 | 06:46AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Where's the Throw Out the Dog Petition? I'll sign it and even donate.

This guy has done so much to ruin Hawaii's reputation around the world.

on May 22,2012 | 11:43AM
leiann wrote:
amen ...amen to all of the above !!!
on May 22,2012 | 11:56AM
sjean wrote:
Yes, our criminals and most wanted were so much better off without him.
on May 22,2012 | 01:07PM
charleyf wrote:
And what good did he do them? They missed their court date, he captured them so he wouldn't lose money out of his pocket, re-issued the bond most of the time with the court and they are back out on the street. He's not a crime fighter, he's a business man...which I have no problem with. Problem is the majority of the public that do not understand what he truly does. If you look at it, he's the one putting the criminals on the street. If they couldn't post bond, they'd be sitting in jail waiting for their court date right?
on May 23,2012 | 06:01AM
cojef wrote:
Yeah sitting jail at taxpayer costs. Let him risk his money. If his costs goes up, he will quit, then no more show. Free enterprise, nothwithstanding all the name calling. Me, I will not watch his show, unless there is nothing else to watch. HArdly watch TV, mostly only news breaks, during meals. Rather play with my I-Pad, listening to music and emailing, or looking at KITV and others.
on May 23,2012 | 08:07AM
cojef wrote:
Forgot, have StarAdvertiser app on I-Pad, with limited newsbreaks, is there another app for me to submit comment from my I-Pad? Anyone?
on May 23,2012 | 08:10AM
Kalaheo1 wrote:
Yes. Just go to the SA website using safari. Scroll to the very bottom of their mobile site and look for a link that says "show full site." Once you have the plain old any computer in the world website, log in normally, click "remember me" and save it as a book mark. That's how I'm posting right now.
on May 23,2012 | 08:49AM
charleyf wrote:
True, at tax payer's cost, that's a whole nother issue
on May 23,2012 | 08:16AM
Fred01 wrote:
Hawaii and local people are solely responsible for "ruining Hawaii's reputation around the world."
on May 23,2012 | 10:31AM
BigOpu wrote:
Saddup Fred! This State doesn't need your tourist dollars. So you can take your Hawaii/ Locals hate attitude elsewhere.
on May 23,2012 | 02:32PM
Fred01 wrote:
Wish stupid mokes like you would just leave.
on May 23,2012 | 05:42PM
BigOpu wrote:
Worst show ever representing Hawaii. Fake pidgin talk, loud obnoxious stars, kid badges, stupid people (bad guys/gals) getting air time. I agree w/ Maneki...where's the petition to keep them off the air.
on May 22,2012 | 11:56AM
bigislandkurt wrote:
Statement should read more like "We would not have been here today had it not been for Hawaii's drug addicted, welfare drawing, poor population." Pau hana for him.
on May 22,2012 | 11:59AM
Frances wrote:
Dawg, It's time for you to go - now beat it! You have exploited these islands long enough. We don't want your show here any more.
on May 22,2012 | 12:14PM
Manoa_Fisherman wrote:
Where is the petition to keep him and his brood off any broadcast, cable or satellite channel? Thank god the A&E network finally got some good taste and common sense to take this "trailer park trash" off the air for good. Now only if they would do us the favor and leave Hawaii for good.
on May 22,2012 | 12:21PM
loquaciousone wrote:
Do everyone a favor and move to Colorado Beth.
on May 22,2012 | 12:38PM
Kalaheo1 wrote:
I can't believe the film commission has been promoting this guy. He's an embarrassment and a disgrace. I hope he goes back to Colorado and never comes back!
on May 22,2012 | 12:48PM
wahine wrote:
Two words. GO HOME!!!
on May 22,2012 | 01:05PM
Fred01 wrote:
You get lost.
on May 23,2012 | 10:32AM
sjean wrote:
Let me get this straight. You all are bashing Dog for rounding up the dregs of local society? Those deviants who wouldn't even be on the streets but for the bailbond industry? Though the show does exploit the filthy underbelly of our islands, it also exposes the truth. Our islands are infested with criminal dirtbags. With or without this show that truth cannot be denied.
on May 22,2012 | 01:11PM
H20 wrote:
uhhh, you know his business is bail bonding right? They wouldn't BE on the streets if he didn't bail them out. And the only reason he's going after them is not cause he wants to clean up the streets, it's because if he doesn't he loses money, plain and simple
on May 22,2012 | 03:46PM
waverider808 wrote:
sjean, h20 speaks the truth....
on May 22,2012 | 05:44PM
sjean wrote:
You're absolutely right. Now go tell that to all of your neighbors, friends & family who harbor criminals, and make excuses for their evil ways.
on May 22,2012 | 07:04PM
H20 wrote:
I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm just happy a guy that makes a living paying money to let criminals out of jail won't be glorified with a tv show anymore
on May 23,2012 | 12:18AM
johncdechon wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on May 23,2012 | 06:46AM
nodaddynotthebelt wrote:
You sure seem well versed on bonding. You must have a lot of experience in that area. Let me guess, you are a frequent customer of bail bondsmen. That would explain your vehement hatred towards those who simply are speaking of their experience or witness of "Dog". If there is anyone ignorant here, it is people like you who dislike the fact that others can air out their opinion on a matter that concerns them. I would go further as to surmise that you have been a customer of "Dog" himself as he has bailed you out of jail. I would also surmise that most of the posters here who are posting against "Dog" are law-abiding citizens who are repulsed by his actions. You, my friend, have an anger issue. Please go see your parole officer before that anger results in you needing service from a bail bondsman.
on May 23,2012 | 07:55AM
bender wrote:
You are correct but we really don't need it on TV. A&E stands for Art and Entertainment. His show doesn't qualify for either descriptor.
on May 23,2012 | 09:32AM
Fred01 wrote:
They are all mad because he exposes their "bruddas" and "sistahas" for the human trash they are.
on May 23,2012 | 10:33AM
EducatedLocalBoy wrote:
Chapman mentioned starting a new chapter, might that be Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code?
on May 22,2012 | 01:18PM
BlueDolphin53 wrote:
Some of the comments here.....did he lock up one of your loved ones? I'm not sure why anyone would care so much whether he's on or off the air.....
on May 22,2012 | 02:06PM
Fred01 wrote:
Of course. Local people don't like the truth about them being exposed to the world.
on May 23,2012 | 10:34AM
lookup wrote:
You no like...no watch. I like...I watch!!!
on May 22,2012 | 02:11PM
bender wrote:
I guess you will have to watch reruns from now on.
on May 23,2012 | 09:34AM
AirRescueFF wrote:
The only one I'd care to watch is their visit to Papakolea.
on May 23,2012 | 10:11AM
Living_Large wrote:
WHY?! Hearing that the show was cancelled was one of the few GOOD things reported in the news recently!
on May 22,2012 | 02:37PM
ehowzit wrote:
on May 22,2012 | 02:55PM
KekoaBradshaw wrote:
Everybody I know has a story about how obnoxious the Chapmans are. The latest I heard from a co-worker this morning when this story broke is about the time Beth pulled into the Safeway with her entourage, parked partially in the firelane partially in the driveway, ran into Safeway to "buy something", then came out. When a little old lady scolded her for blocking traffic, she cursed loudly and drove off in a cloud of dust. Ask the folks at Star of the Sea School, where the little Chapman grandson went about how disruptive and demanding this clan were. That's why people here don't like them.
on May 22,2012 | 03:13PM
bender wrote:
Or one of the clan fondling himself in the parking of Ala Moana Center. But wait, we can't talk stink about them because they are stars.
on May 23,2012 | 09:36AM
bumba wrote:
I would much rather have Dog on the air than the meth head scumbags on the streets. Period. Look at all the ignorant low life druggies he gets off of the streets. Kinda like Terminix for druggies.
on May 22,2012 | 02:59PM
bumba wrote:
I'd rather have Dog on the iar than the addicts/thieves on the streets. Period.
on May 22,2012 | 03:14PM
Living_Large wrote:
Sad part is that Dog is responsible for a good majority of those "addicts/thieves" on the street. Had he not sprung them from jail, they would still be locked up.
on May 22,2012 | 03:32PM
3012708737 wrote:
Someone else woulda sprung 'em.
on May 22,2012 | 09:40PM
H20 wrote:
Yeah but Dog chose that his business be paying for criminals to be released from jail. Thank goodness someone that does that won't be glorified anymore
on May 23,2012 | 12:16AM
H20 wrote:
Then tell him to stop bailing them out of jail
on May 22,2012 | 03:49PM
mookane wrote:
Mainland trailer trash! Go home and crawl back under the rock you and your sorry excuse for a wife came from! That's one fat ugly bit.....ch!
on May 22,2012 | 03:26PM
sjean wrote:
Genius...Cow man? or is it Man cow?
on May 22,2012 | 07:05PM
3012708737 wrote:
Ugh! What hateful words. There are nicer ways to not like something.
on May 22,2012 | 09:42PM
Fred01 wrote:
Local trash. Go back under your bridge.
on May 23,2012 | 10:36AM
st1d wrote:
ratings tanking big time. sponsors walking away. a&e is wise to avoid liability from on and off air antics.
on May 22,2012 | 03:45PM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
Never came to this neck of the woods. He woulda been poke!
on May 22,2012 | 03:55PM
Fred01 wrote:
You will be made poke if you ever set foot out of Nanakuli.
on May 23,2012 | 10:37AM
WesleySMori wrote:
on May 22,2012 | 05:16PM
sloturle wrote:
after i heard how racist dog is... no way his show will go on any longer... down with this show already i cannot believe its still even on!! dog won't make it in Hawaii knowing how he thinks of other races.
on May 22,2012 | 07:19PM
nodaddynotthebelt wrote:
Duane "Dog" Chapman is an ex-felon who cannot even carry a gun who makes a mockery of law enforcement. He should not be allowed to carry the letter of the law. He is a ticking time bomb because of liability issues involved in his charade as a "sheriff". His conduct is not that of Hawaii's finest and there should be a law to ban ex-felons from taking the role as a pseudo law enforcement official or as bail bondsmen. If there is a petition to cancel his show I would be happy to sign it. In fact I will go ahead and write to A&E to cancel this scourge's show.
on May 22,2012 | 07:31PM
johncdechon wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on May 23,2012 | 06:53AM
nodaddynotthebelt wrote:
In my estimation you must be one of those ex-felons given your attitude. And no, you are most likely going back to prison before I anything. And I hope that you have a lot of time to think on this one.
on May 23,2012 | 07:39AM
Tipops wrote:
Met "Dawg" he actually seems like a nice guy. Met his wife, she's actually an obnoxious, foul-mouthed b#@#@. But, really folks, this family is an embarrassment to this state and to each other. For the people who like this show, sorry but it's all over. Move on!
on May 22,2012 | 07:57PM
Fred01 wrote:
You are an embarrassment to this state.
on May 23,2012 | 10:37AM
truelies wrote:
cows should stay in pastures
on May 22,2012 | 08:00PM
SteveToo wrote:
The only thing "good" about the show is the money it brings to Hawai`i.
on May 22,2012 | 08:32PM
Wazdat wrote:
FINALLY... This is the WORST show ever for this state and its about time for the Dog to leave.
on May 22,2012 | 09:08PM
johncdechon wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on May 23,2012 | 06:47AM
johncdechon wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on May 23,2012 | 06:58AM
BigOpu wrote:
I'm bashing his show, not him personally. He can do the show in Colorado and I would be ok with it staying on the air. I wouldn't watch it. Just not here in Hawaii, talking fake pidgin, flashing toy badges, and just being loud. Yes, the vermin is real in this state, but it doesn't need to be glorified. People come to Hawaii for it's beauty first, not because they could possibly see Dog and his crew on the streets catching low lives.
on May 23,2012 | 02:51PM
nodaddynotthebelt wrote:
No, most people who are posting against "Dog" are not hiding criminals. If there are any criminals around here, it's probably you, johncdechon, who have a twisted mind. I would fathom that you are either an ex-felon posting on behalf of "Dog" because you can relate to him or you are one of his cronies.
on May 23,2012 | 07:42AM
MrRealistic wrote:
There should should have beena petition to get it OFF the air right after the first show.
on May 23,2012 | 06:51AM
CriticalReader wrote:
It's gotta be the case that Dog's clients/captures get some $$$ for appearing on the show. What do you think they do with that $$$? Anyway, here's an idea. Dog should talk to the Food Network. Dog should partner with Chai to do a Hawaii cooking show with the following format: First part Dog goes out and catches one of his skippers. Second part, he, Chai and the capture cook something (because everyone is curious about what Meth-heads eat). The capture then intimidates Chai into crying. Then Beth eats the food.
on May 23,2012 | 06:56AM
mcc wrote:
The Dog and his family are a bunch of boors. Hawaii shiould not let these people make money off our beautiful State. Get the Dog off the air.
on May 23,2012 | 07:09AM
LanaUlulani wrote:

I love this show ! I like watching this show because 1) He catches druggies and drug pushers and 2) I get to see scenes of home (Hawai'i.) I hope his haters are happy now. Now there is a high likelihood more druggies and drug pushers will be on the streets pushing drugs on the children of Hawai'i. Idiots !

on May 23,2012 | 07:18AM
CriticalReader wrote:
I disagree. If there're no cameras, Dog can spend less time dramatizing, and more time catching.
on May 23,2012 | 07:23AM
nodaddynotthebelt wrote:
I disagree. If anything, I would suspect that "Dog" is a drug user HIIMSELF by his conduct and his own wife's conduct.
on May 23,2012 | 07:47AM
mrluke wrote:
Actually, he goes after BAIL JUMPERS - Period! They just happened to have been arrested for other crimes before HE bailed them out. Do any of these drooling Dog worshippers realize just how many of his episodes are staged and edited? Just another phony cashing in on the dubious intelligence of the average TV viewer.
on May 23,2012 | 07:56AM
BigOpu wrote:
Lana: Cmon girl. There's better shows/movies you can watch to get scenes of home if that's what you crave. Try Descendants for one.
on May 23,2012 | 02:56PM
CriticalReader wrote:
They should do one last show on where the heck Dog finds his clothes.
on May 23,2012 | 07:27AM
Anonymous wrote:
no keep his show otf the air please
on May 23,2012 | 10:28AM
daddyboy wrote:
You must be kidding!!! Who in the world is signing that petition? These are the most dysfunctional bunch of idiots on TV. Dog is always holding hands and praying and preaching about faith and family values when he is the biggest phony of them all. His family hates him, the Hawaiians hate him, blacks hate him, Samoans hate him, it is about time A&E wised up and cut his line. His wife is gross!!!
on May 23,2012 | 01:44PM
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