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Man killed by Maui police had realistic pellet gun, county says

By Associated Press

LAST UPDATED: 09:44 a.m. HST, May 26, 2012

A Maui County spokesman said the man shot and killed by police in Kihei Tuesday had pointed a pellet gun at officers that looked like a semi-automatic handgun.

County spokesman Rod Antone said that the pellet gun looked very much like a Glock handgun.

Marshall Langford was killed during Tuesday's shooting in the parking lot of a Kihei resort. Police say he was fleeing in a stolen vehicle when he aimed what looked like a gun at an officer. The officer fired at Langford.

The Maui News reported one of the weapons found in the car was a sawed-off shotgun. Langford's family claims he didn't have a gun and was reaching for a cell phone. 

Deputy Corporation Counsel Moana Lutey said the officer had no option but to use lethal force.

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olos73 wrote:
Even if it's a pellet gun, it looks real to me. Kids got shot and killed for pointing toy guns at police on the mainland several times before. That's why toymakers put that orange cap on the end of the barrel to show it's a toy and an accident doesn't happen again. Pellet gun still can do bodily harm.
on May 25,2012 | 07:22PM
soundofreason wrote:
Luckily, he didn't find the orange cap ones before the police officer got to him and prevented his NINEteenth conviction. Can you imagine the legal fees taxpayers have had to sponsor for eighteen prior court processes. Can you imagine how much we now won't have pay for regarding the his NEXT eighteen convictions or eventual jail sentence? Is there some address I can send the officer my portion of my taxes that would have had to go for this. I'll pay the same now that more victims won't be involved. Maybe all of the judges, who allowed him to be freed time and time again, are feeling a little guilty that he was on the streets again to where this could happen. Maybe they would like to kick in too.
on May 25,2012 | 08:43PM
moondog73 wrote:
Wow, a cell phone that looks like a gun. Not a good idea. Any way, not a good move to reach for anything, even a cell phone, if a cop is pointing a gun at you.
on May 25,2012 | 08:10PM
808warriorfan wrote:
on May 25,2012 | 08:36PM
soundofreason wrote:
As a previous poster said - parents are STILL making excuses for THEIR failure.
on May 25,2012 | 08:59PM
daniwitz13 wrote:
But was there a cell phone? If they can mention a pipe, they can mention a cell phone. And because the Mother 'claims' it. If someone 'claimed' that he was trying to restrain his Dog, wouldn't they say that there was NO dog? Pity.
on May 26,2012 | 11:24AM
sloturle wrote:
the officer thought he was in danger... he must do what is told.
on May 25,2012 | 08:48PM
soundofreason wrote:
I'd have done the same.
on May 25,2012 | 09:00PM
tobyclairmont wrote:
You point a gun at someone, even if it just looks like a gun, expect to get shot. The officer had a right to protect himself. Besides, this guy is no model citizen. Didn't I read he was in a stolen car, had both drugs and a replica gun, just got out of jail and had 18 prio convictions? Well done MPD, you did what you had too.
on May 25,2012 | 09:01PM
Keith_Rollman wrote:
he had a real gun too.
on May 26,2012 | 09:00AM
Greystole wrote:
I saw a photo from some soldiers training for deployment. The assailant was holding a banana...but his stance and expression were aggressive and hostile. The correct decision for the soldiers in that situation was "Shoot."
on May 26,2012 | 09:54AM
Living_Large wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on May 25,2012 | 09:33PM
808warriorfan wrote:
on May 26,2012 | 10:39AM
RandyC73 wrote:
I would think the gun would still be clutch in his hand or close to him. Why did the police search the whole car for the gun! Kind of funny, that they had too search the whole car too locate! the gun! What'supwiththat!
on May 25,2012 | 09:42PM
BRock wrote:
Not funny at all. Your brain is in left field.
on May 25,2012 | 10:36PM
RandyC73 wrote:
It's to bad thier is a lot of people they like too condemn other's and make fun! No one said he was an angel and that he did do anything wrong! Not even his family made comments about his wrong doing was unjust! I know you folks are just speaking your peace but he has a family too!
on May 25,2012 | 09:58PM
omd111 wrote:
Yeah...he had a family, but think about how he affected other people who have families too. Too many excuses for bad behavior and bad character. When you're a criminal you are nothing but a nuisance to society and the people in it. People like this are just plain lazy. And his family are idiots who keep making excuses for him. Another reason people like this SHOULD NOT be having children.
on May 26,2012 | 08:43AM
false wrote:
The Policeman has a family. Innocent bystanders have families and all were vulnerable to a gun wielding disconnect. Whether the gun is in the hands of a chronic disconnect or a drunk badge, it's all wrong and deserves the consequences. Guns do more harm than good.
on May 26,2012 | 09:44AM
livinginhawaii wrote:
The criminal's mother is really messed up for calling this toy a cell phone. What is wrong with this lady?
on May 26,2012 | 06:46AM
iwanaknow wrote:
"My boy was a good boy, he neva do nauthing".
on May 26,2012 | 07:46AM
Keith_Rollman wrote:
A weak attempt to cash in with a wrongful death suit?
on May 26,2012 | 09:02AM
Publicbraddah wrote:
No brainer. Low life makes another stupid move and it cost him his life. One more criminal out of the gene pool. Hopefully, his parents cannot procreate anymore children they won't take responsibility for.
on May 26,2012 | 08:28AM
soshaljustic wrote:
Typical polarization of all known elements so far. Case is set. Word against word, possible plants by police where needed to cover a well-liked officer perhaps, all allegations in place with no eye witnesses, no corroborating facts, except a toy and a non-used real weapon allegedly nearby. Seems odd the perp would opt for a toy if a real weapon was truly nearby, unless planted after along with a few drugs to smear the character of the man far worse than already has been done on his own. But, then again, on next pages in news, a man dies at the butts of other officers. Sad tales of perhaps excessive force with Counsel at the ready to vindicate immediately. I of course am biased in favor of police, but no one has corrupted my thought process and knowledge that HPD could always use funding for training, AND power does have a way of corrupting the individual, AND there does exist a MOB mentality with like minded individuals therefore a group process that does not heartily disagree is found to be unhealthy and eventually makes unsound and irrational decisions when reaching mutual agreement too fast due to the like mindedness aspects. Much thought, consideration, investigation from the outside needs to be done for these and all situations concerning multiple "force" issues of police departments, for these and other complex reasons, notwithstanding the innocence or guilt of a citizenry.
on May 26,2012 | 08:38AM
Kealii wrote:
puff * puff * pass
on May 26,2012 | 09:24AM
false wrote:
The implied threat of a gun held on anyone is a crime. Let justice prevail.
on May 26,2012 | 09:46AM
XML808 wrote:
on May 26,2012 | 09:53AM
oioman wrote:
The bottom line is this shooting was justified and was a "positive" thing for the community. Getting rid of the scum (even though the scum smell good...) will clean up our neighborhoods. No right or wrong....the object is to CLEAN UP THE SCUM PERIOD!
on May 26,2012 | 09:52AM
soundofreason wrote:
on May 26,2012 | 10:19AM
Imua45 wrote:
When you live the life Langford has, I'm sorry, your life will always be in danger. He has a small handgun & a rifle in his possession, sorry, cannot have any pity for that type of individual. Tell nme what he brings to society, absolutely nothing to offer. It is sad, but when you play with fire, sometimes you get burn.
on May 26,2012 | 05:49PM
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