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Romney draws boos from NAACP when he dings Obama

By Kassie Hunt

Associated Press

LAST UPDATED: 06:14 a.m. HST, Jul 11, 2012

HOUSTON >> Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney drew jeers from black voters Wednesday as he criticized President Barack Obama and pledged to repeal the Democrats' health care overhaul.

Romney told the annual meeting of the NAACP that backing him over the Democratic incumbent, who won their overwhelming support in 2008, is in the best interest of their families. He acknowledged his Republican Party doesn't have a perfect record on race relations, but pledged during a sometimes rocky speech that, if elected, he would work with black leaders to put the country back to work.

"I am going to eliminate every non-essential, expensive program that I can find — and that includes Obamacare," Romney said, drawing his first boos of the day.

Romney stood motionless with a reserved expression for 15 seconds before noting a survey from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as support for his position. His rebuttal was greeted with silence.

Indeed, Romney at times found himself adjusting his prepared remarks — with its typically business-oriented language — for his audience and sounded like an like an instructor explaining policy. Once he noted the slow growth of the GDP, the Gross Domestic Product, only to quickly adjust by adding "the economy."

Romney received polite applause at several points during the speech. But he was interrupted again when he flatly accused Obama of failing to spark a more robust economic recovery.

"I know the president has said he will do those things. But he has not. He cannot. He will not. And his last four years in the White House prove it definitively," Romney said as the crowd's murmurs turned to louder groans.

Finally, he stopped amid loud jeers.

"If you want a president who will make things better in the African-American community, you are looking at him. You take a look," Romney shot back.

Romney, running against the nation's first black president, isn't going to win the African American vote. But he made a pitch with a major speech that also was aimed at showing independent and swing voters that he's willing to reach out to diverse audiences — and demonstrating that his campaign and the Republican Party he leads are inclusive.

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Grimbold wrote:
Black racists. They want the government to provide for them. They are the end of America.
on July 11,2012 | 06:29AM
1local wrote:
in 2012 - people judge and choose by the skin rather than the goodness and integrity that are within. Ethnicity make up should be based on majority percentage of an individuals ancestral make up.
on July 11,2012 | 06:40AM
Fred01 wrote:
Ethnicity should have no bearing on anything.
on July 11,2012 | 10:28AM
Anonymous wrote:
lets cry racists because they booed the white man, lllloool
on July 11,2012 | 12:41PM
Grimbold wrote:
Everytime I hear the lie that Obama is Black i have a fit. He is mixed and more white than black. Would he have been raised by his African father,s ilk, he would be a beggar in Kenia. But he was raised by his mother's white parents in a land of culture instead.
on July 11,2012 | 06:34AM
kainalu wrote:
wow. Ignorant intolerance is alive and well on the SA message board. I don't care if Obama is blue, he advocates for the same America I do - one that values liberty as much as security, one that believes a society is responsible for all its citizens, not only those with wealth, one that believes a woman's work is equal to that of a man's, one that believes those that can should help those that can't. Do you make over $200K-a-year? Why would you oppose a reversion back to those tax-rates Clinton had on this specific wealthy group? Do you have "off shore" accounts? Why would you oppose withdrawing those tax-breaks to U.S. flagged companies that ship their jobs overseas? Are you connected to the healthcare "industry"? Why would you oppose reform that makes it easier for more than it does for less to get qualitly healthcare? There's only one-answer by my perceptions - you make more than $200K-a-year therefore, can afford the quality of medical care we all deserve, and you have off-shore accounts and are reaping the benefits of an untaxable income. That group - those that earn over $200K-a-year is less than 3% of us. When considering the vehement opposition to Obama, you believe that figure would be exponentially more, when in reality, its merely ignorant intolerance.
on July 11,2012 | 09:43AM
scooters wrote:
You must a loyal Socialist like POTUS..
on July 11,2012 | 12:12PM
kainalu wrote:
... and you must be rich - or stoopid.
on July 11,2012 | 05:25PM
hawaiikone wrote:
No sense counterpoint each of your examples. It's been done to death. You want the same America Obama does? I sure don't. And we'll see this November how America feels about what he's doing to this nation.
on July 11,2012 | 06:43PM
scooters wrote:
So true..
on July 11,2012 | 12:10PM
allie wrote:
Romney looks and sounds like a robot programmed by the rich to protect their interests.
on July 11,2012 | 06:38AM
Carang_da_buggahz wrote:
A likely, desperate response from the NAACP. They actually served a purpose decades ago. Not anymore. Their frequent cries of "RACISM!" are so predictable when someone in the Black community doesn't get their way, or if it threatens the continuing bleeding of WORKING Americans who pay for the grossly disproportionate number of Blacks clogging our welfare rolls, food stamps, social serves, and other entitlement programs. Anymore, I expect their howls of protest as just another day in the life of America and I pay no heed to their so-called grievances. At a time when this country is in desperate financial trouble, it's time for the Black community to buck up and improve their own lot in life instead of continually leeching off the Gravy Train of entitlements while simultaneously demonizing "The Man". Now watch this newspaper unashamedly delete my post for having the audacity to speak the truth. How ironic that so many of us who are politically incorrect cannot exercise our so-called "Freedom of Speech". But then again, our Dear Leader Obama and his party regularly trash our Constitution. No big deal.
on July 11,2012 | 07:05AM
Johnmakiki wrote:
Gee Carang, looks like you are wrong--your post is right there!
on July 11,2012 | 07:13AM
scooters wrote:
on July 11,2012 | 12:13PM
waverider808 wrote:
fact: there are more whites on welfare than black....don't believe me, then do some homework....11.4 million blacks on welfare...11.6 whites on welfare...so who is clogging the system more. my math says white people....google it. don't go by %'s but by true numbers
on July 11,2012 | 12:43PM
Classic_59Chevy wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on July 11,2012 | 07:34AM
loquaciousone wrote:
You really want somebody that stooopid as President. He'll go to North Korea and talk stink about kim chee.
on July 11,2012 | 10:26AM
Fred01 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on July 11,2012 | 10:29AM
loquaciousone wrote:
As doofus as North Korea seems, they do have nuclear bomb capabilites. Even without a delivery system, they still can sell the technology to radical groups that want to do us harm. Is that too much for you to digest or should I use only one syllable words?
on July 11,2012 | 12:12PM
Nesmith wrote:
They were criticizing the ISSUE! (Romney's turncoat stance on Obamacare). Please, give black people credit.
on July 11,2012 | 03:30PM
control wrote:
As another newspaper had mentioned, it's interesting to see Romney trying to interact with people he's spent his entire life avoiding - working class americans and non-white ethnic groups. Foot in mouth syndrome - deer caught in the headlights. Seriously, serious out of touch with the average american (who don't have off shore bank accounts).
on July 11,2012 | 07:36AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Headline: Black People Support Black President. Ok, there's a shocker.

By the way, I understand it is the National Association of Colored People but all I see is African-Americans. I don't see any Indians, Hispanics, Asians, etc. Shouldn't the name be changed to reflect reality? I'm "colored" too but prefer my own racially based organizations 'cause at least they are accurately described.

on July 11,2012 | 08:31AM
scooters wrote:
African-Americans? Either they are an American or an African..can't be both...Need to get rid of the (-) ....
on July 11,2012 | 12:17PM
loquaciousone wrote:
Boy is he stupid or what? That would be like a black guy going to a KKK cross burning and calling the grand poobaa white trash.
on July 11,2012 | 10:18AM
scooters wrote:
Just what would he expect from the type of crowd he was addressing? Cheers!!
on July 11,2012 | 12:09PM
nodaddynotthebelt wrote:
Romney: When he was young he bullied a fellow student going as far as cutting the boy's hair off while screamed for help. When asked about this incident he said he did not recall it. If he indeed forgot this whole thing ever happend, and it was confirmed by former schoolmates and witnesses, then he is certainly a cold-hearted man. If he indeed recalls it then he is a liar. Has a history of sending his investments overseas to avoid taxes through tax shields. When involved with business-making, hired so that business would avoid medical benefits or other benefits to employees and shipping jobs overseas. Obama: Obamacare taxes citizens for the health care coverage and penalizes those who do not or choose not to have medical coverage. Also, Obamacare requires medical insurance companies to cover the adult children of consumers up to 26 years of age. Does he realize that by increasing the age to an adult well beyond college age will increase the costs to insurance which WILL be passed on to consumers?
on July 11,2012 | 01:49PM
hawaiikone wrote:
There are several significant tax increases that come on line progressively, which will cost us a lot more for our coverage. And the sneakiest thing is that none of them come on line until after the next election. This is possibly the most insidious part of this legislation, and is why republicans will repeal it.
on July 11,2012 | 04:20PM
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