Saturday, Nov 28, 2015    

Shooting suspect Stangel to remain in custody pending trial

By Associated Press

POSTED: 12:25 p.m. HST, Aug 08, 2012

A state judge this morning rejected accused killer Toby Stangel’s request for supervised release from jail pending trial or to reduce his $5 million bail. The judge instead revoked bail and ordered Stangel to remain in custody with no opportunity for pretrial release.

Stangel, 29, is awaiting trial for murder, multiple counts of attempted murder and other charges stemming from a 17-minute shooting spree on Oahu roadways on June 3, 2011 that left one motorist dead and two others wounded.

Circuit Judge Glenn Kim told Stangel his lawyer has not presented evidence to rebut the presumption that he is a serious flight risk because of the charges he is facing.

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