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’Dog’ Chapman denied UK visa because of conviction

By Jennifer Sinco Kelleher

Associated Press


Craig T. kojima / ckojima@staradvertiser.comDOG IN THE COURTHOUSEDuane "Dog" Chapman made an appearance in court Friday in connection with restraining orders filed against him by his grandson's father and two roommates.

Duane “Dog” Chapman has his bags packed for London, but a murder conviction from the late 1970s is keeping him out of the United Kingdom. 

The reality television star from the show “Dog the Bounty Hunter” was to appear on another reality show, “Celebrity Big Brother,” but he has been denied a visa. 

“It’s something that follows you the rest of your life, no matter who you become or who you are,” Chapman, 59, said Monday from Honolulu, where he lives. “I’m not proud of it.” 

He was 23 in Pampa, Texas, in 1976 when he was in a car outside a house where a friend had gone inside to buy marijuana, he explained. The friend got into an argument with the dealer and shot him. 

“In Texas in the ‘70s, if you were present, you were just as guilty,” Chapman said. He and the others in the group were all found guilty of murder. Chapman was sentenced to five years in prison and was paroled after 18 months.

“I shouldn’t have went and I shouldn’t have been the person I was back then,” he said. But he’s frustrated that it’s keeping him from visiting his fans in the UK. “It feels terrible. I’m dumbfounded. I can’t believe it, after all these years, especially when we’ve been on television for the past nine years.”

While he’s been denied a visa to visit the UK in the past, his temporary worker visa application notes he has traveled outside the United States, including to Mexico, where he went to capture serial rapist and fugitive Andrew Luster in 2003.

Former Pampa Police Department Officer Charles Love, who was the responding officer in 1976, submitted a declaration saying that “Chapman’s role in the crime was minor,” and that he was a model inmate until he was granted early release.

Regardless of whether it will sway the UK government, Chapman said he has waited three decades for that statement, which he sees as vindication. “I’m so grateful for it,” he said, getting emotional. “I have been telling the truth.” 

Britain’s Home Office said in a statement Tuesday it doesn’t comment on individual cases: “All visa applicants are required to declare any criminal convictions when applying to come to the UK. The UK Border Agency subjects all applications for visas to the same rigorous checks.”

According to the UK Border Agency’s refusal notice provided by the Chapmans, the visa was denied because of the conviction and because his application didn’t include enough information about his visit. 

Production company Endemol UK Limited submitted a letter saying it is sponsoring Chapman’s trip and that he was selected for the show “due to his public interest in his lifestyle and celebrity personality.” 

Chapman is appealing the visa denial and hoping for a last-minute decision, even though the show was to start to this week. 

His wife, Beth Chapman, called the denial “insulting” in light of his charity work. “For 30 years he’s lived with the X on his back,” she said. “Society just doesn’t let it go.” 

A&E decided not to renew Chapman’s series after eight seasons. He said that while he works to get the show back on the air, he was relying on the UK show and the other gigs he lined up in London. 

“I’ve got to make a living. It’s really stunned us financially.” 


AP correspondent Raphael Satter contributed to this report from London.  

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iwanaknow wrote:
So..............it's those little pebbles that trip us up?
on August 14,2012 | 08:21AM
57nawahine wrote:
To Beth: Welcome to the REAL WORLD!
on August 14,2012 | 08:33AM
awahana wrote:
Its called Karma.
I have heard unsolicited first hand from many people who deal with the Chapmans at their Portlock home, how they are treated as 'hired help.' Especially strong are the comments about Mrs. Chapman.
Sounds like she needs to learn the same humbling lessons that 'Dog' seems to have embraced. Before its too late and they lose what's left of their empire. They should look into something like HCF, instead of constantly seeking the limelight.
on August 14,2012 | 08:50AM
Thor wrote:
It's unfortunate that Dog cannot get a visa into the UK, but that's life as he says. As for A&E not renewing the show after 8 seasons that's all on the Chapmans, we all see the ego trips as you portray local people as 2nd class people. As for Dog we wish you well, but Beth needs to lose the ego trip. Back to reality and adjusting your way of life to your income level.....
on August 14,2012 | 08:51AM
danji wrote:
Hey, bite the bullet and live in reality cause what happened to you could happen again.
on August 14,2012 | 08:51AM
nodaddynotthebelt wrote:
Mr. Chapman has a show on BIO Channel which is at times showed for much of the whole day. Why is it that a man that has been convicted of murder is allowed to work as a pseudo law enforcement officer? He should be barred from doing what he does. He poses a liability to the state. I encourage you to write to BIO Channel to get him off the air.
on August 14,2012 | 08:55AM
johncdechon wrote:
When people do their time for whatever crime, it should be over and done with IF they have stopped their life of crime and turned over a new leaf. As the saying goes, "they've paid thier debt to socitey." Stop holding people to their past IF they've changed thei ways. Career criminals? No, execute them before they become carreer, but ex-cons who have gone straight -- leave them be and give them a break. What have YOU done -- illegal or not -- that YOU'D like people to forget about and stop holding against you? I know I wish I could have changed LOTS of things I did in my youth, especially back in the 1970s.
on August 14,2012 | 09:57AM
ross13moon wrote:
The British would have really enjoyed the "DOG, the Freak Show"
on August 14,2012 | 09:00AM
s_manuwai wrote:
They get paid millions every year to chase down brown people on the show and Dog is saying that they are potentially in a financial bind. LOL. Maybe got to cut back on the cars and Portlock livin'. You might find a less expensive house out on the West side or Waimanalo(okay maybe not). Just got to watch out for those pesky neighbors who you previously chased, peppered sprayed and hauled back to jail. But that should be all good. Oh yah, don't forget to apologize to those neighbors who you falsely accused of harboring fugitives, but they weren't even involved until you showed up at their doorstep. But like I said, shouldn't be a problem finding more affordable housing for you and Beth.
on August 14,2012 | 09:00AM
johncdechon wrote:
Wouldn't Waianae welcome him with open arms? ;-)
on August 14,2012 | 09:50AM
FrankieT wrote:
Naw, Waianae would want him and family.
on August 14,2012 | 10:05AM
Aquarius1 wrote:
Somehow, I don't feel bad for the Chapmans. Hmmm.........the thing about reality shows are that they show more of your undesirable side than the good. Time to go back to your 'real' job.
on August 14,2012 | 09:06AM
johncdechon wrote:
Well, considering you can't defend yourself from criminals in the UK, he's better off not going. What a sorry place to live where everyone -- except the increasing number of criminals that is -- are so vulnerable with NO legal way to exercise what SHOULD be a basic right of everyone (globally) -- self-defense. No, in the UK, defend yourself and you're up for charges. I don't think Dog needs any more of that bravo-sierra but frankly, who does? What bunch of sheep in the UK selling-out their civil rights so many decades ago. They deserve to be subjects instead of citizens.
on August 14,2012 | 09:49AM
copperwire9 wrote:
Yeah right. The murder rates for the two countries tell a different story. According to the US Census Bureau, in the US – population 311.5 million – there were an estimated 13,756 murders in 2009, a rate of about 5.0 per 100,000 (3). Of these 9,203 were carried out with a firearm. . . . .Whereas according to the Home Office in the UK – population 56.1 million – there were an estimated 550 murders in 2011-12, a rate of about 1.4 per 100,000. Of these 39 were carried out with a firearm.
on August 14,2012 | 12:16PM
Mahalo wrote:
“I’ve got to make a living. It’s really stunned us financially.” Then learn to live within your means like prior to your reality show.
on August 14,2012 | 09:50AM
johncdechon wrote:
And if YOU had been making big-money, wouldn't YOU live high, too? Be honest, MOST of us would...that's just the way human nature is. Sure they should have "saved up" for the future (and maybe they DID already plan their "Golden Years"), but stop the demonizing people who make big money. IMO, as long as it's made legally, *I* have no issue with it and only wish I could be so fortunate. And even though I'm considered one of the poor, I have NO beef with rich people. Apparently, they were lots smarter, harder working, more concerned/focused about their future than I was (and if in school got better grades than I did) and earned their money through smarts & hard work -- let them be. Not their fault I was not anywhere near as successful. It was mine. Remember, America gives everyone an OPPORTUNITY to make millions, but no guarantees. So if YOU think you can do a TV show, submit an idea for one...good luck.
on August 14,2012 | 10:07AM
KekoaBradshaw wrote:
Beth has as much chance of losing her massive ego as she does losing her massive built-in "air flotation devices".
on August 14,2012 | 10:54AM
HawaiiCheeseBall wrote:
Please go away already.
on August 14,2012 | 11:20AM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
The Brits don't want trailer trash in the UK..."You running from me, you mother f--king punk". Okay, let's hold hands and pray.
on August 14,2012 | 11:20AM
Ripoff wrote:
lol so true
on August 14,2012 | 12:04PM
typroctor wrote:
That's funny Nanakuli
on August 14,2012 | 03:44PM
GWIL wrote:
I think the "Dog" should re-invent himself. Cut the hair and change the attire and lose the bad language. How about" Brother Duane Chapman". Christian Soldier- Bounty Hunter for the Lord. He could pull it off, but Beth would have to tone it done
on August 14,2012 | 01:30PM
lowtone123 wrote:
Pretending to be Hawaiian (and a bad job at that) hasn't won you many fans here. You haven't been embraced by the christian community either. Pretend time is over, reality has set in. Mahalo, braddah.
on August 14,2012 | 02:17PM
commoner wrote:
Their reality show started off quite well. Then, EGO's came in. It was very obvious that BETH and Dog's original partner simply did NOT get along. As BETH kept growing, Dog's partner (aka Dog's brother, though not related) was being pushed out. Enjoyed watching Leland, though. Then came Dog's other son and his daughter. His daughter and Beth seem to have the same type of "know it all" attitude. As a viewer, their show depicted local people as "second class citizens." Great for Dog that he reformed. However, the rest of his family (aside from Leland) really need to LOSE the "attitude" they portray on the reality show. In actuality, I really won't miss their show.
on August 15,2012 | 01:27AM
Dimbulb wrote:
Foreign countries have the right to deny or admit anyone they wish. In this case, the UK decided to deny the Dog entry because he has that murder conviction and was missing some justification to enter. That is their right. Dog and Mrs Dog have made themselves known on TV and the results of seeing them is not very desirable. If he can't make a living then maybe he should start picking up cans on the side of the road like a lot of the people they go after have to do. He and his family want to create the appearance that they are some sort of swat team. But, take notice, Dog never has a gun and that's because under the law he can not have one or even have one in his home.
on August 15,2012 | 06:16AM
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