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Regents affirm reassignment; 'sad episode,' Greenwood says

By Ferd Lewis

LAST UPDATED: 07:09 p.m. HST, Aug 22, 2012

The University of Hawaii Board of Regents affirmed the decision to reassign ex-athletic director Jim Donovan today.

The board emerged from a 7 1/2 hour closed-door executive session at Windward Community College to make  the announcement and issued a statement in support of president M.R.C. Greenwood and Manoa chancellor Tom Apple.

"This has been a sad episode for the University of Hawaii, our fans and the public," Greenwood said in a post-regents press conference.

"It is understandable that some of our employees wanted to do something to help enhance the resources of the athletic department."

"We all make mistakes and we hope we can learn from our mistakes," Greenwood said.

The board said, "We apologize for the university's handling of this matter and we are deeply sorry for the concern and upset it has caused in the community."

The board said it would release a copy of the Stevie Wonder concert fiasco investigation later.

Donovan's reassignment and the investigation were two of the seven items taken up in the executive session.

Prior to entering executive session the regents accepted a letter in support of Donovan signed by nine Neighbor Island legislators and in-person public testimony from four people, including members of the UH Letterwinners Club, who asked the board to reinstate Donovan.

Donovan and Stan Sheriff Center manager Rich Sheriff were placed on paid indefinite leave July 11 pending the investigation of the Wonder controversy. But while Sheriff was reinstated to his original position on Aug. 13, Donovan was reassigned on Aug. 12 to a position in the Manoa Chancellor's office. His titled has not yet been decided.

Donovan's supporters, citing a UH statement which said he was involved in no "wrongdoing," have sought his return as AD.

In a two-page statement, the legislators wrote, "We believe Mr. Donovan's performance as athletic director has been outstanding and we urge you to consider the advancements he has made and the relationships he has built in the community and at the legislature."

It was signed by State Representatives Mark Nakashima , Robert Herkes, Gilbert S.C. Keith-Agaran, Derek S. K. Kawakami, Daynette "Dee" Morikawa, Jerry L. Chang, Denny Coffman, Kyle T. Yamashita and James Kunane Tokioka.

Charlie Araki, a former dean of the College of Education and member of the Letterwinners' Club, told the board, "A great university will admit to errors but make the error right as soon as possible."


The University of Hawaii Board of Regents issued the following statement today after a multi-hour closed door session.

We apologize for the university's handling of this matter and are deeply sorry for the concern and upset it has caused in the community. We approve the release today of the redacted report of the investigation and the key findings of the investigation. The report shows a failure of management in the Athletics Department and additional issues with financial controls at several levels.

We ask that everyone remember that the university is the victim in this whole unfortunate incident. We have lost a significant amount of money, and could face litigation.

We want to first emphasize our strong support for the leadership of university President MRC Greenwood and UH Manoa Chancellor Tom Apple.

We also expect and support the public's demand for accountability in this matter. We recognize that the concert issue was mishandled and anticipate making significant changes to procedures and oversight so that this cannot happen again.

The Board of Regents will oversee these changes and has asked the administration to report back to the board on these plans to improve oversight and procedures.

We are in full support of the university's decision to move former Athletic Director Jim Donovan to the UH Manoa Chancellor's office and affirm President Greenwood and Chancellor Apple's actions in this personnel change. We concur that Jim's service in this new role will be a suitable and appropriate use of his talents and we look forward to his future contributions to the university.

We are entrusted and committed to improving and growing the University of Hawaii.

Source: University of Hawaii External Affairs

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Hilofrank wrote:
New UH motto: Embracing incompetence. Talk about the blind leading the blind. Legislators, who aren't elected on merit but because they belong to the ruling political party talking about how someone who was clearly duped, and a process that could not figure out they were being duped, should be given the same job back. Nakashima especially and Herkes (in this century) have never been in private sector jobs. So all their understanding of accountability, is making sure that the incompetent is transferred.
on August 22,2012 | 10:28AM
808comp wrote:
I think many moons ago Herkes was a manager of one Kona hotel before moving to Volcano,and getting into politics.
on August 22,2012 | 02:28PM
Mallory wrote:
This might just be the most confused and incompetent administration. First, Donovan is put on paid administrative leave so they could investigate any wrong doing with the Stevie Wonder concert. Then Apple creates a new position for him and says he did a great job as an athletic director, then Greenword says Donovan was never removed from the A.D. as a result of the Stevie Wonder fiasco... interesting to see what fibs will be made next
on August 22,2012 | 10:32AM
bender wrote:
Let's not forget that Apple declared there was no wrong doing even though he had not yet received the investigative report from the law firm that was hired to conduct the investigation. They're circling the wagons up at Manoa.
on August 22,2012 | 10:47AM
allie wrote:
It is the same sort of CYA you get in higher education. But Greenwood truly is incompetent the way she has let this get out of hand
on August 22,2012 | 03:14PM
allie wrote:
What a mess and a total embarrassment for students here. We have no voice and no choice!
on August 22,2012 | 03:13PM
lee1957 wrote:
Three blind mice, three blind mice...........................................
on August 22,2012 | 06:54PM
Descartes22 wrote:
The legislative branch should have nothing to do with a personnel decision by a university - even one based on boneheadedness.
on August 22,2012 | 10:36AM
jankenpo wrote:
Form of pay to play. They got football tickets from Donovan.
on August 22,2012 | 12:35PM
islandsun wrote:
You got it!
on August 22,2012 | 07:15PM
csdhawaii wrote:
You got that right. But the Leg helped create this mess in the first place by placing pressure on Greenwood to keep Donovan employed in some capacity. Misstep after misstep after misstep...can't wait to see how the BOR messes this up even more.
on August 22,2012 | 03:54PM
Anonymous wrote:
Exactly. What business does the Legislature have in telling the university should and shouldn't employ as their Athletic Director? While the process has certainly been a mess from the beginning, the mishandling of the situation shouldn't necessarily guarantee that JD keep his job, either. He's being painted as the de facto hero in the situation just by not being the villain, which may or may not be accurate. Politicians shouldn't be "demanding" that JD retain his job unless they know for sure that he fits into the long-term vision the school leadership has for their athletic program. Judging from everything that's happened, they (Greenwood & Co.) don't think he does. Could they have gone about this differently? Certainly. Should they have gone about this differently? Most definitely! But they didn't. Yes, they've embarrassed themselves but they should be able to choose who they want to be AD, especially with JD's contract ending so soon.
on August 23,2012 | 12:15AM
csdhawaii wrote:
Good points, and agreed. Their public (and behind the scenes) backing of Donovan is more than inappropriate.
on August 23,2012 | 09:58AM
lee1957 wrote:
Now that is something we can agree on!
on August 22,2012 | 06:55PM
Oahuan wrote:
Not confident that the BOR will do the right thing. They're just another broken branch off of a diseased tree.
on August 22,2012 | 10:45AM
csdhawaii wrote:
Well, you were right!!
on August 22,2012 | 10:59PM
go4it wrote:
I am not sure of what is exactly expected from the Atheletic Directors position, therefore it is hard to say if Mr. Donovan was/is doing a good job. We all know about the athlectic budget shortfalls, but with no parking, concession or advertising income from the football games it makes this hard. As I understand the athletic deparmemt has to pay the tuition to UH for the athletes on scholarship. This money doesn't leave the UH campus but hurts the bottom line of the athletic department. There has much news about students not attending football games and I am not sure if that is Mr. Donovan's fault. The over zealous rent-a-cops in parking lot is rumored as the reason. Was the handling of the firing of the former womens basketball a consideration. I would of liked to have a 13th football game with FCS school. Why couldn't we have added Nortre Dame and Penn State with either Lamar or South Alabama beinh eliminated. What input did Donovan have on this?
on August 22,2012 | 10:45AM
Anonymous wrote:
Ofcourse attendance is Jim Donovan's fault! Jim and Jim alone is responsible for negotiating the television coverage with local affiliate stations or Oceanic Cable. If you choose to cover the games LIVE, where is the incentive for people to attend the games in person? Live coverage should only be an option if the game is sold out. This is what happens when you enlist "pay-per-view."
on August 22,2012 | 06:21PM
islandsun wrote:
And the selection of coaches, negotiating raises, travel fees and so much more. Its a key position. The Stevie Wonder concert was Donovans last ditched effort to save his job. He new he wasnt going to be retained past his contract. Looks like it worked because Donovans regent friends made sure of that with the nice paying job for life.
on August 22,2012 | 07:20PM
jshawaii wrote:
The problem is not the Pay-For-View per see, the problem is Aloha Stadium SUCKS. so no one wants to go. The people are mean and nasty (and I'm not talking about the employees). You want us back? #1: Family only zones in the seating. No alcohol zones. Lower the price! Give us a deal on parking... like show 4 tix and get a car in free. A lot of UH's problems all on the greed on the Stadium Commission and is why we almost keep losing the ProBowl. Greed is at every level. This is why they built Sheriff Arena on campus. js
on August 22,2012 | 10:22PM
dalawyer wrote:
Why only the support from nine "outer island" legislator's? What about the majority who reside on Oahu? Oh I forgot, most of them have been re-elected due to no formidable opponent in the general election! What a bunch of crocks we have at the state legislature. Board is useless at this point as they're the ones who appointed MRC Deadwood and Tom Rotten Apple to their posts! Hey Gov Ambercrombie, what's your motto "a new day in Hawaii1" How about a new day at UH....clean house with all of the above!
on August 22,2012 | 10:46AM
CriticalReader wrote:
C'mon legislators. Don't go overboard or pander yourselves into a politically and UH operationally disastrous position. This thing has been badly handled. But, don't mis-read the tea leaves (or ti leaves for that matter). Part of the problem here is that 7 week (or is it 7.5 week?) Chancellor Apple's comment about Donovan being excellent was also seen as a shibai and basically untrue. The reaction of the public isn't that Donovan has ACTUALLY done a good job, but instead that Apple's saying he's done a good job was so disingenuous. Football attendance is down, no significant capital improvements have been made or initiated during his 4 years. UH is a red headed step-child in the world of FBS football and will pay a very dear price in the form of travel expenses for other teams as a result. The Regents shouldn't be talking about reinstating Donovan. They should be talking about how to rid UH of Greenwood because of the way she handled Donovan..
on August 22,2012 | 10:46AM
bender wrote:
I'm wondering if the StarAdvertiser will sue to get the minutes of this meeting. They've done so in the past when other state agencies have tried to sweep their missteps under the carpet.
on August 22,2012 | 10:48AM
aunty wrote:
This is just one example of how bad things are at UH Manoa. Try being a student there and get anything done with financial aid, academic counseling or buying/selling textbooks. The place is so unfriendly and not one person reaches out to help you. Got my degree from another college.
on August 22,2012 | 10:51AM
kennie1933 wrote:
Sadly, I am a UH alum and at the moment, I am not proud of it. I sent my two children to mainland colleges just to get the experience of being away from home (and mommy and daddy) but am now really glad I did. Both of their colleges held Hawaii orientations as well as parent orientations on campus, and both bent over backwards to see that all of their needs were met. Faculty and staff were always on hand to make sure there were no problems. Of course, you can say that we PAID for it, which is true, but I also paid for MY UH education and didn't receive half the help my children did.
on August 22,2012 | 12:46PM
kennie1933 wrote:
They aren't meeting to resolve anything. What they ARE discussing is what spin they can put on the whole issue to give to the public to "appease" us.
on August 22,2012 | 11:42AM
Hilofrank wrote:
Amen! Hit the nail on the head!
on August 22,2012 | 03:22PM
localguy wrote:
What is going on at UH. Greenwood says Donovan was on the way out of his job, refuses to say why, but says he can reapply for his job. Talk about bureaucratic double speak. Next we have 9 clueless legislators who say Donovan was doing "outstanding" work. They failed to say what this work was and what they base their recommendation on. I've got an idea. UH will immediately stop paying Donovan, the 9 legislators and Greenwood can cover his salary expense. No reason for tax payers to have more money wasted on the bottomless money pit UH has become under Greenwood and the BOR. When will taxpayers see the full, unedited report on who, by name, is responsible for UH losing $200k? Want to bet never, they are all guilty baboozes. Sad to say UH students are having second thoughts of going there, UH has such a shoddy reputation.
on August 22,2012 | 11:43AM
allie wrote:
students and faculty will suffer. Of that you can be sure
on August 22,2012 | 03:14PM
islandsun wrote:
The clueless legislators and overbearing Regents were getting tickets from Donovan and had him beat. They are now worried that the next AD might not be so accomodating.
on August 22,2012 | 07:25PM
gobows wrote:
blame goes to us sheep for letting this go on....right before our eyes.....
on August 22,2012 | 11:58AM
Descartes22 wrote:
I doubt if any of the posters feel blameworthy - or like sheep. The situation unfolded before the public's eyes, however members of the public could not undertake corrective measures. There were only a few black sheep that could have possessed a bit of wisdom to alter the landscape. Had the simple decision been made to let Donovan ride out the remaining half a year of his contract, then subsequent events would not have occurred.
on August 22,2012 | 01:13PM
niimi wrote:
Had to forego season tickets this year. Not worth it until the former athletic department leader leaves the university.
on August 22,2012 | 12:47PM
lee1957 wrote:
There are a few more than just Donovan that need to go.
on August 22,2012 | 07:04PM
Publicbraddah wrote:
Just when you think it couldn't get any more ridiculous, this comes up. How do we get a petition to audit the University of Hawaii?
on August 22,2012 | 12:51PM
lee1957 wrote:
You don't need an audit, you need a broom.
on August 22,2012 | 07:08PM
Publicbraddah wrote:
We've got dysfunctional legislators, a city council that's out of whack, and a pathetic University of Hawaii. We've got it all, baby!!!
on August 22,2012 | 12:53PM
Hilofrank wrote:
We're living the dream!
on August 22,2012 | 03:23PM
tiki886 wrote:
And they're all Democrats!
on August 22,2012 | 11:34PM
krusha wrote:
At this point, I don't think JD would even want his old job back. Seems like he's been butting heads with Greenwood for a long time anyway, and probably don't want to deal with the stress anymore anyway. Good luck to whoever takes over as the next permanent AD, since they will need more than luck to succeed in that position with what they have to deal with in UH administration.
on August 22,2012 | 01:34PM
false wrote:
that's why they get the big bucks. Because they know they'll earn every dollar dealing with the politics of academia, which are typically known for a high degree of back-biting.
on August 22,2012 | 05:36PM
ski3779 wrote:
If those legislatures think Donovan is competent being an Athletic Director, then they should cough up the 200K, from their own pockets, and not have the taxpayers have to foot the missing 200K. Come on you legislatures that want Donovan reinstated, put your money up, not just talk. Anybody, can just talk.
on August 22,2012 | 01:52PM
BTO wrote:
Employee coming to an end of his contract, performance has been okay, but because we are in a transitional phase from big fish in a small pond to a small fish in a big pond, ahem..... So and So says he wants the job, oh yeah! That definitely is an upgrade.... get the picture!!
on August 22,2012 | 01:57PM
dewisri wrote:
While those at the top make those 6 figure salaries, many of us on campus barely make enough to cover living expenses. There is a need for more advisors because a 1000 students to an advisor is not a good ratio. Rules for financial aid from the federal government are becoming more stringent and demands more monitoring by offices that are already short staffed. To legislators who worry about one man keeping his 6 figure salary, start worrying about students who are trying to attend school full time while working 40 hours a week, students who are amassing enormous debt with no hope of a job after they graduate. Staff who are making less money but doing three times the work and for those of us with children in the UH system, paying more tuition.
on August 22,2012 | 02:10PM
allie wrote:
true...athletics is out of control
on August 22,2012 | 03:15PM
gobows wrote:
Athletics? what about upper campus?....why we pay those salaries for these kinds of decision making? Trump would've FIRED them already!!...
on August 22,2012 | 03:23PM
Bdpapa wrote:
At least we know what the athletic department is doing!
on August 22,2012 | 04:25PM
lee1957 wrote:
on August 22,2012 | 07:09PM
ehowzit wrote:
on August 22,2012 | 02:26PM
ROBT wrote:
Why did we have such a hard time getting rid of the last AD and now we have an ok one and we can dump him before we know that we are ready to? I believe the legislatures help with the state budget and amount of money UH receives so the BOR don't want to step on the wrong toes.
on August 22,2012 | 02:39PM
yskeulb wrote:
Hey Star Advertiser, run a list of all the six figure salaries at UH. I bet we could recover the $200,000 if each of them took a one year 5% pay cut. One guy messes up, everybody runs a lap . . .
on August 22,2012 | 02:57PM
gobows wrote:
Nice! i like this idea!...Laps!...and some pushups to boot!
on August 22,2012 | 03:09PM
Hilofrank wrote:
Creative suggestion. Throw in our legislators too on that program. They'd be healthier for sure!
on August 22,2012 | 03:24PM
Rickyboy wrote:
on August 22,2012 | 03:00PM
hilosupaman wrote:
This is what we get for letting Haiole people run our school... They have been lying to us since Captain Cook
on August 22,2012 | 03:22PM
gobows wrote:
The natives need to get act together and build a casino fast!...times a wasting!
on August 22,2012 | 03:30PM
lee1957 wrote:
If you are going to to issue racist comments, at least spell the ethnic pejorative word correctly.
on August 22,2012 | 07:11PM
kainalu wrote:
They simply added fuel to the fire - where's the $200K of taxpayer's money? - that's all I care about.
on August 22,2012 | 03:16PM
akulesteve wrote:
Someone please add this up: Apple.........................$439,008 $3,312(car allowance) $30,000(relocation allowance) Greenwood................$427,512 Donovan....................$240,000(AD) Donovan....................$211,000(lateral) Freitas.......................$213,768 Hinshaw....................$287,000(10 month sabbatical) Ex-Coach Mac..........$1,100,000(2012 pay) Assistant Vice Chancellor - open
on August 22,2012 | 03:18PM
Hilofrank wrote:
My only question is where do I apply?!
on August 22,2012 | 03:25PM
kennie1933 wrote:
Hey, hey! Get in line....I'M gonna go for that Vice Chancellor gig! Given Apple's pay, it must pay around $250,00 or so! Oh wait a sec....I'm not from the east coast of the mainland.
on August 22,2012 | 05:06PM
go4it wrote:
UH athletic deparment WORTHLESS.........
on August 22,2012 | 04:10PM
DAGR81 wrote:
Don't forget their six figure (per year) retirement and medical benefits ...we are so stupid.m
on August 24,2012 | 10:32PM
turbolink wrote:
As UH officials spin an inconsistent story thread, it's important fo remember $200K of public funds are missing under UH leadership's stewardship, and it is paying by some accounts as much as $1M in investigations and new salaries as a result. That's 5 times the lost amount to mask mismanagement, no matter how unfortunate the circumstances, with OPM - Other People,s Money. Deja vu from the Bishop Estate trustees of the late 90s who awarded themselves more salary as educational programs were cut reportedly because of less revenue.
on August 22,2012 | 03:21PM
mitt_grund wrote:
Money lost would have been recovered simply by firing one person, the one gullible enough to have believed that Stevie Wonder was coming.
on August 22,2012 | 04:33PM
mitt_grund wrote:
In this year of the Golden Jubilee, we know ER 1952 -2012 stands for Elizabeth Regina 1952 - 2012, the length of her reign to date. What does MRC 2009 - 2012 suggest to you? The end of a reign? She obviously wants Donovan out, but allows Apple to clumsily shunt Donovan to a high paying non-job. If you're going to do the job right and find an employee to be inadequate to the job, shouldn't you just let him go? Her letting Apple do this weird shell game does not inspire confidence in her management of the UH system as a whole. MRC 2009 - 2012.
on August 22,2012 | 04:31PM
islandsun wrote:
Im sure Greenwood wanted to let him go but Regent presure was applied because they were getting perks from JD and had him beat. Now the gravey train ends for them unless JD can still get tickets in his new capacity. The Apple circus should have never happened.
on August 22,2012 | 07:46PM
Wonderful_World wrote:
I hope they have someone in there refreshing their browser & reading/reporting the public sentiment from these coments. That would give them an idea of how disgusted everyone is.
on August 22,2012 | 04:33PM
kaeleku wrote:
Who is appointing the new membes of the BOR at UH? Oh yeh, it's Neil. These membes has no back bone to ask the hard questions and to do what is right.
on August 22,2012 | 04:36PM
sonnyboy wrote:
At the UH adminstration, the barrel is full of rotten apples from top to bottom. They don'y feel accountable to the taxpayer who pays their salary. We'll continue to have a second rate universaity as long as this continues. Have some respect and decency uh administrators and all resign. Total incompetence!
on August 22,2012 | 05:59PM
hawnpunch wrote:
Sad sad day for the UH and UHAD...and nobody had the balls to make it right!
on August 22,2012 | 06:21PM
niimi wrote:
This incident is worthy of an Occupy Movement in and of itself. A flash mob if you will.
on August 22,2012 | 06:24PM
ZMAN808 wrote:
Next headline should read "Publice Reaffirms its disgust at the lack of fortitude of UH Leadership". But that could be too kind...
on August 22,2012 | 06:27PM
false wrote:
is anything ever challenged or denied in this town? I don't believe the PUC or any other public agency has seen a request to increase rates that they don't approve. And now the Regents "affirm" the decision with respect to Donovan and all that goes along with it. The easy way is the only way, apparently. Go along and get along, that's the idea.
on August 22,2012 | 06:30PM
lee1957 wrote:
The great philosopher Forrest Gump once said, "Stupid is as stupid does." I have absolutely no confidence in the staff at UH to not waste my money. With props to another great philospher, John Blutarsky, Greenwood? Gone! Apple? Gone! Donovan? Gone!
on August 22,2012 | 06:50PM
localcitizen wrote:
I meant "into a scam". Ooops
on August 22,2012 | 07:11PM
Bothrops wrote:
Dead! Bluto's right. Psychotic, but absolutely right. We gotta take these bxstards. Now we could do it with conventional weapons, but that could take years and cost millions of lives. No, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part. Bluto: And we're just the guys to do it. D-Day: Let's do it.
on August 22,2012 | 07:50PM
localcitizen wrote:
Donovan is a good guy that ran not a scam. Doesn't mean he isn't a good AD. People make mistakes. He has been good for UH Where's the loyalty here? Reinstate him! He's good and Deserves our Support
on August 22,2012 | 07:10PM
haolecrab wrote:
MRC should fall on the sword: It's all falling apart under her watch The BOR bring in a Chancellor who doesn't know a laulau from a Whopper (he's got the aloha shirt routine,down, some-what) and Donovan is given a lateral position? Something is wrong with this picture...
on August 22,2012 | 07:24PM
Descartes22 wrote:
7 1/2 hours to fail to take any remedial action. Instead of letting a person whose career has been exclusively within the realm of athletics administration complete the remaining six months of his contract, these simpletons have bestowed a lucrative multi-year taxpayer funded position in academic administration to the man. A sad episode, indeed.
on August 22,2012 | 07:37PM
zoomzoom65 wrote:
Board of Regents, Greenwood & Apple, simply pathetic. So what really happened?
on August 22,2012 | 07:42PM
turbolink wrote:
Sad episode? Sad, inept leadership.
on August 22,2012 | 08:27PM
safari wrote:
So where is the payroll funds coming from to support JDs new position? Plus the new ADs position the loss of $200k in the concert fiasco? Where's Wendy from Koa Anuenue?
on August 22,2012 | 08:35PM
HiHawaii808 wrote:
By Greenwood saying "we all make mistakes..." is a cop out to being accountable, responsible, and competent. This is exactly the same thing that the Big Island County Clerk, Kawauchi, said in the Primary Day Election aftermath that "mistakes will happen..." Are these "leaders" leading?
on August 22,2012 | 09:00PM
mommy wrote:
tell the g$$%%@%D d@$%@%m truth for once........man up an do the right thing........!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on August 22,2012 | 09:32PM
Anonymous wrote:
Still trying to recuperate from the Evan Dobelle saga.
on August 22,2012 | 09:35PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
We have lost a significant amount of money, and could face litigation.

And yet, surprisingly, no one did anything wrong. There's just no blame for anyone.

on August 22,2012 | 09:37PM
AieaJon wrote:
I am an alumni of UH but I will no longer have anything to do with UH. I will no longer support them financially and will not renew my season football tickets. Sorry but the incompetency of the staff, administration and the board of regents is ridiculous. Poor example of state workers.
on August 22,2012 | 09:52PM
Anonymous wrote:
Dobelle's buyout cost a heck of a lot more than the $200,00.00 con. IMHO, this is sort of like chump change, although still embarassing. He must be laughing at us, huh? Walked away with a lot of Hawaii's money and went back to the States with it. Auwe! Just rereading the events makes me sick. A legend in his own, selfish, egotistical mind. Will we ever learn?
on August 22,2012 | 10:02PM
Papakolea wrote:
I don't doubt that they were going to replace JD. Apple rode into town and wanted to choose his own athletic director. How convenient that JDs contract was going to end in March. Then Stevie Wonder happened and it gave him an excuse to move JD out earlier. Now they're going to waste tens of thousands of dollars on a "nationwide search" and end up choosing one of Apple's buddies.
on August 22,2012 | 10:10PM
Papakolea wrote:
I think for Christmas, we should buy JD a tee shirt with bus tire tracks going across the front.
on August 22,2012 | 10:11PM
wenshang wrote:
Another epic failure by the BOR. They apologize for the university's handling of this matter then express their support for Apple and MRC. Apple and MRC are a big part of the problem, and by supporting them, the BOR is complicit in their ineptitude.
on August 22,2012 | 10:17PM
csdhawaii wrote:
We've been screaming for accountability at all levels, especially from AD, Chancellor, Legal, fiscal, and President. Now, we scream for accountability from the Regents because they, as we all knew they would do, are basically brushing this off as nothing. I'm surprised at how not surprised I am by their inaction regarding this matter.
on August 22,2012 | 11:19PM
h20crasher wrote:
I am now afraid to send my kids to school there...every potential college bound child and parents should start college hunting on the mainland. If they can honestly justify this fiasco then it's time for a new regime. Mary pack your bags and take your your bad karma elsewhere. Hawaii we deserve better.
on August 22,2012 | 10:36PM
Kaleo744 wrote:
To little too late,rest assure the people will never forget this incompetency, what U.H. did and its BOR and those legislatures who got their season tickets comped you should all resign,whatever trust was left has totally been wiped out and the students will suffer the consequences. No shame if this is what education is all about who needs it?
on August 22,2012 | 11:10PM
csdhawaii wrote:
Wait, has anyone else seen the link that KHON's website has with a letter from Donovan's attorney to Greenwood and Apple with five pages of legal threats? The one dated July 16 and that is marked confidential and for addressees only? Where did they get it, why did KHON not mention it in their story on the Regents non-action regarding this whole fiasco, and why I haven't I seen mention of that letter anywhere else??
on August 22,2012 | 11:22PM
bully106 wrote:
why won't greenwood simply reinstate donovan as a.d. and let him complete what little time is left on his contract rather than pay him such an exorbitant amount to sit in the windy corner of the chancellor's office twiddling his thumbs or being a go-fer??? is the president saying he was going to be removed for incompetence even if the concert situation hadn't come up? greenwood should be fired herself for such poor handling of this post-stevie wonder debacle. this will leave a stink for a looong time.
on August 22,2012 | 11:52PM
my13cents wrote:
The same type of UH coverup took place --- concerning the expenditure of "travel expenses including airfare, per diem, hotel room costs, etc." when Hawaii went to the BCS Allstate Sugar Bowl on Jan. 1, 2008. The solution was policies and procedures will be put in place, so that this type of problem ...NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. When no one is held accountable for the misuse of public/taxpayer funds ... history tends to repeat itself every couple of years.
on August 23,2012 | 12:45AM
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