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Hirono, Lingle will have five election debates


U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono and former Gov. Linda Lingle have agreed to five debates before their November general election for U.S. Senate, sources say.

Debates will be held on Sept. 6 with the Japanese Chamber of Commerce; Oct. 8 with KHON and AARP Hawaii; Oct. 16 with KITV; Oct. 18 with PBS Hawaii; and Oct. 22 with Hawaii News Now and the Star-Advertiser.

Hirono, a Democrat, and Lingle, a Republican, are competing to replace U.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii.

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kainalu wrote:
Lingle can do back flips and promise the universe - she ain't never getting my vote ever again for any position.
on August 22,2012 | 03:12PM
gsc wrote:
Gov Lingle does not need your vote because a whole lot of people are voting for her.
on August 22,2012 | 03:27PM
kainalu wrote:
I'll be sure to let Lingle supporters know - Linda "does not need" my vote. lol
on August 23,2012 | 08:40AM
OldDiver wrote:
Lingle's first debate of the political season.
on August 22,2012 | 05:33PM
st1d wrote:
kim or chloe?
on August 22,2012 | 03:20PM
Changalang wrote:
Hawaii deserves the opportunity to tell Lingle how we felt about her miserable failure as Governor. Time for Hawaii to vote on Lingle's record with retribution in mind. Furloughs, SuperFerry, Auction Rate Security Fiasco, and Tax refund delay. This is our only chance to give Lingle the feedback she deserves; a DOUBLE DIGIT LOSS !
on August 22,2012 | 03:54PM
OldDiver wrote:
Arresting parents of public school students. That was unforgivable.
on August 22,2012 | 05:35PM
dontbelieveinmyths wrote:
How about Abrecrummy? Furloughs still exist.
on August 22,2012 | 08:54PM
Graham wrote:
SHHH...itis now called Deferred days...don't tell anybody.
on August 23,2012 | 08:02AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Hey Changalang, putting Linda aside for a moment (as we all will do) do you really feel that good about Mazie? Man, if ever there was a Case (ha ha) for "none of the above", this is it.
on August 22,2012 | 06:04PM
Changalang wrote:
I don't think Mazie is good at all. Mazie has done nothing. That includes that she has done no harm. Lingle's personal ambition has led her to deceive the people and duck and cover on all the blowback of her failed leadership. She has caused plenty of harm to the We The People of Hawaii, and never owned up to any of it. The records of the two candidates clearly define who should go the Senate to be Inouye's second vote. Lingle is a disaster with constant deflection on accountability. Mazie is a harmless seat warmer. When I cast my vote, I want to make sure I will do no harm. Lingle is nothing but more pain and suffering for the people, and bought and paid for by National Republican Special Interests. No Contest.
on August 22,2012 | 06:50PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Mazie... the Hypocratic Candidate. Or maybe hypocritical.
on August 22,2012 | 09:42PM
Changalang wrote:
The voters get to choose from either descriptor. Mazie being Hypocratic, in that she does no harm by doing nothing at all ; and Lingle being Hypocritical in that she sells herself as being about people while her record shows she was only hurt the good people of Hawaii.
on August 23,2012 | 06:52AM
Oye_Como_Va wrote:
Does she have some new knee pads and a brand new blue dress like Monica?
on August 23,2012 | 09:49AM
Changalang wrote:
Dan is like 90 years old. The only scr3wing he does anymore is by putting multi-billion dollar local tax base funded kickback projects onto his own constituents. As the old bull said to the young bull; "Why run down the hill to scr3w one cow, when you can limp down and scr3w them all? " When you put on your own pads and munch the double L carpet, remember that she is probably thinking of another gal. Oy, Sarah ! :)
on August 23,2012 | 10:00AM
ISCREAM wrote:
Let's see...last I looked furloughs were from the HSTA and DOE/BOE...really had nothing to do with her...and don't we wish we had the super ferry now...there was just an article on how much the farmers on the outer islands are suffering because of the ripoff from Matson et al...and the economy...well it is what it is. Think about it this way C....she had to work with a legislative body obsessed with ensuring that no Republicans ever served Hawaii again...don't you think they did a good job? Meanwhile this gov and leg has mortgaged our future to balance the budget...look up hawaii debt clock...see that we now owe over $8,000.00 per PERSON...thank you Mazie et al.
on August 22,2012 | 08:59PM
Kuniarr wrote:
Unlike a Democrat governor who is faced with money shortage, Lingle chose not to get money by doing what an Abercrombie does (raid hurricane and other funds and borrow money and then claim he has a surplus) - reduce the payroll not by layoffs but by furloughs. The Super Ferry fiasco is the result of a law authorizing the Super Ferry to operate being declared unconstitutional. And laws are the sole responsibility and jurisdiction of the Democrat controlled Legislature.
on August 23,2012 | 08:48AM
mcc wrote:
Too bad there is no real strong candidate from either party. Candidates like these are the reason for voter apathy.
on August 22,2012 | 05:08PM
Oye_Como_Va wrote:
That is what this State thrives on! Voter apathy. Why do you think the Democrats have such a strong stranglehold on most key government position? Duhhhh.........
on August 23,2012 | 09:52AM
Recce wrote:
Imagine the debates … Moderator: “Congresswoman Hirono, please describe for us your top three accomplishments in Washington.” Long, uncomfortable silence. Moderator: “OK, Congresswoman. Please describe the two things you are most proud of doing as Hawaii’s member of Congress.” Crickets. Moderator: “Uh, Congressperson Hirono, would you please tell us just ONE thing you’ve done in D.C.?” Tick-tock, tick-tock. Moderator: “Governor Lingle, would you care to, umm, respond to that?”
on August 22,2012 | 06:00PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
The answer to all of the moderator's questions will be: "I have a collaborative style of leadership and my Mom was a poor Japanese immigrant."
on August 22,2012 | 06:02PM
Kawipoo wrote:
LOL to Recce and Maneki_Neko!
on August 23,2012 | 07:00AM
MakaniKai wrote:
But what a minute Mazie, Mommy is not really a Japanese immigrant is she? More cricket, cricket……..next. Aloha.
on August 23,2012 | 07:46AM
Oye_Como_Va wrote:
Well, at least she can say that originally that her mother's parents were....
on August 23,2012 | 09:54AM
9ronboz wrote:
10 years ago the USA had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash .... Now they have no Jobs, no Hope and no Cash.
on August 22,2012 | 06:42PM
ISCREAM wrote:
Some one ask Mazie how come she voted against raising taxes on senior citizen's investment income...sure am glad the Republicans voted it down.
on August 22,2012 | 08:52PM
Oye_Como_Va wrote:
Someone ask Mazie what has she done about the billions of dollars being paid to illegal aliens who file fraudulent income tax retruns and has not asked the IRS to be accountable for their lack of inaction? Biilions may seem small however it is the hard working U.S. citizen's tax money that is being thrown away to the illegals. She has no idea of this? Then she either is deaf, blind & dumb or Dan told her to ignore it.
on August 23,2012 | 09:59AM
Living_Large wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on August 22,2012 | 09:30PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Family blog. What goes on under Dan's desk stays under Dan's desk.
on August 22,2012 | 09:44PM
Oye_Como_Va wrote:
No blue dress stains?
on August 23,2012 | 09:59AM
groinksan wrote:
Is Hirono going to show up to any of these debates? She skipped out on several already - much like her Congressional voting record.
on August 22,2012 | 11:20PM
stevelaudig wrote:
Surely there are enough "Zionist Israeli First" members of the Senate. And does she agree with her fellow Republican nominee for Senate, Akin, in is stated opinion regarding rape? That is who [assuming they both are elected] would caucus with. Mother said you could judge people by who they associate with.
on August 23,2012 | 02:16AM
loquaciousone wrote:
This is going to be exciting. I won't need my sleeping pills until after the General Election.
on August 23,2012 | 04:03AM
Publicbraddah wrote:
What do they hope to accomplish with debates. The better speaker wins?? Let their record from their previous position speak for itself.
on August 23,2012 | 06:39AM
Publicbraddah wrote:
This is a lose-lose situation for voters in Hawaii. Both candidates offer little except rhetoric. They both have little to show for their past and little to offer Hawaii for their future. Hawaii..........we lose!
on August 23,2012 | 06:41AM
Publicbraddah wrote:
This is a lose-lose situation for Hawaii. Both candidates have little to show for their time in office and little to offer Hawaii going forward. Sorry to say but Hawaii............we lose!
on August 23,2012 | 06:43AM
MakaniKai wrote:
With all due respect this Senate seat has been vacant for quite some time. Just sayin’. Aloha.
on August 23,2012 | 07:58AM
Graham wrote:
Why so amny debates/ The Presidential candidates will have three.
on August 23,2012 | 08:03AM
AhiPoke wrote:
I'm surprised hirono agreed to so many "debates". The only thing she seems capable of discussing is the sad story of her mother moving back to Hawaii. It must be because they won't really be debates but controlled discussions with hirono receiving copies of all of the topics beforehand. Sorry, but I know the lady and seen first hand her mean spirit. She'll probably win the election but will never get my vote.
on August 23,2012 | 08:47AM
NITRO08 wrote:
Lingle will only vote the republican agenda cut education, cut social security, and vote for a voucher program for Medicare. But wants to spend more for defense. She is lying about taking care of the people of Hawaii. A REPUBLICAN WILL ALWAYS VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!
on August 23,2012 | 09:08AM
MakaniKai wrote:
On the flip side of this album: Hirono will only vote the democrat (Uncle Dan) agenda to stall education, raid social security, and vote to provide Medicare for illegal aliens. But wants to cut defense. She is lying about taking care of the people of Hawaii. A DEMOCRAT WILL ALWAYS VOTE DEMOCRAT!!! Aloha from an independent voter.
on August 23,2012 | 10:21AM
Let see if Hirono can come up with a better rhetoric in terms of her specific plans for the people of Hawaii if she is elected, rather than the old boring immigration sad story of her life she has been politically advertising to reach our for votes.
on August 23,2012 | 09:29AM
entrkn wrote:
a predator vs a parasite... not a tempting choice... the Hawaii Democratic Party is really letting us down on this one.
on August 23,2012 | 10:16AM
Yup! A predator will chew a weak parasite to pieces.
on August 23,2012 | 10:28AM
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