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Donovan agreed not to sue UH in exchange for new job

By Ferd Lewis

LAST UPDATED: 12:48 p.m. HST, Aug 23, 2012

Links to UH documents

Aug. 11 UH Memo to Jim Donovan

Factfinders' report of Stevie Wonder Concert

July 16 letter from Donovan's lawyer

Letter of support from legislators



In exchange for his new, yet-to-be-titled job with the University of Hawaii, former athletic director Jim Donovan has agreed not to sue the school and its officials, according a copy of an agreement released to the Star-Advertiser.

Donovan was reassigned to the Manoa Chancellor's office Aug. 11, ending a paid indefinite administrative leave that began July 11 in the wake of the Stevie Wonder concert fiasco.

Donovan's five-year contract as AD, which pays about $240,000, expires March 23. At that point, the agreement said, he will begin a new three-year appointment in a new position paying $211,200 per year.

In addition, UH agreed to pay Donovan's attorney, David Simons, $30,000 "in payment of attorney's fees incurred in connection with the investigation and related matters."

"In exchange," the agreement states, "you agree to and do fully and completely release and hold hold harmless, the University of Hawaii and all present or past regents, officers, agents, attorneys, predecessors, successors, parents, subsidaries, divisions and any affiliated entities of the University of Hawaii, including all campuses in the University of Hawaii system, from any and all past and present claims or causes of action of any kind that you have or may have related to your employment with the university including any and all claims relating in any way to the Stevie Wonder concert, your leave and the investigation of that matter. You agree that you have not filed and will not file any form of charge, claim or complaint against the university involving any matter occurring on or prior to the effective date of this memorandum..."

UH memo to Jim Donovan

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Anonymous wrote:
So, the Stevie Wonder cost to the taxpayers increases by another $30,000.00.
on August 23,2012 | 11:04AM
1local wrote:
$230,000.00 - according to MRC Greenwood - Donovan's AD contract was not going to be renewed. UH has too many $100,000.00 salaried positions.
on August 23,2012 | 11:29AM
kailua000 wrote:
shoot they can pay me $100,000 and Ill screw up as much as they like and keep getting paid. I like that. Where do I sign up?
on August 23,2012 | 12:09PM
bobbob wrote:
This whole affair reminds me of the UH commercial. You know the one where the students and cheerleaders show how great it is at UH Manoa, having a great time doing cartwheels and stuff..... while in the background, the regents, president, administrators, and every else is rifling through their belongings stealing their hard earned money.
on August 23,2012 | 12:47PM
OldDiver wrote:
Everyone already guessed this was the case. This looks like amateur hour.
on August 23,2012 | 04:50PM
Publicbraddah wrote:
OK, so we lost $200,000 for the Stevie Wonder concert plus the $211,200 for JD's new position, plus $30,000 for lawyer fees plus an unknown amount for the next AD. Am I missing anything else or can I hit the TOTAL button?
on August 23,2012 | 01:04PM
rtabata wrote:
Dear Publicbraddah, Don't hit the TOTAL button quite yet. You got it almost right! I believe he gets $$200,640 (reduced) for three years, about $602,000 $30,000 for the lawyer $200,000 in some crook's hands. That's over $800,000 total over three years. And we still have to pay the NEW athletic director at some undetermined salary bonuses, if any. I wonder what was Mr. Donovan's basis for a potential lawsuit against the UH system?
on August 23,2012 | 03:16PM
allie wrote:
on August 23,2012 | 03:45PM
mitt_grund wrote:
Probably the lawyer was able to point out to a failure to follow due process. So, Donovan got a free ride for three years. Probably came from the bum's rush that MRC put on Apple to get Donovan out. Didn't realize how vocal Donovan's supporters would be - you know key contributors, like, but not necessarily, Na Koa. Probably, after dust settles, we will be looking at $1 million or so total. Don't forget Sheriff who actually did the Stevie Wonder "contract" was retained as well.
on August 23,2012 | 04:32PM
bully106 wrote:
correct... they should have left him to complete his contract if he was cleared of any misdoing in the concert scandal and saved us a lot of money. was he THAT BAD as an AD that greenwood was going to relieve him for cause???? what's that all about???
on August 23,2012 | 05:43PM
PCWarrior wrote:
You also forgot the cost of the investigation to Cades and the cost of the national search committee. What a complete and utter farce. I will never give money to the UH again. Ever. And I am an alumnus.
on August 23,2012 | 08:07PM
prest1948 wrote:
A'int amazing how they are able to "legally" bribe someone to not sue the UH. Greenwood and Apple should be charged with bribery and illegal use of public funds to hide their inability to properly manage the UH system. Time for these two overpaid jokers to go.
on August 23,2012 | 11:59PM
allie wrote:
much more than that
on August 23,2012 | 03:44PM
bully106 wrote:
this is more of a clustermuck than the stevie wonder debacle. this is going to cost the taxpayers almost $700K more after donovan's contract ends at which time UH has to pay for a new AD AND donovan's new gomenasai go-fer position. fire greenwood.
on August 23,2012 | 05:38PM
mcc wrote:
I think they call that "blackmail"...
on August 23,2012 | 11:07AM
ya_think wrote:
No it is the UH upper campus payoff, Donovan had an air tight case of defamation of character which would have cost them a heck of a lot more than what they will be paying him.
on August 23,2012 | 11:25AM
bobbob wrote:
Agreed... If the investigation found him directly responsible, it would be a different story. But greenwood panicked and jumped the gun, pointing the finger at him. He was indirectly responsible, which is not enough to justify his treatment, especially since it was so public. He would have won a defamation lawsuit hands down.
on August 23,2012 | 12:35PM
bobbob wrote:
That is why apple came out with the comments "he's a great guy bla bla bla" after the fact. They found out he wasn't directlyheavily involved in the blunder, so they needed to throw money at him and backpedal.
on August 23,2012 | 12:37PM
waverider808 wrote:
no, it is called hush money
on August 23,2012 | 11:50AM
bobbob wrote:
It's only blackmail if he demanded the money or he will sue. If they throw money at him and make him sign a paper saying he won't sue, that's "ok".
on August 23,2012 | 12:31PM
allie wrote:
you got it
on August 23,2012 | 03:45PM
kahili wrote:
Life lesson from UH is priceless. Newest is to say "I will not sue you" and dollars will fall on you.
on August 23,2012 | 04:00PM
Ronin006 wrote:
It is bribery or extortion. You decide.
on August 23,2012 | 06:33PM
Sunny wrote:
So was Jim Donovan doing a good job or not? Apparently UH was not satisfied with his performance and wanted to make a change but why not wait till his current contract expired? UH would save the $30,000 attorneys fee and not have to continue to pay Jim Donavan $200,000 per year in the new position. This are really bad management decisions!!
on August 23,2012 | 11:13AM
Nevadan wrote:
Agree. It is blackmail. The UH administration should be in COMPLETE CONTROL - not the other way around. They are paid to be in control.
on August 23,2012 | 11:24AM
allie wrote:
It is CYA. Everyone protecting their back side
on August 23,2012 | 03:45PM
Keith_Rollman wrote:
They lost control when they defamed Donovan and made him the scapegoat.
on August 23,2012 | 04:17PM
Nevadan wrote:
That sounds right. These highly paid professionals are amateurs. Greenwood and Apple need to be gone. Needless to say, they will turn around and sue the BOR and the state.
on August 23,2012 | 09:32PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
There is the legal thing and there is a the right thing. Not always the same thing. The folks who scroo'd up and caused the loss of all that money and caused all this distraction should do the "right thing" and admit they made a mess and apologize. Lawyering up may be the legal solution but how can these folks - whomever - look at themselves in the mirror each morning. Leaders of the next generation....meh.
on August 23,2012 | 11:17AM
dlum003 wrote:
You're right. Even if this kind of backdoor deal is legal (and it shouldn't be) it is highly unethical. Its a bummer that a nice guy like Donovan who bleeds Rainbow green, is entrenched in this disgusting bureaucratic filth. Here's a humble man with a true passion for UH and he gets knocked around like this. All Apple and Greenteeth care about is MONEY, they couldn't care less about UH. Doesn't help that they take the public for fools.
on August 23,2012 | 12:08PM
jankenpo wrote:
This is so lame. I believe the majority of the public knew that this is why the University retained Donovan. Apple and the gang tried to put a spin on this but this was about as transparent as cellophane. Sorry Coach Chow....I'm no longer contributing to Na Koa or anything else that has to do with UH. Maybe after M.R.C. Greenwood and Apple are gone. I don't like it when people in those positions give us the run around.
on August 23,2012 | 11:21AM
Bean808 wrote:
Don't take it out on Chow. He probably the only positive going on in Manoa now!
on August 23,2012 | 11:28AM
iwanaknow wrote:
And when Coach starts losing big time, watch the knives come out and tons of empty seats in the Stadium. So..............we hope for the best!
on August 23,2012 | 11:55AM
Nevadan wrote:
If the $200,000 belonged to Donovan personally, he would not have lost it.
on August 23,2012 | 11:27AM
Keith_Rollman wrote:
HE didn't lose it. That's the whole point.
on August 23,2012 | 04:19PM
Anonymous wrote:
Let me understand this. Had babooze, clueless Greenwood and the BOR simply let Donovan's contract expire, he could have been let go at no cost. Instead she failed to do her due diligence, consequently now UH is on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars in non essential salary related expenese, all coming from taxpayers and students. Is this about right? I think we should advise Greenwood not to have any UH plans the day after her contract expires and all BOR members need to start looking for real work. UH and taxpayers are tired of subsidizing shoddy UH management, continually wasting taxpayer's money. Sad to say this is what Greenwood and the BOR do, fail to do their job. Time to take out the trash.
on August 23,2012 | 11:27AM
uhsportsfan wrote:
Well said. You voice my sentiments exactly. Once again, people from outside of Hawaii and the UH community have managed to embarrass the university and foul things up. There are many highly skilled, well-educated people in Hawaii who should have been looked at to fill these vital positions. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like every time they bring someone from the Mainland, they make a royal mess of things. Evan Dobelle has crossed my mind many times during this situation. In my opinion, they should have left everyone in place while they conducted their investigation. Then, if they found someone was guilty of negligence, not exercising due diligence, etc., then they can start letting people go. If they are exonerated but UH wants to get rid of them, let them wait out their contracts and then let them go. I don't have a Ph.D, but even I know there are two sides to every story and both should be heard before taking action.
on August 23,2012 | 01:11PM
PCWarrior wrote:
Yes Greenwood has to go. Google her and read about her "background." And the Board of Regents? What a bunch of chumps!!!!!!!!
on August 23,2012 | 08:10PM
joewilly wrote:
Donovan is no angel in all of this too now. Everybody thinks he's such a nice guy. I don't. He's a player. Wants to come across so innocent and squeaky. He's just as responsible for this fiasco as anybody else. He should be fired or he should have some integrity and resign. Never the less, his reputation and good name will NEVER recover.
on August 23,2012 | 11:39AM
loquaciousone wrote:
Yeah but he's the one that got MRC by the cojones.
on August 23,2012 | 11:55AM
joewilly wrote:
True!!, but if he loves the UH so much like he says he does. Why does he blackmail them?
on August 23,2012 | 12:27PM
kennie1933 wrote:
He has to look out for himself, too. If he didn't threaten to sue, he would be made the scapegoat (anyway) AND be out of a job. This way, he is the scapegoat but still has a paycheck. Honorable? Maybe, maybe not, but who wants to be blamed AND unemployed?
on August 23,2012 | 01:39PM
NITRO08 wrote:
You would do the same thing! I know I would need to take care of family!
on August 23,2012 | 03:06PM
allie wrote:
very true
on August 23,2012 | 03:46PM
prest1948 wrote:
Only because he bleed UH green all the way to the bank.
on August 24,2012 | 12:05AM
BlueDolphin53 wrote:
Sorry, this just doesn't make sense. If Donovan was "just as responsible" as you put it, he would be fired and that would be it. The fact the UH is going to give him a new job at 200K and pay his lawyer's fees shows that if anything, UH knew they made a mistake by accusing and suspending him and are now just trying to cover their butts. What do you want him to do, sit back and take it and hit the unemployement lines?
on August 23,2012 | 01:53PM
Keith_Rollman wrote:
Bingo! We have a winner!
on August 23,2012 | 04:21PM
Sista4 wrote:
Agree. After reading the report I get the feeling it was a case of blind ambition - Sheriff and Donovan saw the Wonder concert as a way to put a big feather in their caps and catch some big-time glory...and they would have, if it worked. New contract for Donovan, higher position for Sheriff. Trying to boost their profile, Donovan gives Sheriff the authority to organize it and instead of doing it the right way, he took shortcuts and did not follow proper fiscal policies. (It's probably all in the 300 e-mails). There was no team organized to do this huge project - it was run by Sheriff and the only reason to do it that way is so Sheriff and Donovan would get ALL the credit....well, they have. So, I don't feel sorry for either...they took the chance and they lost...no guts and no glory.
on August 23,2012 | 02:23PM
jomama wrote:
facvts as we know them thus far do not support your case
on August 23,2012 | 06:53PM
haolecrab wrote:
Grreenwood, Apple, Hinshaw & Company please reconcile, and make available to this publication, an accounting of all the $$$'s of tax payer's money spent on this mess? They need to be held accountable for every $.01 spent of OUR money.
on August 23,2012 | 11:43AM
uhsportsfan wrote:
Absolutely right!
on August 23,2012 | 01:12PM
Keith_Rollman wrote:
How about an audit of the whole University while you're at it.
on August 23,2012 | 04:23PM
turbolink wrote:
Amazing what information is coming out now that senior leaders professed not to know about, or sang the praises of Jim Donovan when he was really on the chopping block...or was he...hard to know when senior leaders can't synchronize their stories. For those who gave senior leaders the benefit of the doubt, don't you feel silly now?
on August 23,2012 | 11:50AM
loquaciousone wrote:
After wading through all that BS the truth has finally come out. We know now that Tom Apple and MRC Greenwood are untruthful people and cannot be trusted. It's time to clean house and get rid of all these illegal aliens.
on August 23,2012 | 11:54AM
Honulove wrote:
Google: MRC Greenwood UC Santa Cruz Her past is catching up with her...
on August 23,2012 | 07:54PM
Kaleo744 wrote:
Unbelievable, and we the tax paying public cant do anything about this kind of tactics? The U.H.MAFIA
on August 23,2012 | 11:55AM
Kaleo744 wrote:
WE should fire them all..they have lied (including the Board of Rejects)lied and lied ...and more lies to come..
on August 23,2012 | 11:56AM
Kaleo744 wrote:
Bunch of hypocrites...all of them
on August 23,2012 | 11:57AM
iwanaknow wrote:
In all due time this pilikia will all blown away and be just a distant memory of only a very few. Mark my words, thus sayeth Iwannaknow.
on August 23,2012 | 11:58AM
Steve96785 wrote:
OK, so he agreed not to sue the UH system. Did they agree not to sue him for return of the $200K that he completely blew? And he is being rewarded with yet another position worth more than $200K / year? How do the rest of us jump on than gravy train?
on August 23,2012 | 11:58AM
loquaciousone wrote:
Apply for a job at UH. I heard they have a couple of vacancies there.
on August 23,2012 | 12:09PM
PCWarrior wrote:
Well, they sure as heck don't need the KITV kids. They no nothing of public relations or crisis communications. It is, a skill, a different skill than reading a paper in front of the tv.
on August 23,2012 | 08:13PM
Kaleo744 wrote:
Did I say Hypocrites? Oh my bad excuse me..i meant Dumb hypocrites!
on August 23,2012 | 11:58AM
turbolink wrote:
Final score: Lawyers 1, Students/Faculty/Taxpayers 0.
on August 23,2012 | 11:59AM
Rickyboy wrote:
Throwing away more good money for incompetence from the highest level to lowest. Taxpayers lose as usual U H continues as a mediocre institution an endless money pit for those who supposedly guide it. Auwe !. No one accepts responsibility everyone else is at fault. Start over clean sweep or shut it down. Allow education tax credits to taxpayers who are sending their children to a higher education institution elsewhere.
on August 23,2012 | 12:02PM
dalawyer wrote:
Wouldn't count on Donovan suing UH in the future! With the "COMPETENT" administrators and board of regents at UH they'll find a way to mess things up. A good attorney for Donovan will find a loop hole in the contract/agreement were UH gets sued. Stevie Wonder snafu is the classic example. Throw in the UH recruit who sued us for not honoring our scholarship offer to him. Also, the $2.5 million settlement with the Townsend Capital over a contract dispute regarding the UH Medical School. Get the picture by now? UH is run by a bunch of inexperienced Board of Regents. They're also corrupt! BOR Brina Minaai used to work for the Kobayashi Group prior to becoming a member of the BOR. Once on the board, they cancel the contract ($120 mil) and secretly award the new contract to the Kobayashi Group. What a coincidence! Bert Kobayashi was also a past and former chair of the board of regents. Really! Come on Donovan, sue the UH, and expose the old boy network infrastructure!
on August 23,2012 | 12:09PM
csdhawaii wrote:
Brian Minaai is not on the BOR. He work for the University - heads the capital planning department.
on August 23,2012 | 04:19PM
kailua000 wrote:
Ah, the state of Hawaii and the University at its finest.
on August 23,2012 | 12:12PM
bobbob wrote:
well, this article basically confirms what people have been saying all along. "new position" and "no fault" in exchange for shutting his trap.
on August 23,2012 | 12:17PM
loquaciousone wrote:
I'm not rooting for JD at UH but MRC and TA need to give up their membership to the Liar's Convention.
on August 23,2012 | 12:19PM
loquaciousone wrote:
I'm not rooting for JD at UH but MRC and TA need to give up their membership to the Liar's Convention.
on August 23,2012 | 12:20PM
false wrote:
think of it as a $600,000 settlement. Pretty amazing for something that wouldn't have been necessary if this had been handled properly from the beginning. Seriously, M.R.C. has positioned herself above the fray like some kind onlooker but she's really the one who should be held accountable...not for Wondergate, but for all that came after. She was negligent for not stepping in as the president should in situations affecting the image and operational integrity of the institution. At the very least she should be given a written reprimand by the BoR. But, no.
on August 23,2012 | 12:22PM
ehowzit wrote:
on August 23,2012 | 12:23PM
allie wrote:
on August 23,2012 | 03:53PM
oldpali wrote:
Now I know what they meant when they said that Donovan bleeds green!
on August 23,2012 | 12:29PM
saveparadise wrote:
U.H. should sue Donovan for the lost money. Someone has to be held accountable. Responsibility comes with the territory. Wasn't he in charge of the department? Does he not have to sign off or authorize transactions of this nature?
on August 23,2012 | 12:33PM
kainalu wrote:
All the INTERGRITY that I thought Jim Donovan had just went out the window. Straight up, he knows he's getting money for nothing now. He knows that money comes from us. Shame on you, Jim Donovan.
on August 23,2012 | 12:41PM
dalawyer wrote:
It's pretty obvious the Board of Regents is protecting Keith Amemiya and Howard Todo. Amemiya's title is Executive Administrator and Assistant Secretary to the Board of Regents. He is solely responsible for implementing and conveying the policies and operational procedures from the Board to the President and Chancellors! Obviously Keith messed up or this Stevie Wonder fiasco wouldn't have happened. Hey Keith, this isn't the high schools! You're playing with the big bogs now! Howard Todo, is the other clown who should face the firing squad. As VP of Finance and Budget, you are solely in charge of procurements and payments. You directly oversee and authorize disbursements. You and only you, would have authorized the $200K wire transfer. JD, Rich Sheriff, or any employee in the UH athletic dept. could not have authorized the outgoing wire transfer. Amemiya, go back to practicing private law, you don't have the experience to play with the big boys. Todo, a CPA refresher course would be to your liking. Small wonder we don't hear of your former employer Arthur Young anymore. Isn't Arthur Young the CPA firm who botched the Enron fiasco which eventually pushed them out of business?
on August 23,2012 | 12:47PM
hnlstar808 wrote:
was the money for the "supposed" Stevie Wonder concert ever recovered?
on August 23,2012 | 12:49PM
Wonderful_World wrote:
OMG--Like Jankenpo said, until Apple & Greenwood are gone, NO donations to the Foundation or any other UH organization. The BOR & administrators are not looking out for the students.
on August 23,2012 | 12:56PM
Publicbraddah wrote:
I don't know whether to laugh or cry. They should make this a reality show but it's too unbelievable.
on August 23,2012 | 12:59PM
Descartes22 wrote:
Had Rockne not come with his Alexander Haig-like "I'm in charge" antics (which were sanctioned by the clueless UH brass), then Donovan would have finished his 6 months without further taxpayer expense. And why cave in to a threatened, almost frivolous law suit? After the "investigation" by the sleazy firm cleared Donovan, they could have reinstated him for the 6 months remaining on his contract. He was on paid leave pending an "investigation" and then would have returned to his job. There would be no legitimate basis for a suit. So now based on all this boneheaded thinking, we have an athletic administrator filling the high-paid role of an academic administrator.
on August 23,2012 | 01:06PM
turbolink wrote:
"...we have an athletic administrator filling the high-paid role of an academic administrator." And...do you think he'll actually be given meaningful work to do? They couldn't even think up a job title before the press conference to announce he had done so well as AD he's moving on to new endeavors. Most likely he's going to get a lot of MS-Solitaire time.
on August 23,2012 | 01:15PM
Bean808 wrote:
And they'll give him a Commodore 64 computer.
on August 23,2012 | 03:33PM
PCWarrior wrote:
He could come to work at noon, eat a big lunch, go home and he will never get fired for his new "job."
on August 23,2012 | 08:16PM
allie wrote:
very true...just as the firing of the crook Dobelle was badly handled and cost the tax payer one million dollars for nothing!
on August 23,2012 | 03:50PM
daibay wrote:
It can only happen in Hawaii.
on August 23,2012 | 01:09PM
Hawaiianhaole wrote:
After his three year contract in the yet to be titled job Donovan will be looking for another job.
on August 23,2012 | 01:09PM
macaroniandcheese wrote:
yes, but he will have earned full retirement pension and benefits, (he needed 3 more years and that is exactly what he "compromised" for). He made the most of a bad situation. When he retires at UH in 3 years he can work at a much lower salary and live a comfortable life.
on August 23,2012 | 01:25PM
Descartes22 wrote:
Good point. Highlights the wasteful expenditures of taxpayer monies on overly generous pensions for state workers. No one in the private sector gets so handsomely rewarded for a 7:45-4:30 job with 21 days sick and 21 days vacation per year deluxe medical plans.
on August 23,2012 | 01:40PM
Wazdat wrote:
AGREE...this is a HUGE problem
on August 23,2012 | 04:01PM
allie wrote:
on August 23,2012 | 03:51PM
wlsc wrote:
do we want people, greenwood and apple, like that in our state, and being paid $400,000 ? they both should be fired right away!!!!!!! if the uh bod do not fire them, the bod should all be fired also!!!!
on August 23,2012 | 01:19PM
KonaWarrior wrote:
What kind of inept lawyers are being hired at UH for legal advice? Didn't the UH lawyers review the Stevie Wonder contract and give UH the okay to go ahead and sign and wire the money to the bogus promotion firm? Shouldn't the legal team hired to advise UH put UH in a position so if an employee is needed to be terminated that the university will have been protected in advance so that there would not be the need to be blackmailed later ( Donovan, McMackin, Bolla[?] ). It seems as though Jim Donovan is just the tip of the iceberg and many others below him should be accountable and terminated.
on August 23,2012 | 01:21PM
Graham wrote:
on August 23,2012 | 02:54PM
macaroniandcheese wrote:
How can the Board of Regents fully support MRC Greenwood? Her mismanagement of Donovan is far worse that the wonder blunder. Who is advising her? She has a full staff of attorneys and Human Resources personnel at her disposal. Did no one tell her she was overstepping her authority and ignoring the legal requirements for due process? Did she think this would make JD look bad and then releasing him at the end of his contract would be easier for the public to swallow? Does she believe that we UH graduates arethat stupid?
on August 23,2012 | 01:30PM
allie wrote:
Greenwood is a short-termer. She won't be here in a year and has done zero since she arrived
on August 23,2012 | 03:52PM
E_Ogawa wrote:
This makes absolutely no sense. Didn't the administration recently say that the decision to release Donovan at the end of his contract was made BEFORE the mess over the Wonder concert surfaced? If that were the case, why would the university be concerned with a possible lawsuit, unless they are implying they bungled the investigation, acted in haste, and internally dragged the guy's name through the mud before all the facts were known. What bullsh*t. I know many college-bound and current enrollees don't have much choice in Hawai'i's post-secondary education offerings, but students need to wake up and realize that they are wasting their parents' / own money by attending this horrible excuse for a university. It's pathetic.
on August 23,2012 | 01:32PM
Roosevelt wrote:
Aren't open/new positions at UH supposed to be posted so interested and capable persons can apply? If so, how can a new position be made available for Donovan?
on August 23,2012 | 01:35PM
Brixac3 wrote:
Again, this is just another example of the cost of Hawaii state politics as usual. The regents are politically appointed people that are not qualified to run a University. UH athletics is one segment of the state system that has exposure to public scuritiny. They've hidden waist and corruption in the education budgets for years. If people propose making changes to the system, the people in power turn around and accuse challengers of being against education. They will continue to get away with this simplistic reasoning, because the average person can't face the fact that their representative is part of the problem. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. You can fool some of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, which is enough to keep things the way it's been for decades and to stay in power.
on August 23,2012 | 01:51PM
Descartes22 wrote:
The "investigative" report did not hold any person accountable. A "dummy" invoice was prepared, the Disbursement Office claimed they could not "focus" because of a new system, and the assistant general counsel at UH expressed ignorance at securing a standard cancellation insurance policy. In fact, as the whitewashing report noted: no one accepted responsibility for the neglect in procuring insurance. Everyone claims that they had to act quickly because Stevie's agents were pressuring them and needed the UH money. But no one bothered to undertake any due diligence as to the identity of these operatives. VP and CFO Todo claims to have been like Dorothy's Toto and unable to communicate or understand what was going on, thereby shirking his responsibilities. And should the University of Montana read this report, Clapp will be summarily nixed from consideration of the AD job. All in all, the report is the predictable whitewashing, " it's no one's fault" report we expected (and what was expected) from the sleazy Cades law firm.
on August 23,2012 | 01:56PM
akuman808 wrote:
Donovan now reveals that he bleeds green, not UH sports green rather money green. I have no respect for this individual and the President & Chancellor for this sorry university. If higher education means you become like these people, I say CLOSE THIS UNIVERSITY IMMEDIATELY!!!.
on August 23,2012 | 02:04PM
Honto5 wrote:
As much as I enjoy UH sports, it's not worth paying taxes for it when the UH @ Manoa system and administration is irretrievably "BROKEN". This initial cover-up and political BS scenario that occured during the initial fall out of the Wonder concert is an indication that we have high paying incompetent administrative staffers on payroll that is costing State taxpayer's way too much money. The administration feels they can just afford to spend "blank' checks paid by tax payers to cover up their mistakes. If they made a mistake and are getting sued, hold THEM accountable. Why do we have to pay for it! Like the DOE, the UH system has no fiscal accountability. They spend frivolously because they can afford too....it's not THEIR money. Everyone from the President, the Chancellor, the AD, the Business and Accounting Office, and Special Events Manager should be held accountable. We shouldn't have a STATE funded university but should seriously consider "Privatizing" the UH, like Chaminade and HPU and stop spending and wasting taxpayer's money.
on August 23,2012 | 02:04PM
mcc wrote:
After this fiasco, nothing they say or do will be trusted or believed (G & A). They have shone themselves to be the same kind of scammers as whoever scammed them. They should be forced to resign.
on August 23,2012 | 02:16PM
hikine wrote:
They're all in cahoots and the public pays the price. This incident was swept under the carpet! The monies should be replaced from their salaries and returned to the hard earning students!
on August 23,2012 | 02:17PM
jcc wrote:
I still say that the finding of no wrondoing on JD's part is ridiculous. Losing $200K is wrongdoing, period. The boss is responsible, no matter who actually caused the problem. Defamation of what character? UH should sue him to get the $200K back. For UH to be intimidated and pay him off with a $200K a year job makes me sick.
on August 23,2012 | 02:20PM
Loki wrote:
on August 23,2012 | 02:31PM
palolo wrote:
The regents should now fire the UH President and Chancellor for their botching of the attempted firing of Donovan. They hoped he was at fault so they could fire him for cause. Now because they acted in haste, the UH has to hire Donovan for a job that isn't needed just like the former chancellor. I guess if they did fire the two, UH would only have to hire both in another high paying no do nothing job. The taxpayers and students get screwed again.
on August 23,2012 | 02:33PM
false wrote:
they just needed a scapegoat. They found him in Donovan. And he'll be rewarded handsomely for taking the arrow.
on August 23,2012 | 02:39PM
akuman808 wrote:
JD is not the scapegoat, rather he is the jackokole who got rewarded for losing $200K after threatening to sue for his job. The arrow and bow has the finger prints of JD who just shot a big hole in the UH wallet.
on August 23,2012 | 05:08PM
Allenk wrote:
Both the administration and the athletic department operate like a den of thieves. Once the truth gets revealed its everyman for himself.
on August 23,2012 | 02:49PM
aloha101 wrote:
This whole fiasco is a joke (on the athletic department and the taxpayers)... While UH is throwing money around, what about the $5,000 a month UH dishes out for Greenwood because she prefers to stay in a condo and not stay in the UH mansion provided for the UH president??? Who is staying in the mansion???
on August 23,2012 | 02:52PM
allie wrote:
Board of regents are very weak
on August 23,2012 | 03:52PM
Oahuan wrote:
I am not a Na Koa member but I do donate money to the UH Foundation annually.....until now. Not any more. I refuse to donate my hard earned dollars to a university that will continue to lie and lacks accountability.
on August 23,2012 | 03:01PM
Loading wrote:
Indeed - I'm changing my decision to donate any more money to UH through their variety of panhandling donation machines. Money being thrown around and NOT getting to the eduction of students is NOT what I expected.
on August 23,2012 | 04:05PM
gsc wrote:
What a joke ??? By the way where are they getting all this money from to throw around !!!!!! The Governor should step in.................. And find out what the heck is going on.........
on August 23,2012 | 03:02PM
Eagle156 wrote:
We need to clean house from the top down. Is the U of H trying to out do the idiocy of the rail project?
on August 23,2012 | 03:03PM
Tony96822 wrote:
Watching the drama unfold is better and more exciting than UH sports. Through in the Colt Brennan saga and WOW!!
on August 23,2012 | 03:06PM
PCWarrior wrote:
Maybe Colt was getting his stuff from these knucklehead administrators?
on August 23,2012 | 08:21PM
Willieboy wrote:
this is why we should never have a wahine president at UH or especially our country.....first sign of distress and she hits the launch button.....
on August 23,2012 | 03:34PM
allie wrote:
Palin or Lingle. Take your choice of poison
on August 23,2012 | 03:53PM
jomama wrote:
you're an id*ot
on August 23,2012 | 06:58PM
Hachiko wrote:
Next thing you know, the NCAA comes in for a visit. Tick, tock, tick, tock...
on August 23,2012 | 03:50PM
towngirl wrote:
Wow - that's a lot of money being thrown around. Meanwhile, no way can you graduate UH in four years because it is literally impossible to get the classes and credits you need in that time frame. UH has become a six year college. and a crappy one at that. I feel for the parents who think they are doing right by their kids in sending them to college - only to have them still in college 6 years later waiting for the last few classes they need to grad. Very disgusting to see the salaries of these crooks.
on August 23,2012 | 03:52PM
loquaciousone wrote:
Here is the rub. JD at UH was used as a scapegoat by MRC and TA but JD needs three more years to make full pension at UH so a job was created by MRC and TA to keep JD at UH until he makes full pension only if he promises to not sue them for making a fool of him and covering their own okoles.
on August 23,2012 | 03:56PM
Wazdat wrote:
on August 23,2012 | 03:57PM
Loading wrote:
What just happened here??? And in the meantime, we have a homeless problem, under-educated kids in the public school system, and other bigger problems than Jim's employment.
on August 23,2012 | 04:02PM
HAJAA1 wrote:
LOL! So embarrassing us in Hawaii sometimes.
on August 23,2012 | 04:09PM
bigislandkurt wrote:
What an effing mess. Really.
on August 23,2012 | 04:10PM
hawaiianstyle wrote:
This is so ridiculous it's almost humorous already. It's not blackmail because UH knows they messed up when Greenwood blamed JD publicly and took his job. In order to not lose millions in a lawsuit they offered him a job surfing the internet all day for 200k for the next 3 years. Bottom line, fire her and Apple unless that is the type of character and leadership people want there.
on August 23,2012 | 04:16PM
akuman808 wrote:
So you're okay that under JD's watch he lost the $200K??? So you're okay that he immediately hired a lawyer to sue the UH? He was the AD and therefore responsible for what now is surfacing has a complete failure to dot the i's and cross the t's...
on August 23,2012 | 05:41PM
sahara11 wrote:
Ethics. School administrators can steal from school funds and get a slap on the wrist. University Officials blow smoke rings and cannot seem to tell the truth. We are sadly teaching the next generation that ethics do not matter. And if you are placed on adminstrative paid leave while being investigated - SUE ! Students in the 1960's protested : UH students don't let this be acceptable to you . Kudos to the Star Advertiser to keep this in the news and not allow it to blow over.
on August 23,2012 | 04:32PM
Locokane wrote:
Donovan knew about dirty linen about UH practices and they shut him up by offering him another job. Looks like an independent investigation by a third party not hired by the UH is needed!
on August 23,2012 | 05:35PM
Hilofrank wrote:
Greenwood and Regents blinked. It was a BS threat and any reasonable lawyer could have seen through the bluff. So why didn't the UH lawyers see through the bluff?! Could be that some of them approved the processing of the Wonder Blunder money and if Donovan was held accountable, some of their cushy jobs were probably on the chopping block.
on August 23,2012 | 05:41PM
cojef wrote:
It boils down to one big debacle from the word go. Greenwood is ultimately responsible for the fiasco by wanting get rid of Donovan initially and thought it was a good move, and then backfired and thus the payoff to a lesser position with $200,000 paycheck. Simple solution from being sued. If that had occured all the truth of who ultimately would be responsible for the Steveie Wonder debacle. As others have posted, it's a cover-up and avoidance of the suit. Simple way to avoid embarassment at the taxpayer costs.
on August 23,2012 | 05:48PM
mbrgss wrote:
How can they do this? this a state job, you just can't give or make a new position, and give it to someone, with out opening it to every one???
on August 23,2012 | 05:59PM
Allenk wrote:
What two things are common throughout this story? Power and money. Those with power are able to deposit their fat paychecks and believe that their decisions are being made for their best interests. Unfortunately, JD has fallen into this trap by opting to hold the administration over a bucket to secure his needs as well.
on August 23,2012 | 06:10PM
Vitz wrote:
Reading all these coments it's just sad that it has come to this, Um..our very own university, people whom are trusted to run these things just Can't get it. They use the word "Ohana" like overrated stop it... You not only fooling anyone. Just venting.
on August 23,2012 | 07:02PM
Dragonman wrote:
Correction, instead of posting " without pointing fingers at anyone I wanted to say without naming names. "
on August 23,2012 | 07:38PM
Dragonman wrote:
Yes JD opted for a job over revealing the truth. JD's lawyers explains a lot without pointing fingers at anyone. We all know who is responsible for losing the 200k. Does anyone reading this article really think that UH would wire 200k without Apple's and Greenwood's approval. Don't be to hard of JD, he accepted the settlement to get a new job and to protect UH. Protecting UH is not the same as protecting the people that threw him under the bus. We will never see concrete evidence regarding who authorized the 200K, that is of course unless the states attorney generals office iniates an investigation. I don't know if the attorney generals office has jurdisction. Does anyone know ? Interesting that our governor has nothing to say about what happened seeing as UH is a state university.
on August 23,2012 | 07:35PM
Nevadan wrote:
You hit it. The new $200,000 job is to intended to keep JD's mouth shut about Greenwood and Apple's approval.
on August 23,2012 | 10:10PM
Ronin006 wrote:
Bribery or extortion? Your call.
on August 23,2012 | 06:32PM
false wrote:
Hooray for Donovan. Isn't often we beat the system. The state was smart to settle. It could have cost someone a lot more than $200k already lost. Do good bruddah. They need you.
on August 23,2012 | 06:49PM
luvshawaii wrote:
We've been conned by professional con artists.
on August 23,2012 | 07:36PM
PCWarrior wrote:
Oh what a tangled web we weave when we first decide to decieve.
on August 23,2012 | 08:24PM
Papakolea wrote:
Headline should have been "Donovan agrees not to sue UH for being thrown under the bus."
on August 23,2012 | 08:53PM
Nalukai wrote:
Old proverb "OOG = Only on Guam" New proverb "OAUH = Only at University of Hawaii" Bend OOOver again Hawaii !!!
on August 23,2012 | 09:35PM
Anonymous wrote:
Cant believe Donovan was sincere in saying that he cared about the university. Green runs in his veins, the color of money.
on August 23,2012 | 10:24PM
HD36 wrote:
Another beuarocrat punished; only gets 200k per year for doing jack.
on August 23,2012 | 10:25PM
Anonymous wrote:
Apple and Greenwood should have fired Donovan, then they should have resigned . We dont need people like that running our university. When they start asking for donations, hang up and throw away the mail, we gave them more than enough!
on August 23,2012 | 10:31PM
kaupena wrote:
If I see any of these clowns in public, do I have the right to verbally BOO them?
on August 23,2012 | 10:47PM
sailfish1 wrote:
Don't these idiots (Greenwood & Apple) have any shame? They actual sat there and lied to us! They whould be canned for unethical stupid behavior.
on August 23,2012 | 11:56PM
TomM wrote:
Donovan's new position should be the Director of the Department of Redundancy Department.
on August 24,2012 | 02:29PM
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