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Powerful typhoon lashes Okinawa

By Associated Press

LAST UPDATED: 07:12 a.m. HST, Aug 26, 2012

TOKYO » A powerful typhoon lashed the southern Japanese island of Okinawa and surrounding areas today, injuring four people and cutting off power to about 57,000 households.

Weather officials had warned that Typhoon Bolaven would be the strongest to hit the region in several years, but its gusts weren't as powerful as feared. Disaster authorities reported no major damage as of early Monday aside from the blackouts.

The center of slow-moving storm, the 15th of the season, passed over the island late Sunday and was expected to move northwest into the East China Sea on Monday, possibly affecting coastal areas of South Korea by Tuesday, weather officials said.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said wind speeds near the center of the typhoon were about 112 mph, with gusts reaching 155 mph, possibly equaling or surpassing past records for the area. Public broadcaster NHK had warned that such strong winds could overturn cars and knock over telephone poles.

But NHK reported that the gusts measured on the island of Amami, north of Okinawa, reached just 87 mph.

"The winds weren't as strong as expected. We're glad there's no major damage so far," said Yoshimitsu Matsusaki, an official with the Okinawa government's disaster prevention and crisis management division.

Authorities also scaled back the amount of rainfall expected over the most intense 24 hours to about 14 inches from 20 inches earlier.

About 43,000 households on Amami island were without electricity, and 14,000 households on Okinawa also lost power, NHK reported. Video footage from Naha, the prefectural capital, showed trees thrashed by the high winds and driving rain in largely empty streets.

On Amami island, some 2,450 households were ordered to evacuate to public shelters.

Okinawa disaster authorities said four people were hurt.

All domestic and international flights in and out of Naha Airport were canceled.

More than half of the 50,000 U.S. troops based in Japan are stationed in Okinawa. At Kadena Air Base, one of the biggest bases on the island, all shops and service facilities were ordered closed and movement around the base was to be kept to a minimum. All entry into the ocean was prohibited.

Bolaven comes on the heels of Typhoon Tembin, which soaked southern Taiwan on Friday, largely sparing populated areas before blowing out to sea again.

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HD36 wrote:
Ever since our solar system entered the galactic plane in 1998, extreme weather events including earthquakes, volcanic activity, floods, hurricanes, droughts, hail, fires, and tornadoes have gone up more than any time in recorded history according to the National Academy of Sciences. The scary part is that we will reach the closest point to the middle of the galactic plane on December 21, 2012 on 11:11 P.M. The center of the galactic plane is a dense gravitional black hole that is spinning. The larger the hole, the faster it spins. The outer part of the hole is the most dense, much like a hollow eggshell. The entire galaxy, is powered by this spinning black hole and it's gravitational force. Its effect on our Sun, which emitted x-class flares off the charts during its phase in the solar minimum cycle and knocked out two sattelites, is causing even larger x-class flares now that its in a solar maximum cycle which will peak on December 21, 2012. The amount of radiation and heat hitting the earth's atmosphere at a time when the magnetic field is at its weakest in thousands of years, combined with a disruption on the earth's Chandler's wobble, is, and will cause greater extreme weather related catastrophes.
on August 25,2012 | 02:34AM
turbolink wrote:
So to sum up, George Bush didn't cause global climate change...apparently Bill Clinton and Al Gore did. It was on their watch when we entered the Galactic Plane in 1998. Too distracted by Monicagate.
on August 25,2012 | 07:51AM
HD36 wrote:
This has nothing to do with politics and global warming. Clear your mind and start over.
on August 25,2012 | 10:24AM
HD36 wrote:
The increased gravitational pull as we get closer to the black hole is causing friction between the earth's mantle and the crust, which has caused the ocean temperature rise 1.5 degrees. It doesn't seem like much, but the ocean's emitt 60 times more C02 than all that emitted by man. Scientist can confirm this by examining the CO2 locked in ice samples in Antartica. The earth goes through cycles where the C02 rises about every 110,000 years due to this phenomenon. The next sign, which is already happening is larger earthquakes in more frequency and in more diverse places.
on August 26,2012 | 10:07AM
okinawa wrote:
It'll hit us @ 9pm, Sunday. So far so good. On top of Kadena Air Base and the winds are picking up.
on August 25,2012 | 11:54PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Serious stuff. It's not pretty what an andagi can do if it hits your house at 150 mph. Hunker down, uchinanchu, hunker down.
on August 26,2012 | 09:49AM
Dragonman wrote:
HD36, thanks for the info. Interesting stuff. Do you know how serious it can get ? Hope its not the end of life as we know it on earth.
on August 26,2012 | 10:40AM
HD36 wrote:
All evidence points to a geographical pole shift within two years of the December 21, 2012 date. Most people were taught that the continents took millions of years to break apart. However, scientists have examined the sediment on the bottom of the Pacific ocean and the Atlantic and have found they are about the same age. Also, they have found huge tropical forests under the Antartica, frozen in time. This evidence suggests that a geographical pole shift causes continents, which are essentially floating on the crust of the earth, below the molten mantle, to shift rapidly. The centrifical force from the earth's spin creates a bulge at the equator of about 42 kilometers. Thus, during a geographical pole shift, this bulge is released and the ocean's will flood anything within 20 miles of a coastline. It's very strange that the Mayan's had a higher mathematics and calander system than we do today. They did leave behind records indicating that demi-gods, whom they worshiped through human sacrifices, came down and gave them this knowlede. The Sumerians, the first civilization, 6000 years ago, also recorded encounters from beings they called the Anunaki. This was recorded in the book of Genisis, and re-interpreted as "Giants" . The original language from the old testament uses the term Nepilaha, which means " they cam from the sky" aslo interpreted as "falling angels"
on August 26,2012 | 11:34AM
Dragonman wrote:
HD36, thanks for info. Very interesting stuff you just posted.
on August 26,2012 | 12:34PM
lihingmui wrote:
So does this date with the galactic plane coincide with the Mayan predictions? Hold onto your andagi! This isn't Kansas anymore!
on August 26,2012 | 02:12PM
HD36 wrote:
Our solar system entered the galactic plane in 1998 and will be the closest to the black hole, or the densest part of the gravitational force on December 21, 2012. One key sign to look for is more earthquakes, especially above 6.0. The increased gravitational force is causing the pull on many fault lines.
on August 26,2012 | 11:33PM
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