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Greenwood defends UH before Senate panel on concert

By Ferd Lewis & Mary Vorsino

LAST UPDATED: 08:06 p.m. HST, Sep 24, 2012

A state Senate panel grilled University of Hawaii President M.R.C. Greenwood for about two hours this afternoon about the failed Stevie Wonder concert and its aftermath, including the reassignment of former athletic director Jim Donovan.

Greenwood acknowledged to the state Senate Special Committee on Accountability that the event "was poorly conceived and administered by those in charge."

Under intense questioning from committee chairwoman Sen. Donna Mercado Kim, Greenwood also said UH officials were under political pressure to reinstate Donovan to his previous position. "We were given strong advice to put him back (as athletic director) or there will be consequences," Greenwood said without naming who was applying the pressure.

Under further questioning, Greenwood said, "My job is on the line so I might as well be clear" and she went on to explain that while Gov. Neil Abercrombie did not tell her what to do, but he offered advice "on the best action to take." 

Greenwood said Abercrombie told her that the Senate President Shan Tsutsui and Speaker of the House Calvin Say wanted Donovan to finish out his contract.

"I've said enough," Greenwood told Kim. "If you want more, senator, you're going to have to put me under oath."

The Governor's Office issued a written response this afternoon.

“I stated very clearly to President Greenwood that my sole concern was for fairness and even-handedness," Abercrombie said. "I also stressed that any and all decisions made in the wake of the concert failure ensure that all responsible parties be held to account.”

Greenwood said that Donovan's attorney "took advantage of the situation" resulting in his reassignment to a position in the Manoa Chancellor's office.

Greenwood cited "the WAC and Mac" as reasons for not letting Donovan continue after he was cleared of "wrongdoing" in the Wonder controversy despite having eight months remaining on his contract that expires in March. She said she and the regents did not approve of Donovan's handling of the breakup of the Western Athletic Conference or asking for an extension of football coach Greg McMackin.

The UH president started her testimony with a defense of the UH. "It appears that people have forgotten that the money was stolen from us, not by us," she said in a statement before being questioned by the five state senators on the State Senate Special Committee on Accountability. "Our recent and continuing successes not our stumbles should and do make the University of Hawaii a leader."

"I do not believe this is a systematic problem. I believe what we had was an individual episode," she said during the questioning. She apologized repeatedly during her testimony and she also said several times that the whole "episode" was a "perfect storm."

Asked by Sen. Sam Slom if Greenwood could lose her job because of the Wonder concert failure, UH Board of Regents Chairman Eric Martinson said no, that Greenwood's job is not in jeopardy.

Today's hearing ended with Martinson's testimony. It lasted for six hours.

The Wonder concert saga began in June when university officials announced that the pop star had agreed to an Aug. 18 performance to benefit the UH athletics department. Ticket sales were well under way by July 10 when Donovan announced that there would be no concert after all because Wonder and his representatives had not authorized the event. About 6,000 ticket holders had to be refunded.

The next day, UH-Manoa Chancellor Tom Apple announced that Donovan and Stan Sheriff Center manager Rich Sheriff were placed on indefinite paid administrative leave while an investigation of the canceled Stevie Wonder concert was conducted. UH officials also explained they had paid $200,000 to a Florida company that purported to be authorized to book the star. Wonder's representatives later contacted UH officials to say they had not authorized the concert or received any payment. Greenwood acknowledged that the university was apparently a victim of fraud.

In August, Sheriff was reinstated and Donovan, whose athletic director s contract was to expire in March, was re-assigned to a new, vaguely defined marketing role in the UH-Manoa chancellor's office in a three-year deal that pays him more than $200,000 annually. Documents released to the Star-Advertiser under the state's open records law showed that the UH agreed to the deal in return for Donovan agreeing not to sue the school.

At today's hearing, Greenwood called the alleged fraud a "sophisticated" scam, but panel member state Sen. Sam Slom (R, Diamond Head-Hawaii Kai) disagreed.

"We keep hearing that this was sophisticated scam but to any rational person this wouldn't be sophisticated at all," Slom said.

Kim lectured Greenwood on transparency and took her to task for telling a local business group that she considered the Legislature as a minority shareholder in the university.

Greenwood responded, "I think we can all agree that I'm perfectly capable of putting my foot in my mouth."

The Senate panel began its investigation this afternoon of the concert fiasco which has cost the UH hundreds of thousands of dollars and damaged the school administration's reputation. The panel's first hearing today is being held before a standing-room-only crowd in a second floor meeting room at the Capitol.

Kim started the hearing by saying that the FBI declined to attend and would not confirm or deny an investigation.

Dennis Chong Kee of the Cades Schutte law firm, the "fact-finders" who compiled the UH investigation of the failed concert, was the first witness. Chong Kee said he did not interview Greenwood for the fact-finders report.

"I didn't think it was worth the time to interview her," he said.

Kim asked Chong Kee if he felt he could render an independent study since his firm is frequently hired by UH.

"I felt I was independent," Chong Kee said. "I was not concerned about that."

Kim was quick to ask about the whereabouts of the $200,000 UH wired for a purported deposit for the Wonder concert and whether the UH investigation determined its whereabouts.

Chong Kee said he did not investigate the trail of the missing $200,000 beyond that it was wired to a Florida bank on June 26 by UH.

"Beyond that I didn't investigate," Chong Kee said. "I don't know where the money went after the university wired it."

Under repeated questioning about his firm's billing of UH for the investigation, Chong Kee said bill "might be more than $50,000," which had previously been reported as the maximum cost of the contract.

Kim has said she wants to find out the total cost of the ill-fated concert and the reasons behind some of the decisions made by Greenwood and her staff in the aftermath.

In addition to the lost $200,000 deposit and Donovan's three-year contract, the university has paid tens of thousands of dollars to at least two outside law firms and to a public relations firm to help administrators grapple with the aftermath.

Most recently, the UH acknowledged hiring Honolulu attorney Robert S. Katz and his firm, Torkildson Katz Moore Hetherington & Harris, to assist in preparation for today's Senate hearing. The firm will be paid a maximum of $25,000, according to the UH.

Kim has said the overall cost of the concert debacle is one of the key areas she wants to explore today.

She said the committee has asked for documents concerning the hiring of outside legal and public relations help and buyouts of several former employees, including Manoa Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw and football coach Greg McMackin.

Kim said the committee has received several large binders of information from UH containing requested materials.

Written testimony may be submitted to scatestimony@capitol.hawaii.gov. At the start of today's hearing, Kim said the committee recevied more than 50 written testimonies.



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loquaciousone wrote:
MRC, TA and the BOA should resign ASAP from UH. They have as much credibility as the NFL replacement REFS.
on September 24,2012 | 07:25AM
allie wrote:
on September 24,2012 | 09:56AM
Bdpapa wrote:
Are you in South Dakota herding the bison right now? Your typing is kinda erratic.
on September 24,2012 | 10:10AM
loquaciousone wrote:
cAPs lOCk is stUCk At uH BecaUSe OF thE HEArinGs.
on September 24,2012 | 10:23AM
Bdpapa wrote:
Makes sense!
on September 24,2012 | 10:29AM
allie wrote:
on September 24,2012 | 11:20AM
allie wrote:
blush..a blonde bison herder!
on September 24,2012 | 11:22AM
Bdpapa wrote:
This being bison roundup time thought you was there.
on September 24,2012 | 01:06PM
WesleySMori wrote:
Touche "ALLIE"!!! "TOUCHE"!!!! :-)>!!!!. ALSO, Write Whatever WAY YOU FEAL LIKE!!! "JUST KEEP ON TRUCKING"!!!:-)>!!!!!!! "GOD BLESS HAWAII & AMERICA"!!!!!!!!!!
on September 24,2012 | 03:38PM
frontman wrote:
"was poorly conceived and administered by those in charge." If this was the case why were they given PAID leave and then promoted and not fired?????
on September 24,2012 | 04:05PM
mitt_grund wrote:
Probably because the real culprits are in MRC's office, the legal advisor and financial officer who should have doublechecked before issuing the payment. By "those in charge" she tries to make it sound like Donovan and Sheriff, but it's her people and therefore it's her fault. You'll never hear say those words, becausse it would give the Regents cause. Cause to fire. That's why Donovan's lawyer could threaten to sue and get Donovan a cushy job. If the lawsuit had gone to trial, probably would have gotten a huge award plus punitive damages, so MRC settled. Her legal advisor must have finally woke up. Or was it the private legal firm. Probably the latter.
on September 24,2012 | 06:14PM
Anonymous wrote:
It should be noted Donovan stated all he wanted was his job back. He didn't want to sue, so he took the marketing job instead.
on September 24,2012 | 10:14PM
frontman wrote:
Coruption in Hawaii is direct result of total union and democrat control of EVERYTHING.
on September 24,2012 | 04:13PM
ditto, and plus one more ditto
on September 24,2012 | 09:49PM
bobbob wrote:
So what exactly did the law firm hired to "fact find" actually find out?" 1. They did not interview greenwood (wasn't worth the time, apparently $50k for a shoddy investigation wasn't enough money 2. He's independent, even though they've already been sucking from the UH teats. 3. Did not investigate where the money actually went, even though they were supposed to be the ones investigating the entire $200,000 incident. 4. Apparently failed to investigate how much they actually billed to UH, even though the contract was supposedly capped at $50k. ------------------- Did I miss anything?
on September 24,2012 | 05:20PM
mitt_grund wrote:
Obviously, you were upset. Dealing with MRC does that to people.
on September 24,2012 | 06:07PM
Sunny wrote:
This is the first time I heard UH bought out Manoa Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw's contract. It was announced that she was taking a sabatical but now it appears there was more to it. It's time for MRC to be "bought out", actually long overdue!
on September 24,2012 | 12:21PM
Allenk wrote:
Why do we always have to buy out our ineffective administrators? Can't those high paid attorneys put in some type of alternative clause so that we don't get caught with our pants down all the time!
on September 24,2012 | 07:44PM
csdhawaii wrote:
Hinshaw wasn't bought out. Her five year contract expired and President Greenwood chose to find another Chancellor instead of renewing Hinshaw. I think Hinshaw's sabbatical and her tenured professor position was part of her contract. I think maybe the real screw-ups at UH are whomever the ones who are who negotiate the executive contracts! They give waaaay too much to the executive and no way for UH to terminate someone without paying ridiculous sums of money!
on September 24,2012 | 11:28PM
DAGR81 wrote:
Who is the Chief Financial Officer at the UH? Why isn't he being called to testify? Seems to me he/she should be able to provide the most information into this transaction.
on September 24,2012 | 12:30PM
Mythman wrote:
This never would have happened when Walter Kirimitsu, Esq was watching the store. Why didn't U of H "hire" Richardson?
on September 24,2012 | 03:36PM
droid wrote:
As I mentioned in the other article, Jim Donovan seems to point the finger squarely at CFO Howard Todo.
on September 24,2012 | 07:19PM
Highinthesierras wrote:
Greenwood looks like dead wood, so clean out the entire UH staff, and the senate too. Monkeys could do a better job than our "education" establishment and our legislature too.
on September 24,2012 | 12:37PM
Venus1 wrote:
Thought Greenwood looked great!!!
on September 24,2012 | 05:50PM
ROBT wrote:
You must be a Romney supporter???
on September 24,2012 | 11:02PM
on September 24,2012 | 09:51PM
Kaleo744 wrote:
They may be able to find out the details and hows things happened but they'll never gain my trust back again until all of them who in this fiasco is gone.....
on September 24,2012 | 07:40AM
mrluke wrote:
I always get a chuckle whenever the Legislature decides to pass judgement on some other entity.
on September 24,2012 | 07:46AM
serious wrote:
mrluke---SO TRUE!!!!!!!
on September 24,2012 | 07:54AM
cojef wrote:
They detest competition and want to maintain their exclusivity of ineptness. Yahoo.
on September 24,2012 | 09:02AM
kispest wrote:
on September 24,2012 | 09:12AM
aomohoa wrote:
Kind of like the pot calling the kettle black!
on September 24,2012 | 09:21AM
Bdpapa wrote:
on September 24,2012 | 10:13AM
Bean808 wrote:
So do I. But you know who audits the legislature? It us voters who never learn and keep electing the same people year after year. How pathetic is that? LOL
on September 24,2012 | 10:39AM
honmani2 wrote:
You gotta run nex time.
on September 24,2012 | 10:11PM
kailuanokaoi wrote:
They're just glad it isn't them in the news...ha ha!
on September 24,2012 | 10:59AM
Shh wrote:
LOL that is funny!
on September 24,2012 | 12:52PM
Shh wrote:
I'm just hoping that we get some answers as to what happened to the money. Who wired the money and where or who was the money wired to? I hope that everything can get resolved and UH can gain back the trust of the people.
on September 24,2012 | 07:47AM
loquaciousone wrote:
I'm just hoping why the cost of the investigation in the lost of $200k is fast becoming equal to the loss itself.
on September 24,2012 | 08:12AM
Hilofrank wrote:
Kim is not looking for answers. She's looking to get reelected and boost her image by trying to look like she and the legislature are doing something. Remember, UH Vice President for PR earning over $250k, Lynne Waters is married to Clayton Hee. So MRC has a hostage card she can play.
on September 24,2012 | 08:21AM
Venus1 wrote:
Kim is totally Grandstanding!!!!
on September 24,2012 | 05:49PM
boshio wrote:
The only way to get the public's trust again, is for Greenwood, Apple, and ALL of the BOR members resign and start all over again. On their way out they are to each chip-in to pay back the monies lost. Donna, don't let up, expose all of them.
on September 24,2012 | 07:56AM
lowtone123 wrote:
Greenwood and Apple step down immediately. Trust and confidence lost and will never get back. Donovan reinstated as AD. Freitas named UH Chancellor and Keith Amemiya named President. Just a thought.
on September 24,2012 | 08:07AM
Publicbraddah wrote:
Donovan should also step down. He bought himself a job.
on September 24,2012 | 08:46AM
Anonymous wrote:
"He bought himself a job." That's not what I got out of the hearing. If they replay it, you might want to watch him testify.
on September 24,2012 | 10:18PM
Bothrops wrote:
Freitas as Chancellor? After Broken Trust and Lokelani and what they did to Kamehameha Schools? The school would REALLY need lawyers.
on September 24,2012 | 10:39AM
Bean808 wrote:
on September 24,2012 | 10:40AM
kailuanokaoi wrote:
Apple walked into this unfortunately - I don't feel he is responsible...
on September 24,2012 | 11:01AM
WesleySMori wrote:
on September 24,2012 | 03:52PM
admiral wrote:
You're right, kailuanokaoi, Apple wasn't even unpacked from his move to Hawaii when this hit the fan. He didn't exactly display savvy PR skills at his first press conference, but then his background understandingly didn't prepare him for this den of bumbling incompetents and buck-passers. He should not be held responsible for this fiasco. There are others who badly screwed up, but Greenwood has not been forthcoming (to put it mildly) and she just admitted to the committee that she buckled under outside pressure in retaining Donovan. She's being paid big bucks. If she can't stand the heat she should get out of the kitchen.
on September 24,2012 | 04:07PM
Nevadan wrote:
Apple made the decision on Donovan's job.
on September 24,2012 | 07:04PM
Hilofrank wrote:
Come on Kim can't do simple math? This is just grandstanding by Kim and her co-horts. UH Admin was stupid. No question. But now Kim is going to kick them while they are down for the stated purpose of trying to reestablish UH's reputation? Does she think we're that stupid. Look, stop wasting time, money and just move on. We have stupid people making stupid choices that cost us taxpayers. If that was the standard for getting rid of people Kim would have lost her job in the legislature a long time ago. Ok, we messed up. Don't do it again and move on for goodness sake, instead of paying more lawyers to try and put lipstick on that pig.
on September 24,2012 | 08:18AM
Bean808 wrote:
You're right. What in the world is going to come out of these hearing anyway? This legislative panel has not teeth whatsoever. The witnesses will take the 5th, the lawyers will cover for them and besides no one will be held accountable anyway. I think the public has lost trust in this administration at UH as well as government both state and city. All of these people us you tax money play the public for STUPID.
on September 24,2012 | 10:44AM
kailuanokaoi wrote:
Amen - more money down the tubes....get over it already!
on September 24,2012 | 11:02AM
lee1957 wrote:
Are you advocating the legislature do nothing?
on September 24,2012 | 11:37AM
kailuanokaoi wrote:
What more can they do that hasn't already been done?
on September 24,2012 | 01:03PM
Bdpapa wrote:
They are not gonna do anything!
on September 24,2012 | 01:07PM
Bean808 wrote:
And what the h-- do you think they're going to do anyway.
on September 24,2012 | 01:38PM
Nevadan wrote:
Ignorance. Kim is damned before she starts.
on September 24,2012 | 01:25PM
Venus1 wrote:
Sen. Kim is totally disrespectful to President Greenwood! Very polite to Donavan!!
on September 24,2012 | 05:48PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
Both well deserved I think.
on September 24,2012 | 08:55PM
Publicbraddah wrote:
I have a sinking feeling this will be swept under the rug. Politicians investigating UH does not give the issue credibility. At the most, UH administrators will get a slap on the wrist and nothing more. Then, things will go on as usual. Therefore, it's imperative that the public keep the pressure on our elected officials for a full investigation of the University of Hawaii.
on September 24,2012 | 08:20AM
Nevadan wrote:
If so, this is where SA comes in.
on September 24,2012 | 01:17PM
Ronin006 wrote:
I heard that Senate aides bought gallons of whitewash and lots of paint brushes at hardware stores late last week. Does anyone have any idea why?
on September 24,2012 | 08:24AM
loquaciousone wrote:
Moby Dick facelift?
on September 24,2012 | 08:45AM
cojef wrote:
Can't erase or outrun your reputation of her last job, that is Greenwood, who is hoity toity and cannot reside in residence provided by the University, and requires a separate exorbitant monthly living allowance. Rats
on September 24,2012 | 09:09AM
prest1948 wrote:
So true. If she didn't want to live in the President's residence in Manoa, she should have paid her rent in Waikiki out her own pocket, not cost the taxpayers $5000.00 per month. The President's mansion renovation cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. They should also look into how much it's costing the taxpayers to maintain the residence that noone lives in. I guess the BOR didn't have the time to look at the MRC Greenwood fiasco before hiring her. You just have to google or yahoo MRC Greenwood to read some very interesting items.
on September 24,2012 | 10:27AM
McCully wrote:
This is just a big show put on by the legislature. Next time the legislature screws up, they should will held accountable by a taxpayer committee.
on September 24,2012 | 08:27AM
iwanaknow wrote:
Make sure there is some comic relief during TV commercial breaks.........where's Andy Bumatai or Augie T or Frank Delima when we need them? or even Bu Laie?
on September 24,2012 | 08:39AM
loquaciousone wrote:
This is a comedy.
on September 24,2012 | 08:44AM
WesleySMori wrote:
on September 24,2012 | 03:57PM
Venus1 wrote:
A dark one!!!
on September 24,2012 | 05:46PM
Eagle156 wrote:
Shapiro will hit it with class,humor and truth in his next Volcanic Ash column
on September 24,2012 | 09:57AM
nodaddynotthebelt wrote:
MRC should be released as she has lacked real leadership. She will not resign as her contract is at stake. This will be a loss either way as we will have to pay off the remainder of her contract. Which leads me to the next task at hand, fire the board that brought her in in the first place. From the beginning, from the demand to be housed in a Waikiki unit at additional cost to UH rather than living in the complex that UH maintains for presidents of the school.
on September 24,2012 | 08:44AM
droid wrote:
We’re getting way ahead of ourselves here. Like all contracted administrators at UH, Greenwood likely has a buyout clause which would cost taxpayers even more money should the school choose to execute it. “Lacking real leadership” would hardly rise to the level of a "termination for cause" offense. So UH lawyers and MRC’s lawyers would engage in another expensive duel on yet another ‘settlement.’ “Fire,” on the other hand, is a term usually reserved for an employee — not the Board of Regents (BOR) who are all unpaid volunteers appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the legislature. You might want to take up that part of your quarrel up with Neil.
on September 24,2012 | 09:17PM
admiral wrote:
Greenwood's contract allows termination without cause and payment of one year's salary. That's the route the Regents should follow...ASAP. All in all it's the smallest hit UH and the State can take, and it's worth it. However, from now on the Regents should NEVER hire someone with well-known, publicly-acknowledged ethical and/or fiscal problems at another university. The last two hires following national searches (McClain was not a national search) were disasters...Dobelle and Greenwood. And both of them came with established reputations of having screwed up royally in previous positions. What IS it with the Regents that they ignore this stuff? On the other hand, having watched the fumbling and bumbling of the inept current Chair of the Regents at Monday's hearing, it all makes sad and sorry sense. Doesn't Hawaii have competence and ethics screening at ANY level for appointed positions? Or are those criteria disqualifications for entry to the inner sanctum? I'm afraid so.
on September 24,2012 | 11:51PM
false wrote:
these hearings are intended to tee up the drive to get rid of M.R.C. Greenwood. The "no confidence" vote scheduled to be taken by the UH faculty is part of the same effort. So, the next thing we can look forward to are the negotiations for M.R.C.'s exit, which will end up costing UH millions simply to buy out her contract followed by an agonizing and more than likely disappointing search for her replacement. That's the UH way.
on September 24,2012 | 08:52AM
frontman wrote:
The fiasco is the democrat controlled government of Hawaii.
on September 24,2012 | 08:53AM
cojef wrote:
Yea man, union controlled democratic party, you mean, plus ole man, Inouye.
on September 24,2012 | 09:11AM
loquaciousone wrote:
Kirk Caldwell too.
on September 24,2012 | 09:19AM
Bean808 wrote:
Yup, the puppet bongo too.
on September 24,2012 | 10:45AM
false wrote:
false3. You must be referring to Kirk's daughter "Bong Bong Maya and her flamethrower".
on September 24,2012 | 02:08PM
OldDiver wrote:
Greenwood was hired by a Linda Lingle appointed BOR.
on September 24,2012 | 10:00PM
ROBT wrote:
thank you
on September 24,2012 | 11:29PM
allie wrote:
Greenwood is a democrat also. The real problem is rank and expensive incompetence from the top on down
on September 24,2012 | 09:57AM
Kaleo744 wrote:
Everyone's correct and we know how it has been played to a "text book" cover up from the get go. Kim's side show event as we all know, is just that a side show,because there is no way in hell that this is going to restore the trust to the public. I hope at the minimum all responsible Greenwood,Apple,Donovan,and the BOD be replaced or all monies lost including all legal cost be paid back from all of them,but then again we all have our views on how it will turn out, in any case,in all probability all of this will be a waste of time,thats just my thoughts on how it will turn out and in time people will forget about this ever happening. Just ranting..
on September 24,2012 | 08:56AM
Kaleo744 wrote:
"comment sent for approval" well so much for freedom of speech.
on September 24,2012 | 08:57AM
aomohoa wrote:
I don't know if it is random or what is said when sent for approval. I can say something nice and it will go for approval and sometimes I can say something that I am really pissed about and it goes through. Who knows. Also after it is sent for approval, it seems like it never gets posted. What's with that?
on September 24,2012 | 09:24AM
allie wrote:
true but they always encourage me to comment!
on September 24,2012 | 11:21AM
turbolink wrote:
They are the only ones who do.
on September 24,2012 | 02:09PM
csdhawaii wrote:
on September 24,2012 | 11:34PM
bluebowl wrote:
Just trying to do the math. How many tickets @how much each ticket would be needed to make $200,000 plus a profit for a fund raiser?
on September 24,2012 | 08:58AM
soshaljustic wrote:
I sniff ahi jimmie. U cookin' what in dat can or merely kickin' it?
on September 24,2012 | 09:16AM
dlum003 wrote:
I saw Apple on the UH sideline at the Lamar game, wanted to throw my hotdog at his puny little head. He has some real balls showing his face at a game. I woulda screamed at him, but was with my kids. How convenient that Geenwood is out of town for these proceedings, like a cockroach scattering when the lights go on. I hope they're under oath as they lie, spin, and assign blame to everyone but themselves.
on September 24,2012 | 09:47AM
allie wrote:
true but he is laughing all the way to the bank hon.
on September 24,2012 | 09:57AM
hon2255 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on September 24,2012 | 10:00AM
User 4 wrote:
Please reread paragraph six: "Greenwood, Board of Regents President Eric Martinson, former athletic director Jim Donovan, Stan Sheriff Center manager Rich Sheriff and representatives of the Cades Schutte law firm that conducted a UH-commissioned investigation have been asked to appear." Comments with the word "wtf" are automatically blocked.
on September 24,2012 | 12:25PM
dlum003 wrote:
Ahhhhhh looks like Greenwood is at the hearing, this is going to be goooood hearing spin it away from herself. Tune into Oceanic ch. 49 now to watch! Its Henshaw who ran for cover on the mainland.
on September 24,2012 | 01:17PM
hon2255 wrote:
Resign now or be Fired , Greenwood!
on September 24,2012 | 10:01AM
Venus1 wrote:
I hope she stays!!!
on September 24,2012 | 05:45PM
tiki886 wrote:
Because UH is autonomous, the Legislature is limited in any call for resignations. The real power is with the handful of Alumni who have been donating tens of millions to UH each year.

The hearing today in front of the Senate panel will not only be for public consumption, it will need to convince these select donors even more. If 'they' decide to cinch up their purse strings, only then will heads start to roll. If the money continues to flow, that means the BOR has no reason to fire anyone. Let's see how the wealthy Alumni rules.

on September 24,2012 | 10:20AM
Bean808 wrote:
Secrets and hiding form the public. Not only is this happening at UH but look at the City and the Governor. Wonder concert, rail, Natatorium, etc. Who can be trusted?
on September 24,2012 | 10:26AM
Bothrops wrote:
So why is Freitas not testifying? He is knee deep in all this.He was Greenwood's main advisor.
on September 24,2012 | 10:42AM
loquaciousone wrote:
Have you ever gotten a good look at that guy? Most people are lucky to stand knee high to him.
on September 24,2012 | 11:16AM
OldDiver wrote:
on September 24,2012 | 10:01PM
allie wrote:
Freitas is one politically connected and cynical operator. Watch him turn on greenwood as she goes down
on September 24,2012 | 11:22AM
whatcanisay wrote:
Donovan was offered the new job in exchange for not suing the UH. I might have missed it but what is he suing about?
on September 24,2012 | 11:10AM
loquaciousone wrote:
Do you need a reason?
on September 24,2012 | 11:17AM
GorillaSmith wrote:
He could have successfully sued for wrongful termination. UH tried to scapegoat him rather than correctly assess blame for an obvious lack of institutional control. Donovan isn't the one who transferred the $200K to the con man in Florida.
on September 24,2012 | 11:26AM
droid wrote:
Wrong, Gorilla. At no time was Donovan ever under the threat of termination. Try to keep up.
on September 24,2012 | 09:26PM
Allenk wrote:
Defamation. According to the story, Apple and Greenwood made it seem like it was his fault that the concert fiasco occurred.
on September 24,2012 | 12:12PM
csdhawaii wrote:
Go to the Hawaii News Now website and you'll see a whole page dedicated to today's hearings and a bunch of news stories related to the Wonder Blunder. There's a new story about how Donovan was asking for a five year contract as a VICE CHANCELLOR, at his same salary. It was not a wrongful termination threat...Donovan had not been fired. He claims his reputation had been damaged by the public method of his suspension and from the insinuations that he had somehow done something wrong. So he was probably thinking he wouldn't be able to get a comparable job to his AD job. UH blinked. They should have let him ride out the term of his current contract and just let him go. I don't think Donovan had a case.
on September 24,2012 | 12:19PM
Bdpapa wrote:
I like JD but letting him ride out his contract would have made it a lot easier and cheaper.
on September 24,2012 | 01:10PM
KonaWarrior wrote:
Watching Dennis Chong Hee making a fool out of himself in front of the committee. Why can't he answer any questions directly. He seems to be good at dancing around the issues.
on September 24,2012 | 01:42PM
Bean808 wrote:
UH admin, and BOD making the Leg., State and the City look like a Mensa group.
on September 24,2012 | 01:47PM
stevelaudig wrote:
If you can't trust a fix, [as in the 'investigation was a fix] what can you trust? No institution can investigate itself. Not possible. The administration UH should be placed in a receivership with the receiver empowered to remove layers upon layers of administration. it won't happen. It never happens. It can't happen until there is a catastrophic failure and instead of losing a few measly hundreds of thousands, millions are lost. The list of flub ups [can't use the right term, it's a family newspaper] at UH goes back decades and yet no one seems to be held accountable, no one. When is the last time anyone was terminated from employment at UH for malfeasance, misfeasance, or non-feasance?
on September 24,2012 | 01:57PM
hon2255 wrote:
The public has lost complete trust in the University heirarchy run by Greenwood, this is incompetency at the Highest Level ,the public trust has been violated , changes from the top down are needed and demanded NOW , this is reckless use of public monies that Greenwood and co have wasted
on September 24,2012 | 02:34PM
kuewa wrote:
MRC Greenwood must be having flashbacks to her days at U Calfornia. Accusations of financial impropriety seem to be a feature of her career.
on September 24,2012 | 02:24PM
Keith_Rollman wrote:
I predict that the cost of investigation, lawyering and butt covering will exceed the original $200k lost.
on September 24,2012 | 02:27PM
kennie1933 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on September 24,2012 | 02:48PM
WesleySMori wrote:
"DOUBLE YUP"!!!!!!
on September 24,2012 | 04:06PM
CloudForest wrote:
Rule number one: It can never be a life long technocrat's fault. Rule number two: Please see rule number one.
on September 24,2012 | 02:59PM
Bean808 wrote:
Will someone please teach Jill Tokuda how to ask a question without rambling on and on before an answer is sought. You can see the witness is very puzzled with what is being asked.
on September 24,2012 | 03:19PM
turbolink wrote:
Not the only senator giving a rambling speech followed by a question mark. Sen Slom knows how to get to the point...and make a point.
on September 24,2012 | 03:39PM
whatutink wrote:
Based upon everything that I have previously read and heard, in the print media and on the broadcast media; especially the Star Advertiser's source claims that the U.H. Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel's office signed off on the contract, I'm very interested in hearing the reasoning for the suspensions of only Donovan and Sheriff, when U.H.'s top professional financial and legal representation apparently approved the contract.
on September 24,2012 | 03:34PM
kahu808 wrote:
This event should have been coordinated by trusted people who know the business. I can appreciate the fact that UH wanted to do some fundraising but next time, leave it to the professionals who know who the players are. I find it ridiculous that they are spending almost as much money defending and minimizing this fiasco as when they were fleeced.
on September 24,2012 | 03:47PM
nitpikker wrote:
politicians are happy someone else is in the hot seat! hold BOR accountable for bringing the clowns!!
on September 24,2012 | 03:49PM
nitpikker wrote:
bringing *in* the clowns!!
on September 24,2012 | 03:49PM
GeoDiva wrote:
Let's get Marion Higa on the case! I bet she would find the $200K.
on September 24,2012 | 03:50PM
lowtone123 wrote:
Imagine Marion Higa, Matt Levi and Keoki Kerr working together they could find the missing money, the crooks, Chong-Kee's courage, Kim's heart, Greewood's brain and the Wizard of Oz.
on September 24,2012 | 04:48PM
maliaioana wrote:
This don't know where the money went is an inexcusable put off, especially in this day and age. And with all the PR, attorneys and highly paid staff at UH, why is MRC and the rest seeking expensive outside advice? This is rediculous, hope the hearings help stop the madness and we can clean up some of the dirt at UH. Whatever happened to education and pride? Shame on UH leaders.
on September 24,2012 | 03:57PM
kumasachi wrote:
I know that they wish Donna Mercado Kim wasn't on the panel that is seeking answers to the mistakes made by the University of Hawaii on the $200,000 blunder in Manoa! Some people okole will be considers grass and Donna and the Panel will be on the lawn mower doing the cutting!
on September 24,2012 | 05:13PM
frontman wrote:
"was poorly conceived and administered by those in charge." If this was the case why were they given PAID leave and then promoted and not fired?????
on September 24,2012 | 04:04PM
kumasachi wrote:
When all is said and done people will know that the Abercrombie, Tsutsie, and Say were all involved in this Debacle!!!!!!
on September 24,2012 | 05:20PM
ehowzit wrote:
on September 24,2012 | 04:17PM
ehowzit wrote:
on September 24,2012 | 04:19PM
palizzz wrote:
Wow, amazing. Donovan messes up.. UH is out $200K, but he gets paid now for doing nothing. I got a CRAZY idea. Make him pay it back!!!! Amazing.
on September 24,2012 | 05:00PM
nitpikker wrote:
seems like greenwood thinks all her problems stem from the concert fiasco. she must feel her leadership is otherwise stellar!
on September 24,2012 | 05:02PM
High_Society wrote:
Time to shake the place up. Fire 'um all and start over!
on September 24,2012 | 05:10PM
Venus1 wrote:
I thought President Greenwood was very professional! I agree with her about FOOTBLL being front and center of this and most UnIversity Choas!!!!! ! U H is a major research university! The Community Colleges are superb! President Greenwood has taken criticism that belongs to every one in Hawaii who has made a god of FOOTBALL !!! I thought Senator Kim was disrespectful with her 'sneers' at a university president!!! I wonder why a person of President Greenwood's ability would put in the long hours for U H??
on September 24,2012 | 05:41PM
bobbob wrote:
Ms. greenwood, you aren't fooling anyone.
on September 24,2012 | 05:53PM
Venus1 wrote:
on September 24,2012 | 06:45PM
turbolink wrote:
Nobody thinks you're a professor of astronomy.
on September 24,2012 | 07:02PM
turbolink wrote:
Amazing how this appears just after Pres Greenwood leaves the room...Venus1.
on September 24,2012 | 05:57PM
opiak wrote:
i am sick and tired of the poor leadership at UH. When are we going to get quality leaders to run the university. scrubs!
on September 24,2012 | 06:16PM
sahara11 wrote:
From the University of Hawaii's own fact finding report: March 19: Stan Sheriff Center Manager Rich Sheriff informed University of Hawaii Athletics Director Jim Donovan that Oahu-based promoter Bob Peyton had contacted him about hosting a Stevie Wonder concert at the end of July or in early August. June 26: The UH wired $200,000 to an escrow account in Florida as a deposit. July 16: David Simons, attorney for Donovan, wrote Greenwood and Apple a four-and-a-half page letter threatening the UH with a lawsuit and demanding Donovan be reinstated as athletics director. July 18: Nine Neighbor Island state representatives wrote Greenwood asking her to reinstate Donovan, whom they credit with bringing games, workshops and scrimmages to Kauai, Maui and Hawaii counties. July 19: The UH Manoa Letterwinners Club sent Apple a letter asking him to immediately reinstate Donovan and Sheriff. July 24: Hawaii News Now reported Peyton, the promoter, had faced financial problems in recent years, filing for Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy and having his Kailua home foreclosed upon in fall 2011. A very good investigative reporter should be able to trace the money . It cannot disappear off the face of the earth. Someone has to accept it, someone has to cash it...everything above is so ...so.... UGLY (out of frustration - can't find the right word!)
on September 24,2012 | 06:25PM
soundofreason wrote:
"Greenwood defends UH before Senate panel on concert">>>>> There's a DEFENSE??
on September 24,2012 | 06:38PM
Venus1 wrote:
Donna Kim is amazing!!! She just spent seven hours 'lecturing'!!! Aren't there more effective ways to bring needed change?????i thought Jill was very aware she was speaking with/adults and chose an adult to adult manner of phrasing her words and voice!! Jill, you are quite awesome!!
on September 24,2012 | 06:58PM
tiki886 wrote:
Eric Martinson, Chairman of the BOR appears to be the main culprit. I have new found respect for Sen Mercado Kim. She asks all the right questions for SIX hours without antagonizing the witnesses. She did her homework and came loaded for bear!

My o'kole would be sore if she was interrogating me. She was tearing everyone a new one.

on September 24,2012 | 07:23PM
tiki886 wrote:
Eric Martinson, Chairman of the BOR appears to be the main culprit. I have new found respect for Sen Mercado Kim. She asks all the right questions for SIX hours without antagonizing the witnesses. She did her homework and came loaded for bear!

My o'kole would be sore if she was interrogating me. She was tearing everyone a new one.

on September 24,2012 | 07:23PM
turbolink wrote:
At the end of the day only the lawyers made money on this one.
on September 24,2012 | 07:32PM
koleni wrote:
Unbelievable! No wonder UH is in disarray. The Board of Regents chair, Eric Martinson, does NOT even know the policies and procedures of the Board. How can he lead the BOR?? From his description, it sounds like the meetings are rubber stamped without any discussion or question about agenda items. From his description, sounds like the other Regents also don't do any thinking or questioning. I was very disturbed that he did not think there was conflict of interest with members on committee(s) to investigate the athletic department are in businesses that do business with UH. And i don't believe 3/4 of what MRC Greenwood said. She tried hard to distract from and circumvent questions asked with her longwinded discourse irrelevant to the question at hand. She needs to be fired!
on September 24,2012 | 07:39PM
Yukio wrote:
Greenwood wasn't defending UH as the headline implies but rather defending herself and her incompetent administration. She is an arrogant administrator who runs UH like her own private plantation. If UH wants autonomy, it should run a clean shop -- not some circus of fools accountable to no one. The right thing to do is to get rid of Greenwood and probably at least half of the bloated UH administration, but that won't happen because she is the poster child of the Board of Regents. The board doesn't want to admit it made a mistake by hiring Greenwood. She and her cronies are an embarrassment and a disgrace to UH, and it is ultimately the students and taxpayers who are going to have to pay for it.
on September 24,2012 | 07:43PM
Eagle156 wrote:
One would expect the Chairman of the University Board of Regents to be academic,intelligent and a master of elocution. How in the world did Martinson end up with that position. He could hardly answer any of the questions put to him.
on September 24,2012 | 08:05PM
tobyclairmont wrote:
I am a UH-Manoa alum and I have been a vocal supporter for over 30 years. This whole situation is embarrassing and reveals the depth of incompetence within UH system management. Senator Kim did a great job today showing how poorly UH leadership performs. Watching the hearing on TV left me speechless. Only resignations are appropriate at this point.
on September 24,2012 | 08:24PM
2_centz wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on September 24,2012 | 09:27PM
tobyclairmont wrote:
She's looking good from where I stand...focused, articulate and did her homework.
on September 24,2012 | 09:34PM
UHFAN1984 wrote:
Greenwood and Apple should just resign in shame.......... Wait we have another positon for them..... We just don't know what to call it yet......
on September 24,2012 | 08:56PM
Liars, Liars, pants on fires.......call the attorneys.....have to protect the State of Hawaii? No, the attorneys coach the ones that hired them, not to say anything that may incriminate their actions...........simply. Those who hire the attorneys, have contracts. CALL FOR ALL THEIR RESIGNATIONS NOW! if we dont, we the people are stupid.
on September 24,2012 | 09:49PM
gmkhawaii wrote:
the truth is that after a few weeks of invesitagting, no one will be punished, no one will lose their job (see UNEMPLOYED) and it will be business as usual. This isn't a one-time incident, try do some digging about the whereabouts of (isn't it a coincidence)$201,000.00 dollars of misplaced funds regarding another UH run "Coconut Island" research lab and a "female" person that is on paid leave right now inreference to those missing funds. The TRUTH will NEVER come out, EVER!!!!
on September 24,2012 | 09:59PM
ski3779 wrote:
The people I feel really bad for, are the UH students. Due to the incompetence of Upper Campus, I can see UH Tuition fees skyrocketing sooner, then later, to cover all the unwanted cost to cover their rear ends.
on September 24,2012 | 10:04PM
poidragon wrote:
This all comes down to financial management and so far as anyone has seen, there is no financial management going on, at UH, in the Legislature and not in State government! This debacle started with UH doing a really sloppy and unprofessional job of setting up a concert with Stevie Wonder as the headliner and not bothering to nail down the contract specifics before wiring $200,000 dollars to some promoters bank account and now has morphed into a much bigger political snowjob/sandstorm that has ballooned the amount of finances involved into the 6 figure stratosphere and law firms being hired to cover everyone's butts who think they might be involved in it! Throw into the mix a Senate subcommittee willing to throw even more finances into the already raging bonfire 'looking to get to the bottom of it all,' claiming it is for the people's benefit, knowing full well that they are lying through their teeth! It all comes down to 'ACCOUNTABILITY' and none of them have a clue as to how it is defined! Is it any wonder, why Hawaii continues to be the butt of all the jokes in the pacific region; it is due to the inept and profoundly inane legislators who crawl into public office and make a mockery of Democracy in action!
on September 24,2012 | 10:17PM
poidragon wrote:
This all comes down to financial management and so far as anyone has seen, there is no financial management going on, at UH, in the Legislature and not in State government! This debacle started with UH doing a really sloppy and unprofessional job of setting up a concert with Stevie Wonder as the headliner and not bothering to nail down the contract specifics before wiring $200,000 dollars to some promoters bank account and now has morphed into a much bigger political snowjob/sandstorm that has ballooned the amount of finances involved into the 6 figure stratosphere and law firms being hired to cover everyone's butts who think they might be involved in it! Throw into the mix a Senate subcommittee willing to throw even more finances into the already raging bonfire 'looking to get to the bottom of it all,' claiming it is for the people's benefit, knowing full well that they are lying through their teeth! It all comes down to 'ACCOUNTABILITY' and none of them have a clue as to how it is defined! Is it any wonder, why Hawaii continues to be the butt of all the jokes in the pacific region; it is due to the inept and profoundly disingenuous legislators who crawl into public office and make a mockery of Democracy in action!
on September 24,2012 | 10:18PM
poidragon wrote:
This all comes down to financial management and so far as anyone has seen, there is no financial management going on, at UH, in the Legislature and not in State government! This debacle started with UH doing a really sloppy and unprofessional job of setting up a concert with Stevie Wonder as the headliner and not bothering to nail down the contract specifics before wiring $200,000 dollars to some promoters bank account and now has morphed into a much bigger political snowjob/sandstorm that has ballooned the amount of finances involved into the 6 figure stratosphere and law firms being hired to cover everyone's butts who think they might be involved in it! Throw into the mix a Senate subcommittee willing to throw even more finances into the already raging bonfire 'looking to get to the bottom of it all,' claiming it is for the people's benefit, knowing full well that they are lying through their teeth! It all comes down to 'ACCOUNTABILITY' and none of them have a clue as to how it is defined!
on September 24,2012 | 10:19PM
st1d wrote:
" and that if McMackin did not accept it McMackin would be investigated by the university" comments were blocked by censor when i tried to post this under the story on donovan. what was going on with mac? what was worth $500,000 to walk away? why no follow up questions by the senators or media? what is under the rug?
on September 24,2012 | 10:21PM
HollyJHuber wrote:
Donovan's settlement should be declared null and void and he should be shown the door.
on September 24,2012 | 11:09PM
nodaddynotthebelt wrote:
"Our recent and continuing successes not our stumbles should and do make the University of Hawaii a leader." MRC Greenwood I would like to hear ONE success story of UH that she had a hand in as president of UH.
on September 24,2012 | 11:19PM
ski3779 wrote:
The people at the State Capitol (the Governor, the Senate, and the Legislature) need to step in and take back control of the whole UH System, before the UH System gets decertified, which would be extreme embarrassing to the people of the State of Hawaii. The people holding Upper Campus position, show time after time they do not know how to read, or comprehend what they read. These are the people who are put in a position to make decision. I feel for the UH students, having this kind of leadership. The blind leading the blind.
on September 25,2012 | 01:17AM
csdhawaii wrote:
The blind would still be leading the blind if the State Capitol were in (official) control of UH. Good grief. Talk about letting the fox into the chicken coop.
on September 25,2012 | 02:12PM
yojimbo wrote:
no accountability. no termination. business as usual. main criteria for leadership jobs at uh is incompetence. if we fire mrc, we get sued, and pay millions to get rid of her. if we let her keep her job till it expires, we pay huge bennies to her as a tenured prof. win win for her, lose lose for taxpayers of hawaii. we are truly the aloha state. give, and give, and give, etc. aloha=bakatare. we deserve the mrcs, dobelles, fraziers, mac, etc. we are truly the aloha state.
on September 25,2012 | 07:02PM
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