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Regents to discuss UH President M.R.C. Greenwood's employment

By Ferd Lewis

LAST UPDATED: 09:53 p.m. HST, Oct 05, 2012

The University of Hawaii Board of Regents is scheduled to discuss the future of embattled President M. R. C. Greenwood  at its Oct. 12 meeting, according to the board's posted agenda and school sources.

Greenwood is under contract through 2015. She makes $427,512 a year, plus a $5,000-a-month housing allowance.

A university spokeswoman gave the Star-Advertiser a statement related to this week's Senate hearings from "acting president" John Morton, who is the vice president for community colleges. A spokeswoman has said Greenwood is ill.

The regents meeting is listed as a "personnel matter" to be taken up in a closed-door executive session at the John A. Burns School of Medicine.

Greenwood has been under fire since July in the wake of the Stevie Wonder concert fiasco. She was widely criticized during two meetings of a state Senate Special Committee on Accountability.

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Classic_59Chevy wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on October 5,2012 | 04:33PM
64hoo wrote:
hire locals are you crazy we already have locals on the board of regents that the dems put in there because they control the state and they put in who they want on the board of regents. this fiasco is all by the dems that run hawaii and want to make a scapegoat out somebody just to protect themselfs.
on October 5,2012 | 10:20PM
gobows wrote:
Aloha!...in this case....means GOODBYE!............
on October 5,2012 | 04:56PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Nah, nah, nah....let's keep he! Where else can you get all this entertainment for under a half-million a year?
on October 5,2012 | 05:10PM
Masami wrote:
Get rid of dat Rotten Apple also! His "SPIN" grows tiresome after he mentioned how he TRANSPARENCY starts at the top. Guess he's not quite at THE TOP so SPIN will do.
on October 5,2012 | 05:12PM
DRD wrote:
Following this never ending soap opera closely as I have, including weeks of articles in the Star Advertiser, commentaries and editorials, live coverage of legislators bashing everyone in sight (the lawyers are crying all the way to the bank), letters to the editor, and hundreds and hundreds of comments from the public, I have not yet to observe one voice of support for Greenwood's handling of the Stevie Wonder debacle. Not from the public, not from the faculty, not from the students, and not from the BOR. If my observation is incorrect, I would expect at least a few folks to come forward to disagree with this conclusion and say something positive about MRC. Here goes nothing........
on October 5,2012 | 05:16PM
turbolink wrote:
Actually President Greenwood can usually count on Venus1 to raise points of praise that no one takes seriously.
on October 5,2012 | 05:38PM
hungryhawn wrote:
Get a refund! She hasn't done anything.
on October 5,2012 | 05:29PM
turbolink wrote:
Finally, someone is taking action. It remains to be seen what this is all about, until then, it's only speculation. However, there's hope for a positive change.
on October 5,2012 | 05:34PM
taxpayer1 wrote:
If they vote to remove her, they should all resign. So now we've spent close to a million on this issue v. 200,000.00 loss. Do the math. Best course is to move on IMHO. Absurd.
on October 5,2012 | 05:34PM
oldertimer808 wrote:
It is time to clean house. Greenwood should resign as well as Apple for being a liar. The legislature when session in convened in January, discussion should made as to how to monitor the regents and help them to understand their roles and policies.
on October 5,2012 | 06:54PM
Nevadan wrote:
The tragedy is that the UH administration cannot track down who in their offices sent out the $200K. By definition, the blame must be shared vertically up to Donovan, Apple and Greenwood. This could not happen in any credible organization! It happens only at UH. Why should the FBI be involved? They know this is not an issue of drugs or fraud. It is a matter of incompetence!!!!
on October 5,2012 | 09:14PM
engineersoldier wrote:
SA should explain what the performance stds were when we hired her. We have no way of knowing whether she met them or not if we don't know what they were. that will also tell us whether we need to fire the BOR. Let's get into the real important substance of these issues, Star-Advertiser.
on October 5,2012 | 06:01PM
ehowzit wrote:
on October 5,2012 | 06:03PM
2disgusted2 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on October 5,2012 | 06:07PM
csdhawaii wrote:
? Who and how so?
on October 6,2012 | 12:33AM
lee1957 wrote:
Since the Board backed her play on Stevie Wonder, and has given her glowing reviews, they are painted in a corner. Fire her and resign is their only way out.
on October 5,2012 | 06:40PM
sweetness613 wrote:
Thats a good start, continue down.
on October 5,2012 | 06:46PM
Anonymous wrote:
Greenwood's contract says she can be fired for cause for damage to the university's reputation, which is described as "any act or failure to act by or attributable to Dr. Greenwood that in the board's reasonable determination subjects the university to undue criticism and embarrassment, damages the university's credibility and reputation, or otherwise portrays the university in an unfavorable light." The only downside is that even if she'd fired, her contract guarantees her a tenured teaching position. So we might not be able to get rid of her completely but at east she won't be able to do as much damage in a teaching position.
on October 5,2012 | 06:55PM
Ipo_Mom wrote:
Didn't she announce that she was retiring soon before the end of the contract? Or is my memory not serving me well?
on October 5,2012 | 07:30PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
Only in Hawaii do you get a tenured teaching position for damaging the university's reputation while you're it's president. Given the outrageous salaries paid to what appear to be incompetent administrators and lawyers at UH, I'm not surprised by this at all. Neil better get his sh** together and start doing his job or he'll be gone in 2 as well.
on October 5,2012 | 10:06PM
oldertimer808 wrote:
Ok wait a minute now hold your horses.....how the heck do you know only in Hawaii. Why do people have to start off with such an idiotic statement putting the whole state under the bus. Every state in the union has their problems but please stick to problem at hand which is embarrassment of the UH President and the Chancellor and Regents.
on October 5,2012 | 11:41PM
csdhawaii wrote:
I don't believe that's correct, Anonymous. If she is fired for cause, she will NOT get tenure.
on October 6,2012 | 12:33AM
Anonymous wrote:
Allie for president!!!!
on October 5,2012 | 06:55PM
DaMenace168 wrote:
Time to put down the crack pipe.
on October 5,2012 | 07:42PM
safari wrote:
How much more can State of Hawaii tax payers pay for State of Hawaii incompetence? Hiring/Firing/Investigations/Litigation Fees,,,,?
on October 5,2012 | 07:02PM
localguy wrote:
While the BOR should also be replaced, the main point for them to consider is when a person is in charge, at the top, they are fully responsible for the actions of everyone under them, good or bad results. President Greenwood understood this when she accepted the position. Knowing this she will accept a BOR decision to not renew her contract, not offer her a golden parachute or UH fluff job, just receives her final check and moves on. She will accept this knowing under her failed management the Wonder Blunder took place, costing UH over $1.4 million, shaming UH compared to other universities, Ok BOR, tell Greenwood she needs to look for a new job, life goes on.
on October 5,2012 | 07:05PM
magicman1433 wrote:
Why does someone who makes over $400 K a year need a $5K housing allowance?
on October 5,2012 | 07:07PM
Blueskies wrote:
The answer to this one came out last year. She is paid $400,000 plus and has free use of the UH President's house, College Hill. However, her partner is disabled, cannot climb the stairs to the second floor bedroom, and College Hill is a historical building which cannot be altered to put an elevator in, so they gave her the $5000 to rent a fancy condo. I know, I know, this sounds like a waste of taxpayers' money, but that is the reason that was given last year when the decision was made, I think by the leg. I'm not defending it, only explaining it,.
on October 5,2012 | 07:46PM
Nevadan wrote:
Her partner is HER business - not UH's. This should be recognized from Day 1.
on October 5,2012 | 08:55PM
Nevadan wrote:
Waikiki! Waikiki! She came to UH to work?
on October 5,2012 | 08:53PM
false wrote:
Why don't they give her 3 million a year not to be President.
on October 5,2012 | 07:12PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
They might very well do that.... she got a contract till 2015 so 3 years pay for her would be like 1.3 million. They'll try to buy out for less like they did to McMackin, you know... the golden parachute will open just like it did for Hinshaw recently. That's how they roll up there at UH.
on October 5,2012 | 10:13PM
Bdpapa wrote:
Sheʻs actually done a pretty good job. Get rid of her housing allowance and set parameters.
on October 5,2012 | 07:45PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
A Greenwood supporter? First I've seen since they announced her $5000 per month rent subsidy.
on October 5,2012 | 10:14PM
hon2255 wrote:
Who are the idiots that hired this incompetent president?? Greenwood terminated with CAUSE, no more state money to go to her in any way shape or form, move out your luxury condo at your expense !! You've been a total failure here in Hawaii wasting so much of our taxpayers money on your own personals, attorney fees, over hiring of personnel , hiring of a totally useless and liar name Apple , the Regents must then submit their resignations as well. This is a totally screwed up University adnministration!!! The Public is Fed UP !!!!
on October 5,2012 | 07:50PM
kahuku01 wrote:
You're right! She's got too much baggage and all her personal issues should be taken care by her and the state should not be involved with her choice to live in a very expensive condo at the expense of the Hawaii taxpayers. She makes enough to support her lifestyle especially when it is of a personal choice.
on October 5,2012 | 08:42PM
magicman1433 wrote:
If Greenwood gets axed, so should Donovan...I known it won't happen & that he has already been "reassigned," but fair is fair.
on October 5,2012 | 08:05PM
wahine wrote:
The sickening truth that even though she gets the axe, she will probably be be bought out just like Frazier, Dumbell, and MacMackin for basically doing sh*t.. I can never understand why UH hires people without local ties, who have ZERO understanding of the culture or the community?
on October 5,2012 | 08:14PM
Yukio wrote:
Let's see whether the Board of Regents has any integrity left. They may try to save face and claim that the media and legislators have been unfair to Greenwood, but the Board continues to support her. If they do that, the Board will have no credibility left whatsoever. Greenwood is an arrogant, out-of-touch executive at UH. She is widely disliked on the Manoa campus. But the Board kept on giving her high marks. For what she's getting paid, you can get an all-star in the president's seat, not this entitled Queen Mother.
on October 5,2012 | 08:36PM
Bothrops wrote:
$200,000 lost $1,200, to investigate, lawyer up, fix Donovan and now another $1,200,000 to buy out her contract, plus lawyers' fees Cost of one imaginary concert, $200,000 Cost of not eating it? Ten times the original loss Existing Athletics debt $10,000,000 Damage to UH, priceless
on October 5,2012 | 08:40PM
HOSSANA wrote:
And who will get rid of these incompetent idiots called the Board of Regents???? Can anyone answer me that question as the BOR is just as much to blame for the comedy of errors transpiring at UH-Manoa as M.C. Greenwood. Its stupid to think like one blog that says "hire locals whenever possible." How provincial and stupid!! If Greenwood goes, then the BOR members must go, also. as to put all the blame on Greenwood's shoulders would be a travesty unless ALL the members of the BOR accept responsibility and accountability and resign forthwith.
on October 5,2012 | 09:06PM
Allenk wrote:
Agreed. Are board members selected annually or every three years? Who evaluates the BOR's performance?
on October 5,2012 | 10:05PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
These BOR idi**s will probably will buy her off like they did McMackin and poof.... the golden parachute opens and Greenwood walks away with a million without another word. Then the super expensive consultant lead search for her replacement will start anew and the cycle continues on. What we need is a complete repalcement of the UH leadership including the BOR and all other senior administrators.
on October 5,2012 | 09:57PM
HOSSANA wrote:
i agree with you completely.. A complete overhaul is needed.
on October 6,2012 | 04:36PM
Anonymous wrote:
on October 5,2012 | 10:12PM
HOSSANA wrote:
ha..ha..geezus, I forgot about him,also. His misstatements about Donavan was a complete fabrication on his part. Another educational idiot that needs to go.
on October 6,2012 | 04:37PM
sukebesan wrote:
Aloha, Ms. Wormwood and Mr. Rotten Apple and good riddance, and don't let your office doors hit your behind on your way out of Hawaii.
on October 5,2012 | 10:23PM
oldertimer808 wrote:
Ok let's try this again.....please why do people always have to start off throwing the State of Hawaii under the bus. How does one know only in Hawaii but I guess disgruntled individuals probably say that too in their own state so I would think it would be better off just sticking to the issue at hand.
on October 5,2012 | 11:44PM
64hoo wrote:
because obama threw his grandmother under the bus.
on October 6,2012 | 12:50AM
oldertimer808 wrote:
It is unfortunate that Bert Kobayashi has resigned from Koa Anunue because he cannot work with Apple and has no respect for him. The fall out has started and the pressure is on for the University Regents to make a strong move to let Greenwood and Apple go with cause. There have been too much negativity and harm done to our University by this fiasco which has brought to light the over all problems at Manoa.
on October 5,2012 | 11:51PM
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