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Man's roach-eating death raises question: Why?

By Suzette Laboy and Tamara Lush

Associated Press

LAST UPDATED: 11:58 a.m. HST, Oct 09, 2012

MIAMI » As a Florida medical examiner tries to determine how 32-year-old Edward Archbold died after eating insects during a contest to win a snake, people around the country are asking: Why?

Why would anyone eat a live cockroach? Why did he die when several others in the contest ate the same bugs without incident? What inspired Archbold — who was described by the snake store owner as "the life of the party" — to shovel handfuls of crickets, worms and cockroaches into his mouth?

While eating bugs is normal in many parts of the world, the practice is taboo in the U.S. and many western countries.

Yet people do it for the shock factor, and many do so during contests or dares; just last year, folks ate Madagascar cockroaches at a Six Flags in Illinois for a chance to win park passes. Also last year, people ate live roaches at the Exploreum Science Center in Mobile, Ala. And a few years back at Universal Studios in Orlando, contestants in a theme park show purportedly consumed a mix of sour milk, mystery meat and bugs.

Experts point to the rise in reality TV shows and movies such as "Fear Factor" and "Jackass" as egging people on and breaking down the ick factor.

What made Archbold participate in the bug-eating contest is a bit unclear; he had eaten bugs before, said his girlfriend. He had planned on giving the female python to a friend if he won.

Natasha Proffitt, 27, of West Palm Beach, said Archbold told her about the contest just hours before it started on Friday. When she asked him if it was a good idea, he said "it was not a big deal."

The store, Ben Siegel Reptiles in Deerfield Beach, had been touting the contest for days on its popular Facebook page; earlier on Friday it posted a flyer that said the event was "featuring the soon to be infamous 'eat bugs for balls' contest," referring to the prize of a female ivory ball python.

Sarah Bernard, an entomology student at the University of Florida, attended the contest — held during the store's "Midnight Madness Sale" — and shot video on her phone of Archbold during the competition.

"I was focusing on him because I was closest to him and he was really entertaining," she said of Archbold. "I saw that he had a clear strategy. He would push everything into his mouth and try to swallow it with water. He figured out what worked and he did it."

She added that the participants competed in several different rounds with different insects, and that the last contest involved the roaches, which were three or four inches long.

"The worm contest happened right before the roach-eating contest. So he ate a very large number of insects," she said, adding that each round lasted about four minutes.

Archbold won the contest.

Bernard said she did not see Archbold immediately after the competition ended. She recalled that an announcer said "the winner was vomiting somewhere and we'll congratulate him when he comes back."

Archbold, of West Palm Beach, collapsed in front of the store, according to a Broward Sheriff's Office statement released Monday. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Authorities were awaiting autopsy results to determine a cause of death.

The medical examiner's office said today it has sent samples of Archbold's remains for testing, but results are not expected for another week or two.

"Eating insects in a contest is a recent, Fear Factor phenomenon," said Coby Schal, a professor of entomology at North Carolina State University. "But I have not heard of anyone having that type of response."

He said people may have allergic and asthmatic responses to cockroaches, such as homes infested with roaches, and children are very seriously allergic to them. Dust from roaches' wings and exoskeletons — roaches shed their skins — often triggers asthma in people.

"All insects, if you are allergic to a particular insect, you can have an allergic response to it. Whether he had an allergic sensitivity to a wide variety of insects or just to roaches, there is no way of telling," Schal said.

Schal said this was likely an allergic response, "but there is always a possibility that cockroaches do carry bacteria but the response won't be immediate. It would take time for bacteria to be a problem."

He added that there could be other complications.

"When cockroaches like this die or are sick, they can have bacterial infections," Schal said. "But the fact that he was the only one affected, it suggests that it's something about his physiology."

Mike Tringale, the vice president of The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, said it's possible that Archbold "hit his tolerance level to cockroach allergens" and went into anaphylactic shock.

Tringale said that such a severe reaction to cockroaches is "probably rare," however.

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Kalli wrote:
on October 9,2012 | 05:07AM
1local wrote:
good publicity to the rest of the world of what the USA represents...
on October 9,2012 | 06:34AM
Slow wrote:
Golly, i hope Kim Jong Un and Queen Elizabeth don't think we all eat cockroaches. The rest of the world probably doesn't give a damn. Or maybe they don't generalize. Crazies are crazies all over the world. However, in moderation, they are a tasty pupu dipped in mayo. Organic mayo.
on October 9,2012 | 07:26AM
keys4me wrote:
stupid is forever.
on October 9,2012 | 05:35AM
soshaljustic wrote:
Eating contests need to be outlawed.
on October 9,2012 | 06:05AM
soundofreason wrote:
Maybe if they held them in impoverished countries, they's get some perspective on the term "excessive consumption".
on October 9,2012 | 07:00AM
loquaciousone wrote:
Now now....where else but the US of A would we see Joey Chestnut scarfing a hundred Nathan's hotdogs at the Coney Island fair on the FOURTH OF JULY! USA USA USA USA....
on October 9,2012 | 07:06AM
Slow wrote:
Good idea. Long prison terms will teach them.
on October 9,2012 | 07:27AM
Beaglebagels wrote:
Of course this happened in florida!
on October 9,2012 | 06:06AM
loquaciousone wrote:
No toxins? Are you kidding me? Homeowners have been blasting those buggers for decades with poisonous bug sprays and they just giggle and scootle off.
on October 9,2012 | 07:04AM
dancingcat wrote:
giggle, giggle, giggle...
on October 9,2012 | 07:29AM
false wrote:
One stupid guy dead and 29 stupid ones alive. Its just amazing how stupid people are.
on October 9,2012 | 09:16AM
waikane_honolulu wrote:
on October 9,2012 | 09:45AM
sailfish1 wrote:
They should have told him not to swallow them whole. You never want live roaches inside your body.
on October 9,2012 | 09:47AM
entrkn wrote:
I know that we are all shocked and dismayed...
on October 9,2012 | 11:07AM
ezridah wrote:
could the cause have possibly been...uuhhhh...chocking ???!!!
on October 9,2012 | 12:22PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Should have added a little shoyu.

Oh come on, if you die because you ate too many roaches by choice, you pretty well deserved to die.

on October 9,2012 | 12:31PM
false wrote:
Maybe it was one of our local B-52 kind.
on October 9,2012 | 12:37PM
mamacita808 wrote:
on October 9,2012 | 01:00PM
iwanaknow wrote:
And when will we see such contests in Hawaii soon?
on October 9,2012 | 01:03PM
kennie1933 wrote:
Whoa, good thing I read this! I was going to go home and eat a handful today, but I think I changed my mind! Thanks, SA!
on October 9,2012 | 01:18PM
loquaciousone wrote:
You sure? Bugga good for you. Plenny protein and fiber.
on October 9,2012 | 01:24PM
silvangold wrote:
STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES. and by the way, Perry n Price had a contest and the prize was a ticket to the mainland.......better than a snake....duh.....
on October 9,2012 | 01:29PM
silvangold wrote:
OH... and it was ONE ROACH.......NOT as many as you can to beat the other dummy
on October 9,2012 | 01:30PM
Publicbraddah wrote:
Why?? Because he's pucked up.
on October 9,2012 | 01:39PM
Ripoff wrote:
this dude watched too much Survivorman
on October 9,2012 | 05:02PM
SteveToo wrote:
You can't fix STUPID. At least he won't be breeding and passing on his genes.
on October 9,2012 | 05:30PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
gross man.... for a snake.
on October 9,2012 | 09:01PM
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