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Discovery of human burial could prompt rail design changes

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 03:40 p.m. HST, Oct 09, 2012

Human remains were found Saturday at two additional sites in Kakaako along the route for the Honolulu rail project, and one of those sets of remains may qualify as a burial that could prompt the city to design the rail project around the site to avoid it.

Daniel Grabauskas, executive director of the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation, said archaeologists who are excavating the test sites told the city that one set of remains was discovered in the “flex” or fetal-like position that suggests it may be a pre-contact burial.

Additional remains believed to belong to two other individuals were found at a second site along Halekauwila Street, according to information published on HART’s Web site.

Both finds were made by crews that are conducting an archaeological survey along the rail route.

All construction on the $5.26 billion rail project was stopped in August after the Hawaii Supreme Court ruled the city should have completed that archaeological survey along the entire 20-mile train route before beginning construction on the rail project.

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kaupena wrote:
$$$$$ Here we go.....$$$$$ Anywhere they dig in that area, they will find bones. Then what???? $$$$$
on October 9,2012 | 03:53PM
kennie1933 wrote:
You beat me to it....just what I was going to say! What is the original budget....5 billion? Can anyone say 8 billion? 10?
on October 9,2012 | 04:44PM
what wrote:
Even before these bones were found, even before any plans to re-design, the rail's contingency fund was about to be busted. This is a clear signal that the entire rail project is on its way to becoming a money pit black hole for Oahu taxpayers. The only ones who will win are the big-money rail contractors: Parsons Brinkherhoff, Kiewit, Ansaldo, PRP and company. Oh, don't forget Yoshioka and his wife, Nestor Garcia, etc. These guys said they would never use the half a billion dollar emergency credit card that the Honolulu City Council voted for Oahu taxpayers gonna pay through the rear! Vote Ben to end this fiasco!
on October 9,2012 | 06:10PM
jomama wrote:
How about let's get real about what we can and cannot do to respect our iwi kapuna. We cannot sacrifice our future to our past.
on October 9,2012 | 07:53PM
pakeheat wrote:
you talk very big but offer no solution?
on October 9,2012 | 08:43PM
droid wrote:
If that was your relative’s bones, would you feel the same way? I don’t think so.
on October 9,2012 | 08:45PM
spamhawaii wrote:
I really was for rail when I lived out in Kapolei but then I said "F" it already. No one knows IF and WHEN this pipe dream will ever come to realization. All I know is I cannot wait for all the bureaucracy B.S. I already sold my house in Kapolei and "upgraded" it for a condo in town. "Upgraded" is subjective but was it worth it??? HELL YEAH!!!! Back then, monthly gas cost from driving from Kapolei to town and back(2 cars) = $500 Also, the time deducted from my life while being in traffic everyday = Immeasureable Now, front door to our office desks in 10 minutes time = PRICELESS We better start asking how much will it cost the people to pull out of this fiasco? With all the contingencies put in place, I bet the contractors will probably make the same amount either way! Don't get me wrong, Kapolei and the new Ewa are definitely nice clean communities. The traffic just isn't worth it anymore. I feel sorry for everyone(including Mililani folks) west of the H1/H2 merge once, Hoopili and Koa Ridge comes into play. Although more bureaucracy along with the Sierra Club will probably help keep those projects at bay for awhile.
on October 9,2012 | 08:53PM
sidneyho wrote:
Great comment.
on October 9,2012 | 10:19PM
MariaBetty wrote:
The Wonder of Blunders by HART and Honolulu Hale for signing contracts that were to the benefit of the contractors at the expense of the taxpaying public. These delays cost $10 million a day and our Corp Council should step up and fight that the Courts ruling exempts the City from paying these delay penalties.
on October 9,2012 | 03:59PM
islandsun wrote:
But they wont because HART (FHB) has these contractors money and other business.
on October 9,2012 | 04:59PM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
10 million a day? For delays, that's BoGus, maria.......why lie.
on October 9,2012 | 08:26PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
You know what she meant NB, a month, not a day.
on October 9,2012 | 08:39PM
on October 9,2012 | 04:13PM
WKAMA wrote:
I noticed in the photo that an archeological team was digging under a roadway. If this was a burial site how come a roadway was built over it? For that matter how come no surveys were done before tons of high rise buildings and roadways were built. The Waikiki area is probably full of burial sites yet they were all built over. When special interest don't want something built the question of burial sites always come up. If a burial site is found the whole area should be dugged up and turned into a memorial park.
on October 9,2012 | 04:22PM
64hoo wrote:
the whole island is a burial site maybe under your house or condo or where ever people live hell lets just tear down the whole island that has houses ,buildings condos hotels and dig for bones that way when there done we can rebuild everything for a bunch of bones found at working sights i guess we can live on the ground till all our homes condos hotels roadways and everything else is rebuilt, i guess people will be satisfied with that.
on October 9,2012 | 06:05PM
Mythman wrote:
If rail is going to prevail, why are many current city employees moving to new jobs?
on October 9,2012 | 04:33PM
islandsun wrote:
Because this rail will sap the city financial ability to perform its other responsibilities. Employees know this and are smart to move now. Ben would restore city services to appropriate levels, instead of cuts.
on October 9,2012 | 04:51PM
Keith_Rollman wrote:
...becaue there will be new appointments by either new Mayor.
on October 9,2012 | 05:19PM
droid wrote:
That’s BS and you know it, Keith. Caldwell wouldn't appoint new workers because Carlisle kept nearly all of Caldwell’s people. They’re leaving because they know Ben is going to win. Stop kidding yourself, PR man.
on October 9,2012 | 08:49PM
mcc wrote:
My vote is for Ben, The cost of this is going to drive us broke. Millions spent so far for pillars on Horton's land. Millions more for mismanagement.
on October 9,2012 | 05:04PM
Hapa_Haole_Boy wrote:
If they're planning to "design the rail project around the site to avoid it" every time another burial site comes up, then the choo-choo train tracks will look like a tangled bunch of sugi, like a jumbled ball of yarn. That's if this thing goes through-- Go Ben Go, Go Ben Go....
on October 9,2012 | 05:05PM
frontman wrote:
SHUT IT DOWN...............................
on October 9,2012 | 05:11PM
Keith_Rollman wrote:
what I don't understand is when they find a burial, instead of moving them to a more dignified location, they just put the sidewalk back over them...and roll the dumpster back...and that's supposed to be more respectful. I don't get it.
on October 9,2012 | 05:22PM
OldDiver wrote:
I don't get why people believe Ben digging 5 tunnels on Kapiolani will take just four months. Kapiolani could be closed for years.
on October 9,2012 | 05:37PM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
And digging in town too. Bens plans will run into the same. What is totally amazing is, how the heil did all those condos get built? Ala moana shopping center? Ward warehouse? All of Kakaako?
on October 9,2012 | 08:29PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
An EIS apparently was not required back in the day... but now you got tree huggers and Sierra Club clowns all over whenever something gets built.
on October 9,2012 | 08:45PM
LKK56 wrote:
I agree, bones are all over the place. Just look at all the cemetarys that are in town, those cemetarys were originally built "outside" of town.
on October 9,2012 | 09:33PM
localguy wrote:
Old Dribler fails to realize many of these areas have already been excavated before for other uses, nothing was found.
on October 10,2012 | 12:16AM
niimi wrote:
More skeletons in the HART closet. Just in time for Halloween.
on October 9,2012 | 05:27PM
niimi wrote:
Ben will win running away. The most difficult piece will be to get rid of HART.
on October 9,2012 | 05:28PM
false wrote:
false3. The SA should attach a map showing where the bones are being discovered along the proposed route. After all, Kakaako is a large area and the bones discovered in relationship to the planned Ala Moana terminal would be helpful.
on October 9,2012 | 07:29PM
Fredfredburger wrote:
Ur stoopid. i work in that area and know why they're digging the place up. Everyone knows this, Mufi very bad, Rail very bad. Ben very good.Tell Carlise to go back to the reservation, or go consult with Fred & Wilma Flintstone..
on October 9,2012 | 08:32PM
mililanihi wrote:
Enough already. Stop the bleeding of taxpayer dollars. This circus is just plain ridiculous. Just the beginning of years of problems if this is to continue.
on October 9,2012 | 07:39PM
jomama wrote:
This could be said about any development project in Hawaii. Try Kualoa Park. Kids can't swim after it rains because we can't dig up the malfunctioning septic tanks for fear of disturbing iwi. Nice. Sacrifice our kids future to the past.
on October 9,2012 | 07:56PM
Poidogs wrote:
These are where the planned digs are occurring: http://www.honolulutransit.org/media/143023/20121008-weekly-ais-update-CC.pdf
on October 9,2012 | 08:48PM
Surfer_Dude wrote:
Please Ben, put us out of our misery.
on October 9,2012 | 08:53PM
keys4me wrote:
i dont understand, the burials are under side walks and streets and buildings?
on October 9,2012 | 09:42PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
They are finding the iwi kupuna even though the trenches are very small - much smaller than the actual footprint of the columns. That suggests many more discoveries will emerge. Clearly rail is finished - the City and HART tried to create an inevitable project by cheating on the issue of iwi kupuna. But as we know - bachi!
on October 9,2012 | 09:47PM
eastside808 wrote:
That is probably the reason why archaeological surveys were not done along the complete length of the rail. Had they begun archaeological digs as stated by the Supreme Court , the City would have expended a lot more money only to have to revise their alignment time and again. If the project was allowed to do piecemeal surveys then some of those costs would not be realized.
on October 9,2012 | 10:02PM
ekit wrote:
This project was started from the outside in cause they knew chances of finding ancient burial in the Kapolei area to the Halawa Stadium section was more remote than the downtown area and it would be too late to stop the project if they had completed that section first. Seems like a strategy planned is not working out. The area that the archeological work are now been done in is known to be a burial area and should have been addressed first rather than starting in a area that was not largely populated in the past. Interesting things are now happening on this project because proper procedures were not done first and respect of ancient burial sites was not a priority in their planning.
on October 9,2012 | 10:55PM
false wrote:
Huh? What's your nonsense to do with pinpointing where the latest bones were found? Halekauwila Street runs a long way. Guess evolution hasn't reached you yet.
on October 9,2012 | 11:15PM
false wrote:
Reply meant for Fredfredburger.
on October 9,2012 | 11:21PM
localguy wrote:
This finding is exactly why the court slapped down Grabby Boy, HART, PRP and all rail supports for willfully failing to follow the law. What were these people thinking? They were not. Now changes will be required at additional cost, more taxpayer's money spent. Rail is simply not affordable in the Nei, not enough users, too expensive to maintain, taking too much in subsidies, never to pay for cost of operation. This is what the Nei does, waste taxpayer money. Give us a break.
on October 10,2012 | 12:15AM
LMO wrote:
Anyone notice the picturen was taken way before the Supremem Court order?
on October 10,2012 | 01:43AM
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