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Sen. Kim asks Apple to clarify athletic director statements

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 01:33 p.m. HST, Oct 10, 2012

State Sen. Donna Mercado Kim said she has sent University of Hawaii Manoa Chancellor Tom Apple a letter asking him to “clarify” some of the statements he made to the Senate Special Committee on Accountability.

In reviewing Apple’s Oct. 2 testimony, Kim said she is interested in Apple’s claim that “43 of 44 coaches” sent him a letter thanking him for removing Jim Donovan as athletic director.

During the hearing Apple said, “in the interest of transparency, I’ll say something. I received a couple of weeks later (after Donovan’s removal) a letter from 43 of 44 coaches saying thank you for the leadership we have.”

Kim (D, Kalihi Valley-Halawa) said the committee is in the process of preparing its report for the Senate and is asking Apple to “please, specifically, point out where the letter states that coaches remarked ‘thank you for the leadership we have.’”

She sent the letter Monday. 

Meanwhile, Apple sent an email Monday to the “Manoa ohana” stating in part, “I am here to advocate for the students, faculty, staff and alumni of Manoa. My commitment is to you.” He asked for feedback on UH-Manoa’s future and said people may contact him at tatapple5@gmail.com.

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stanmanley wrote:
All I see is a letter indicating support for Rockne Freitas by numberous coaches. Is there another letter requesting removal of JD? Or is this another spin from Tom Apple.
on October 10,2012 | 12:49PM
shmellycat808 wrote:
Liar, liar...pants on fire!! Apple thinks locals are so gullible....
on October 10,2012 | 01:19PM
Publicbraddah wrote:
Actually locals are gullible. We keep handing out golden parachutes for incompetency.
on October 10,2012 | 01:41PM
sjean wrote:
Could you please define local? I do not like how that term is used in this context. There is a difference between local and local people. Local people seem to be using Apple as a scapegoat for the decades of incompetence by locals.
on October 10,2012 | 08:13PM
oldertimer808 wrote:
Apple is not being used as a scapegoat. From his own mouth he has done a great job of screwing up and being a liar and you have a tinge of a racist tone in your statement.
on October 10,2012 | 09:05PM
stanmanley wrote:
sorry about the spelling.
on October 10,2012 | 12:49PM
false wrote:
Looks like Sen. Kim is looking to intimidate 43 more people.
on October 10,2012 | 12:56PM
twosense wrote:
Sen. Kim is simply requesting confirmation of Apple's statement.
on October 10,2012 | 01:07PM
from_da_cheapseats wrote:
Leaking her letter to the press is the way to get it?
on October 10,2012 | 02:25PM
MightyMakiki wrote:
Friday, late, we should know if the dominos are going to fall. Short time, ----- no leadership, ------ but all will come out in the wash. Either that, or the Legislature will take back atonomy from the State institution.
on October 10,2012 | 02:54PM
sidneyho wrote:
on October 10,2012 | 05:47PM
Publicbraddah wrote:
Actually, it's a good question.
on October 10,2012 | 01:42PM
from_da_cheapseats wrote:
Yes, but it doesn't help the university educate kids much at all - he said, she said (who cares)
on October 10,2012 | 02:26PM
1coconut wrote:
I do and I think a lot of other people who have supported the university all these years care.
on October 10,2012 | 03:12PM
PCWarrior wrote:
Look, if you can't believe the dang chancellor cause he's a complusive liar who takes locals for idiots, if the chancellor has no credibility with us, then we should all care and he should catch the next flight back out to the mainland, never to see these shores again. In the long run, that will help the university and the kids.
on October 10,2012 | 03:27PM
kaupena wrote:
I wonder how much $$$ we paid to a search company to find and hire Mr. Apple??
on October 10,2012 | 09:32PM
copperwire9 wrote:
on October 10,2012 | 02:41PM
Venus1 wrote:
She is an imposing figure...
on October 10,2012 | 09:15PM
manoa808 wrote:
Interesting choice of the word "dialog" in Apple's letter that the Star-Advertiser kindly posted. Normally I spell it "dialogue" so it caused me to look up the difference. It's not just British versus American style spelling, he's actually implying written, not verbal conversation in the past even as he writes "going around and speaking" incorrectly as dialog -- I would suggest for the Chancellor that "talk story" would be the best way to engage in a fruitful DIALOGUE right now. Good luck! (UH and the Chancellor needs it.) For more see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style/Spelling
on October 10,2012 | 01:13PM
oldertimer808 wrote:
Please Apple step down already. You will be doing the University, the students, the faculty and State a great service.
on October 10,2012 | 01:44PM
from_da_cheapseats wrote:
how so?
on October 10,2012 | 02:27PM
Venus1 wrote:
Apple needs a chance....he has great credentials...the University cannot afford to let every one go...
on October 10,2012 | 09:17PM
gobows wrote:
Kobayashi cant be wrong.
on October 10,2012 | 02:16PM
4sanitysake wrote:
Wait a minute...you mean we hired Tom Apple for big bucks to run UH Manoa and only now after 3 months on the job is he asking for input from the UH Manoa community on how to guide the future of the institution? Does that mean he learned his lesson after getting grilled by the Legislature or is it that he is only now, on his own, finally understanding what he should have done in July? If he is here to be the "advocate for the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Manoa" why was he making major institutional decisions over the last 3 months only with input from the UH system administration? Sorry, not really his fault, but I think we hired the wrong person for the job yet again.
on October 10,2012 | 03:22PM
kaupena wrote:
Didn't we pay big $$$ to a search firm to tell us that he was the most qualified and best person for that job??? Can we get a refund??
on October 10,2012 | 09:37PM
false wrote:
Tom Apple was undoubtedly freewheeling, extrapolating, loosely recollecting, and generally spinning his comments in a way that he thought would support his position and his testimony. Unfortunately for him, he's now being asked to substantiate his statements. That's always a risk when you're freewheeling, extrapolating, loosely recollecting, and spinning in front of a Senate hearing, especially one chaired by Donna "Don't Hurt 'Em" Kim. He obviously was unprepared for the person he was dealing with. At this poing, I would imagine that Mr. Apple is questioning why he stepped off the plane that brought him here. If only he could back up, for it's been nothing but bad road for him since the moment he took the wheel as chancellor. Rhode Island looks beautiful in the snow, I'm told.
on October 10,2012 | 04:30PM
iwanaknow wrote:
Come on people, he only misspoke.......................what's wrong with dat? Give him a chance to do a do over? We are a forgiving people ya?
on October 10,2012 | 04:56PM
false wrote:
well, when he "misspoke" he impugned the performance of Jim Donovan, implied that his decision to remove Donovan was supported by and actually elicited a "thank you" from UH coaches. You can say he "misspoke." But that's just a euphemism for "mislead."
on October 10,2012 | 06:26PM
oldertimer808 wrote:
He did not misspoke, he lied.
on October 10,2012 | 09:10PM
prest1948 wrote:
I guess that some people have forgotten that Apple and Greenwod claimed that they knew nothing about the Wonder concert at a news conference when in fact Hinshaw had sent Greenwood an email about the concert. When we pay $400K plus for an Apple, it had better be a good one. If it isn't, we should get rid of it before it spoils the entire batch.
on October 10,2012 | 09:48PM
kaupena wrote:
There are two people in this State that you don't want to get grilled by. Keoki Kerr and Donna Mercado Kim. When they get upset, they are like pitbulls that won't let anything go.
on October 10,2012 | 09:41PM
makamele wrote:
This is the same letter he was referring to at the hearing which does not mention anything about Donovan, only Freitas! Did anyone notice it was written after the search committee was already formed and further back from when HE had already reassigned Donovan to the "branding" job, not before? It's also curious how he said Donovan was a "perfect fit" for the new as yet untitled job when Apple was at the University for only a few months, ... did he really know Donovan and his credentials that well? Finally, another shibai was how he signed a procurement exemption document for a private SEARCH FIRM one week before the SEARCH COMMITTEE was even formed! He said it was probably done in advance because these things take a long time for approval. Give me a break! This is the top dog of the largest campus, who probably didn't even write the justification and would surely receive top priority by the procurement chief. This "Apple" is ROTTEN already!
on October 10,2012 | 04:51PM
Ewasohappy wrote:
Heh, Heh, nice pun!
on October 10,2012 | 05:23PM
CriticalReader wrote:
“please, specifically, point out where the letter states that coaches remarked ‘thank you for the leadership we have.’” C;mon, it's strongly implied by their not quitting en mass. Since they stayed around, the ONLY conclusion is that they appreciate Mr. Apple's leadership. Shows Senator Kim's lack of thoroughness as an investigator. Had she been more adept, she also would have learned that all the coaches think Greenwood is a goddess, and that Apple is smart, well-respected, and considered good looking,
on October 10,2012 | 06:29PM
oldertimer808 wrote:
Nice sarcasm
on October 10,2012 | 09:12PM
LKK56 wrote:
If Apple is lying (or spinning) about the coaches feeling towards JD, can we believe in him or his credability in running the whole Universily. The athletic department is quit small in comparison to the whole UH. To keep is simple, if you cannot boil water, you sure as hell cannot cook.
on October 10,2012 | 08:07PM
ejkorvette wrote:
How can you ask Corrupt Politicians to investigate a Corrupt group of Individuals? That doesn't match up!
on October 10,2012 | 09:28PM
Yukio wrote:
Unfortunately Apple got a really bad start at UH when he had to participate in that charade press conference discussing Jim Donovan's transfer from AD to the Chancellor's office for a then-yet-to-be-publicly-announced position. So it started out bad and just got worse. Apple probably spends his nights wondering how he got himself into this mess. But then he just needs to remember how much he gets paid and then goes to bed with a smile on his face.
on October 10,2012 | 09:59PM
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