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UH-Manoa Faculty Senate defers no-confidence vote on Greenwood

By Craig Gima

LAST UPDATED: 05:03 p.m. HST, Oct 17, 2012

The University of Hawaii Manoa Faculty Senate has postponed a no-confidence vote on embattled UH President M.R.C. Greenwood.

The senate had scheduled a possible vote for its meeting this afternoon. But the group, made up of representatives from UH-Manoa departments, decided to postpone the vote indefinitely after hearing from Greenwood and a senate committee, which recommended taking up the issue at another time.

Greenwood defended her actions after finding out about the Athletic Department’s loss of $200,000 in an apparent scam involving a bogus Stevie Wonder concert and she pointed the finger at lawmakers, who she said put “improper” political pressure on her to reverse the decision to transfer former Athletic Director Jim Donovan to a new job in the UH Manoa Chancellor’s Office.

"For me, the most important issue here is not the so-called ‘Wonder blunder,'" Greenwood said. "It is a much more fundamental concern for the independence of this fine institution.”

Greenwood said she was threatened with hearings and cuts to the UH budget if Donovan was not returned as athletic director.

“The reason I did not (keep Donovan as athletic director) was to protect the university and its independence,” she said.

Doug Vincent, the chairman of the Faculty Senate Committee on Administration and Budget, said committee members are still “deeply troubled” by Greenwood’s lack of consultation with the faculty and “patterns of behaviors.” But “there’s a lot that we don’t know yet,” and the committee would like to discuss the motion further and see if Greenwood makes progress.

“If things don’t change favorably, we would certainly consider it (taking up the motion again),” he said.

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allie wrote:
My poly sci prof said they are waiting for the BOR to act to end her misrule.
on October 17,2012 | 05:40PM
mitt_grund wrote:
You would think that they might finally come to your senses, but what they are doing is standing like deer in the middle of the road, watching an oncoming car with its blinding headlights. And they won't know what hit them. They are actually hoping for a miracle, like MRC discovering a cure for cancer and getting the Nobel Peace Prize. Of course, you and I know that it won't be her doing, but she'll take the credit, just as intensely as she has tried not to take the blame for the Wonder Blunder. And she has people in high places who are mindful that if she, the Queen of the Campus is found wearing no clothes, they will be found out as well -- meaning our do-nothing Board of Regents, who gave lip service and a rubber stamp in extending her contract - without soliciting any feedback from the rank and file.. Just typical high muckamucks feeding off their common vanity and egotism. So, much for the politics of power.
on October 17,2012 | 08:23PM
mitt_grund wrote:
"their senses", not "your"
on October 17,2012 | 08:24PM
csdhawaii wrote:
Is Noel Kent your professor (if you're really a student, that is...you seem to spend all day every day reading and commenting on every article)? He's a crockpot and not to be taken seriously, hon.
on October 17,2012 | 09:39PM
csdhawaii wrote:
LOL..."crackpot," not crockpot.
on October 17,2012 | 09:39PM
ha_oleboy wrote:
You are the crockpot.
on October 17,2012 | 11:50PM
csdhawaii wrote:
I acknowledge that 100%. I am a slow cooker, for sure. Thank you.
on October 17,2012 | 11:58PM
grantos wrote:
poli sci
on October 18,2012 | 12:59AM
SueH wrote:
Just a bunch of sheep wandering aimlessly amongst other ostriches with their heads in the sand.
on October 17,2012 | 06:03PM
Venus1 wrote:
Big victory for President Greenwood....I trust the faculty is too intelligent to take the University over the cliff...
on October 17,2012 | 06:23PM
ha_oleboy wrote:
UH already over the cliff. Hopefully the Board will throw a life line and can MRC Greenwood.
on October 17,2012 | 11:55PM
admiral wrote:
If Greenwood were really concerned about "the independence of this fine institution" she would have immediately gone public with the alleged threats from unnamed lawmakers over her plan to terminate Donovan. (That's when the threats started, not after Chancellor Apple, at Greenwood's direction, opened the whole can of worms about the job transfer.) Such threats would constitute a serious breach of UH's semi-autonomy, a status agreed to some years ago precisely because the national accrediting agency raised red flags about political interference in the university's affairs. Had Greenwood told the lawmakers who threatened her to back off, and then called a press conference to detail the threats, she would have been a hero to students and faculty. Might her job have then been threatened? Perhaps, but not by the Legislature, which doesn't have the power to terminate her. By the Regents, acting under pressure from the Legislature and powerful downtown interests? Perhaps, but then she would have had incredibly strong grounds for a major lawsuit. Indeed, any retribution against Greenwood and/or UH, budgetary or otherwise, would immediately have been seen by the public and by accrediting agencies for what it was. Instead, according to her own testimony, Greenwood buckled. She tried to dance to the tune of the lawmakers while also moving Donovan out of the AD position into a highly paid but wholly unneeded and fabricated job. A very expensive coverup ensued, with deservedly disastrous consequences for her career. Greenwood is now damaged goods. She will find it impossible to govern UH with any credibility, and the only thing for the Regents to do is negotiate a termination agreement with her. Her successor should learn the lesson: don't knuckle under to external pressures. Once you do, things will only get worse. And in the meantime, the Manoa Faculty Senate should stopped acting like the worst caricature of a bunch of indecisive, cowardly professors.
on October 17,2012 | 06:28PM
Nevadan wrote:
In summary, it is all about credibility and transparency.
on October 17,2012 | 06:44PM
ehowzit wrote:
on October 17,2012 | 06:52PM
bowwow wrote:
Faculty is too chicken to look out for the students and faculty like the Board of Regents
on October 17,2012 | 07:01PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
One can only hope the door doesn't hit her where the good Lord split her on the way out.
on October 17,2012 | 07:11PM
magicman1433 wrote:
on October 17,2012 | 07:18PM
roadsterred wrote:
Greenwood said she was threatened with hearings and cuts to the UH budget if Donovan was not returned as athletic director. Donovan was not returned as athletic director. Hearings were held. The UH budget may be cut in the next session of the Legislature. What did her actions accomplish? Apparently it doesn't matter how educated you are, you're still capable of doing dumb things.
on October 17,2012 | 07:19PM
ha_oleboy wrote:
UH budget should be cut. Over paid, under worked lolos.
on October 18,2012 | 12:04AM
from_da_cheapseats wrote:
Wow - nothing in the paper's headlines that comes from Rep Mark Takai and Sen Donna Kim - what is going on? Maybe they must be walking their districts and trying to get re-elcted the old fashioned way - working for it.
on October 17,2012 | 07:54PM
ha_oleboy wrote:
Either that or the Honolulu rag refuses to report reality, as usual.
on October 18,2012 | 12:07AM
Bothrops wrote:
The motion was introduced by Noel Kent who is to authority sort of like what birthers are to Obama, but being professors they had to consider it seriously. What would it have accomplished if passed?
on October 17,2012 | 08:13PM
ejkorvette wrote:
Awesome!!! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO...I love it! I love Hawaii's travesty of jurisprudence!!! INCOMPETENTCY at its BEST. YAHOOOOOOO LUCK YOU LIVE HAWAII....YAH? YAH? YAH?GIGGLE GIGGLE GIGGLE!!! Let's turn Hawaii into more of a Laughing Stock State. Everybody come Hawaii and Steal from the hard working, honest folks here. We LOVE ABUSE!!!:)
on October 17,2012 | 08:17PM
ha_oleboy wrote:
Hear, hear.
on October 18,2012 | 12:09AM
Bdpapa wrote:
Who are the Faculty Senate? Sounds like they want to be the rooster in the hen house.
on October 17,2012 | 08:18PM
false wrote:
Cant we just give Greenwood 75 million dollars to just go away?
on October 17,2012 | 08:58PM
ha_oleboy wrote:
Be careful what you ask for.
on October 18,2012 | 12:10AM
UHFAN1984 wrote:
If she really cares about UH she should resign effective NOW
on October 17,2012 | 09:18PM
d_r wrote:
Admirable restraint on the part of the faculty senate, which could easily have jumped on the mindless "Oh no, we've been robbed, fire everyone!" bandwagon. The problems here are structural (and national among public research universities), have developed over many years and several administrations, and probably won't be solved by simply changing out one person.
on October 17,2012 | 09:33PM
ha_oleboy wrote:
You are right, let's can them all.
on October 18,2012 | 12:12AM
wenshang wrote:
on October 17,2012 | 09:46PM
NDN wrote:
on October 17,2012 | 09:47PM
ha_oleboy wrote:
Pressure is always applied - from everywhere. She didn't bend, she broke. Open and honest? You're kiidding, right?
on October 18,2012 | 12:20AM
inverse wrote:
We ALL know that Hawaii State Legislatures have their own personal agendas and at most times can be slimy. So what? In this particular case State legislatures are LEGITIMATELY attempting to hold UH administration accountable, regardless of the individuals in State legislature who are leading this investigation. These State legislatures' alleged or perceived personal motivations of why they are possibly taking such action are IRRELEVANT. Like Akira Kurosawa's movie Seven Samurai, although the seven samurai themselves were only one step above masterless hoodlums, they served a purpose to protect the villagers from bandits whose goal was to plunder the village. Right now UH administrators, with their AUTONOMY are abusing their authority to plunder Hawaii State resources that negatively impact students and professors and we have two of the seven samurai, Kim and Takai, willing to take head on the "bandits". I don't personally like either Kim or Takai, however they are NEEDED by the taxpaying public as they serve a purpose in attempting to hold UH administrators accountable, regardless of perceived or actual personal motivations for doing so.
on October 24,2012 | 10:42AM
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