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Say to step down as House speaker; recommends Oshiro

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 05:21 p.m. HST, Dec 13, 2012

State House Speaker Calvin Say said today he will be stepping down as speaker after 14 years in charge after realizing that he did not have the votes to remain in power.

Say said he is recommending Rep. Marcus Oshiro, the chairman of the House Finance Committee, as his replacement. He urged the House's 44 majority Democrats to choose a leader and not rely on Republicans to organize.

Rep. Joseph Souki, who Say had toppled as speaker 14 years ago, has gathered 30 votes from dissidents and Republicans to remove Say.

Oshiro said he believes he will hold Say's 21 Democratic votes and will attempt to persuade some in Souki's coalition to join him.

Say is the longest-serving speaker in House history.

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Noe wrote:
on December 13,2012 | 02:29PM
kaupena wrote:
Thank you Mr. Say for the way you handled this. You are a true Gentleman.
on December 13,2012 | 02:34PM
csdhawaii wrote:
How so? Say was OUT, he didn't have the votes to retain his speaker position, so he did this for two reasons: One, to save face; and two, to put one of his cronies in power so that he will indirectly still be in charge! Say needed to go. His power went to his head long ago and he hasn't been looking out for the best interest of the people. Souki's not the answer, either, but if he needs to get in for one term then maybe next time around we can get someone younger and more progressive in the speaker position.
on December 13,2012 | 02:58PM
Hapa_Haole_Boy wrote:
Marcus Oshiro is nothing close to a "crony". You embarrass yourself saying such things.
on December 13,2012 | 04:09PM
csdhawaii wrote:
Crony = close companion or friend. Say Oshiro = cronies.
on December 13,2012 | 10:32PM
from_da_cheapseats wrote:
Give me a gentle man, and an intelligent one, like Say over a hypocrite crook like Souki. Same on his supporters
on December 13,2012 | 08:04PM
copperwire9 wrote:
on December 13,2012 | 03:53PM
BobfromKailua wrote:
So much for any attempts at bipartisanship. Oh well, the more things change, the more they stay the same.
on December 13,2012 | 02:38PM
false wrote:
I appreciate Say's service, but is it ungracious to point out he is spinning as he falls away? If the GOP reps vote for Souki, that would only be a tactical moment, not the start of a governing "coalition." Speaker Say relied upon Republican votes in 2011 in order to get the dissidents to crumble and agree to accept committees as part of a package deal. It would have been appropriate for Say's supporters to do the same this year.

Instead, Speaker Say uses the Republicans as a boogeyman, appeals to "party loyalty" in order to guilt-trip Souki supporters for engaging in the same behavior he engaged in two years ago. While I like Marcus Oshiro, it would not be a real change to have Marcus and Say change places. We need a new leadership GROUP, not the same Say group, just sitting in different places.

on December 13,2012 | 02:52PM
tiki886 wrote:
All three are socialists among the socialists in Hawaii government so it's ridiculous to argue about who is a more effective or better leader. It's like arguing about who is more fuschia, pastel or mauve, they're all commie Red.
on December 13,2012 | 03:49PM
copperwire9 wrote:
What a truly pathetic (but unsurprising) comment. Learn a little, will ya, to actually have a clue what a 'socialist' is? Please?
on December 13,2012 | 03:54PM
Venus1 wrote:
Thank you!! I'd rather be a Socialist than a Capitalist....although I think we have some of each...we are a 'mixed government'....
on December 13,2012 | 08:21PM
tiki886 wrote:
Socialists don't know how wealth is created and maintained, that's why they spend money like it grows on trees!
on December 13,2012 | 08:28PM
BluesBreaker wrote:
Socialist know wealth is created by those who do the actual work.
on December 13,2012 | 10:57PM
BluesBreaker wrote:
If only!
on December 13,2012 | 10:56PM
JohnKaneGollner wrote:
Agreed. Well said.
on December 13,2012 | 05:02PM
JohnKaneGollner wrote:
... & I'm referring to "false"'s original comment & "copperwire9"'s reply.
on December 13,2012 | 05:05PM
serious wrote:
Just like Obama--splitting the voters/classes and parties. These politicians!! Of course in HI all the ballots are preprinted D. Have some class, sir!!!! But you are a D in this State--you don't need to!!
on December 13,2012 | 03:02PM
oxtail01 wrote:
Guess unlike Romney who only went for the rich and white votes?
on December 13,2012 | 03:30PM
FACE wrote:
I am sorry to see Say go. He had an even handed calm nature that I think the lege will miss at crunch time. We would never have saved Kukui Gardens without him as a champion. He was one of the most successful Speakers we have ever had.
on December 13,2012 | 03:13PM
krusha wrote:
Marcus Oshiro would make a great choice for speaker. He is an outspoken leader and is the type of politician that won't let special interests push him around.
on December 13,2012 | 03:52PM
Hapa_Haole_Boy wrote:
second that. krusha is crushing with his comments.
on December 13,2012 | 04:10PM
Dawg wrote:
Calvin much mahalo for all your fine stewardship and for looking ahead and doing the right thing. Pono!
on December 13,2012 | 03:59PM
billso wrote:
Let the games begin!
on December 13,2012 | 04:03PM
islandsun wrote:
Calvin "on the take" Say recommends Marcus "on the take" Oshiro. No change.
on December 13,2012 | 04:11PM
dontbelieveinmyths wrote:
Couldn't have said it better. Say was going to be voted out. Why put someone in that he recommends? It so things can be same ol', same ol'.
on December 13,2012 | 05:19PM
localguy wrote:
This is good news. We need fresh, untainted, new blood in leadership positions. Now if we can find the right person we can move ahead.
on December 13,2012 | 04:20PM
cojef wrote:
There is time to stay and time step down. Guess, it is his time to defer and accept the wishes of the majority
on December 13,2012 | 04:32PM
primo1 wrote:
The words "fresh" and "untainted" rarely apply to Hawaii politics or politicians...
on December 13,2012 | 04:42PM
Rivergrouch wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on December 13,2012 | 04:24PM
palolo2001 wrote:
Yes, great for Palolo and Hawaii.
on December 13,2012 | 04:36PM
JohnKaneGollner wrote:
Mahalo to Speaker Say for his great service. I got to know him while I worked for a legislator with whom he shared part of his constituency, and I think he is a fair & honorable man. I do not feel the same about who he wishes would succeed him. In fact: Please contact your State Repersenatative (capitol.hawaii.gov) & ask them to support Rep. Joe Souki for Speaker of the House. Here's why: Ok. Do you believe those in the minority (whether ethnic, political or otherwise) matter? ... or do you believe that the dominant faction should deliberately exlcude the minority, and even be PROUD of this? It's certainly true that in our State House, there is a clear (super)majority (party) and they (we) deserve to make the decisions. It's also true that the minority (party) consists of qualified & capable legislators who were elected to represent their districts, just like us Democrats. When you have one individual who is so divisive that he tells his colleagues "it's important to elect a Speaker WITHOUT the minority party, WITOUT forming a coalition, he is also telling you what a failure he already is as a leader. The Speaker of the House is elected by the members to speak for ALL members of the House, not just the majority party. It's true that the majority sets the direction, especially one as lopsided as ours in Hawaii, but Marcus Oshiro just made it clear that he is so obstinate in his "us vs. them" mentality that he thinks it's more important not to have minority members vote for him than to form a united coalition in the House. Please contact your State Representative (capitol.hawaii.gov), use the "find your legislator" link on the upper right of the page, and ask your State Representative to support Rep. Joe Souki for Speaker of the House, because Joe will be a fair leader for ALL our elected Representatives, and not deliberately exclude the minority.
on December 13,2012 | 04:52PM
Naloboy wrote:
See ya Say. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
on December 13,2012 | 05:36PM
nontaister1 wrote:
can always go back as busboy....
on December 13,2012 | 05:48PM
engineersoldier wrote:
It seems that these legislators spend more time and effort jockeying for position than doing the people's work. Someone pls list the five most significant things Say accomplished in his 14 years of 'leadership'.
on December 13,2012 | 05:52PM
Holomua wrote:
So Say believes that Democrats and Republicans should not work together; he steps down to try to sabotage the Democrat who is. I'm kinda rooting for Souki now.
on December 13,2012 | 06:49PM
masteruke wrote:
Say still needs to be investigated by the ethics board for sticking his nose and trying to influence UH business
on December 13,2012 | 08:56PM
HD36 wrote:
These losers voted themselve's another 25% raise.
on December 13,2012 | 10:05PM
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