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Donna Kim will apply for Inouye's U.S. Senate seat

By Associated Press

LAST UPDATED: 05:31 p.m. HST, Dec 21, 2012

Another Democrat is expressing interest in the U.S. Senate seat left vacant by the death this week of Daniel Inouye.

State Sen. Donna Mercado Kim said in a news release that she will submit her name for consideration. Kim represents Kalihi Valley and Halawa.

At least two other Democrats have already announced plans to apply: U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa and Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz.

Inouye, in a letter to Gov. Neil Abercrombie, said his last wish was for Hanabusa to succeed him. Abercrombie will ultimately choose Inouye’s successor from a list of three candidates submitted by the state Democratic party.

The party’s central committee plans to meet Dec. 28. 

The deadline for applications is Monday. 

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kaupena wrote:
Out of ALL the Lawmakers in Hawaii, who has the MOST time, experience and influence in Washington? I'm sorry to say it, but I think it's Gov. Abercrombie.
on December 21,2012 | 03:54PM
8082062424 wrote:
sad but very true
on December 21,2012 | 04:13PM
yeah, he is white..........they talk um same language kimosabe......! whoop, gangnam style!
on December 21,2012 | 10:07PM
mbrgss wrote:
Anyone who ''submits'' for the seat, should not be considered!!!!
on December 21,2012 | 04:13PM
HaoleGuy wrote:
You have to "submit" for the seat or else, by law, you can not be considered for appointment.
on December 21,2012 | 04:51PM
UGH.........under a rock pade...........?
on December 21,2012 | 10:08PM
Changalang wrote:
The queen of State Senate investigations that lead to clear solutions that never get acted upon after the last press conference? Where was Sen. Kim when the Auction Rate Security scandal needed to be disclosed properly to the tax paying public Lingle's people robbed when she lost 1 billion of our illegally invested taxpayer dollars with Citi banksters? All candidates that have a low probability of not being able to serve four six year consecutive terms need not apply. In the U.S. Senate, accrued seniority is EVERYTHING. Inouye was 38 years old when he started his journey there. Give us forty year olds max, so Hawaii can compete for influence on an appointee with the best probability of reaching the top.
on December 21,2012 | 04:14PM
chang.............you way off........
on December 21,2012 | 10:08PM
Changalang wrote:
I am spot on, as usual.
on December 21,2012 | 10:15PM
false wrote:
Is Schatz hiring?
on December 21,2012 | 10:23PM
Changalang wrote:
Why, I thought your were working for Mazie?
on December 22,2012 | 07:16AM
culi wrote:
I wish Dan Akaka would take Dan Inouye place for two years.
on December 21,2012 | 04:15PM
yskeulb wrote:
Me too!
on December 21,2012 | 04:22PM
kaleo_1 wrote:
me three!
on December 21,2012 | 04:52PM
bumbye wrote:
I heard he has mental decline, i.e., dementia.
on December 21,2012 | 09:03PM
agile wrote:
If you're speaking of mental decline on the par of Abercrombie, I've heard same thing. And he has all the classic symptoms, evident in his behavior in media reports.
on December 22,2012 | 09:47AM
bleedgreen wrote:
If not Hanabusa, then maybe Hanneman. Dan Akaka, unfortunately, appears to be resigning because of failing health. But maybe now's the time to invest in youth - Tulsi Gabbard.
on December 21,2012 | 04:47PM
Oye_Como_Va wrote:
What's wrong with Bu Laia? Better than all the recent clowns and vermin coming out to submit theur names, begining with the hypocrite who seems to have forgotten his departing speech in the State Capitol rotunda. Yeah, that's right, Brian Schatz.
on December 21,2012 | 09:56PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
It will be Hanabusa. End of story.
on December 21,2012 | 05:07PM
Changalang wrote:
Stop p!ss!ng in the cornflakes. You are ruining all the suspense we are trying to manufacture. :)
on December 21,2012 | 06:07PM
Oye_Como_Va wrote:
Don't knock it until you try it.
on December 21,2012 | 09:56PM
Kapaho wrote:
Abercrombie should select Hanabusa to fill Senator Inouye's seat in Congress. The others can vie for the house seat that she will be vacating. Or they can wait until 2014 when the senate seat is up for re-election.
on December 21,2012 | 05:30PM
Oye_Como_Va wrote:
They just want their life-long personal share of the Federal benefits to tag onto what they've done here in Hawaii. Can you blame them?
on December 21,2012 | 09:59PM
64hoo wrote:
another loser
on December 21,2012 | 05:51PM
Bothrops wrote:
Shinseki, Washington experience, credible, and another combat wounded vet. When Hawaii starts working by who you are, not who you know, we'll be a pretty good state again.
on December 21,2012 | 06:32PM
MightyMakiki wrote:
The only Democrat I would ever vote for. Donna Kim is a real Statesman (Woman} The only other one that I did vote for was Minaro Inabe from Kona. He and John Burns establised the groundwork for the famous Gold Coast of Kona and South Kohala. Another real statesman. I wish Donna all the luck. If we can't get a Republican, she's the one.
on December 21,2012 | 06:46PM
HOSSANA wrote:
Donna Kim is nothing but a political opportunist. Her Senate Investigation Committee was nothing but a sham to put her in the limelight and now she is trying to cash in by getting her name as one of three names on the recommendation list. She knows she won't be selected but she wants the publicity now so in 2014 or whenever she runs for a congressional seat, people will recognize her name etc.....WHAT A PHONEY.......I feel that Tulsi Gabbard has the best upside of all of these poliricos....she's young, intelligent, articulate, very caring to her constituents and has risen quite fast in her legislative career. I definitely would support her should she run for the SENATE in 2016.
on December 21,2012 | 07:27PM
Oye_Como_Va wrote:
So very true!
on December 21,2012 | 10:00PM
ghstar wrote:
Shinseki would be a great place holder until Tulsi Gabbard could run. Problem with appointing Hanabusa is her seat, if it went vacant, would be vulnerable to lose to a smart Republican like Charles D'Jou. Charles ran a smart campaign this year and without the burden of a weak national ticket could have a very good chance of winning an election against the remainining Democrats I can think of. Ed Case? Mufi?? Not too sure about that . . .
on December 21,2012 | 07:41PM
ichiban wrote:
What's wrong with a "smart Republican like Charles D'Jou" being elected and representing the state of Hawaii at Washington DC? I'd rather have him then Democrats Ed Case and Mufi, both broke promises they made, so I'll not believe a word they say. I want a person who I believe has good character, integrity, and moral fiber to represent this state and Charles D'Jou is on my short list. Party affiliation of a candidate means zilch to me. Here's how things will play out===Gov. Abercrombie WILL NOT APPOINT HANABUSA to finish Sen. Inouye's remaining term in office. As a true Democrat he CANNOT AFFORD to have a Republican elected to Hanabusa's vacated seat on a special runoff election. He'll make the excuse that a special election may cost the state millions of taxpayer's dollars.. Everybody thinks Hanabusa is a shoo-in, rethink my logic.
on December 22,2012 | 12:49AM
ichiban wrote:
IRT ghstar==just reemphasizing you take above, and adding a little of my own.
on December 22,2012 | 12:59AM
copperwire9 wrote:
Oh please! Donna Kim?
on December 21,2012 | 07:46PM
Oye_Como_Va wrote:
What about Carlisle? He'll be out of a job soon. Then there is Mufi who has a lot of experience. OK, just joking.
on December 21,2012 | 10:03PM
Changalang wrote:
He's got a spot at a local law firm lined up.
on December 21,2012 | 10:21PM
bender wrote:
Thankfully you are only joking.
on December 22,2012 | 05:45AM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
O M G.
on December 21,2012 | 08:11PM
loveneverfails wrote:
Senator Dan Inouye's last word "Aloha" I believe was his personal heartfelt farewell to his people of Hawaii. It was his deeply rooted love and aloha for his island home and it's people. Dan Inouye stood firm and tall, humble yet steadfast for his people for 5 decades. We have lost a great and honorable man. Colleen Hanabusa will likely assume for our late Senator (as requested by him), until the next election and so forth - we shall see. Whoever is chosen to replace Senator Dan Inouye MUST embody that same deeply rooted love and aloha for Hawaii and it's people - from Kupunas to keiki's, mauka to makai. MUST!
on December 21,2012 | 08:11PM
TMJ wrote:
Schatz deservesit it becaue of his, I mean because he, well I don't know, but he seems to think he's qualified to be a US Senator. Yeah, that's it; Neal should pick him for sure!
on December 21,2012 | 08:39PM
entrkn wrote:
Another useless old cow like Hirono and Hanabusa... they don't care about Hawaii's best interests and long term welfare, they only care about their own personal vanities and egos, and we shouldn't be giving them the time of day... just show them out to the back pasture.
on December 21,2012 | 08:57PM
entrkn wrote:
There are only two politicians in Hawaii that should be considered for the US Senate and they are Tulsi Gabbard and Brian Schatz... they will serve Hawaii long and well... and we need to put Congressmen in place who will have immediate presence and powerful impact like Mufi Hanneman and Ed Case.
on December 21,2012 | 09:02PM
Oye_Como_Va wrote:
Oh please.........
on December 21,2012 | 10:04PM
islandsun wrote:
The same Donna Kim that ran the mock senate hearing so the public could witness her pleasure and Greenwoods pain. The same Donna Kim that let JD slide when he admitted that he knew nothing of any money wire instigated by his employees. What other kind of waste money ideas does she have to satisfy her ego?
on December 21,2012 | 09:26PM
Changalang wrote:
That is the perfect example of her style. Pump it up, hold a press conference, and no remediation to correct whatever problem got investigated. Total friggin waste of resources, every time. That is why many of her Senate peers which there was a solitary confinement cell for her to hold her inquiries in.
on December 21,2012 | 10:20PM
on December 21,2012 | 10:07PM
CriticalReader wrote:
How old is she?
on December 22,2012 | 04:09AM
FrankieT wrote:
on December 22,2012 | 04:13AM
jtamura69 wrote:
Is anybody really qualified? Just hope that Gov. Abercrombie respects Sen. Inouye's last wishes and does the right thing.
on December 22,2012 | 05:43AM
bender wrote:
Someone should tell Donna that she can't sneak off to Vegas from Washington Dc as often as she does from Honolulu. That might stifle her interest in the job.
on December 22,2012 | 05:47AM
akuman808 wrote:
NO matter who throws their name in the hat, all democrats benefited from the late senators support in their careers. How short a memory and loyalty where these people instead of honoring his last wish instead exhibit their self interest.
on December 22,2012 | 05:58AM
agile wrote:
To Lt. Gov. Briant Shatz on applying for Inouye's seat: I checked the weather report today and hell had not frozen over yet.
on December 22,2012 | 09:46AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
And as for Tulasi, they settled the parking restrictions for DC lunch wagons years ago.

Hey guys, how about we DON'T create a lifetime position and career politicians? Besides, it's Colleen. Game over.

on December 22,2012 | 02:07PM
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