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Schatz sworn in as U.S. senator

By John Yaukey
Special to the Star-Advertiser

and news service reports

LAST UPDATED: 10:13 a.m. HST, Dec 28, 2012

WASHINGTON >> Brian Schatz was sworn into the U.S. Senate this afternoon to replace the late Sen. Daniel K. Inouye, entering the nation's most deliberative legislative body now bitterly divided over fiscal issues that could shrink take-home pay for virtually every American starting Jan. 2.

The 40-year-old former lieutenant governor took his oath in the Senate well, visited Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid briefly in his leadership office suite, then left the Capitol in a large security detail without commenting publicly on his new position.

Later, before a pending vote for relief for victims of Hurricane Sandy, Schatz said in an interview with the Star-Advertiser, "I'm already starting to build relationships — that's what this is about - building relationships. This was a productive day."

For his swearing-in earlier, Schatz was greeted on the Senate floor by retiring Hawaii Sen. Daniel Akaka, who said Schatz was "a leader for Hawaii's present and our future."

Vice President Joe Biden administered the oath of office to Schatz at about 9:30 a.m. in a brief ceremony. Schatz used a traditional Hebrew bible to take the oath, and Reid and Akaka stood at his side.

Schatz was named to replace Inouye, who died Dec. 17, and was remembered here and in Hawaii as one of the nation's greatest lawmakers and patriots.

Schatz will join Sen.-elect Mazie Hirono to form the Senate's newest delegation. Both are freshmen, replacing Inouye and Akaka, who between them had nearly a century of experience and clout on Capitol Hill.

After Schatz took the oath, Reid described Schatz as “a young man with a future full of promise and opportunity."

Akaka gave brief remarks from the Senate floor, welcoming the former lieutenant governor to the Senate.

“I welcome him with much aloha, ” Akaka said, adding that Schatz will be a progressive voice for Hawaii, the environment and native Hawaiians.

“He (Schatz) will uphold the values and priorities of our unique state,” Akaka said.

To Schatz, whom Akaka called the junior senator from Hawaii, Akaka said, “Never forget that you are here with a solemn responsibility to do everything you can to represent the people of Hawaii, to make sure that they are represented in every policy discussion.”

Schatz’s wife, Linda Kwok Schatz, their two children and his parents were in Washington to witness the swearing-in ceremony.

Schatz is now the youngest member of the U.S. Senate at age 40. However in January, when the new Congress is sworn in, Schatz will become the second-youngest after 39-year-old Sen.-elect Chris Murphy of Connecticut.

Schatz will become Hawaii’s senior senator when Hirono joins the Senate next week. He will serve the next two years of Inouye's remaining term which runs through 2016. An election, which Schatz plans to compete in, will be held in 2014 for the final two years of the term. 

Schatz arrived in Washington D.C. aboard Air Force One with President Barack Obama this morning, less than 24 hours after being named by Gov. Neil Abercrombie to replace Inouye.

Obama cut short his Hawaii vacation late last night to return to deal with the looming fiscal cliff — a wall of financial issues that must be dealt with before, or shortly after, the New Year. Failure to act would raise taxes on all pay checks, and send dramatic cuts across the federal budget, especially in the Pentagon.

In an interview with reporters at Andrews Air Force Base, Schatz said he talked to the president while on board Air Force One.

"We had a brief chat. We're anxious to get to work, and see what we can to try to avert the fiscal cliff and I'll be looking forward to supporting the administration's priorities," Schatz said.

Schatz, who leaves his post as lieutenant governor to fill Inouye's seat until a 2014 election, said of his trip aboard Air Force One, "It was a lovely flight. I slept almost the whole way."

He was wearing a new overcoat that he said he just purchased Wednesday in anticipation of the Washington D.C. weather.

Schatz said he was informed of his appointment by Abercrombie at about 1 p.m. Wednesday, an hour before the governor announced it publicly.

He said he didn't know that he would get to fly on Air Force One until later in the day and that the rest of his family, including his parents, wife and children, flew on a commercial airline to attend today's swearing-in.

Schatz, who served as the chairman of Obama's 2008 campaign in Hawaii, said, "I've been a supporter of his from the very beginning. For Hawaii it's not just a matter of him being from Hawaii but we feel that he represents our values on the national stage. That's what I'm looking forward to supporting."

When asked about the selection process in which Abercrombie chose him over Inouye's preferred successor, U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa, Schatz echoed remarks he made at Wednesday's news conference. "No one can fill Sen. Inouye's shoes, but we'll all try to walk in his footsteps together.

"His humility, his service to his state and his country, his kind demeanor -- we'll all try to emulate that. But certainly no one can fill his shoes."

Inouye, a Medal of Honor recipient, had a 50-year Senate career, and was Senate president pro tempore, third in the line of succession to the president, when he died.

Schatz abrupt job change came in response to Reid's request that Abercrombie chose Inouye's successor quickly so that another Democratic vote was in place for any possible "fiscal cliff" vote in the days ahead.

Of the fiscal cliff crisis, Schatz said this morning, "It's at this stage difficult to understand why we would inflict this on ourselves. And so I'm hoping that cooler heads will prevail and we will be able to avert this disaster.

"Everyone seems to agree that we want to avoid this. There are some practical balanced approaches that have been set forth. And now it's time, and we're really running out of time, to negotiate a settlement, which I believe no one will be thrilled with. But the only thing worse than a solution to the fiscal cliff would be actually going over it."


White House media pool reporter Michael Memoli of the Tribune Washington Bureau, and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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gth wrote:
Did first grandma also come with the Obama's? She must be a very special lady. I like her.
on December 26,2012 | 10:35AM
MalamaKaAina wrote:
"Shared Sacrifice" in action!
on December 26,2012 | 10:27PM
frontman wrote:
See Toto, there is a GOD.
on December 27,2012 | 04:55AM
mellowyellow11 wrote:
what a scam. No experience. no credentials no achievements and puff hes' a US senator. and on his way in airforce one to Washington DC. That is very sad state of affairs and what is troubling is Schatz didnt do an ounce of campaigning, never spent a dime and take out loans on his personal bank account like alot of other politicians did this past election. just waltzed right in the seat cause his Grampa abcrombie said so. brain shatz is just a fly on the wall nobody how could he take SENATOR DANIEL K INOUYES seat.
on December 27,2012 | 11:39AM
allie wrote:
Well, nobody is perfect. But let us give him a chance and see how he does. You can vote him out in 2 years.
on December 27,2012 | 11:53AM
ARCH_808 wrote:
Give Schatz a chance. If you don't like him in 2014 then don't vote for him. The Senate seat has to be filled.
on December 27,2012 | 11:54AM
Venus1 wrote:
The Bible says it rains on the just and the unjust :)
on December 27,2012 | 03:33PM
artwork wrote:
oy vey
on December 27,2012 | 08:21PM
808Cindy wrote:
A needed rest well deserved, Have a Happy New Year !
on December 26,2012 | 01:01PM
false wrote:
Agree. Aloha goes a long way. We need to practice more of it or else it too will be lost. Mahalo no.
on December 27,2012 | 05:03AM
Highinthesierras wrote:
Hold your ground Barry. You designed the cliff, you advised Congress you will not allow them to kick the can down the road, Congress has only 4 days - clearly you have them right where you want them. Now, off the cliff, massive tax increases and significant spending cuts. Time to lead, even over a cliff!
on December 26,2012 | 01:02PM
FrankieT wrote:
Ok, Mr. President, back to work and don't fall off a "cliff"
on December 26,2012 | 01:28PM
Iuki wrote:
Glad you got at least five days here, Mr. President. I heard the House members aren't even going to return yet. You make them look even worse than they already do (if that's possible) by going back early. Aloha!
on December 26,2012 | 01:51PM
busterb wrote:
Since Boehner plays 100 rounds a year, maybe they will have more to talk about now.
on December 26,2012 | 02:29PM
64hoo wrote:
not only that looks like obama lost his bet for the third time with his friends so now hes owes them alot of money cause he lost his bets. looks like he will pay his debts with taxpayer money. that will put us over the cliff.
on December 26,2012 | 03:22PM
loveneverfails wrote:
lolo response.
on December 26,2012 | 07:48PM
allie wrote:
Great to have you here Mr President!
on December 26,2012 | 03:36PM
64hoo wrote:
no its not because hes gonna use your tax doloors to pay off his debt he owes his golfing cronies that will put us over the cliff.
on December 26,2012 | 04:20PM
loveneverfails wrote:
another lolo response.
on December 26,2012 | 07:48PM
64hoo wrote:
no its not lolo he owes them money so hes gonna take your tax dollors and pay them off. so i guess you don't mine paying obamas debt he owes his golfing cronies nothing lolo about that.
on December 26,2012 | 08:41PM
64hoo wrote:
here let me explain it to you like an adult explaining to a child tax payers pay for his vacation so whatever exspense he uses rather buying stuff or whatever or paying his betting debt to his golfing cronies is comming out of your taxes you pay. now you get it,i hope so.
on December 26,2012 | 08:54PM
serious wrote:
At least he carpooled going back to DC with Schatz--strange, usually the Democrats find a way to SPEND--taxpayer money! But for what, the third year--they take two planes to either come here or go back. This situation happens--I wonder why they don't pick a different time? Christmas in the White House would be great, I would think. How about Thanksgiving?
on December 27,2012 | 04:26AM
Ronin006 wrote:
They even used a separate plane to take their dog to a vacation on Martha's Vineyard. The Obamas are arrogant and could not care less about the so-called middle class.
on December 27,2012 | 08:39AM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
Every morning it's the same shibai. The repulsicans of Hawaii gets up, go to the Internet and bash Hawaiis Sons. Inouye,Obama,Schratz take your pick! There are so many R neighborhoods in Texas,Alabama and so on. Wouldn't you want to be there?
on December 27,2012 | 09:09AM
localguy wrote:
Ronin006 - How little you know, every post shows it. State your reference for your post or it is just shibai. President doesn't have total say on aircraft, Secret Service works to give him the most efficient plane and level of security plus command and control he will need for a trip. As for not caring about the middle class, how quickly you forget how he grew up. Rookie posters........
on December 27,2012 | 11:23AM
cojef wrote:
Just the same, every time Air Force One, takes to the air, it is very costly. On some trips, it can exceed $150,000. It is a luxurious plane, with all the amenties, knew a Tech/Sgt who served during P Reagan's presidency. Schatz may get to like and enjoy the ride, and give him ideas to run for the presidency, who knows?
on December 27,2012 | 08:39AM
kahuku01 wrote:
Lolo is the word. All federal employees and that includes the president, are paid by our tax dollars. Come on use some common sense or do you think that federal employees receive their wages from other sources? Now you get it, I hope so otherwise go read a good book about our federal government and get educated.
on December 27,2012 | 04:33AM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
64hoo, let me explain, taxpayers pay for your Medicare and SS.
on December 27,2012 | 09:06AM
honopic wrote:
You can't spell "dollars" or "expense" and yet expect the rest of us to read your drivel? Take a hike -- right off the fiscal cliff!
on December 27,2012 | 01:11PM
IAmSane wrote:
What the hell are you even talking about? Take you medication and go to bed, old man.
on December 27,2012 | 11:26PM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
64hoo, you pay your taxes in doloors? What country are you in?
on December 27,2012 | 09:04AM
honopic wrote:
Ha! Good one, NanakuliBoss. He lives in "nevah-nevah" land and should nevah, nevah post here in the real world again!
on December 27,2012 | 01:14PM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
Thank you Mr.President for charging your batteries here at home in the Nei! Now go back and kick those repulsicans off the cliff. Those are a bunch of do nothing mixed nuts. Fruitcakes and gaudy sweaters for the lot of them.
on December 27,2012 | 09:02AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
No class again, Nankuli Boss.
on December 27,2012 | 11:43AM
connie wrote:
See you next year Mr. President.
on December 26,2012 | 04:42PM
frontman wrote:
See Toto, there is a GOD.
on December 27,2012 | 04:55AM
false wrote:
Thanks for coming home Mr. President. We look forward to your homecoming for good. Have a great year and many successes in overcoming the challenges for the Nation and the World. We understand so little and make assertions based on slanted data. Congress needs to grow up and stop the game playing with the balance of power. This politic is as miserable as playground antics or graveyard fights.
on December 27,2012 | 05:13AM
mustangguru wrote:
They act like this tax hike is something new. We've paid these rates before and the country went on it's merry way. The media needs to stop sensationalizing this. There is no fiscal cliff. It's just back to things the way they were. How else are you going to stop the federal government from bleeding red? With this much debt on our books, EVERYONE has to pay, not only the rich guys. I guess shared sacrifice means only the top earners. If this is such a dire problem then EVERYONE needs to share the hurt.
on December 27,2012 | 06:17AM
serious wrote:
Right, but the federal Legislators will pay another $7,500 in taxes--never happen. If they hit the 'Cliff, they will retoractive the law--always happens. That's why business people can't plan--can't hire--can't expand!! .
on December 27,2012 | 06:27AM
Pacej001 wrote:
Uh, sure, back the way they were except for a teensy increase in national debt (16trillion now, headed for $20 trillion in 2016) and an unfunded federal liability of $60 trillion (over $85trillion if all federal programs are considered), and a practically stagnant economy (growing vigorously when Clinton increased taxes), and, a final difference, Federal spending as a percent of GDP far higher than Clintons time................... So, except for these inconsequential differences with the Clinton years, no problem, right?....... And we shouldn't forget what a wonderous change Obama's tax increase would make in our annual deficit, bringing our deficit down from $1.1 trillion/year to, wait for it, to $1.02 trillion a year. (Gonna need the magnifying glass for that one.).... But, hey, any decrease is worth it, right? The 200,000 loss in job growth as a predicted consequence of the tax increase isn't that big a deal, right? (Facts and figures from the Congressional Budget Office).
on December 27,2012 | 08:25AM
mustangguru wrote:
That's why you need an increase in revenues and a decrease in expenditures. Which means budget cuts too. No one wants to be the bad guy. Obama could care less--this is his last term anyway. Plus, all of this is Bush's fault anyway, right? That's why Obama had to spend. If our economy was such a top priority, then why the massive health care overhaul first? Shouldn't it be job and economy stimulation first, then when things get better, increase revenue and decrease spending to bring down the deficit. So is this Bush's fault too? There are a lot of things that I do not agree with Clinton on, but we seemed to be on track with a lot of things while he was in office. Remember Pacej001, the government knows better than we do.
on December 27,2012 | 09:18AM
KekoaBradshaw wrote:
We need to have some of the fiscal sanity we had back in the late 1990's when we had divided governemnt--Democratic presidernt and Republican Congress and we actually had budget surpluses! Then came Sept. 11, 2001, and the expenses of two wars--Irag and Afghanistan. What did the Republican Congress and Republican president do? Cut taxes, flying in the face of all fiscal sanity! It's those tax cuts which are expiring now and should be allowed to expire for those most able to pay---anyone making over $250,000 a year/ That's the platform President Obama was re-elected on.
on December 27,2012 | 02:57PM
Pacej001 wrote:
Well, one of those tax cuts came before the wars. Supposedly the idea was to cut taxes to pull us out of the recession at the end of Clinton's term, but spending wasn't cut correspondingly. Republicans bad. However, to suggest that Clinton was responsible for the surplus leaves out what actually happened. The democrats got swacked by Gingrich and Co. in the 94 election, a House Republican landslide. Clinton was forced to compromise with Republicans to cut spending and do a few other things he wouldn't have done otherwise, like welfare reform. Additionally, the prior Bush administration had severely cut defense spending (too much) making it easier for the new president to put up positive numbers in the budget.----------- Obama's tax proposal is virtually meaningless ($80 billion/year in new revenue) unless substantially larger spending cuts and controls on entitlements come with the deal. Latest I hear, he's just pushing tax increases, no meaningful spending control. With just the tax increases, the impact on annual deficits will be minimal, bringing this years down from $1.1trillion to $1.02 trillion, a meaningless step in the face of a tsunami of entitlement and discretionary spending debt.
on December 27,2012 | 05:06PM
Pacej001 wrote:
So far, the Republicans have offered revenue increases in the same amount Obama campaigned on, just through deductions and not rate increases. Obama's response has been to double his revenue increase and INCREASE spending overall as well as invert the revenue increase to spending cut ratio to that recommended by Simpson Bowles. What you say makes sense, but the President isn't following your script.--------------"All of this is Bush's fault,, right?" Wrong in too many ways to detail in this post other than to say that I've read several breakdowns of our current debt problem (couple of years ago) and less than a majority of our debt is due to Bush tax cuts and only about $1.2 trillion is due to the wars, one of which was unavoidable by any president. --------- Obama's stimulus, nearly as expensive as the entire Iraq war, was ineffective, untimely, and corrupt, going in large part to over extended state governments.-------------- Increase revenue when things get better? Yes, tell me when they got better. Our economic growth has stayed flat, at or below 2% and the percentage of working age people with jobs is near thirty year lows and not increasing. The unemployment number is meaningless.----------"Government knows better". Now I know you're pulling my leg. The government is a 2,000 Brahma bull let loose in your garage. Also, probably Bush's fault.
on December 27,2012 | 04:56PM
false wrote:
Well, how about spending a little less ?
on December 27,2012 | 07:21PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Bo, being a dark colored canine, was never happy in Hawaii and reportedly said, "Get me out of here, those guys in Waipahu are staring, again."
on December 27,2012 | 06:52AM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
Wow, no class, again maneki.
on December 27,2012 | 09:11AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Heheh...found another thin-skinned Filipino. Hey, come on, I neva mean your relatives.
on December 27,2012 | 11:15AM
Grimbold wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on December 27,2012 | 07:42AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Sadly, Brian thinks that "Fiscal Cliff" is an actual visitor attraction somewhere along the banks of the Potomac.
on December 27,2012 | 08:20AM
HawaiiCheeseBall wrote:
This from the guy whd made the "dark colored canine" comment above. Geez.
on December 27,2012 | 01:03PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
What color is Bo?
on December 27,2012 | 01:48PM
KekoaBradshaw wrote:
Time to lay off the egg nog, maneki
on December 27,2012 | 02:58PM
honopic wrote:
And you think you actually make sense, are clever, and know what you're talking about. Wrong. Wronger. Wrongest.
on December 27,2012 | 01:16PM
Pacej001 wrote:
You sure about that translation? Doesn't "sound" right.
on December 27,2012 | 08:26AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
It also means "darling or sweetheart", "natural resource", "hoarding", "poppet" and sometimes "Love". You can make up your own follow-on sentences from these choices.
on December 27,2012 | 08:46AM
honopic wrote:
Uh.... what's a "poppet?" Someone who pops off all the time, with no clue what they're saying? Sounds like Maneki Neko. Meeeee-yow!
on December 27,2012 | 01:18PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
A poppet is a small child or doll that you care a lot about. Thanks for caring, honopic. That was sweet of you.
on December 27,2012 | 01:47PM
Aquarius1 wrote:
Poppet can also refer to a valve used to control the flow of gas, Maneki_Neko. Would you lilke to have one installed? It sounds like you may need one with all that you've been spewing. pffffffffffffft.
on December 27,2012 | 07:56PM
Ken_Conklin wrote:
Jetzt ist mein Schatz in Washington angekommen. Lass uns darum singen und tanzen! Was fur ein Schatz er ist! Hier ist "Die Liechtensteiner Polka" gehort aus Fehrnsehen schau "Lawrence Welk" wahrend die Jahren Neunzehnhundertfunfzigen: Ja, das ist die Liechtensteiner Polka mein Schatz! Polka mein Schatz! Polka mein Schatz! Da, bleibt doch kein Liechtensteiner auf seinem Platz! Auf seinem Platz mein Schatz! Man kann beim Schieben, Schieben, Schieben Sich in beide Augen sehen. Man muss sich lieben, lieben, lieben, Und die liebe, die est schon! Oh ja! So eine Liechtensteiner Polka die hats Die macht Rabatz, mein Schatz!
on December 27,2012 | 08:51AM
bumbye wrote:
Ich verstehe. lol
on December 28,2012 | 07:37AM
Changalang wrote:
Hawaii is fortunate to have Brian, starting at 87th in Senate seniority instead of 100, is looking out for Hawaii in D.C. along with our favorite sun, President Obama.
on December 27,2012 | 07:44AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
I saw what you did. You misspelled that deliberately, didn't you? Sly mongoose.
on December 27,2012 | 08:19AM
Changalang wrote:
Oops, Freudian slip. I do find the path FORWARD illuminating, though.
on December 27,2012 | 08:36AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Very bright comment.
on December 27,2012 | 08:47AM
loquaciousone wrote:
Watt are you guys taking about?
on December 27,2012 | 11:25AM
Ronin006 wrote:
Schatz won’t last in the Senate past the 2014 election. KHON2’s poll showed that 77% of respondents disapproved of his appointment to replace Inouye. Hanabusa will challenge him in the primary and will win to fulfill Inouye’s final wish that she replace him in the Senate. Abercrombie did not do it so the voters will do in the 2014 election.
on December 27,2012 | 08:34AM
Changalang wrote:
A Hawaii Republican's wet dream is nothing but a dry joke. Colleen has her own bright future; whether in the House, or back home.
on December 27,2012 | 08:50AM
Pacej001 wrote:
Not only that, I doubt he'll survive the primary. There is no way Hanabusa will just sit in the House when her chance arrives with the special election. For her it will be then or never. She'll take then.
on December 27,2012 | 09:07AM
Pacej001 wrote:
My bad. No primary. However, all else makes sense.
on December 27,2012 | 09:09AM
KekoaBradshaw wrote:
Sorry, but Hanabusa should stay in the House and build up seniority there. Better to have a 40-year-old Schatz in the Senate than a 61-year-old Hanabusa with a 65-year-old Hirono. Assuming they all live to be 88 years old like Inouiye (who was 38 years old when first elected to the US Senate in 1962), Schatz is the one with the bext chance to build up the years of seniority in the Senate. It's time for the younger generation to move up, Democrats and Republicans both--Charles Djou is 42 compared to 59 for Linda Lingle.
on December 27,2012 | 03:09PM
Pacej001 wrote:
Sure she should. For the good of the party, right? I'm betting she won't.
on December 27,2012 | 05:10PM
Wazdat wrote:
OH please. ENOUGh of this last wish B $
on December 27,2012 | 09:10AM
Publicbraddah wrote:
I think we should give Schatz the benefit of a doubt and see how he does in Congress before passing any harsh judgement.
on December 27,2012 | 09:32AM
DowntownGreen wrote:
I love it when you guys quote "polls" from self-selecting respondents on a website... like it has any scientific credibility whatsoever.
on December 27,2012 | 10:04AM
HawaiiCheeseBall wrote:
Get a clue. Colleen will challenge Neil Abercrombi. Who are the republicans going to run against Brian anyway - Linda "37%" Lingle or Charles "cant get past 45% in my home district" Djou? Brian will be solid, he has his statewide campaign organization in place from his LG campaign, and now as a Senator he can raise GOBS of campaign cash. Nope, get used to brian sticking around. The real race is going to be for Hanabusa's seat. The thing about Hawaii is that the Republican Party is just plain weak. There are no stars on the bench.
on December 27,2012 | 01:09PM
dontbelieveinmyths wrote:
Yes. It'll happen because most and I mean most voters here are ignorant of what is going on. They'll just vote on sentiment. Most people who vote for congressional candidates don't even know the issues. Just ask a bunch of your friends what the fiscal cliff is. And then ask them what each side stands for. You'll get blank stares or quotes from headlines. An earlier poster was upset that Schatz got in because "what has he done?". Well what has your other congressional people done? We all know Inouye brought in the pork. What about everyone else? What exactly did they do for us at the federal level? Please educate me. Left wing and right wing nuts need not respond.
on December 27,2012 | 02:33PM
ya_think wrote:
You hit it right on the head, I'd say that 80% of those who vote in Hawaii have no clue as to the issues of today other than what the headlines in the msm tell them. They rarely do any research on the issues so that they can vote with some knowledge of what they are voting for. A good majority vote on ethnicities rather than issues.
on December 28,2012 | 07:06AM
Highinthesierras wrote:
By not getting out front on the cliff Barry will achieve his goals. Higher tax revenue and significant cuts in spending. He designed the cliff, has told Congress on a number of occasions that he would allow them to continue to kick the can down the road and the beauty is, by not taiking a leadership role, he can blame Congress, especially the Republicans. Genius.
on December 27,2012 | 09:02AM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
Read the article people. Stop the Obama hating. It's about Brian Schratz, who I think will make a awesome senator.
on December 27,2012 | 11:20AM
Changalang wrote:
The Hawaii Republicans are salty because they don't get to run Djou in a special election against multiple Democratic candidates for CD1 now.
on December 27,2012 | 11:49AM
64hoo wrote:
yea he will join all the other dumbocrats in the senate and spend money on stupid things like global warming nonsense schatz will feel at home there since hes a global warming fanatic like the rest of the dumbocrats who waste taxpayers money on all these useless studies.
on December 27,2012 | 07:24PM
Wazdat wrote:
Good Luck. So glad hanabada did not get anointed.
on December 27,2012 | 09:08AM
Imagen wrote:
That makes the two of us!
on December 27,2012 | 12:49PM
bnc_connection wrote:
Who is taking Schatz's place as LT. Governor?
on December 27,2012 | 09:11AM
nodaddynotthebelt wrote:
I don't think that this was the right thing to do in terms of what is right for Hawaii. I have nothing against the governor but this just does not feel right. Given the length of term left it should have been a more democratic process. I know that the governor is designated for the selection but given the length of term it should have been a more thorough and democratic process. Although I am not a fan of Hanabusa it should have been done with the people in mind. I am simply disappointed in the quick decision in what is a very important position in our government. Yes, the choices would have been limited but we deserve better than this. What has Schatz done in his term as public servant? He seems to me in terms of accomplishment as experienced as Gabbard who has not had much experience. His service for the Democratic machine has been rewarded. But what has he really done?
on December 27,2012 | 09:15AM
KekoaBradshaw wrote:
You might not think the process is right, but the Governor is following the law. Colleen Hanabusa shepherded this very law through the State Sentae.
on December 27,2012 | 03:12PM
locksims wrote:
Senator Schatz -- watch your back! The Hawaii Congressional delegation say they have Aloha; but they are already plotting against you! Can't wait to see how the Star Advertiser will handle this internal democratic fight -- which stories will they print?
on December 27,2012 | 09:34AM
false wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on December 27,2012 | 11:06AM
DowntownGreen wrote:
We'll watch for your "ooops, my bad" the day after the election in 2014.
on December 27,2012 | 01:49PM
konag43 wrote:
on December 27,2012 | 09:46AM
locksims wrote:
Konag43: Since you have so much Aloha for Hawaii who should the Governor have appointed?
on December 27,2012 | 10:01AM
engineersoldier wrote:
What happened to the right hand during the oath?
on December 27,2012 | 09:48AM
scooters wrote:
Glad you left..
on December 27,2012 | 09:49AM
scooters wrote:
Schatz looks like a kindergardener on his first day at school...So I can imagine how the short talk with the POTUS went..Now see hear Schatz, you'll vote like I tell you, you hear me? and the reply was, Yes Sir, Yes Sir and Yes Sir..we're in deep kimchee...
on December 27,2012 | 09:56AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
It was a bit awkward at the swearing-in ceremony when he asked Joe Biden about the hair plugs. But he's new at this and no doubt will improve over time.
on December 27,2012 | 11:44AM
allie wrote:
Brian is ok. He has much to learn but we can judge how he does and vote him in or out at that time
on December 27,2012 | 11:55AM
Changalang wrote:
So, you think it was an uncomfortable silence on the long flight over to D.C. since Obama flew Schatz back to D.C. on Airforce One? Sounds more like someone is in deep denial. LOL.
on December 27,2012 | 11:59AM
dontbelieveinmyths wrote:
It was silent as Schatz had to memorize his script regarding the budget.
on December 27,2012 | 02:35PM
Changalang wrote:
That is easy. There is no budget, and there hasn't been one for three years. All legalities were met when the Oval Office presented a budget to Congress. Next. Are yo guys going to try some gov't meant shut down magic for their next trick regarding the spending limit increase? Ask Newt how that worked out. LOL. Say hello to Madame Speaker Pelosi, again.
on December 27,2012 | 07:30PM
from_da_cheapseats wrote:
He does look like a child. Still, put the blame on this on Neil, who was in a political box of his own making, Dan I, who didn't want Case, and Mrs. A, who wanted to be a senator's wife for a bit longer. Longer than Dan A could remember, anyway.
on December 27,2012 | 12:49PM
KekoaBradshaw wrote:
Schatz dioesn't look any more like a child than Dan Inouye did when he was first elected to the US Senate back in 1962 when he was 38 years old.
on December 27,2012 | 03:17PM
Wazdat wrote:
AGREE. He will do fine.
on December 27,2012 | 04:19PM
scooters wrote:
A Happy New Year would be for him to get off his **** and prevent us from falling off the cliff. He's driving the bus..use your BRAKES!
on December 27,2012 | 09:58AM
Mana07 wrote:
Wow. What a Joke. Another liberal puppet from Hawaii for Obama.
on December 27,2012 | 10:01AM
false wrote:
Neil, I think you really blew it this time.
on December 27,2012 | 10:22AM
Changalang wrote:
So, you think it was an uncomfortable silence on the long flight over to D.C. since Obama flew Schatz back to D.C. on Airforce One? Sounds more like someone is in deep denial. LOL.
on December 27,2012 | 11:46AM
Changalang wrote:
Previously "Sent for Approval" and now back from the dead. :)
on December 27,2012 | 11:58AM
KekoaBradshaw wrote:
Schatz and Inouiye talked about the old days when they were students at Punahou. I bet they had some of the same teachers.
on December 27,2012 | 03:18PM
olos73 wrote:
@KekoaBradshaw, I thought Sen. Inouye went to McKinley?
on December 27,2012 | 06:47PM
Changalang wrote:
Yup, 1942 grad.
on December 27,2012 | 07:31PM
bumbye wrote:
He meant Obama.
on December 28,2012 | 07:41AM
bumbye wrote:
It was a Freudian slip.
on December 28,2012 | 07:41AM
Iuki wrote:
Congratulations, Senator Schatz, and all best wishes!
on December 27,2012 | 12:27PM
knfd297clear wrote:
Hopefully he will be pro hawaii and less pro Israel.
on December 27,2012 | 12:32PM
jamesching wrote:
the local people of hawaii should not trust brian schatz. brian is a jew. he was not born in hawaii. he attended punahou school without a scholarship and then graduated from a small liberal arts private college in california with a ba in philosophy. he was a state house representative for eight years from a weathly, affluent district of hawaii. he was the ceo of helping hands hawaii, a depository of donated goods for the poor and homelessness. with these facts, brian schatz has no understanding and compassion for the local working class, native hawaiian culture and history and has no grass roots membership in any community based organizations beside helping hands hawaii. also he was the ceo of helping hands hawaii for only two years. the same two years he was the chairman of the hawaii democratic party from 2008 - 2010. when there was no major local political races to fund raise and advocate for.
on December 27,2012 | 12:33PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
Unbelievable. But we should trust YOU jamesching?
on December 27,2012 | 01:51PM
KekoaBradshaw wrote:
Gee, he's 40 years olf and has lived in Hawaii for 39 years. He's married to the former Linda K.Y. Kwock. . How do you know he has "no understanding and compassion for the local working class, native Hawaiian culture and history"? And what does is being a Jew have to do with it? We've had other Jewish politicans in Hawaii, like Linda Lingle, and the world didn't end.
on December 27,2012 | 03:25PM
Wazdat wrote:
WOW I know Hawaii has a LOT of PREJUDICE, but come on. Show some CLASS. Where is Mazie from ?????
on December 27,2012 | 04:17PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
"Class" and anti-semitism don't really go together, do they?
on December 27,2012 | 08:22PM
Nalukai wrote:
You don't belong in this state of Hawaii much less this country. What have you done for Hawaii or this country. Grow up !
on December 27,2012 | 04:53PM
foliefolie wrote:
And you think Hanabusa has all the attributes that you say Schatz does not have? You need to do your research on Hanabusa when she was a legislator in Hawaii and her boyfriend and his connections, etc. etc. Schatz is not perfect but neither is Hanabusa. Do your research, man!
on December 27,2012 | 05:20PM
Waikiki2012 wrote:
folks, Brian is a decent guy, young, yes, but decent. You need to get out of the "trees" and look at the "forest" to see it as the political party strategy...the Dem Party's strategy to preserve a US House seat. i.e. If Hanabusa was given the nod, then they would have hold a new election right away to replace her recent election to the US House. Republican Dijou would then have had the upper hand since he just competed for the position and had plenty of support despite losing. The Dem Party wasnt going to risk a net loss of a seat just for a two year fill-in. So strategically it makes perfect sense. No open door for the Republicans to gain.
on December 27,2012 | 01:33PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Maybe he can get a dog while in DC. I recommend a shih-tzu. Saying "Schatz' shih-tzu just schitz on the floor" just makes you smile.
on December 27,2012 | 01:51PM
64hoo wrote:
it dos.nt matter who gets in the house repubs. or dems the repubs still control the house thank goodness as for schatz he is more of the global warming freaks. can see the what hes gonna propose a phony global warming bill. which a 1000 scientist proved over a year ago that global warming does not exist. so thats schatz for you.
on December 27,2012 | 06:17PM
Kapuna wrote:
While the world morned the loss of Inouye, Hirono urged hawaii democrats to delay the appt. of his replacement, to after the democrats in the senate lose the battle of the fiscal cliff and the income of all americans be reduced by 10%. She is extremely self and shows a wanton disregard for the welfare fo the people of hawaii and america. its only me, me, me, to hell with everyone else.
on December 27,2012 | 06:40PM
Changalang wrote:
Senate Majority Leader Reid urged the quick swear in so Senator Schatz can be another vote in the coming budget battle. The to-be-sworn-in later Senators like Mazie are out of it. Already Brian is traveling with the President and doing favors for the Majority Leader of the Senate. Schatz is a natural. If Mazie does not get on board, Tulsi will send her packing. Time to get on the team Senator-elect Mazie.
on December 27,2012 | 07:36PM
808warriorfan wrote:
Senator Schatz.....You have the most unbelievable shoes to fill and I respect your decision to try and fill them. Be humble in everything that you do, remember who you represent, and fight like hell for those who are unable to. God Bless you in you endeavors.
on December 27,2012 | 07:19PM
kds wrote:
No experience, no track record, got the LG seat by getting about 30% of the vote.....what a scam
on December 27,2012 | 09:51PM
bigtaiho wrote:
Another Hobbit in office. What next? Menehunes?
on December 27,2012 | 09:59PM
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