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Lost hikers cited for tresspass on Haiku Stairs

By Star-Advertiser staff and wire reports

LAST UPDATED: 10:10 a.m. HST, Feb 11, 2014

A man and woman from the mainland were cited for trespassing by Honolulu police after they got lost while hiking the Haiku Stairs trail.

Honolulu police spokeswoman Michelle Yu said the 32-year-old man and 25-year-old woman are visiting Oahu from the mainland. The two were cited for trespassing, a petty misdemeanor, she said.

The two spent the night in the mountains after they got lost and called for help at 7 p.m. Thursday.

The Honolulu Fire Department sent a helicopter to rescue them.

Cloud cover and high-tension utility lines prevented the fire department’s helicopter from airlifting a man and woman this morning stranded on the Moanalua Valley side of the popular, but off-limits Stairway to Heaven trail.

The hikers walked down the "Stairway to Heaven" trail themselves Friday.

They were not injured, fire Capt. Gary Lum said.

The Navy built the stairs during World War II to access radio equipment at the mountain summit.

The trail isn't maintained and is closed to the public.

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Kuokoa wrote:
Are there some arrests being made along with the rescue?
on February 8,2013 | 07:45AM
Fred01 wrote:
Yes, the fools in government who keep this public land "off limits" should all be arrested, along with people like you who continue to reelect them.
on February 8,2013 | 09:15AM
hanalei395 wrote:
Off-limits because the access to the "Stairway" is on land owned by Hawaiian Home Lands and Kamehameha Schools.
on February 8,2013 | 10:49AM
Fred01 wrote:
Yes, and Kamehameha Schools gets extra special treatment. They are the worst stewards of the land.
on February 8,2013 | 12:40PM
hanalei395 wrote:
They're not "stewards" of the land, they're the owners of the land. Keeping TRESSPASSERS OFF their land. OFF their property. "NO Tresspassing" means just that.
on February 8,2013 | 04:46PM
serious wrote:
According to the TV news the city pays a security guard $51,000 a year to keep people out--where was the guard???
on February 9,2013 | 05:30AM
soundofreason wrote:
It's Hawaii. Why ask questions you already know the answer to? ;)
on February 9,2013 | 07:34AM
allie wrote:
on February 9,2013 | 07:39AM
Workingrl wrote:
You just have to get there early enough, like when it is still dark. Guard is not there 24/7.
on February 9,2013 | 07:43AM
Bdpapa wrote:
For that amount, you only gonna get minimum service.
on February 9,2013 | 10:34AM
Fred01 wrote:
Wow. Hanalei395...never knew anyone could be so misinformed, or should I say stupid!
on February 9,2013 | 09:11PM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
Fred01 - only TRULY STUPID one here is YOU! Someone must have had a sale on cheap liquor!!!
on February 10,2013 | 04:02AM
Muzzy996 wrote:
Um no, it's not. The various TMK's surrounding/including the trail are owned buy various government agencies including the State, the City and the Navy.
on February 9,2013 | 06:59AM
allie wrote:
make them pay for their rescue
on February 9,2013 | 07:38AM
engineersoldier wrote:
I hope they are, at least, charged for the cost of their rescue.
on February 8,2013 | 07:45AM
Kate53 wrote:
I agreed.
on February 8,2013 | 07:55AM
nitpikker wrote:
ha! you sound like you're the one that was rescued!!
on February 8,2013 | 09:14AM
Fred01 wrote:
Oh shut up loser!
on February 8,2013 | 08:27AM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
Fred01 - Maybe now we know why your elected representatives won't listen to you. You only speak up when you're good and liquored up, huh?
on February 8,2013 | 07:24PM
allie wrote:
on February 8,2013 | 09:04AM
AmbienDaze wrote:
shut the front door, hon.
on February 8,2013 | 09:50PM
loquaciousone wrote:
Why bother? Leave them up there. Why should we spend taxpayer dollars to airlift idiots?
on February 8,2013 | 07:59AM
Fred01 wrote:
Someone should airlift you out of Hawaii.
on February 8,2013 | 08:27AM
loquaciousone wrote:
Good thing you don't have anything between your ears or you might be dangerous.
on February 8,2013 | 08:46AM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
Fred01 - Just curious but HOW OLD ARE YOU? If this is REALLY important to you how about taking your grievance to your representatives?
on February 8,2013 | 05:38PM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
Fred01 - why should someone airlift loquaciousone out of Hawaii?? It would be much more entertaining to build a trebuchet and launch you into the side of Diamond Head. Anyone here willing to donate the lumber and rope?
on February 8,2013 | 07:27PM
soundofreason wrote:
Now now people. Am I going to have to put you two in time out? Kiss and make up.
on February 9,2013 | 07:37AM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
no, we should just fix you and Fred01 up.
on February 9,2013 | 01:46PM
slink wrote:
Obviously, you can't just leave them up there, but it IS off-limits for a reason! I am glad we have rescue services, but I agree that there should be some sort of fine paid. Or at least make people who like to "break the rules" take out some sort of insurance policy that covers the additional risks THEY choose to take. Then the policy would cover the rescue rather than taxpayers without criminalizing stupid behavior.
on February 8,2013 | 08:58AM
eoe wrote:
It is not "off limits for a reason." The only reason it is off limits is because they can't figure out the access rights at the trail head. The trail itself, rehabbed, with guardrails and steps, is probably less dangerous than an average difficulty hike in Hawaii.
on February 8,2013 | 09:08AM
8082062424 wrote:
Folks go there all the time. The thing is you have to get there before the security guard get there. we went at 5 in the morning and it was well worth it. when we got to the top there was about 20 people up there. when the guard come on duty he walks up and tells everyone they have to leave.
on February 8,2013 | 09:19AM
akuboatcaptain wrote:
could you provide us with a name and number so we can alert the authorities? the state really doesn't have the funds to rescue your lame okoles.
on February 8,2013 | 10:27AM
eoe wrote:
Sure, as long as you provide your name and number, so we can add you to an exclusion list for rescue at sea. As far as I am concerned, that is a dangerous activity. I'm sick of my tax dollars going to rescuing all you reckless seamen.
on February 8,2013 | 10:48AM
akuboatcaptain wrote:
boaters are not breaking the law, hikers who trespass are, there lies the difference.
on February 8,2013 | 02:03PM
8082062424 wrote:
the stairs go straight up and straight down the only way to get lost is to go off trail on your own.Like i said there a guard there everyday. and everyday when he comes on duty he go up and tell those there they have to leave. they leave. and it not one or two folks it groups. the day we went they had a group a about 4 who even brought a little gas stove and was cooking breakfast up there
on February 8,2013 | 10:48AM
akuboatcaptain wrote:
making a fire is also breaking the law, maybe they shouldn't let you out of the area, that way you can be the resident law breaker there.
on February 8,2013 | 02:04PM
slink wrote:
Isn't what you wrote, "because they can't figure out the access rights" a reason?
on February 8,2013 | 11:21AM
Bdpapa wrote:
That hike is a little dicey. But the main problem is if you have a problem halfway. Getting someone off those stairs is risky.
on February 9,2013 | 10:37AM
Anonymous wrote:
Read story: http://www.khon2.com/news/local/story/Stranded-hikers-ticketed-for-trespassing-Stairway/BUz9yI2g8Ey8u5Sf3EPdFg.cspx
on February 8,2013 | 12:31PM
slink wrote:
Anon, most of the comments were made before the story was updated with the fine. Check the time posted before you insinuate that we didn't read the article.
on February 8,2013 | 09:37PM
8082062424 wrote:
everyone should do it at least once it well worth it. it beautiful
on February 8,2013 | 08:38AM
HawaiiCheeseBall wrote:
You know there are other trails that are open and accessible to the public from which you can reach the top of the Koolau mountains, the Kuliouou trail comes to mind. I would discourage people from having to trespass on private property o access a trail that is closed to the public.
on February 8,2013 | 09:02AM
Fred01 wrote:
The people of this state should be outraged that the State has done nothing to address the access issue to this public land.
on February 8,2013 | 12:46PM
Bdpapa wrote:
I think I agree with the State, this maybe the first time, but they are doing the prudent thing. It is a hazard.
on February 9,2013 | 10:38AM
akuboatcaptain wrote:
so you're saying everyone in the state should just break the laws? "i'm sorry your honor, I had to shoot him, he was a lolo." "case dismissed!"
on February 8,2013 | 10:28AM
8082062424 wrote:
Guess what every single person person in this state has a broke a law at some point. be it speeding or talking on the cell or texting or so many others. and it a beautiful hike and well worth it. to hear you speak you believe law this state is right
on February 8,2013 | 10:51AM
akuboatcaptain wrote:
yeah but only lolos like you persuade others to keep breaking the law.
on February 8,2013 | 02:02PM
8082062424 wrote:
when laws are over board folks are going to. by the way you name is that a job you dream to have or your profession . it does not fit you
on February 8,2013 | 04:16PM
akuboatcaptain wrote:
obviously a few folks who made the law did so because it was a perceived or actual danger to the public, like there are laws to stop at red lights. sure people run them all the time but at risk of injury or death, so the law is there to persuade reasonable people from injury. why are you asking me about personal information? you make an invalid assumption of all akuboatcaptains, as if they can't communicate a cohesive argument. are you trying to date me? is that your real phone number? if i call you late at night will you tell me what you're wearing?
on February 8,2013 | 06:35PM
AmbienDaze wrote:
hahahahahahaaa... good one.
on February 8,2013 | 09:55PM
8082062424 wrote:
Oh please i have standards lol. no not my phone number. My comment was not to say aku boat workers or captains are dense far from it. far from it. My tutu man and my uncle with both aku boat fisherman. my uncle was a captain and my tutu man a engineer . that said if you were indeed a captain on a boat you broke many a law out there. watch last night khon news even the mayor see this law as silly and wants to reopen the hike trail
on February 9,2013 | 08:16AM
mcc wrote:
They shold have to pay for the cost of the rescue.
on February 8,2013 | 08:59AM
primo1 wrote:
on February 8,2013 | 10:03AM
mitsuolee wrote:
Do the crime pay the time. "Bookem Danno". There is a trail from the Moanalua Valley side that is legal and marked, use that one. It takes you to just about the same spot.
on February 8,2013 | 09:13AM
bluespop wrote:
I agree with those who think stranded hikers should pay for the cost of their rescue. Unfortunately, our legislators are afraid that such a law would inhibit people from calling for help, and cause more problems if those hikers got hurt. I live in Kuliouou Valley, and the number of rescues from our relatively easy trail is ridiculous. It would be nice if we published the pictures and identities of those rescued, and the amount of tax money spent on rescuing them.
on February 8,2013 | 09:14AM
Fred01 wrote:
You are so stupid.
on February 8,2013 | 09:17AM
loquaciousone wrote:
I bet even your mom don't like you.
on February 8,2013 | 09:40AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
he's the kind of guy who takes a sun lamp to the melanoma ward.
on February 8,2013 | 11:59AM
Fred01 wrote:
Clearly nobody likes you with all your "not fair" "make them pay" tantrums. Get out and go hiking lazy. My tax dollars should not have to be used for your healthcare.
on February 8,2013 | 12:48PM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
Fred01 - Just curious but HOW OLD ARE YOU? If this is REALLY important to you how about taking your grievance to your representatives?
on February 8,2013 | 06:00PM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
Fred01 is an example of what happens when a doctor accidentally throws away the baby and keeps the afterbirth.
on February 8,2013 | 07:22PM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
Fred01 - How old are you...really. You're one of these folks we keep hearing about that got lost on one of you're "hikes" aren't you?
on February 8,2013 | 07:20PM
dpinsacto wrote:
How exactly did they get lost on a stairway? Did they get confused as to which way is up and which way is down?
on February 8,2013 | 09:24AM
AmbienDaze wrote:
ask fred01, i think he was with them.
on February 8,2013 | 09:58PM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
on February 9,2013 | 01:48PM
HAJAA1 wrote:
SO WHAT, AUTHORITY FIGURES?? ARE YOU GOING TO CHARGE THESE TWO? MAKE THEM REIMBURSE TAXPAYERS? ANYTHING? Sorry for the caps, but sometimes you have to yell to get through to our leaders that make (don't make) these decisions. Fools all. And we will pay for it.
on February 8,2013 | 09:47AM
ellinaskyrt wrote:
Might be more effective if you sent our legislators an email versus apologetically yell at us, the mundane readers/commenters at the Star-Advertiser. Here are a couple of email addresses where you can hit them all at one time: sens@capitol.hawaii.gov and reps@capitol.hawaii.gov.
on February 8,2013 | 10:36AM
HAJAA1 wrote:
Emails? lol! I don't think so. You have to take the time to attend sessions, not just sit at a computer and send emails. This is a forum, that's different potatos. I've attended at least 3 sessions each of the last 6 years to let my voice be heard. And you?
on February 8,2013 | 01:18PM
AmbienDaze wrote:
i think it's called "hearings", you cannot give testimony at "sessions". you lose credibility if you can't get the terms correct.
on February 8,2013 | 10:01PM
soundofreason wrote:
on February 9,2013 | 07:52AM
kalaoa wrote:
charge them for the time and personnel costs!
on February 8,2013 | 11:16AM
Fred01 wrote:
Wow, you are so ignorant.
on February 8,2013 | 12:48PM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
Fred01 - How old are you..really?
on February 8,2013 | 06:49PM
Bdpapa wrote:
And use of the helicopter. And Fred, I hope your family never needs the help of these first responders and they have to go to the Stairs instead.
on February 9,2013 | 10:41AM
Opelu wrote:
They should be charged for the rescue and arrested
on February 8,2013 | 11:59AM
Fred01 wrote:
I bet you are fat.
on February 8,2013 | 12:48PM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
Fred01 - You're one of these folks we keep hearing about that got lost on one of you're "hikes" aren't you?
on February 8,2013 | 07:17PM
Fred01 wrote:
Maybe you should get off your hiney loser.
on February 9,2013 | 09:08PM
TLehel wrote:
Sure, it's silly that they actually got lost and had to be rescued, but the fact that the hike is "off limits" is silly. There's plenty trails that say "Private Property" and nobody even cares. Not even the owners of the land so long as you're just there to hike. I've always heard that the reason Stairway is off limits is because it's dangerous. To learn that it's just about keeping people off someone's land makes me sick. Share the beauty of this island.
on February 8,2013 | 01:07PM
CriticalReader wrote:
The government should require a hiking permit be acquired for a fee, which would entitle holders to state and/or county rescue services for no additional charge. Could give resident rate and/or permit valid for a year for chronic local hikers. Anyone needing rescue without a permit? Pay fine for no permit, and pay costs associated with rescue. Would also give state and counties an opportunity to provide adequate notices and help state and counties defend themselves against lawsuits by folks going places they're not supposed to.
on February 8,2013 | 01:11PM
Fred01 wrote:
Oh yeah, there goes another brainwashed local democrat advocating for more government intrusion.
on February 8,2013 | 01:24PM
CriticalReader wrote:
Actually, I think hiking on state and county undeveloped lands should be banned and the act of doing so without express permission should be criminalized and punished severely (particularly for those who take young kids into risky areas). But, Fred, I understand there are those who love the outdoors, and amongst them reasonable people who would look for reasonable solutions to the the growing problem of expensive (and risky to the responders) rescue for those engaged in selfish wanderlust. Sadly, with an unpleasant spokesperson like you, there is a lessening of their chances of seeing rights to access continue.
on February 8,2013 | 01:40PM
TLehel wrote:
It's hard to get stranded on any of the trails unless you're a complete imbecile. There's absolutely no reason to make people pay for something that is supposed to be free. Also, I thought our state was trying to battle obesity? Something like what you are suggesting would only discourage people from getting exercise. Being an avid hiker myself, who has NEVER gotten lost or stranded--even on more difficult hikes, I would never pay for a permit even if it was the law. Nobody is gonna tell me what beauty of nature I can and cannot see. And if they'd like to, I gladly implore them to try and catch me. I'm sure they'll find themselves tuckered out and eating my dirt/mud trails.
on February 8,2013 | 02:12PM
cojef wrote:
They just wanted a free ride at taxpayers' expense. They were not rescued and walked down so there you have it.
on February 8,2013 | 04:34PM
sailfish1 wrote:
They should also be fined and billed for the expenses incurred by the fire department rescue people and helicopter. If people can't abide by the rules, they should be made to pay for it.
on February 8,2013 | 05:57PM
loio wrote:
tresspass? sp? i have over the last handful of months noticed more and more basic misspellings in Star-Advertiser articles. does anyone proofread articles? do you folks bother to use spell check?
on February 9,2013 | 02:13AM
honopic wrote:
Good question, loio. I've been wondering the same thing, but it happens so often that I have to believe the answer is "No.' The S*A doesn't have anyone proofreading articles. Read the item about the motorcycle/car crash at Schofield for another example. I do get a good laugh every time the byline says "Star-Advertiser staff" though. It means at least two supposedly professional journalists worked on the item but couldn't get it right. Maybe they were too busy censoring comments "sent for approval" that disappear forever. Probably like this one!
on February 9,2013 | 07:12AM
honopic wrote:
Here's another brilliant S*A headline: "MAN IN CRITCAL AFTER FALLING 30 FEET." In critical? In critical what?
on February 9,2013 | 07:16AM
honopic wrote:
"Paramedics transported the man was taken to a local trauma center." Another gem.
on February 9,2013 | 07:17AM
soundofreason wrote:
Lost? Go DOWN and KEEP going down until you're knee deep in water.
on February 9,2013 | 07:57AM
honokai wrote:
show some aloha for our visitors --- they messed up --- but there is no need blast their pictures in the paper this belongs in police blotter
on February 9,2013 | 08:38AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Remember this guys....the stairs were repaired at great cost to the City (your tax dollars) but then the trail was closed because access, parking and liability issues were never resolved. The City failed at a very basic task - ensuring public access to public lands. Just because land owners at the bottom made noise the City shut down a major trail attraction. I say, open up the stairs, lose the guard, charge a user fee and enjoy nature again.
on February 9,2013 | 01:02PM
mrluke wrote:
It will only be a matter of time until a rescuer is seriously or fataly injured trying to retrieve one of these m0r0ns.
on February 9,2013 | 02:13PM
Graham wrote:
Why not remove a portion of the stairs (start at the bottom and remove 20%)...then no one would be able to get to the top...
on February 9,2013 | 02:55PM
Fred01 wrote:
Are you that dumb!
on February 9,2013 | 09:06PM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
Fred01 - you should seek help for your alcoholism and EXTREME STUPIDITY.
on February 10,2013 | 04:10AM
cunfuzd4 wrote:
Fred01 - Only LOSER here is YOU. You've proven that many times over. Someone must have had a sale on cheap liquor again, huh?
on February 10,2013 | 04:09AM
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