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President Obama returns to Hawaii, rejoins family in Kailua

By Matthew Daly

Associated Press

LAST UPDATED: 09:16 p.m. HST, Jan 02, 2013

A week after rushing to Washington to help end a tense, end-of-year standoff with Congress, President Barack Obama is back in Hawaii for vacation.

The president's annual visit to the state where he was born and spent much of his childhood was interrupted as he and members of Congress contended with the unfinished business of the "fiscal cliff" crisis that threatened to throw the economy back into recession.

The Republican-controlled House gave final legislative approval Tuesday night to a package that avoids income tax increases for most Americans and delays for two months billions in across-the-board spending cuts. Minutes later, Obama appeared in the White House briefing room to praise the deal in an eight-minute speech.

"And I hope that everybody now gets at least a day off, I guess, or a few days off, so that people can refresh themselves, because we're going to have a lot of work to do in 2013," he said.

A short time later, Obama was aboard the presidential helicopter, bound for a Maryland Air Force Base. Barely 30 minutes after he had finished his remarks he was in the sky on Air Force One, bound for Hawaii.

The president arrived in Honolulu before 5 a.m. local time and immediately rejoined his family in their rented beachside vacation home in Kailua, a picturesque Honolulu suburb on the east side of Oahu. Kailua Beach is a popular place for wind sports and paddle surfing.

Obama and his family had spent several days, including Christmas Day, at the secluded compound before he returned to Washington on Dec. 26 for the fiscal cliff negotiations.

Obama signed the bill tonight. He also signed a bill authorizing fiscal year 2013 expenditures for the Defense Department.

After the bill signing, Obama went out to dinner at Alan Wong's with his wife and friends..

Obama has spent much of his time in Hawaii golfing at a Marine Corps base in nearby Kaneohe, where he also has gone for near-daily workouts. He did both again today, working out shortly after his arrival and golfing with Hawaii and Chicago friends  Bobby Titcomb, Marty Nesbitt, and Allison Davis.

Having finished a year marked by a grueling campaign for a second term, Obama has much work ahead of him in the new year.

The fiscal cliff deal delays by two months billions in scheduled in spending cuts. It also sets up battles between Democrats and Republicans over federal spending and debt.

The first showdowns will come over the next three months, when the government's legal ability to borrow money expires and temporary financing for federal agency budgets will lapse. Republicans have already said, as they did in 2011, that they will demand spending cuts as a condition for extending the debt ceiling.

Obama also faces decisions over Cabinet appointments, with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta expected to leave.

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hukihei wrote:
Job well done. A deserved rest in Hawaii Nei.
on January 1,2013 | 06:03PM
MalamaKaAina wrote:
Where is the "Shared Sacrifice"?
on January 2,2013 | 12:53AM
Mana07 wrote:
Are you kidding me? Look at your first paycheck of this New Year. You are one of the many sheople. You wanted him you got him.
on January 2,2013 | 04:23AM
kailuabred wrote:
You're clueless. Unless you make more than 400K, you only lose 2%...the payroll tax goes back to what it used to be at for years.
on January 2,2013 | 04:28AM
Highinthesierras wrote:
Wrong, 2% plus another almost 1% for Obamacare. Most of the new tax burden will be on working folks. Less than 1% of people make over 450,000 and it only applies to earning over that amount - peanuts.
on January 2,2013 | 05:23AM
Beaglebagels wrote:
The 0.9% for Obamacare is only for $250,000 and up, and only on that income. The republicans were solidly opposed to the extension of the 2% payroll tax holiday.
on January 2,2013 | 05:41AM
Highinthesierras wrote:
Right, but the point is that the payroll tax, with increase, will raise more $s than tax over 450k. So, middle class bears most of the new tax burden. And, no reduction in spending. As Barry is now a lame duck he will be even less effective as a leader, so where do we go from here?
on January 2,2013 | 06:21AM
allie wrote:
true.Republicans hare Americans
on January 2,2013 | 06:38AM
thanks4reading wrote:
We have a national debt because of voters like you. Everyone wants something from the government but they don't want to pay for it. We are paying the lowest taxes since the 1920s. I am willing to pay more in order to have H-1 to drive on, medical research to keep my family healthy, a military to protect us, ..the list goes on and on. We all paid more under clinton and had a surplus and a 3% unemployment figure. Yes, some of us are going to have to pay more. But it is not enough. We need to end the tax payers free ride.
on January 2,2013 | 08:34AM
Kawipoo wrote:
Well said!
on January 2,2013 | 09:14AM
waikiicapt wrote:
Really? What did he do? The point of flying back was to sign the bill so that it becomes law. Isn't that what the whole "cliff" scenario was about? Or was it? This has all been one long dog and pony show put forth by the main stream media that has meant zero. Obama left DC without signing the law that congress finally agreed to after 11th hour negotiating in an effort to avert some major crisis. But without the President's signature on a law passed by congress....nothing was really done on the end, was it. Obama's back and forth to Hawaii in his private jet has cost taxpayers (at least those like me that are making a contribution, my FAIR share) millions of dollars more. For what? SQUAT!
on January 2,2013 | 12:02PM
waikiicapt wrote:
Oh yeah...and those Bush tax cuts liberals have been whining about for years, suddenly they are now permanent, as voted for by democrats as well as republicans and supported by Obama. Amazing, now it's okay? huh?
on January 2,2013 | 12:09PM
LanaUlulani wrote:

Oh great. After Obama works on INCREASING our taxes without significantly cutting SPENDING he will return to Hawai'i using more jet fuel which will FURTHER pollute the AIR, LAND, and SEA.

It's not enough that Obama and other politrickans are DESTROYING nearly 77% of FAMILIES


It's not enough that Obama and the other politrickans have set us up for HUGE tax increases where HAWAIIANS who use AMERICAN CURRENCY will now give MORE MONEY in the form of TAXES to American government instead of to our keiki and mo'opuna.

NO... that is not enough for Obama ! Obama wants to DESTROY Hawai'i too.


on January 1,2013 | 06:11PM
Changalang wrote:
Maybe for rich people who bring in single earner incomes of $400,000 a year. You don't seem smart enough to make that much; therefore, you only have the success oriented structure of the American Way to thank; just like defunct Hawaiian Royalty. Count your blessings.
on January 1,2013 | 06:58PM
LanaUlulani wrote:

Typical for some people to resort to PERSONAL ATTACKS instead of discussing the ISSUES.

Akaka and Schatz BETRAYED the people of Hawai'i by voting for this TAX INCREASE DEAL in the Senate


While Hanabusa and Hirono both BETRAYED the people of Hawai'i by voting FOR this TAX INCREASE DEAL in the House:


Shame on all of them including on Obama for BETRAYING the people by voting for this TAX INCREASE ! Auwe, Shame, shame !

on January 1,2013 | 07:28PM
Changalang wrote:
What you see as betrayal, 99 % of the population sees as permanent preservation of Bush tax cuts. There is no sunset date. The only people taking permanent tax cuts personal, must be in the 1%. Shame on you for dramatic hyperbole without knowing the facts of the Bill you cite. You are indeed the last remnant of the Monarchy. All Hail the Hawaiian Drama Queen.
on January 1,2013 | 07:43PM
Highinthesierras wrote:
Actually 99 % dodged the increase, if you don't count working folks hit by increased payroll tax. Thank you Bush for the tax cuts in the first place, and the Republicans should celebrate a victory on taxes, but now face a tougher test, cut spending.
on January 2,2013 | 06:24AM
allie wrote:
on January 2,2013 | 06:39AM
Changalang wrote:
The Sequestration cuts have been postponed for two months. The Republicans will be forced once again to compromise on rationale cuts; or be responsible for cutting the military budget to shreds. Obama pwnz the GOP.
on January 2,2013 | 03:25PM
allie wrote:
Only the arrogant Hawaiian ali'i who betrayed the commoner have to pay the slightly higher taxes hon
on January 2,2013 | 06:39AM
Kate53 wrote:
The payroll tax is returning to it's regular level after the "holiday" of the last 2 years. It was never meant to be permanent and you know it. To call it a tax increase on the middle class is disingenuous. The actual tax increases are appropriate and needed, hitting those with earning over $450,000 if married/$400,000 if single -- I don't consider that anywhere near middle class -- and include a long overdue increase in the capital gains rate to 20% (from 15%) over the $450,000/$400,000 level. That means retiree incomes are protected, but those with tens of millions in UNEARNED income, like Romney with his pitiful 14% federal income tax rate, will have to pay more on their millions. I think that's only fair since once again the 1% have proved they can't, or won't, create jobs with their investments.
on January 2,2013 | 07:21AM
HD36 wrote:
I wouldn't take this nut seriously. He thinks the United States has the world's only fiat currency. Seriously.
on January 2,2013 | 06:45PM
oldmom wrote:
Smart enough....hmmm. I will take my chances with LU. Social justice....lets make sure we punish those who are succesful, those who spend within their means, those who save until their death and then want to pass it along. Now often did the favaorite son vavaction here before it was on the taxpayers dime? Even "Danny" saw through this hypocrisy and charade.
on January 1,2013 | 07:32PM
Changalang wrote:
Obama just made the Bush tax cuts permanent for almost 99% of the public. Why are you crying for the 1 % that have to pay 4.6% more than they were? Estate taxes remain as they were with a zero tax on $5 million private estates. Thank you for the example of how old, uninformed, and trite Hawaii GOPers are. Life is short. You and your ilk should be celebrating, grandma.
on January 1,2013 | 07:40PM
hawaiikone wrote:
Your overriding focus, which centers around continual ridicule of the GOP, has left you unable to see a clear picture. Without any significant deficit reduction plan, the proverbial can has simply been kicked again. Many in the House, well aware of this, still felt it was better to at least minimize the tax hit as much as possible and rather than let a recession drive us even further backwards go ahead and get this bill passed. The really sad part of this deal is that the absence of sincere compromise, despite glib democratic spin, leaves us basically in the same boat we were before. Of course, if you're an example of a typical democrat, it's hardly surprising.
on January 1,2013 | 08:23PM
Changalang wrote:
The GOP's overriding focus has forgotten that preservation of Bush tax cuts for nearly 99% of the American population should be considered a victory. Does your extinct political Party even have a soul or moral compass anymore; or is it completely schizophrenic, poisoned from being pulled apart from special interests for decades too long? One Party Hawaii, just became One Party America; as delivered by your GOP Congressional leadership in the House and Senate today. Welcome to the Democratic Party, comrade. Stay away from mirrors until you obtain the intellectual stability to gaze into one and have a moment of clarity. Who do you think spent all the money? Congress since the Clinton era surplus went RED under Comrade Bush. ROFL.
on January 1,2013 | 08:34PM
hawaiikone wrote:
Offering a responsible approach to deficit reduction rather than ridiculing other suggestions might be a start toward gaining some actual credibility. When belittling those disagreeing with you becomes the theme of most of your comments, much is revealed about your ability to offer sensible counterpoints. Endless, fruitless finger pointing regarding where the money went is absurd. Your hero spent more by far than any other president, and you're gloating over the likelihood of him spending even more. Who exactly needs to get a reality check? Of course if you're fine with the path we're on then there's no need for further discussion.
on January 1,2013 | 08:58PM
Changalang wrote:
What's good for the goose, is good for the gander. Spending money to prevent a global depression via nation building in our own country vs. wasting over a trillion losing wars on foreign soil seems more prudent regarding over spending. Also, if you check the dynamics of the thread, you may notice that you invited yourself to this dance. Do not complain if you get stepped on.
on January 1,2013 | 09:13PM
hawaiikone wrote:
You finally zero in on the problem. Spending. I have little concern over the back and forth regarding causation, but am painfully aware that the unheard of levels of spending cannot be sustained without paying a terrible price. Compromise begins when the validity of that simple premise is accepted realistically. If you can take that step then recognition should follow that although imminent calamity may have been averted by this legislation, the elephant is still in the room.
on January 1,2013 | 09:27PM
Changalang wrote:
Spending is not a problem; it is the American Way. Global counterfeiting by the respective global central banks of the world has creating an economic environment of racing to the bottom. Currency wars have become the norm of global trade manipulation. Why do you think LDP is back in charge of Japan? In this environment, the country printing the world's only fiat currency will be the elephant that lands on something soft in the end. Those feather pillow countries can't print enough of their own, or buy enough of our Treasuries to keep from getting squashed by the elephant in the room. If you cannot grasp the concept, or especially the warfare of global quantum economics; then it may be best to worry about things within your control.
on January 1,2013 | 09:44PM
hawaiikone wrote:
. Spending serves a productive nation well, stimulating the economic atmosphere with almost a snowball effect. Combining unheard off levels of spending with a consumer oriented society will soon result in implosion without ever increasing infusions of borrowed money. Granted the world's largest economy can by nature sustain such an environment longer than most, but the inevitable occurs when repayment is required. The premise that we're too large to collapse is somewhat true, but as we exchange ownership of ourselves to satisfy our creditors, what in the long run will we become? And despite Japan's recent stimulus failures, which provided the impetus for ousting the socialists and returning the LDP to power, it appears as though Abe has fooled the Japanese into trying it again, only this time with promises of private industry growth as well. He's listened well when Obama has spoken. We're awaiting the results.
on January 1,2013 | 10:40PM
Changalang wrote:
Results are recovery. There is no Recession and no risk of Depression. Valuation is relative to what people will pay for. When that value is in denominations of nothing, then we really have nothing to lose. If you owe me a billion dollars that you can't pay; then if you owe me a trillion, you still cannot pay. If you have the ability to print me a trillion nothings, then we are even? What will you give me instead as collateral? The answer is nothing, because the trillion you owe is backed up by the full faith and credit of nothing. The U.S.A. prints the best nothing on the planet. :)
on January 1,2013 | 11:38PM
allie wrote:
chang is da man!
on January 2,2013 | 06:40AM
hawaiikone wrote:
Good morning. Your economic speculation leaves some unanswered questions. Were your theory to have any plausibility why has there been such a need to have the rich pay their "fair share"? Wouldn't it be far easier to simply print the trillion? The detail that collapses the house of cards centers around the perceived worth of exchanged goods as opposed to the actual value. Consumables have a point of origin, with real levels of cost to produce and distribute. The billion or trillion you refer to has relative value based solely on the creditor's faith in the tender's ability to pay, and with the declining perception of that ability a point will come when a billion will be equal in value to a trillion, and neither will acceptable in exchange for anything of actual value. Another system, most probably China's, will assume the position of having the world's monetary standard, and we will be using "actual value" units in exchange for that currency.
on January 2,2013 | 06:43AM
Changalang wrote:
Your economic theory that funny money printed and manipulated in China will replace the strength of U.S. Treasury sales of the U.S. dollar is laughable at best. Where is this actually happening? On the planet you are from? This is planet Earth, not Uranaus. Perhaps it is time you stop talking out of your a55. LOL.
on January 2,2013 | 03:23PM
Changalang wrote:
Make that Uranus; not "Uranaus". Your point of view is from "Uranus." Welcome back to Planet Earth. :)
on January 2,2013 | 03:52PM
hawaiikone wrote:
You just can't reason with some people. The dollar index continues it's decline, evidence of our unbeatable ability to make more money. The unresolved mess in Europe has had us still more attractive in the currency market, which has been a blessing in disguise, but for how long? What would happen if they beat us to fiscal restoration? We've played the CPI to give a false inflation impression, but I'm still paying a lot more for stuff than just a few years ago, which can't be rationalized away. With 60 trillion in liability, and taxpayers politically unwilling to shell out more, our government's "flat money" run could indeed be nearing critical mass. There's no way to avoid painful correction, but we prefer demonizing those suggesting difficult solutions. The way we're heading it'll be at the expense of a generation's savings. All we'll be asking for in a couple of months is "show us the cuts". All your giving me is sarcasm.
on January 2,2013 | 06:50PM
HD36 wrote:
The inflation tax wil more than make up for the measley payroll tax. Obama is too sly to come right out and say he's printing $45 billion dollars a month for the government to borrow. They call it Quantitative Easing so it sounds easy and good to Obamamites like you.
on January 2,2013 | 09:23PM
control wrote:
well, that's certainly the conservative spin, smoke and mirrors. Pity the poor, poor rich people, so put upon, the same ones who got wealthy on the backs of the middle class and poor.
on January 2,2013 | 08:23AM
allie wrote:
on January 2,2013 | 06:38AM
sailfish1 wrote:
"HAWAIIANS who use AMERICAN CURRENCY " - Aren't Hawaiians also Americans?
on January 1,2013 | 10:46PM
allie wrote:
Most are trying to be that...
on January 2,2013 | 06:41AM
kailuabred wrote:
You have got to be the dumbest person on this forum. The payroll tax reverts to what it was...other than that, there is no increase unless you make over 400K. Based on your past postings, I'd be surprised if you made 40K.
on January 2,2013 | 04:30AM
HD36 wrote:
I think it's a toss up between allie and Changalang, who thinks Zimbawe never had a fiat currency.
on January 2,2013 | 08:16AM
Changalang wrote:
A global fiat currency is defined by real use BY THE WORLD. Anybody here beside Glen Beck here ever spend currency from Zimbabwe?..................Hmmm, crickets. There is nothing dumber than comparing the U.S. dollar to whatever Zimbabwe citizens trade in. ROFL.
on January 2,2013 | 03:19PM
HD36 wrote:
We're talking about fiat currency. Any paper currency is called fiat if not backed by something tangible. i.e. gold. Please read Peter Schiff, How an Economy Grows, and why it Crashes, so you can at least get the basic terminology down. LOL
on January 2,2013 | 06:21PM
HD36 wrote:
Wrong as usual. You think the US has the world's only fiat currency. Try lookem up brah.
on January 2,2013 | 06:47PM
kennysmith wrote:
what is he going to do if he can't get the bills to pass?
on January 1,2013 | 06:38PM
Changalang wrote:
It passed. Actually, before it passed the Senate, he put in a a take it or leave it caveat to kick Sequestration Cuts two months down the road so as to take away the leverage of the GOP to tie the Debt credit limit to spending cuts. He is basically daring the GOP to let the country default in a hyper-partisan move; or increase the limit in a bi-partisan move. Obama is a rock.
on January 1,2013 | 06:51PM
sailfish1 wrote:
Can't you read? It passed!
on January 1,2013 | 10:39PM
Changalang wrote:
High five Mr. President. Fly in back to D.C. , slap around the problem Party, fly back in total victory. Awesome, man. Talk about productivity and efficiency; a lifetime of social justice for basically a focused week's work. Mental note, never play poker with The Prez ! Enjoy the vacation well earned, sir !
on January 1,2013 | 06:48PM
MalamaKaAina wrote:
The trouble with SOCIALISM is that you eventually run out of other peoples money.......High Five!
on January 2,2013 | 12:09PM
Changalang wrote:
The problem with the GOP, is that eventually their high drama hyperbole loses its entertainment value; which is why your message-less Party is now extinct.
on January 2,2013 | 03:15PM
Makiki_Al wrote:
@ $180,000 per hour! I know that this was a particularly pressing issue but to run to DC and back at a cost of $3,600,000.00? Might have been cheaper to fly all of those involved to Hawaii. Or maybe it would be nice to see the 1st family spend the holiday in DC since this seemed inevitable. After all it real
on January 1,2013 | 07:06PM
1assa wrote:
Deduct above from all of congress last mos. politician's paycheck.
on January 1,2013 | 07:58PM
sailfish1 wrote:
What are you talking about? Flying the entire Congress to Hawaii (or even a few Congressmen) would have been much much much more costly!
on January 1,2013 | 10:43PM
Anonymous wrote:
Yes, you are correct. If every member of congeress flew here 1st class it would have cost more than the $3.6 million dollars.
on January 2,2013 | 07:28AM
IAmSane wrote:
on January 2,2013 | 06:12AM
Bdpapa wrote:
Sent for approval because I said a fact " he's a j*rk.
on January 1,2013 | 07:30PM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
Welcome back home, Mr.President.
on January 1,2013 | 07:57PM
entrkn wrote:
Welcome back home Mr President... and thank you for saving us from the cliff.
on January 1,2013 | 08:48PM
allie wrote:
on January 2,2013 | 06:41AM
Dolphin743 wrote:
I think you mean: "Thanks for not making us take our runaway spending problem seriously for another couple months"
on January 2,2013 | 08:27AM
hawaiikone wrote:
What runaway spending problem? Get ready for the next liberal spin, namely that there really isn't a problem at all.
on January 2,2013 | 08:54AM
HLOEWEN wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on January 2,2013 | 02:31AM
maya wrote:
Someone making $50,000 a year is not rich. If you think that person is rich, then I suggest you reevaluate your job career. This country has poured billions of dollars in helping the poor, with no results. The poor have been helped enough, they need to stop sponging off the rest of society and work. We have taken the definition of people who truly need help ( the disabled), and expanded the definition of poor to people who make bad life choices.We are now broke because of it, yet the "poor" ask for more.As far as I can tell, Occupy Wall Street started out as a bunch of spoiled college kids, raised in upper middle class homes. OWS could not even get their own house in order, highly doubtful that they will start a civil war. Our problem in this country is spending. Obama does not want to stop the spending, because he wants our system to implode.He did not "save" us from anything. He is just helping run the demise of this country.
on January 2,2013 | 03:23AM
allie wrote:
so what to do about Waianae hon? These people have been living off America for decades and do not improve
on January 2,2013 | 06:42AM
IAmSane wrote:
What do you mean "these people," hon?
on January 2,2013 | 07:39AM
Kawipoo wrote:
on January 2,2013 | 09:19AM
IAmSane wrote:
Um... $50,000 is less than the national per capita income, I think.
on January 2,2013 | 07:35AM
Dolphin743 wrote:
"The Rich". Nice how you have such a compact, easy to demonize label that applies to a lot of faceless fellow citizens about whom you know only one fact. If the fact were their skin color, you would be all-out racist. If the fact were their gender, you would be an ignorant sexist. Why does the fact that one's income falls above a certain level make such name-calling, derision, and public whipping OK? What will you say when the good liberals focus their ire on you?
on January 2,2013 | 08:33AM
Dolphin743 wrote:
"The Rich". Nice how you have such a compact, easy to demonize term for a faceless group of citizens about whom you know only one fact. If the fact were skin color, you would be an all-out racist. If it were gender, you'd be among the worst of the sexist crowd. What makes this name calling and public castigation OK with this stereotyped group? What will you do when the good liberals come after a group you belong to?
on January 2,2013 | 08:38AM
iwanaknow wrote:
So..........I'll be on the road at 5:15am..........will I be stuck on the road this morning? We'll see.
on January 2,2013 | 02:57AM
iwanaknow wrote:
I made it to the airport and back..........took the Likelike down and back.........smooth sailing since I avoided the H-3.
on January 2,2013 | 05:24AM
Mana07 wrote:
Thank Mr. President for having NO consideration for the people of Hawaii trying to make it to work this morning.
on January 2,2013 | 04:24AM
kailuabred wrote:
Relax...he'll be going against traffic
on January 2,2013 | 04:33AM
Mana07 wrote:
on January 2,2013 | 04:28AM
IAmSane wrote:
Someone's mad. :D
on January 2,2013 | 06:13AM
HD36 wrote:
I know how you feel.
on January 2,2013 | 08:20AM
awahana wrote:
The President sacrificed his vacation time to 'get the job done.'
You think he wanted to fly twice, lose vacation time, leave his family behind? But of course, common sense is hard to find in the Obama opposition. The two George Bushes got us in this mess in the first place. Greed is good. For them.
Dubya is famous for having the most vacation hours in any presidency. So the current President has no need for guilt. No need for shame. Also being one of the most intelligent to hold office in our lifetime is refreshing. Unlike 'actors' who aspire to public office and then mess up the economy. Even Lingle left us in our own 'fiscal cliff' by the time she was done.
Go blame Boehne-head for all this, and the expense of 2 Hawaii trips. That is why even the republicans had to get him out of the final negotiations, as it was going nowhere with him involved.
I'm just glad that Hawaii is so blue, that all the Red people, really have no power, thanks to electoral voting.
on January 2,2013 | 04:31AM
Dolphin743 wrote:
awahana - Wow. You have been fully indoctrinated and become a true believer and evangelist, huh. You should be rewarded with a position of power within the Party.
on January 2,2013 | 08:40AM
KeithHaugen wrote:
Welcome home, Mr. President. And thank you.
on January 2,2013 | 06:12AM
64hoo wrote:
go back to washington mr. president and no thank you.
on January 2,2013 | 08:15PM
false wrote:
Now, can we start enjoying the New Year? Finally we are over the ridge. Welcome home Mr. President. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy.
on January 2,2013 | 06:22AM
64hoo wrote:
not welcome mr. president be gone be gone be gone back to washington.
on January 2,2013 | 08:16PM
loke407 wrote:
I have to shop for an airfare I can afford when I want to come home to Hawaii. It must be nice to hop on and off Air Force One at the cost of several million dollars for a round trip to Hawaii. Can you say taxpayers?
on January 2,2013 | 06:25AM
control wrote:
can you say 'sore loser'?
on January 2,2013 | 08:25AM
allie wrote:
welcome back mr. president!
on January 2,2013 | 06:37AM
livinginhawaii wrote:
I saw in the Discovery Channel that when Air Force One flies a second 747 accompanies it as back-up. Is this true for domestic flights as well or only for international? The show seemed to suggest that this was done for every flight...
on January 2,2013 | 06:39AM
serious wrote:
I was an AF transport pilot and yes, it's not only the second 747, but the amount of C-17's to support him with HIS car, back up everythings. Crews are on alert at McGuire and Dover AFB's 24/7 with the VP's car and support equipment whenever it's needed--also the Security personnel--and they don't want to have armed personnel in the schools?
on January 2,2013 | 06:59AM
johndoe wrote:
Spokeswoman Jay?
on January 2,2013 | 07:10AM
ya_think wrote:
Well well well, here we go again, people telling others to pay their fair share, well tell me people what is a "FAIR SHARE" and should it not be the same for all people? Or do we do it the local way, "I got mine but you can't have yours" or "Not in my back yard" If you people want to be fair then get behind a Flat rate tax code for every adult in the country from the CEO to the welfare mama, everybody pays, now that is "FAIR SHARE".
on January 2,2013 | 07:44AM
control wrote:
nah, that's too simple...it would put all those tax lawyers, accountants, and cpa's out of business.
on January 2,2013 | 08:26AM
Iuki wrote:
Welcome back, Mr. President! Glad you can have a few more days of vacation with your family. You deserve it.
on January 2,2013 | 07:50AM
HD36 wrote:
Welcome back Mr. President. Please stay as long as possible and spend as much money as possible. We both know that the US can never pay back all the debt, and we both know Helicoptor Ben is going to print our bills away and destroy the value of the dollar. The question I have is: When the bond market and the dollar collapse, are you going back to a gold standard or are you going to reissue a new currency? Are you going to require that everyone have a percentage of US Treasuries in their 401k or IRA as the US Bond market collapses? In any event, I knew a deal would get done, and I know the debt ceiling will be raised, so thanks for making me alot of money.
on January 2,2013 | 08:43AM
hawaiikone wrote:
Welcome to the brave new world of spinning reality away.
on January 2,2013 | 08:59AM
Kawipoo wrote:
Totally agree!
on January 2,2013 | 09:21AM
Incadove wrote:
More taxpayer money down the drain!!!
on January 2,2013 | 08:45AM
HD36 wrote:
Unfortunately we're well past the point where tax revenue can cover government expenditures. The real tax, everyone is going to feel, is the inflation tax. The government is already adjusting the CPI (consumer price index) to manipulate the reported amount of inflation downward. This will not only allow the Federal Reserve to print more money and monetize the debt, but allow the government to pay less benefits to social security recipients. The end result it that if you're on a fixed income, you'll see prices rise and your income fall. It's a tax, but most people won't look at it that way because the media blames all kinds of events from the weather to rising demand in China.
on January 2,2013 | 09:06AM
Kawipoo wrote:
The problem is China also has to keep its money inflated so it can continue to export to the US. Sooner or later they will get fed up with the US and push its own currency as the reserve currency.
on January 2,2013 | 09:24AM
HD36 wrote:
It's already started. They just bought 454 tons of gold.
on January 2,2013 | 02:24PM
konag43 wrote:
whats wrong with americans, we need to get out of debt from china. pay your fair share whether your poor or rich to get he us back to solvency. you don't get it the us is going down the drain no us land of the free will be maintained until we are out of debt
on January 2,2013 | 09:43AM
HaleKa wrote:
I'm fine with my President being here, just don't tell me he's staying in an illegal TVU.
on January 2,2013 | 10:06AM
MalamaKaAina wrote:
on January 2,2013 | 12:11PM
serious wrote:
Good point!!! Just like his attitude on gun control--no guns in the school for security EXCEPT for my girls. Obamacare--good for the middle class, but not for my family!!
on January 2,2013 | 12:29PM
pursuit2000 wrote:
Great! Spend another $7 mil of our money! Way to lead by example...
on January 2,2013 | 11:18AM
Highinthesierras wrote:
China thanks Barry, for what you ask? The largest tax increase in over 20 years, which will make our companies less competitive, and on the backs of wage earners, and an increase in government spending, not the reductions promised, which will all come thanks to borrowing from China.
on January 2,2013 | 12:30PM
boya_jr wrote:
Welcome back, Mr Prez!
on January 2,2013 | 01:08PM
HD36 wrote:
Will the world, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Europe, etc.. keep loaning America money by buying long term US Treasuries when they now know that they will get paid back in dollars that have lost a significant amount of their purchasing power? That's basically what Congress told our creditors today. When they figure this out, everyone will be taxed by inflation. They'll blame it on speculators, the weather, oil, etc.. and blame everything but themselve's. And it's happening as the dollar dropped against every currency except the Yen.
on January 2,2013 | 02:41PM
Changalang wrote:
How long has the sky been falling for you doomsday prepping whack jobs anyway? It seems like the U.S. dollar has been at a catastrophic state for what, 13 years now; since Bush fired up the printing presses in 2000 and wiped Clinton's surplus out? Why don't you peddle your worthless fear elsewhere. Nobody is buying it. They are STILL buying U.S. Treasuries despite your protests, Chicken Little. LOL. Better get a refund on your "Investing For Dummies" play book as even that seems above your fiscal comprehension. Let the ivy league trained stewards of finance who understand the intricacies of global quantum economics continue to provide order in the World. ROFL.
on January 2,2013 | 03:45PM
64hoo wrote:
no what wiped out the surplus was the 9/11 attack and creating the tsa at all us airports thats what happened to the surplus we were attack. so get your head out of the sand and remember the attacks on the trade center and pentagon thats where your surplus went and nobody is buying your bull about bush wiping out the surplus you just plain forgot about 0/11
on January 2,2013 | 06:11PM
HD36 wrote:
It's all ready falling in case you haven't noticed. The dollar fell against every currency today except for the Yen. In a race of stupidity, Japan is trying to copy the US in printing the Yen into oblivion. Wrong again, the Federal Reserve is buying 90% of the US Long Term Treasuries. Didn't you get the news of QE3 unlimited after the end of Operation Twist in December 2012? Somehow, in your infantile mind, you believe that the Federal Reserve is actually increasing the balance sheet of the US Government. You have to learn the basics, son. If you write yourself a check, are you any richer? No! Are they increasing the money supply? Yes! Does expansion of the money supply lead to inflation? YES! Does inflation amount to a tax? Yes Does it lead to a lower standard of living? Yes Stop getting your edumacation from listening to Obama speaches.
on January 2,2013 | 06:31PM
kukui_nut wrote:
Surplus? When you have a surplus of $225m and a debt of trillions, there is no surplus.
on January 2,2013 | 08:39PM
kukui_nut wrote:
*$225 billion surplus. $5.6 trillion debt.
on January 2,2013 | 08:51PM
AniMatsuri wrote:
I just want to know how much longer we have to put up with this guy and his entourage clogging up the traffic here.
on January 2,2013 | 02:59PM
jussayin wrote:
It took over a year for the president and congress to address the fiscal cliff issue. And in doing so, they only talked about taxes and not spending. So we'll be in several more trillion dollars in debt by year 2020. We're currently in $16 trillion in debt Congrats? Sorry, that's not how our country should be run. They had a lot of time to figure this out and it shouldn't be about one party winning and another losing. We're still one nation. Having said that, I agree that it's critical to have passed something to avoid the cliff. Just for fun, here's a short list of things that are in the fiscal cliff/tax bill that was passed: tax break for NASCAR when they build a racetrack, subsidize Hollywood films, rum excise deal [taxes collected go to Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands], tax credits for algae growers, etc. Unfortunately more to come with the debt ceiling debate.
on January 2,2013 | 03:50PM
64hoo wrote:
the only one who really made out on this bill he signed, which was on the radio, is holloywood, the ones who make movies and documentarys they came out with the best deal. nothing to good for obamas friends in holloywood.
on January 2,2013 | 05:46PM
HD36 wrote:
I'd say the government made out like a bandit. They can't keep borrowing money to grow larger at the expense of everyone.
on January 2,2013 | 06:50PM
IAmSane wrote:
"holloywood" LOL
on January 2,2013 | 08:50PM
Hawaii_Libertarian wrote:
Obama is the biggest hypocrite I've ever seen. If he really wanted to set a good example, he could take a family vacation at Camp David in the Maryland hills (government facility with security) and save the taxpayers of the U.S. and Hawaii millions of dollars. Social Security (the world's biggest Ponzi scheme) remains actuarilly unsound despite the 2 percent tax increase/elimination of the previous tax cut. Bernie Madoff gets put in jail for running a con like that and our politicians think they're heroes for doing the same thing. Anyone who thinks they can live on a Social Security "pension" given the massive inflation since 1913 from the Federal Reserve is insane. Social Security is just another tax for the suckers to pay with a minimal payout to com them into thinking it's a pension. Likewise, Obamacare, Medicare, and Medicaid are financially unsound. Obama continues to be the obedient slave to his masters at Goldman Sachs and Wall Street banks. Suckers!
on January 2,2013 | 08:46PM
HD36 wrote:
You're totally spot on. Most people have no idea how high inflation is going up this year. Obama will blame it on the weather, speculators, china, anyone but the government and the Federal Reserve. They're even goint to manipulate the CPI again to reflect lower inflation. Madoff himself said the government is running the world's largest Ponzi Scheme. He should know.
on January 2,2013 | 09:33PM
lawman1175 wrote:
Does anyone know when we'll stop spending more than we are making?
on January 3,2013 | 06:29AM
scooters wrote:
Oh Great! Just what did this extra trip cost us tax payers? Shame on you POTUS. You're just a spend "all of our money" kind of a guy. SHAME ON YOU!!
on January 3,2013 | 08:22AM
scooters wrote:
Benghazi 4..White House 0..Shame on you Mr. President..
on January 3,2013 | 08:23AM
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