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HPD: Man shot by police in Kalihi was threatening officer

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 08:47 p.m. HST, Mar 08, 2013

A 35-year-old man was taken in critical condition to the Queen’s Medical Center after he was shot several times by a Honolulu police officer responding to a domestic disturbance call this morning in Kalihi Valley.

Police said the man, identified as Ralph Riveira, was holding a foot-long, metal stake and threatening the officer when he was shot multiple times. A police source said HPD believes the officer fired three shots although at least one neighbor said she had heard five shots.

The source said the stake used as a weapon appeared to be one used for tents.

The shooting happened on the front lawn of the house at 1618 Machado St. in Kalihi Valley about 11 a.m., police said.

Riveira's mother, 54-year-old Nadeen Lane, picked up the stake after he was shot and threatened officers, according to police. Lane was arrested and is being held on one count of first-degree terroristic threatening.

Riveira has seven convictions, including six felonies, police said.

Police said Riveira was in the yard with the mother and her husband when the first officer arrived. Inside were Riveira's girlfriend, their baby, and Riveira's sister.

At a press conference this afternoon, police Deputy Chief Dave Kajihiro said "in this case, the situation was so volatile and so dynamic that, unfortunately, deadly force was necessary."

The officer who fired the shots, a 24-year veteran assigned to the Kalihi station, was placed on administrative leave, which is standard practice after a police shooting, Kajihiro said. An internal affairs investigation has also been launched by the Professional Standards Office as is common procedure, he said.

Domestic cases are among the dangerous situations police must respond to, Kajihiro said, adding that beat officers respond to these volatile situations on a daily basis.

"With both parties, emotions are high," he said. "Officers may be addressing one party and affecting an arrest and the other party, although they were fighting (among themselves) earlier, might come after the officers so it's very, very dangerous."

Kajihiro said HPD responded to two calls at the home in 2012.

Today's shooting happened one block from Kalihi Uka Elementary School but Principal Laura Ahn said police notified her that the school did not need to be put in "lock down" mode. "They said they had it under control," Ahn said.

This was the second time police have shot at a suspect this year. On Jan. 15, Schofield soldier Gregory Gordon was shot and killed by officers as he rammed his pickup truck against patrol cars in an effort to escape capture.

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allie wrote:
yikes..the wild west!
on March 8,2013 | 01:06PM
Skyler wrote:
Kalihi is not the "west' you nit wit.
on March 8,2013 | 01:35PM
aomohoa wrote:
I hate to defend Allie but I think she meant the wild west as in the real old wild west.
on March 8,2013 | 02:11PM
Skyler wrote:
on March 8,2013 | 04:21PM
aomohoa wrote:
And it didn't even happen on the West side allie. This can happen any where as you can see.
on March 8,2013 | 02:13PM
Kahu Matu wrote:
I was driving behind this guy on the Likelike as he tried to hit an Acura and bounced off of the median wall two times. He was very dangerous and when he blocked the road going Windward it looked like he was waiting for the oncoming traffic to hit him. I called the cops and 7 minutes later this happened. At least no one else was injured in this man's intent to injure himself.
on March 8,2013 | 05:15PM
HAJAA1 wrote:
Geez such dangerous town side
on March 8,2013 | 01:39PM
aomohoa wrote:
Now HAJAA1 are you making fun of allie?
on March 8,2013 | 02:14PM
KoloheWiz wrote:
What happened to the tasers that should be used BEFORE pulling out the 9mm? According to the article the stake was only a foot long so the taser had plenty of distance over that to be used before going "wild west" on the guy. A veteran officer should have known that.
on March 8,2013 | 03:08PM
XML808 wrote:
Perhaps the suspect was under the influence. Tasers aren't always effective in those situations. Being a 24 year veteran, I would give the office the benefit of the doubt.
on March 8,2013 | 03:43PM
JBS wrote:
Agree XML808. It's funny how some would rather give initial support to the guy with six felony convictions.
on March 8,2013 | 03:56PM
olos73 wrote:
Riveira looked like a big guy, so the taser might not have too much effect, especially with his adrenaline going and don't know if he was high on any drugs.
on March 8,2013 | 05:54PM
1assa wrote:
Shoot have shot mother also. Now we gotta pay a big lawsuit.
on March 8,2013 | 08:48PM
dontbelieveinmyths wrote:
6 felony convictions....skip the taser.
on March 8,2013 | 04:21PM
HOSSANA wrote:
I agree. Forget the tasers....just shoot the guy...maybe with dum dum bullets but, in any case, I support the cops as I would have done the same thing..I hate when people accuse the cops of over reacting but when the cop gets beaten or killed, they say, they should have shot the suspect.....as a cop, I would rather shoot first than have the suspect kill or beat me.....hell, with these mentally insane or punks on the streets....just shoot them already.....
on March 8,2013 | 08:30PM
stogie002 wrote:
Not all Officers carry tasers
on March 8,2013 | 05:24PM
caseyjun2001 wrote:
At KoloheWiz. Not every Officer is issued a Taser, If you would open your eyes, you would see that. You counter deadly force with deadly force. Do you even know if it was close quarters? More ignorance with no knowledge or facts of the situation. Its not the movies.
on March 8,2013 | 06:01PM
HOSSANA wrote:
well said.......
on March 8,2013 | 08:31PM
Poipounder808 wrote:
Dude you don't have a clue. The suspect charged the officer and tried to attack him while he was still sitting in his car as he just pulled up to investigate. The officer was lucky he was able to pull his weapon....Monday quarterbacking at it's best.
on March 8,2013 | 08:32PM
markat wrote:
Congratulations allie. There are more comments about you or directed at you than about the story itself.
on March 8,2013 | 03:10PM
aomohoa wrote:
We all get off track with allie is commenting, LOL! She is like nails on a blackboard and a joke.
on March 8,2013 | 05:10PM
peanutgallery wrote:
How many people have HPD shot this year? This guy was wielding a 12' pipe, and he deserved a bullet? What happened to less lethal means of taking-down unruly people? What kind of people are we recruiting for HPD?
on March 8,2013 | 03:26PM
dontbelieveinmyths wrote:
peanutgallery, what happened to just obeying police orders? Respecting authority?
on March 8,2013 | 04:22PM
caseyjun2001 wrote:
Everyone should know by now from past articles that Peanutgallery is one of the most ignorant posters around
on March 8,2013 | 06:04PM
samidunn wrote:
seven convictions six of them felonies - what is this guy doing out of jail?
on March 8,2013 | 03:48PM
rigormortis wrote:
Always have a girlfriend ( why?, girl ) and a baby
on March 8,2013 | 07:03PM
3962 wrote:
PEANUT GALLERY-The article says a metal stake not a pipe was used by the suspect. Yeah I know the officer should have shot the metal stake out of his hands. Maybe the officer didn't have a less lethal, or could not deploy it in time. Lets
on March 8,2013 | 03:55PM
Mahalo wrote:
Why is everyone including the other media sites comments all saying why not the tazer? Why do we need another person who had no respect for the law to be treated like a princesses? Hello, its time we weed out some of the bad people.
on March 8,2013 | 03:57PM
Grimbold wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on March 8,2013 | 04:13PM
SandBar wrote:
Have you read the news lately? Crime is committed by people from all over the island. Ignorance is bliss isn't it.
on March 8,2013 | 07:19PM
builderguy wrote:
Wow just a stake. How big was this guy? Pepper spray? Bullets? Want to commit suicide? Threaten a officer with a Popsicle?
on March 8,2013 | 04:06PM
olos73 wrote:
Photo looks like close to 6-feet tall, 200 pounds. Not exactly a small guy. And if he's coming at you with a foot long metal tent stake, that's dangerous enough to shoot.
on March 8,2013 | 06:12PM
Grimbold wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on March 8,2013 | 04:11PM
kaleo_1 wrote:
Putting an officier on administrative leave may seem punitive, however, the stress that the officer encountered in the situation and quite frankly, the thought/action of actually using your firearm- (albeit what seems to be a justified shoot) to put down another human, is traumatic. I am very confident that each of our officers receive the highest quality training possible, but nothing can prepare an officer for actually shooting someone. Time off the front line is an excellent practice.
on March 8,2013 | 07:08PM
HOSSANA wrote:
Thank you. Finally someone with reason....I support your comments wholeheartedly.......these criminals deserve no sympathy whatsoever but, of course, now the family will be interviewed by the liberal tv news and they will be crying saying "he's such a nice guy and doesn't deserve to be shot." ha..ha..ha..
on March 8,2013 | 08:34PM
roninsensei wrote:
When a police officer says stop, you stop. When an officer says to be quiet, be quiet. When an officer says to back off, back off. When an officer says to put down the weapon, put down the weapon. Very simple. What's so hard to understand? Domestic situations are the most volatile as many officers know. Anything can happen.
on March 8,2013 | 04:15PM
Labor wrote:
That's true. Also, lets not hear about the shooting the weapon out of the hand thing. That only happens in the movies. Same thing with the silly "shoot the tires" thing. Cars are made to run on the rim when tires are flat for safety reasons.
on March 8,2013 | 04:25PM
HOSSANA wrote:
Very well said. Thank you.
on March 8,2013 | 08:35PM
Jonas wrote:
Shoulda put the bullet right between his eyes.
on March 8,2013 | 04:34PM
Kahu Matu wrote:
I was driving behind this guy on the Likelike as he tried to hit an Acura and bounced off of the median wall two times. He was very dangerous and when he blocked the road going Windward it looked like he was waiting for the oncoming traffic to hit him. I called the cops and 7 minutes later this happened. At least no one else was injured in this man's intent to injure himself.
on March 8,2013 | 05:14PM
808comp wrote:
Anyone that threatens or assult a police is just looking for trouble.Now days if you are a police officer,you need to be ready to pull that firearm,cause you don't know what you are up against when you go out on a call. Spooky man !!
on March 8,2013 | 05:23PM
livinginhawaii wrote:
No need to place the cop on admin leave. This was a dangerous felon with no Aloha - look up his record on line. The guy should never have been paroled early.
on March 8,2013 | 05:39PM
Pocho wrote:
hope the officer was a crack shot. 7 felonies and still free. LOSE MONEY! If suspect still alive the officer gotta go hit the firing range.
on March 8,2013 | 05:47PM
Don't aggrevate the guy with the gun and don't go to a gun fight with a knife, in this case a tent peg.
on March 8,2013 | 08:04PM
sleepy wrote:
Six felony convictions. This guy is a frequent flyer.He knew exactly what he was doing.It's called suicide by cop.
on March 8,2013 | 08:08PM
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