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UH athletic director rejects plea to change his mind on team names

By Ferd Lewis

LAST UPDATED: 12:05 p.m. HST, May 02, 2013

Despite a plea from the University of Hawaii Letterwinners Club, athletic director Ben Jay said he doesn't anticipate reversing his decision to change the school's nicknames.

In February, Jay announced that the school would officially begin calling its men's teams 'Warriors" starting July 1, while all the women's teams will remain the "Rainbow Wahine."

Currently various men's teams go by "Warriors," "Rainbow Warriors," and "Rainbows." Jay said the change is for branding purposes and to avoid confusion.

The UH Letterwinners Club sent Jay a letter Wednesday, saying, "we request that you hold off changing the nicknames of the University of Hawaii athletic teams."

Jay, who is on the mainland, said today he hasn't had an opportunity to respond to the letter but, "I don't foresee any change" in his previously announced plans.

He said the switch will take place July 1, as announced.

Meanwhile, another opponent of the name change, Stephen Chinen, has announced a "Rally 4 Rainbows" Friday at 5 p.m. at Bachman Hall.

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OldDiver wrote:
Fire Ben Jay. Heh, just kidding.
on May 2,2013 | 11:32AM
kainalu wrote:
Now and forever more, Ben "Gay" to me. :)
on May 2,2013 | 07:51PM
entrkn wrote:
Good for Ben Jay!
on May 2,2013 | 11:42AM
KekoaBradshaw wrote:
Would Ben Jay dare change the name is his alma mater and former employer Ohio State from the "Buckeyes"? Of course not, So why does he dare come here and take our traditions away from us. And for all you fans of UH being called "Warriors", get real. There are 38 other schools in the NCAA called "Warriors". All us `Bows fans want is for the teams to be called "Rainbow Warriors" like they were in the 70's and 80's.. Nice compromise and it reflects the traditions of Manoa.
on May 2,2013 | 11:54AM
Descartes22 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on May 2,2013 | 11:59AM
magnod wrote:
Yes because there are no other division I teams with the name Warrior. Thus it must be really generic.
on May 2,2013 | 12:30PM
Descartes22 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on May 2,2013 | 12:50PM
magnod wrote:
We are a Division I college, why compare it with anything else? Marketing purposes is based on the demographics of similar entities, thus comparing warriors with anything but college teams is pointless. Rainbows may be a unique college nick name, it also alienates younger people which is the key group. In previous survey's current athletes that play for the school have said that they prefer warriors to rainbows. For recruiting, warriors attracts more recruits than rainbows.
on May 2,2013 | 01:38PM
Descartes22 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on May 2,2013 | 02:01PM
magnod wrote:
The topic is UH sports, thus Warriors is not a generic nickname. You are wrong. There is no speculation, if you follow local sporting news there have been several interviews and media reports that the players were asked and majority said they preferred warriors. There was even a marketing report done by Sports Illustrated that documented the importance of nickname and logo design in recruiting. This along with interviews with high school players about the nickname, it is clear that younger players do not want the rainbow moniker. It is pretty clear that people are living in the past, letting emotions get in the way of logical decisions.
on May 2,2013 | 02:07PM
dopaco24 wrote:
It is generic. However it is not generic when you talk about Division I college sports, as UH is the only school with the nickname. There are more 49ers than there are Warriors in Division 1.(Long Beach State, and Charlotte)
on May 2,2013 | 05:35PM
hunebasami wrote:
Rainbow Warrior wou;d make us stand out.
on May 2,2013 | 10:10PM
Publicbraddah wrote:
Yeah, Rainbow Warriors makes us unique. It's the whole melting pot thing. Warriors is too boring. In any case, I'll still be yelling "RAIN.............BOW" just to annoy Ben.
on May 2,2013 | 12:52PM
Loki wrote:
You can yell whatever you want. If you're in the stadium, you bought a ticket. I think that's all that matters.
on May 2,2013 | 03:15PM
patk wrote:
So if you don't like change, we should be the UH Fighting Deans, which is our original nickname.
on May 2,2013 | 02:03PM
Loki wrote:
Ohio State didn't have multiple nicknames for different sports. They're all called Buckeyes.
on May 2,2013 | 03:13PM
GooglyMoogly wrote:
You're making way too big a deal out of this name change. Most of the time, they refer to the team as "Hawaii" anyway, and no one is going to mistake the Hawaii Warriors with the Golden State Warriors. Go ahead and google 'college team warriors'. All the top results point to---yep, Hawaii. The football team dropped "Rainbow" from it's name years ago, and they've survived...brand-wise, at least.
on May 2,2013 | 06:32PM
lee1957 wrote:
He wouldn't have to change the name of the Buckeyes because they don't have the identity crisis UH has.
on May 2,2013 | 07:50PM
hunebasami wrote:
He wants us to come and support them but he wants to tell us what to do and when. What about what we want. I guess we dob't count. He just wants our money. Dictator BEN GAY. I don't like the way they handled the football couch so I don't support them anymore. Now Taxation without representation is tyranny. Maybe BEN GAY can buy all the tickets, too.
on May 2,2013 | 10:08PM
Morimoto wrote:
Well at least Jay isn't dragging his feet on this issue. There will always be disagreements on what to call the UH sports teams However, leaving things as they are now is even worse than consolidating the names of all teams. Although there will always be detractors, having the same name for all teams (well two if you count men's and womens sports) is the best in the long run.
on May 2,2013 | 11:55AM
patk wrote:
Agree 100%. You can never satisfy everyone, so it's GREAT that he's not afraid to make decisions and take action.
No time to worry about satisfying every single person or group, then forming a committee to study the matter, and other time wasting practices.
Jay get's my vote, whether I agree with him or not.
on May 2,2013 | 01:54PM
niimi wrote:
He just lost half the fans.
on May 2,2013 | 11:22PM
Bdpapa wrote:
At leats he had the guts to make a hard decision. Go Bows, Oops Warriors!
on May 2,2013 | 11:56AM
juscasting wrote:
I like Rainbow Warriors, but this is a demorcracy. Take it to the POLLS!
on May 2,2013 | 12:16PM
magnod wrote:
This is not a democracy, he was hired to make decisions. It is up to him, not you.
on May 2,2013 | 12:31PM
Bdpapa wrote:
True and he made the decision. Time to accept it and be supportive!
on May 2,2013 | 02:02PM
Publicbraddah wrote:
This is a public institution, not a private one.
on May 2,2013 | 02:55PM
billybob_76 wrote:
Let the students decide...other schools do it.
on May 2,2013 | 03:37PM
admiral wrote:
Great idea, billybob. It was student voting that gave UC Irvine the nickname "Anteaters" and UC Santa Cruz the "Banana Slugs." I bet UH students could come up with something really creative. The "Geckos"? The "Fruit Flies"? The "Portagee Man o' Wars"? Nothing generic about them.
on May 3,2013 | 08:48AM
lee1957 wrote:
Time for a con con!!
on May 2,2013 | 07:54PM
kiragirl wrote:
UH is not His university. This university belongs to us. Therefore, consideration should be given to US in deciding the name of the sport teams. And, rather you like it or not, this IS a democracy.
on May 3,2013 | 02:12AM
CriticalReader wrote:
Can any one person at UH change the nickname of the school or its sports teams without Board of Regents approval, a hearing before that,; and a hearing before Donna Kim after that? And, before we even get to that questions, has Mr. Jay followed procedure and hired a fact finder law firm, a reviewer of the the fact finder law firm, a defender of the reviewer of the fact finder law firm, a reviewer of the defender of the reviewer. . . where was I? Anyway, you get my point. But, all joking aside, seems like a public hearing before the Board of Regents is a must.
on May 2,2013 | 11:58AM
XML808 wrote:
Good suggestion. Perhaps Jay could have put it to a vote of all current students, alumni, boosters, season ticket holders, and any other person providing financial support to UH or any of its programs. Majority rules, end of story.
on May 2,2013 | 12:33PM
HawaiiCheeseBall wrote:
Great, decision made, time to move on. Go Warriors! Go Rainbow Wahine! Can't wait for football season to start.
on May 2,2013 | 12:05PM
hanalei395 wrote:
"Go Rainbow Wahine"...(Which one?) ......"Go Na Rainbow Wahine" or "Go Na Wahine'...(OK, that's the whole team).
on May 2,2013 | 01:00PM
Sunny wrote:
Hawaii will embrace any team name as long as they can WIN!
on May 2,2013 | 12:09PM
Descartes22 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on May 2,2013 | 12:09PM
hanalei395 wrote:
Don't copy......The ORIGINAL football Warriors..........The Kamehameha Warriors....IMUA.
on May 2,2013 | 12:33PM
imua67 wrote:
in the original stadium at King and Isenberg Sts.
on May 2,2013 | 01:13PM
Bdpapa wrote:
That would be Honolulu Stadium, home of the ILH.
on May 2,2013 | 02:03PM
connie wrote:
Ahh, the good ol' days. I miss 'um.
on May 2,2013 | 02:12PM
billybob_76 wrote:
Go to Warriors and offend the Native Hawaiians, go to Rainbows and offend the Gays, go to Rainbow Warriors and offend both. I guess in your haste to block the name change you didn't fully contemplate those issues also. Go Warriors.
on May 2,2013 | 03:42PM
GooglyMoogly wrote:
Descartes, you're just trolling. You know perfectly well that UH's connotation of 'Warriors' has nothing to do with Native Americans. You say as much in your third sentence. Branding for a D1 university is not a "vague" rationale. It is often the lifeblook of the athletic department. And whether you like it or not, if UH is going to play in the D1 space, branding is going to be an issue.
on May 2,2013 | 06:40PM
false wrote:
Whatever you call them improve the teams and get the alcohol out of the stadium.
on May 2,2013 | 12:15PM
inverse wrote:
Boycott. Actually that would be redundant as the performance of the football team has basically the same effect. Why is Jay trying so hard to be like Herman Frazier? We all know how that turned out.
on May 2,2013 | 12:27PM
Randaman wrote:
Ben Jay is an idiot. He is not from Hawaii and does not understand the tradition of the name "Rainbows". He should consult with people who have been here a long time and listen to the people who have attended UH sporting events a long time. Most people, including me, would accept the name "Rainbow Warriors". Why is this so hard to brand? What confusion would it cause? Ben Jay has no reasonable answer.
on May 2,2013 | 12:42PM
GooglyMoogly wrote:
Because that would require a rebranding of the football team, which changed its name to "Warriors" years ago. As football goes, so should go the rest of the sports. Think of this as closing a loop, since most colleges do not have different names among their men's teams.
on May 2,2013 | 06:46PM
hi96822 wrote:
no rain no rainbows
on May 2,2013 | 12:49PM
inverse wrote:
Jay is a fool. Right now UH administration is in the du mps wiith both the public and State legislatures after the Wonder blunder, the UH contracts office paying double and triple price for contruction projects, basketball ending up in a downer with a pay for play failed tournament play, basketball center leaving in a huff, Chow having a disastrous first season, many top McMackin holdovers transferring or leaving early for the CFL or NFL, the starting quarterback overplayed and ending up with a broken back, one star Wahine volleyball player having personal issues with Shoji or whatever, etc. etc the LAST thing the public wants is to change a long standing tradition of the name Rainbow warriors or Rainbow wahines. To force the change will NOT improve the financial cash flow as the public will not go out a buy more UH memorabilia because it now says "warrior". Right now a large majority of the UH fan base is so put off, this dictatorial change for a first year AD will only drive a further wedge of many fans from UH athletics. I don't care if Jay scored all A's while in college or what his SAT scores were. This dictatorial move is stoopid mistake at this point in time and there all the rationalizing in the world by Jay supporters will never change the fact. I compared Jay to Frazier on his decision making as UH AD and I don't think that is an inaccurate analogy.
on May 2,2013 | 12:50PM
mcc wrote:
Doesn't matter about the names. What matters is winning.
on May 2,2013 | 12:52PM
dlum003 wrote:
Typical of a mainland know it all. A self annointed pontifcator. Jay falls right into the "public be damned" attitude of UH. No surprise there. At least he shows right off the bat that he doesn't care what fans want, instead of making us find out later.
on May 2,2013 | 12:55PM
Anonymous wrote:
Why does one person get to decide? Auwe!
on May 2,2013 | 12:56PM
Anonymous wrote:
Warriors already. Sheesh. Don't mean that you can't personally celebrate your Bow history and Bow heritage. Free country. But the name of the teams are WArriors. Give it a rest already. Good for Ben Jay.
on May 2,2013 | 01:11PM
psimmons wrote:
Ben Jay is alienating the ones who donate cash to athletics. Good luck trying to squeeze money out of students and the under 30 yr olds who are starting mortgages, careers, families, etc. Ben Jay, I don't like you.
on May 2,2013 | 01:18PM
connie wrote:
I still donate cash to UHawaii athletics. Not concerned over the name. Want to make sure UHawaii Athletics remain NCAA compliant, and that STUDENT-Athletes have the chance to be STUDENTS first, and get an education, and graduate college. Support the STUDENT in the Student-Athlete equation.
on May 2,2013 | 05:10PM
psimmons wrote:
Said the Rainbow Wahine fan.
on May 2,2013 | 05:40PM
honopic wrote:
Just what UH needed -- another bureaucrat who doesn't care what students, student-atheltes, alumni or boosters think. "Branding purposes?" More like sell-out purposes, and not the good kine sell-out, as in all seats filled at Aloha Stadium and Stan Sherriff Arena. Maybe it's time to go down to D2, with the 27 other "Warrior" colleges. Second-rate program, second-rate nickname. What's wrong with being unique and honoring tradition by calling the teams "Rainbow Warriors?"
on May 2,2013 | 01:22PM
patk wrote:
Who care, just win and everything else is moot.
on May 2,2013 | 01:57PM
Bdpapa wrote:
Winning cures everything.
on May 2,2013 | 02:04PM
walaau808 wrote:
How did Rainbows come about from the Fighting Deans? Bet there was an uproar over that name change years ago - but seems like over time Rainbows has stuck. Can the same be said about this name change? I believe over time, those who care about the Rainbow nickname will eventually die off and in 20 years or so when the next name change comes about, there will be passionate discussion over the Warriors nickname too!
on May 2,2013 | 01:25PM
Iuki wrote:
One more mainland hot-shot storming in and changing things at UH right off the bat. June Jones was bad enough, but at least he had a successful football team most of the time. What has this new A.D. done?
on May 2,2013 | 01:33PM
NITRO08 wrote:
He just got here stop crying about names and go out and support all the teams. He is doing his job!
on May 2,2013 | 02:00PM
psimmons wrote:
Changing teams' names is not part of his job description for crying out loud.
on May 2,2013 | 05:57PM
Tipops wrote:
At least the AD has the courage to clean up the hodgepodge of names our UH athletic teams have used up till now. Not crazy about Warriors, but if it eliminates the name mess and irritates the guys who don't ever want to see any kind of change, then I'm all for it. Go Warriors!
on May 2,2013 | 01:35PM
NITRO08 wrote:
on May 2,2013 | 02:01PM
psimmons wrote:
Nobody had a problem with the names. Only a malihini like Ben Jay. Too lazy to learn the names.
on May 2,2013 | 05:58PM
GooglyMoogly wrote:
It's stunning to witness how myopic so many are about this name change. The man is aligning the men's teams under a single brand, and he's doing the same for the women's teams. Why is it so difficult for some to comprehend the benefits to doing this? It's also pretty hilarious that some have suggested this go to a vote of our elected officials, when less than half of us bothered to choose who to put in there. What this thread does reveal, however, is who's an old-timer and who isn't. It's good to be able to put age groups to some of the user handles that I see posting on these boards.
on May 2,2013 | 08:56PM
localaunty wrote:
I have heard several UH alumni say they will no longer support the Athletic Department financially, if the name change becomes a reality. Oh, well….. .
on May 2,2013 | 01:41PM
NITRO08 wrote:
Then that's really small of them who ever you are talking about.
on May 2,2013 | 02:03PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
The way UH wastes taxpayer money, anyone foolish enough to donate money is stupid.
on May 2,2013 | 09:04PM
Bdpapa wrote:
Too bad! But they don't run the athletic department.
on May 2,2013 | 02:05PM
GooglyMoogly wrote:
Ah yes, the always nebulous "sources". Well, I've got sources that say the university is lining up a new licensing contract with one of the major athletics apparel manufacturers, and settling on a name for the men's and women's programs was a stipulation of that contract.
on May 2,2013 | 08:58PM
kuewa wrote:
For those who forget, the football team name was changed from Rainbows to Warriors due to homophobic macho-head feelings on the part of a certain coach and others in the administration despite loud protests from many of us. If you doubt what I say, look back at the various news reports at that time, which was not so long ago.
on May 2,2013 | 01:44PM
kuewa wrote:
And now B Jay wants to perpetuate this nonsense by implying that only women can be Rainbows and only men can be Warriors. The Rainbow name needs to be restored. I think the public can tell which are wahine and which are kane sports without the ridiculous Rainbow Wahine label, even if the athletic director and coaches feel demasculinized by the word rainbow.
on May 2,2013 | 01:55PM
Bdpapa wrote:
Wrong! This is all about marketing the brand.
on May 2,2013 | 02:06PM
Descartes22 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on May 2,2013 | 02:18PM
psimmons wrote:
He's a wannabe chancellor disguised as an athletics director but acts like a cult leader. Has an arrogance about him and patronizing. Thinks he's the savior of the University of Hawaii. Hasn't sold me on anything since day 1. He's proud to be a Buckeye but we know that in the athletics world it's Blackeye with all the NCAA violations. Running tally on changed light bulbs? Nothing to report? Thought so.
on May 2,2013 | 05:54PM
GooglyMoogly wrote:
lol. His most recent employment was at Ohio State University. They know a fair amount about branding. Troll.
on May 2,2013 | 09:00PM
kuewa wrote:
As far as I recall, there was no problem marketing the Rainbows brand. In fact, most alums and athletes proudly displayed the UH Rainbows logo and name.
on May 2,2013 | 02:23PM
likerice80 wrote:
Agreed, restore the Rainbows! UH had an awesome, unique team name for decades and homophobia is not a good reason to change it.
on May 2,2013 | 11:19PM
flyingpigs wrote:
Looking at all the responses so far, no matter what name is used, somebody not going be happy. When was the last time we used Rainbows for all sports? Is that what is being proposed? No more Rainbow Wahine if we go back to just Rainbows? I don't think so. Let's support the team/UH and not get caught up with the nicknames. Nicknames don't win or lose games.
on May 2,2013 | 02:05PM
psimmons wrote:
Rainbow fans are willing to compromise and accept Rainbow Warrior. Ben Jay is not willing to compromise.
on May 2,2013 | 06:10PM
Loki wrote:
Actually, the name was changed to Warriors and the logo changed to the 'H' for marketing purposes. The thought was that the ADept could sell more merchandise because everyone would want to go and buy the new gear. It had nothing to do with gays or being macho. It was simple $$$. The community just bought into it and embraced it. And it did help that the team was winning on a regular basis. The gay stuff became an issue when either a volleyball coach or Hugh Yoshida made a statement saying it was a gay symbol.
on May 2,2013 | 02:28PM
kuewa wrote:
That's what the public was told--that it would help with marketing. But it was obvious that the motives were not that at all. If that were the case, why were the women's teams not re-named?
on May 2,2013 | 02:54PM
Loki wrote:
I was given the business plan. It was only done for the football team. Other teams changed to Warriors later.
on May 2,2013 | 03:04PM
blackmurano wrote:
The only thing I dislike about former AD Hugh Yoshida is he fired a fine football head coach in Bob Wagner. Yoshida took the advise of an former San Francisco 49er coach and hired Fred Von Appen. You all know what happen later - 19 straight loss and no wins. As for the gay stuff, Yoshida, like many of us has got a point. But the true meaning of the Rainbow is not represented by the homosexuals, it is a symbol in the Bible where God created the "Rainbow" as a sign that He will never destroy the world again by the flood. As an staunch and longtime Rainbow football fan, I am very happy that Ben Jay will keep the name Warrior for our football team anyway.
on May 2,2013 | 04:58PM
nearby wrote:
The rainbow is actually a symbol of what happens on the islands every day.
on May 2,2013 | 05:18PM
Skyler wrote:
Saying it's a gay symbol is silly. Never heard anyone say, "Oh there's a gay symbol in the sky - must be raining in Nuuanu."
on May 2,2013 | 07:49PM
LizKauai wrote:
LET'S GO, BOWS! War is so 2011 anyway...
on May 2,2013 | 01:52PM
patk wrote:
You are wise. The truth hurts - to the crybabies at least.
on May 2,2013 | 01:59PM
connie wrote:
I still be cheering "LETS GO BOWS" st all the games.
on May 2,2013 | 02:10PM
psimmons wrote:
Said the Rainbow Wahine fan.
on May 2,2013 | 06:00PM
gobows wrote:
no need to please everybody, but at least the ones that count, keep them in the loop. Feckless!....
on May 2,2013 | 02:15PM
Loki wrote:
Finally, a decisive leader.
on May 2,2013 | 02:22PM
Descartes22 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on May 2,2013 | 02:57PM
Loki wrote:
I could care less what the name is. I'm happy for someone that has a backbone.
on May 2,2013 | 03:10PM
mr808surfguy wrote:
Once again UH acts like it is a top 10 school in anything. Act like a circus and get treated like a circus.
on May 2,2013 | 02:23PM
kds wrote:
Does this mean he is going to instruct the cheerleaders to stop the standard cheers, "Let's Go Bows!" and "Rain.....Bows!" That would be micro-managing at its best, that's for sure.
on May 2,2013 | 02:33PM
fshnpoi wrote:
"warriors" and "rainbow wahines", if you don't care for it..don't say it! but it will still be, if you change your mind
on May 2,2013 | 02:45PM
Publicbraddah wrote:
RAIN........BOWS!!! RAIN............BOWS!!! RAIN...................BOWS!!!!
on May 2,2013 | 02:56PM
ross13moon wrote:
Warriors or Rainbows, whatever...after the "WONDER BLUNDER" the UH will be known as "LOLOS"
on May 2,2013 | 03:13PM
UhhDuhh wrote:
What is the big deal? If you want to cheer "Go Rainbows" then cheer "Go Rainbows". If you want to cheer "Go Rainbow Warriors" cheer "Go Rainbow Warriors". If you want to cheer "Go Warriors" and so on, just go ahead. He is not denying anybody their first amendment rights. The only real problem I see is what will they call Rainbowtique now? Warrior-Mart?
on May 2,2013 | 03:14PM
Skyler wrote:
"Warrior-Mart"... hahahahaha.
on May 2,2013 | 07:52PM
Kaimukier wrote:
You all realize that the majority of the Men's sports have been called the "Warriors" FOR THE LAST 13 YEARS!! The fall sport athletes preferred the change, the spring sports never had a chance to make that decision. Last time I checked, Men's swimming and diving boosters weren't picketing Duke Kahanamoku pool to keep the name "Rainbows". My family were athletes at UH and I was an athlete at UH. When asked, I say "I played at UH" or "I was a Warrior", I don't say "I was a Rainbow" and neither do the rest of my friends and family. Ben Jay doesn't need to consult anyone, the change is smart and necessary.
on May 2,2013 | 03:22PM
connie wrote:
Somewhere June Jones is bus' laughing at all of this.
on May 2,2013 | 03:31PM
copperwire9 wrote:
What hooey. Afraid of 'Rainbows,' Ben?
on May 2,2013 | 03:39PM
pekelocald wrote:
Sorry, Ben! Itʻs Rainbow Warriors regardless and proud of it. Warriors ainʻt happening no matter what you and your bureaucratic friends have to say. Guaranteed that at any UH sporting event you attend when you are announced, you will be greeted with a chorus of boos. Sit in your office but donʻt look outside because every rainbow you see will be a reminder of a hasty, ill-conceived move that will be a hallmark of your tenure. You still have a chance to reconsider unlike the $$ down the drain for Rileyʻs tourney.
on May 2,2013 | 03:41PM
808comp wrote:
Who cares. Don't follow the men's sports as much as the women's anyway. The only men's sport i follow is baseball,but their in the dumps right now.
on May 2,2013 | 04:10PM
psimmons wrote:
There's a curse over the team. Restoring the Rainbow name will lift the curse. Laugh if you will but it's the truth. It's not a losing season for the baseball team, it's just been weird.
on May 2,2013 | 06:12PM
agumakiki wrote:
"R A I N B O W S" ALWAYS ! ! ! ! :)
on May 2,2013 | 04:18PM
IkaikaClothingofHNL wrote:
Call us crybabies for all I care, JUST WIN! Make sure you're all there for the first game against USC thursday afternoon. If not, keep quiet! Warrior for life!
on May 2,2013 | 04:27PM
WF808 wrote:
The Letterwinners Club echoes what the majority of commenters on this, and prior stories, columns, and blog posts have been stating all along, that the name change is against the wishes of the UH fan base. For someone who was hired fresh from the mainland (and is being paid big bucks) supposedly for his marketing expertise, Jay's decision sure shows a lot of marketing ignorance. What more will it take to convince Jay that the name change is a bad idea from a marketing/branding/public relations perspective? With all of his faults, even Donovan knew better.
on May 2,2013 | 04:42PM
hon2255 wrote:
Change should have happened long time ago, good job Ben, time to press on with other more important matters suchas the construction of the new lockers for football , Ching complex, etc, lower campus, needs a lot of maintenance. For the best deal in light bulbs ,and the volume you got to purchase ,Ben, go to 21st Century lighting ,1352 S.Beretania st ,ph 531 5483. they sell wholesale , various state office purchase from them, so you should also be able to get wholesale price, they are cheaper than home depot and sell more types of bulbs than home depot.
on May 2,2013 | 04:43PM
psimmons wrote:
You really think the overpaid light bulb assessor is going to listen to your suggestion? HA !
on May 2,2013 | 06:08PM
roy2335 wrote:
Get over it, and let's tackle the real issue of facilities.
on May 2,2013 | 04:46PM
blackmurano wrote:
I have been a Hawaii football Rainbow fan since the first black athlete, Skippy Dyer played for our Rainbow football team. Than came Dave Holmes, Phil Sarboe (not sure was before or after holmes), Larry Price, Dick Tomey, Bob Wagner and the coach that led our Rainbow football team to a 0-19 record. Than came Coach June Jones who brought the "run and shoot" offense and the change from Rainbow to Warrior football team. Even though I still keep memories of the past Rainbow football team, I think Ben Jay did the right thing and seal the name "Warrior" for our football team anyway. Warrior seems more Hawaiian and it's cultural. I really like the name "Warrior." Mahalo Ben Jay for sticking to the name Warrior and not succumb to any pressure.
on May 2,2013 | 04:52PM
inverse wrote:
i just realized what this is all about: One person's HO MO PHOBIA and that why there is ZERO discussion the AD. The unilateral cahnge has NOTHING to do with improving UH income or improving the chance of winning for any sport. What Jay has done is similar to what Lin gle did in vetoing civil unions justifying her decison with bogus relgious conservative talking points.. In the end, like Lin gle, This will backfire on Jay just as the public turned their back on Lin gle and the local Repub party
on May 2,2013 | 05:32PM
jussayin wrote:
Let's go Bows! Keep the tradition.
on May 2,2013 | 06:25PM
HOSSANA wrote:
Why did these local yokels wait till after Ben Jay announce the name chg...typical locals...always reactive instead of proactive...as soon as he was announced as the A.D. they should have made it known to him about chg. the name to Rainbow Warriors but, instead, they waited till after he announced the change...well, too little too late....geezus, people that wanted the name chg. had years to make their intentions known and when Ben Jay was announced as A.D. they should have made a concerted effort to meet with him and let him about the groundswell but they only waited till after his announcement....RIDICULOUS....TOO LATE!!
on May 2,2013 | 06:34PM
hanalei395 wrote:
"Go Bows"! .........Rainbow Warriors football team, FOREVER..........TRY and change that.
on May 2,2013 | 06:59PM
scooters wrote:
The fans can make a difference. Just start yelling " Rainbow Warriors" at every chance they get. Go Bows!! Never call them anything else.
on May 2,2013 | 07:45PM
kainalu wrote:
Now and forever more, Ben "Gay" to me. :)
on May 2,2013 | 07:50PM
inverse wrote:
Benny is on a mission from god and he knows a rainbow is the gateway to Sod om and Gom orrah that must be closed forever. Save us, save us all from having a rainbow force all our doors to swing the other way.
on May 2,2013 | 11:19PM
Beaverman wrote:
All you UH Fans, support Mr. Chinen's rally on Friday. We got to fight our own battle in the State of Oregon. The EVIL EMPIRE. NO one person should make a decision for a public school. Common on UH fans, GO BOWS!!!
on May 2,2013 | 08:54PM
hornswoggler wrote:
He dumped rainbows? the horror! life has no meaning anymore! WHY! WHY! WHY!... i don't want to live on! lol! man, some people..
on May 2,2013 | 09:18PM
808warriorfan wrote:
Ben...I know you think you are BIG TIME since you came from T-H-E Ohio State University ...BUT... you are the new kid on the block. Perhaps you should listen to those who are lifetime fans and those who have put out their blood, sweat, and tears on the playing field on behalf of the Univ of Hawaii, our Lettermen and women.
on May 2,2013 | 10:24PM
bleedgreen wrote:
Wow. I've never seen so many responses to an article about UH Athletics. And a rally, Guess people have a lot of idle time with nothing better to do.
on May 2,2013 | 10:34PM
moondog73 wrote:
Let the fans and all the media continue to call them Rainbow Warriors regardless of what Ben Jay says. Who the heck died and made him King? GO BOWS!!!!
on May 2,2013 | 11:01PM
false wrote:
on May 2,2013 | 11:07PM
engineersoldier wrote:
I thought from the very beginning, with June Jones, that this was primarily a result of homophobia. None of that gay rainbow stuff, we want real men.
on May 2,2013 | 11:15PM
nitpikker wrote:
never liked jj, still don't. and now bj is making some very questionable decisions. finally, can't stand that "young at heart" ad, reminds me of jj!!
on May 3,2013 | 12:42AM
niimi wrote:
Typical non-local hire who doesn't care about tradition.
on May 2,2013 | 11:20PM
niimi wrote:
Jason Collins came out. Time for the University of Hawaii to stop being homophobic about some mascot name.
on May 2,2013 | 11:21PM
Canefire wrote:
I vote for this new name: Da Hawaiian Slippah Lobsters. Let's chant "U-LA PA-PA-PA!"
on May 3,2013 | 12:33AM
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