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Officer critically injured by alleged drunk driver in Makaha

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 02:55 p.m. HST, Jun 08, 2013

A Honolulu police officer was critically injured after his sport utility vehicle was hit from behind by an alleged drunk driver in Makaha Friday night, police said.

Paramedics also took a woman in her 30s to the hospital in stable-to-critical condition. A four-year-old boy was also injured, but was in stable condition. according to an Emergency Medical Services report.

Police said the driver of a white SUV headed toward Makaha rear-ended the officer's vehicle on Farrington Highway near Makaha surfing beach and then hit another vehicle at about 11:21 p.m.

The impact sent the officer's SUV through a brick wall into the front yard of a home along the highway. The white SUV crossed the center line after the collision and hit another vehicle traveling town-bound on the highway, police said.

Speed was a factor in the crash, police said. The driver of the white SUV, a 33-year-old Makaha man, was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence.

The driver and a passenger of the white SUV were treated for non-life-threatening injuries, police said. The officer, a man in his mid-30s, remained in critical condition this morning, police said.

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malamaaina wrote:
This is a very dangerous stretch of Highway that needs to be rerouted off and away from the beach and beach park. For more information on a horrendous State DOT project that will further exacerbate this problem, please view the following website:


on June 8,2013 | 07:02AM
allie wrote:
It is made much more dangerous by outlaw drivers and drunks. I pray for this officer
on June 8,2013 | 07:57AM
1local wrote:
was everyone wearing seatbelts?
on June 8,2013 | 12:30PM
false wrote:
Farrington is one of the most dangerous stretches of road next to Kaukonahua and Kunia. Drivers always have to be on guard. That goes for driving, period. There's always someone out there with less than a half a brain running.
on June 8,2013 | 08:11AM
false wrote:
If it was a 3 vehicle accident... how come only the evil SUV is mentioned.? I guess it was the evil SUVs fault because it was hit from behind. Evil SUV should never have slowed down or stopped.... it's all the SUVs fault. Must be a journalism thing. Funny, I don't remember being taught about evil SUVs in any of my journalism classes. We were taught to list ALL make and models involved in an accident. I bet my journalism teachers would be spinning in their graves to read the SA these days.
on June 8,2013 | 07:21AM
Dawg wrote:
Hello, hello! Anybody home? Wake up! No so smart after all. Talking bubbles.
on June 8,2013 | 07:57AM
false wrote:
Except that the design or engineering of the highway contributes to statistically disadvantaged outcomes. There will be a suit on the part of the Policeman's resources to survive. He will get a share from the state or the city based on design issues.
on June 8,2013 | 08:27AM
localguy wrote:
Negative. Police officer was on duty. His medical expenses are all covered, he will not lose any pay. Law suit? Pehaps against the other driver but there is no possible claim against the city/state.
on June 8,2013 | 10:30AM
Jonas wrote:
Yes the design is poor and is not made to accomodate speeders and drunk drivers.
on June 8,2013 | 11:31PM
50skane wrote:
on June 8,2013 | 08:30AM
Where did "evil" come from. Cant say as I say any mention of an EVIL SUV. Not sure where you are going with the evil thing dude. Maybe you should focus on other components of the article instead of getting stuck on a minor technicality. Actually, if you really did take a journalism class, you might have recognized that the SUV was only used to depict who was a fault. Anyway, I feel I may be wasting my time as you have just wasted everybody elses.
on June 8,2013 | 10:18AM
IAmSane wrote:
StarAdvertiser is racist against SUVs. I bet those race-supremacists all drive four-door sedans.
on June 8,2013 | 08:21PM
nodaddynotthebelt wrote:
I think you need to take some reading comprehension, Mr. False. The officer's vehicle was a sports utility vehicle. So the drunk driver's vehicle was not the only one mentioned. Those are the initial vehicles that were involved and then the drunk driver hit another vehicle. I think the article was sufficient. We don't need to know the make or model. Are you really a teacher? You make me worry about the children who are in your class. You just reaffirmed to me why I send my kids to private school. Enjoy your raise.
on June 9,2013 | 12:45AM
soundofreason wrote:
Prayers for the officer.
on June 8,2013 | 07:42AM
soundofreason wrote:
" The driver of the white SUV, a 33-year-old Makaha man, was arrested for driving under the influence.">>> When are we going to start making an EXAMPLE of these people. These people have "no fear". Let's give them some.
on June 8,2013 | 07:44AM
allie wrote:
It isa terrible community but the people there do nothing to stop crime.
on June 8,2013 | 07:58AM
false wrote:
Excuse me! Rotten apples are everywhere. Even in ND. So stop the bashing. West Side is no more a concentration of pollution than UH where you hang out.
on June 8,2013 | 08:04AM
5xcalibir2 wrote:
Dude don't even get me started on the pollution at UH....starts at the top
on June 8,2013 | 08:17AM
false wrote:
allie is a magnet.
on June 8,2013 | 08:23AM
UhhDuhh wrote:
Magnet or maggot?
on June 8,2013 | 11:25AM
allie wrote:
Stats. do not support your position.
on June 8,2013 | 08:56AM
Advsurfsail wrote:
Go back to the mainland
on June 8,2013 | 09:32AM
IAmSane wrote:
Spoiler alert: he not even from the mainland.
on June 8,2013 | 08:23PM
UhhDuhh wrote:
Where are your stats mister liar man?
on June 8,2013 | 11:27AM
makahamele wrote:
As with any community, the vast majority are caring, law abiding, responsible citizens, but of course, you must know that. Also, I assure you, no one displays signs that say, "Come take my stuff. We won't stop you."
on June 8,2013 | 08:49AM
Advsurfsail wrote:
Move back to the mainland, where you came from!
on June 8,2013 | 09:19AM
copperwire9 wrote:
Apparently all communities are terrible except for the one you so gracefully inhabit.
on June 8,2013 | 10:00AM
SteveToo wrote:
allie, you are nuts. "terrible community"? Been here for over 45 years and it's a great place to live. All communities have there "troubled" people.
on June 8,2013 | 12:27PM
Bdpapa wrote:
Allie, that was a gneral answer to a broad question. This happens in every community. Please be more sensitive to the residents of every community.
on June 8,2013 | 02:29PM
dlum003 wrote:
Highways dont cause crashes, drunken i diots do. Cannot believe a person could drive (speed) with a woman and child in the car.
on June 8,2013 | 07:47AM
kawikakoike96819 wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on June 8,2013 | 07:49AM
allie wrote:
you need to condemn the behaviour of the driver, not me. I do not even drive. No money.
on June 8,2013 | 07:59AM
false wrote:
Then you better stay out of crosswalks. You might not read the No Walk sign.
on June 8,2013 | 08:05AM
Advsurfsail wrote:
If you would stop spending your 2c on articles from a PAID subscription to the paper you might have some.
on June 8,2013 | 09:33AM
allie wrote:
Umm> I am compensated for my wisdom.
on June 8,2013 | 10:27AM
UhhDuhh wrote:
So you are unpaid?
on June 8,2013 | 11:28AM
RichardCory wrote:
9/10. Would rage again.
on June 8,2013 | 11:29AM
IAmSane wrote:
Hahaha. "Wisdom." Hahahahaa.
on June 8,2013 | 08:25PM
Allie, it is fine to condemn the driver, but you have included a whole town in beration of a wrong-doing.
on June 8,2013 | 10:23AM
tasod wrote:
That "allie" person rarely offers insight to comments. It mostly says stuff like "agreed" as if it thinks we are all taking a poll on what it agrees to or not. Or, it thinks that a comment is only good if the comment is "approved" by the commentator called "allie." I scan the pages periodically and see the constant and useless comments it posts. If it spent more time working and spending less time on this site the commentator called "allie" might actually earn some money.
on June 8,2013 | 10:01AM
allie wrote:
I do work..have a second job on campus this summer. No need to be mean
on June 8,2013 | 10:27AM
UhhDuhh wrote:
"No need to be mean" but you call Makaha a terrible community and ND has real homes compared to Hawaii? Can give it but cannot take it? Paid troll. Old man. Whatever.
on June 8,2013 | 11:31AM
allie wrote:
I am just saying the truth
on June 8,2013 | 12:29PM
UhhDuhh wrote:
Same here.
on June 8,2013 | 04:41PM
UhhDuhh wrote:
By the way, opinion is not truth. You want facts but cannot even present your own to support your stereotyping and generalizations. When people call you on it you play dumb and go "huh"?, "unfair comment", "no need to be mean" or "just saying the truth" but based on what? "Yaah da little one wuz kainah funneh lookin'"- "I dunno kainah funneh lookin'- (When asked to be more specific); Can't reely sayh, he wasn't circumcised or anything". At least she had facts. If Makaha is a terrible community then everyone in North Dakota is not as smart as that girl in "Fargo" correct? Bet she owns a real home. Old man pizza cashier career student from North Dakota but really from here with two jobs doesn't drive but says everything but knows nothing and believes his/her own opinions are true. Hmmm. Pile is getting higher. Smelling stronger too. I am just saying the truth. Yaah, just sayin da Trooth. Yaah
on June 8,2013 | 05:24PM
UhhDuhh wrote:
Or graduate.
on June 8,2013 | 11:28AM
IAmSane wrote:
It's basically "agreed," "true," or "yikes."

He apparently gets paid for this "wisdom."
on June 8,2013 | 08:27PM
makaidog wrote:
I have written to our legislators advocating two roundabouts on either end of the Makaha Surfing Beach stretch of Farrington Highway. Roundabouts are widely used in Arizona, particularly in Sedona and Payson, and successfully slow traffic without electronic signals. One roundabout should be at the intersection of Kili Drive and Farrington, the other at the intersection of Makau Street and Farrington. Such roundabouts would make the area much safer for all.
on June 8,2013 | 08:02AM
5xcalibir2 wrote:
That will never happen...reason?...it makes sense...along with road tables (elevated road bumps) and center line rumble strips.
on June 8,2013 | 08:22AM
false wrote:
Roundabouts don't fix individed 4 lane roads. Just as bad as two lane country roads. East end has divided margins from Hawaii Kai to Honolulu. So fix the West Side. It's called equity.
on June 8,2013 | 08:25AM
makaidog wrote:
Farrington Highway is not a divided 4-lane road at Kili Drive and at Makau. Roundabouts make perfect sense there. And yes, it's the West Side. Waiting a millennia for a 4-lane divided road on Farrington won't save lives, because it'll be decades, if ever, for that to happen. Roundabouts can be constructed in months.
on June 8,2013 | 08:52AM
false wrote:
Speed bumps will be faster installation.
on June 8,2013 | 09:40AM
allie wrote:
on June 8,2013 | 08:57AM
Advsurfsail wrote:
on June 8,2013 | 09:31AM
allie wrote:
on June 8,2013 | 12:30PM
memo wrote:
get well quickly officer, thoughts and prayers are with you. from a mainland cop. it's a dangerous jog.
on June 8,2013 | 08:24PM
HAJAA1 wrote:
* Kalihi
on June 8,2013 | 11:14PM
niimi wrote:
More drunks per capita out in Waianae and Waimanalo.
on June 8,2013 | 08:51PM
HAJAA1 wrote:
Where is your data from? lol. Obviously a shoot from the hip comment. There are more crime and drunk DRIVERS between Kailihi and Manoa than there are in all of Hawaii nei. Look it up. DRUNKS per capita? They are all in Manoa, Waikiki, and the state capitol.
on June 8,2013 | 11:13PM
HAJAA1 wrote:
* Kalihi
on June 8,2013 | 11:28PM
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