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Jury sees McDonald's surveillance video in Deedy trial

By Ken Kobayashi

POSTED: 12:34 p.m. HST, Jul 10, 2013

A surveillance video showing the fatal shooting scene at a McDonald’s restaurant in Waikiki was played for a Circuit Court jury this afternoon in the trial of State Department special agent Christopher Deedy who is charged with murdering a Kailua man at the fast-food restaurant.

The video frames showed Deedy, 29,  being involved in altercation with Kollin Elderts, 23, but it didn’t clearly show the agent firing three shots, including the fatal one to Elderts’ chest.

The images from the soundless, choppy video are considered a key piece of evidence in determining whether the agent fired the shots in self-defense.

The images came from two cameras taping the counter and the dining room areas.

The prosecution is contending Deedy was driven by inexperience and alcohol when he murdered Elderts. The defense has maintained Deedy fired to protect himself from Elderts who was attacking him and grabbing his gun.

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