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Police release surveillance video in Punahou Street murder case

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 03:36 p.m. HST, Jul 25, 2013

CrimeStoppers and the Honolulu Police Department are seeking the public’s assistance for any information regarding the murder of a real estate agent and aspiring actress whose body was found dumped in her Makiki driveway. 

No arrest has been made in the death of Mary Beth San Juan, whose body was found wrapped in a carpet at 1224 Punahou St. on Tuesday night. Several hours after police were called to the scene at 7:21 p.m., the victim's 2013 silver Mercedes C250 was located on Kalakaua Avenue, near the Kapiolani Park bandstand. It was parked Ewa-bound in the metered stalls. 

At about 12:30 a.m. Monday, an unknown person was captured on video surveillance using the victim's ATM card at the First Hawaiian Bank located near Safeway in the Manoa Marketplace. 

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 955-8300, or *CRIME on cellular phone.  Free cellular calls are provided by AT&T, Nextel Hawaii, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless Hawaii, Mobi PCS, and Hawaiian Telcom. The public may now send anonymous text and web tips. Text “CS808” plus your message to 274637 or CRIMES.

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gobows wrote:
The WILD has made it to Manoa! omg!
on July 25,2013 | 02:44PM
kainalu wrote:
Definitely looks like a dude trying to disguise himself as a woman.
on July 25,2013 | 07:23PM
agile wrote:
That's looks like a female. Look closely at the sandals and legs as she exits. You have to freeze-frame to see the detail.
on July 25,2013 | 02:50PM
shanik wrote:
good eye, looks like she is wearing heels
on July 25,2013 | 02:55PM
dlum003 wrote:
exactly what I was thinking as person walked up to ATM, either a woman or a skinny male, possibly caucasian. If it was a women, I think she may have a larger accomplice, needed to dispatch and move the victim around.
on July 25,2013 | 02:57PM
sloturle wrote:
You right! Looks like with black stockings.
on July 25,2013 | 02:59PM
Hisun wrote:
Also the slender arms. And look at the way the black scarf is draped to cover the neck completely, as if to hide long hair.
on July 25,2013 | 03:26PM
kailua000 wrote:
freeze frame at .14 good look at the shoes and legs. someone may recognize the shoes and what ever pants/skirt she has on
on July 25,2013 | 03:39PM
palani wrote:
The overhead video is helpful, but I'm surprised that the display monitor on the ATM itself is not equipped with a camera, as many newer computer screens are. A good face shot would go a long ways towards identifying the person.
on July 25,2013 | 04:18PM
allie wrote:
It is not me! I agree the person seems to be concealing her id? I am so sorry for the family. How horrible.
on July 25,2013 | 05:01PM
808Warriors wrote:
Allie - where is your typical "Yikes!" "Scary Manoa side" "Dangerous Manoa Valley." You seem to quickly disparage the West Side but are silent when violence comes to your neck of the woods. Truth be known is that terrible things can happen all over. Horrible for this woman's family.
on July 25,2013 | 08:11PM
loveneverfails wrote:
agree. I caught that too.
on July 25,2013 | 04:42PM
mitt_grund wrote:
Slender wrists, slight build. By George, you've got it. She either had an accomplice or she is someone the victim knew. Add a druggy as well. Goes with the turf. Would help to know how much she withdrew, but she obviously knew the PIN.
on July 25,2013 | 06:18PM
whatzupwitdat wrote:
Heavily disguised. Can't tell if it's male or female but HPD is on it. BOOK 'UM DANO!!
on July 25,2013 | 02:50PM
Pocho wrote:
is her ex a skinny person. Scouring the net her ex apparently graduated from the Philipines and it sure looks like a Asian physique using the machine
on July 25,2013 | 04:16PM
Usagi336 wrote:
Yes looks like could be Asian . So, it quite possibly could be a man who killed the victim for personal reasons, but wants to make it look like a female did it to get cash. You might be on to something Poncho.
on July 25,2013 | 05:47PM
mitt_grund wrote:
The husband's picture was shown on TV news. He is kind of heavy set. However, does not preclude a man with a girl friend who helped with the withdrawal.

Sad thing is the house is relatively isolated, with the huge yard of the Shriner's Children's Hospital on the mauka side and the Banyan Court structure on the makai side. And the house appears to be brick/concrete and stucco, so walls are probably thick and sound-damping. It's a quaint, cottage design (early 30's?). Dropped an elderly juror off there many years ago. He lived there. Must have passed on by now. Many subsequent owners probably. Amazing how it survived being bought out by the Banyan Court or the Shriner's.

on July 25,2013 | 06:31PM
iwanaknow wrote:
Pretty slick how she's all covered up..................the truth will come out!
on July 25,2013 | 02:58PM
Aquarius1 wrote:
Hey! That looks like Allie!!!!!
on July 25,2013 | 03:01PM
Shh wrote:
It is Allie!!
on July 25,2013 | 03:17PM
toad103410 wrote:
You people think this is funny? Don't think most of us do especially her friends.
on July 25,2013 | 03:34PM
gobows wrote:
that was funny
on July 25,2013 | 03:50PM
Peacenik wrote:
it was.
on July 25,2013 | 04:21PM
allie wrote:
no......... I was at work...and going there now...............noooooooo
on July 25,2013 | 05:01PM
lynnh wrote:
Hey Jack@#$, that is really bad taste. Take your stupid comments somewhere else.
on July 26,2013 | 12:27AM
Shh wrote:
What an idiot! Person got his/her nerve. Now we know what they were after.
on July 25,2013 | 03:03PM
Shh wrote:
that looked like a guy pretending to be a female to throw everyone off.
on July 25,2013 | 03:12PM
Anonymous wrote:
Doubt it because of the sandals, which are a small size and have a heel and would be hard to balance. Also, this is clearly someone of small stature.
on July 25,2013 | 03:26PM
kailua000 wrote:
very feminine size hands too
on July 25,2013 | 03:35PM
gobows wrote:
what does the ex husband look like?
on July 25,2013 | 03:50PM
mitt_grund wrote:
Husband's pic was shown on TV news. He is kind of heavy set, far from being slender. How about a cross-dresser and woman wannabe? If not, someone from among her acting acquaintances. Despite the heavy wrappings, by doing a comparison recording, police can get a height of the person in pic. In fact some of these automatic tellers have markings on the wall to help with determining the height. Person had to be used to wearing heels. Didn't look dipsy when walking. So, either a slightly built male transvestite or female, fair-skinned or with thick makeup on wrists.
on July 25,2013 | 06:47PM
Shh wrote:
Oh don't let the heels fool you. Every year we have guys marching around in heels to support domestic violence and these men are able to walk around UH campus using heels.
on July 26,2013 | 08:05AM
Usagi336 wrote:
Something fishy about it. Why would a female not try to hide that fact if she was trying to fool people. Now the video has cleared men and the focus would be on a female. Too obvious.
on July 25,2013 | 04:20PM
Shh wrote:
Exactly. That is why it is a give away that is a male.
on July 26,2013 | 08:08AM
Shh wrote:
If it was a female, wouldn't she wear slacks or jeans? She would not wear a skirt or dress. That would be stupid! I would think a female that had crime on her mind would have thought ahead that it would be smarter to wear pants to make the pool of suspects harder to identify it was a female.
on July 26,2013 | 08:31AM
kuewa wrote:
There should be a parking lot cam that caught the unknown person's vehicle...
on July 25,2013 | 03:14PM
palisadesron wrote:
where are the people who claim rights are being violated when cameras abound
on July 25,2013 | 03:30PM
Eagle156 wrote:
It seems the pink cap is a huge clue. There are not too many people wearing pink caps and there must be someone out there who will know who it is.
on July 25,2013 | 03:18PM
gobows wrote:
pink cap might be red herring....too obvious
on July 25,2013 | 03:55PM
Shh wrote:
HPD needs to catch this person right away before someone else gets hurt.
on July 25,2013 | 03:20PM
allie wrote:
agree..maybe this is one of those rare random crimes. scary....
on July 25,2013 | 05:02PM
Loading wrote:
Don't we have a better camera angle on this perp?
on July 25,2013 | 03:35PM
soundofreason wrote:
Hawaii so...................no.
on July 25,2013 | 08:11PM
kailua000 wrote:
Definitely a woman. First I noticed the slim hands then as she walked away, the legs/heels. But did she roll up the victim in the carpet alone or did a male accomplice do the deed, give this woman the ATM cards. someone should recognize the hat and the coat and maybe even the legs/heels.
on July 25,2013 | 03:36PM
gobows wrote:
where's the waikiki video of who drove the car there?
on July 25,2013 | 03:56PM
agile wrote:
News reported tonight that police not releasing it.
on July 25,2013 | 06:12PM
Workingrl wrote:
ATM card was used before the body was found.
on July 25,2013 | 04:31PM
Skyler wrote:
EX - Husband's girlfriend?
on July 25,2013 | 08:59PM
agile wrote:
Here's another clue: She was very close to ex-husband even though divorced for several yrs. They even took a trip together w/son to Europe recently. Does ex-hubby maybe have a jealous wife or gf?
on July 25,2013 | 03:40PM
gobows wrote:
where's the ex now?
on July 25,2013 | 03:56PM
gv_host wrote:
Looks like the person is wearing a watch or gold ban on left wrist.
on July 25,2013 | 04:23PM
hanaboy wrote:
From this video, you cannot accurately identify if it's a woman, or a man disguised as woman. I would opt for the latter. Unless Ms. Juan was gullible enough to share her PIN # or have it written down where it was easily accessible, the person using the ATM knows that the machine would not accept the card if you key in the wrong PIN too many times so it was just a way to get a photo of a "woman" to throw investigators off course. My suspicion lies with the ex. Something about his story just doesn't add up. Of course, the coverage from the SA doesn't add up too since they reported that the ex flagged down a security guard then found the body and another story had him finding the body first, then flagging down the security guard. Either way, it's a terrible ending for a woman who was loved by many. May her soul rest in peace! I hope they find the evil person or persons that did this!
on July 25,2013 | 04:28PM
allie wrote:
but could a woman do that..and wrap her in a carpet? Move her around...
on July 25,2013 | 05:03PM
hanaboy wrote:
Are you saying woman are not capable of lifting heavy weights? I know petite women that can carry more than twice their weight. So typical of you to stereotype.
on July 25,2013 | 05:29PM
whatzupwitdat wrote:
yeah,it looks like a female in this video; must have an accomplice. Unless they had the access code, they got nada!! Does it show if any $ was taken out of machine??
on July 25,2013 | 04:54PM
whatzupwitdat wrote:
News reports that it's a man dressed as a woman and that $$ was withdrawn from the ATM so this person knew the PIN #.
on July 25,2013 | 05:02PM
gobows wrote:
if that lady died for her atm card.............oh so sad............for this we need the death penalty.
on July 25,2013 | 05:27PM
kainalu wrote:
DEFINITELY LOOKS LIKE A MAN trying to conceal himself as a woman. Could have easily forced the victim to give up the PIN. This perp is doing EVERYTHING in this vid to conceal his identity - scarf around the face, hat, gloves, dress, heels - the whole nine yards.
on July 25,2013 | 05:30PM
agile wrote:
What's interesting is the disguise is really good but still the outline shows someone w/slight build. I remember the first tv news photos when story broke and there was a slim-built guy w/sweater tied around his shoulders w/cops.
on July 25,2013 | 05:36PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
looks like a woman who knew she was on camera
on July 25,2013 | 05:41PM
BigOpu wrote:
OK, I'm no Charlie Chan but, was money withdrawn? If so, must be someone who knows the PIN...or knows someone who may know the PIN. Couldn't tell if money was spit out by the machine.
on July 25,2013 | 06:53PM
mitt_grund wrote:
Appears that money was taken. TV news indicates that was the case. Can't figure what that white piece of paper person is looking at is. Account balance? If so, must have wanted to know how much to take out.

PIN could have been obtained through threat of bodily harm, or torture. And then, after all that, either stabbed or strangled. Sad.

on July 25,2013 | 07:09PM
hulagirls wrote:
Looks like a guy wearing a fake ponytail and disguise. Possibly a client or new prospective client of Mary Beth's, who lured her into a trap, bound her and got her ATM password, gagged her, killed her, and dumped her off in her driveway late at night. I'd go through her computer, caller IDs, and notes to see with whom she was communicating. Spooky for Realtors.
on July 25,2013 | 07:03PM
Grimbold wrote:
And what if the husband did it? Did he have to pay alimony? And wants to marry his girl friend, if he had one, and she helped him? And why did a robber dump the body in the driveway? A very bizarre case!
on July 25,2013 | 07:20PM
808surfmom wrote:
As a realtor I can tell you a lot of really spooky storied.
on July 26,2013 | 12:21AM
krusha wrote:
Kinda reminds me of the guy from the horror movie The Invisible Man... :)
on July 25,2013 | 08:02PM
bluebowl wrote:
Perhaps the husband had a drug problem,anesthesiologist,Saturday was a type of intervention for the ex he agreed then ,left returned Sunday and killed and robbed her account.
on July 25,2013 | 08:19PM
HAJAA1 wrote:
Deadly town side.
on July 25,2013 | 11:29PM
808surfmom wrote:
stories..not storied
on July 26,2013 | 12:38AM
808surfmom wrote:
The jacket is too small. I bet it belonged to the victim. I think it is a man dressed in Mary Beth's jacket, scarf and heels. I am a realtor so I have to ask did Mary Beth hold an open house on Sunday or Monday?
on July 26,2013 | 12:10AM
hulagirls wrote:
I am a Realtor, too. I sat next to Mary Beth San Juan at an RNO luncheon meeting a year and a half ago. We exchanged business cards. I later noticed her office address and knew right away it was the stucco house sandwiched between Shriner's Hospital's front yard and Banyan Tree Plaza's massive parking structure. With so much noisy traffic, central a/c, no one else at the home office -- it was the perfect murder scene. I think the murderer intended to take the body, but probably had second thoughts about it in the driveway and left it. If you look up the tmk owner, you'll find it interesting, but I think, unrelated to the murder. I knew someone who was living in that house about 15 years ago. It was used for praying and chanting.
on July 26,2013 | 07:47AM
lynnh wrote:
Complete with gloves on. Teller machines have cameras that shoot from the machine as well. Where is that footage?
on July 26,2013 | 12:30AM
yellowginger wrote:
Its a girl. guys can't handle walking in heels....lol. but she sure got a lot of personal affects that can id. her. bracelet or watch. wow.
on July 26,2013 | 07:11AM
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